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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 4, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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>> you, too. >> right now, day four of the government shutdown. only moments ago, the senate blocked votes on three separate spending bills. refusing to take up individual bills from the house to fund national parks, veteran services and the national institutes of health. right now, we know the woman killed by capitol hill police here in washington after a high speed chase had medications for accessories roophrenia and depression. we'll have the latest on the investigation and whether police were right to use lethal force. right now, tropical storm karen is barreling toward the gulf coast. we're going to tell you when and where it could hit land. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome viewers. we're now well into day four of the government shutdown. the cost to the united states economy on this manmade, not
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natural made, but manmade economic disaster is up to $1.2 billion. that's according to one study. and that's the same as the tab for all the weather-related disasters for the month of june, including massive flooding along the eastern seaboard, tornadoes in the south and midwest. president obama has now formally canceled his entire rip interest to asia. he was scheduled to attend a key summit in indonesia. instead, he will stay right here in washington and wait for a bill to sign to get the government running once again. in fact, only moments ago, he walked out of the white house with the vice president to have lunch and responding to questions, the president said the house speaker john boehner should act like a small business owner who after yous discounts during the shutdown. look past politics, help the people, and let the house vote on a clean bill without any conditions attached. meanwhile, this is what we're hearing up on capitol hill. >> i was at the white house the
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other night. and listened to the president some 20 times explain to me why he wasn't going to negotiate. sat there and listened to the majority leader in the united states senate describe to me that he's not going to talk until we surrender. and then this morning, i get "the wall street journal" out and it says we don't care how long this lasts because we're winning. this isn't some damn game. >> as governor mcdonald said, this is no way to run a government. we've taken the republican number. mr. cantor says he wants to act quickly. mr. lankford says he wants to act quickly. we will support acting quickly. let's do it. let's just do it. open the people's government today. not slice by slice by slice by slice. >> there's no doubt this impasse we're at is a problem for the
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country. this is not the best way to run the most important government in the most important country in the word. the people around here who all they do is focus on politics for every day is election day, they're focused on who's winning, who's going to get the blame, who is this going to help in the next election. i suppose that has a place in politics. let me answer who's going to get the blame, we all are. >> he's probably right on that. let's discuss what's going on. joining us now, democratic representative steve israel of new york. congressman, thanks very much for coming in. a lot of folks are having a hard time understanding why the democrats in the senate won't allow these piecemeal house bills to fund the national institutes of health or fund veterans benefits, important issues. why not at least pass this legislation so that it won't be as painful this government shutdown as it is right now? >> because this is not a restaurant menu, wolf. this is the united states government. and what the republicans are giving us is not a responsible
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solution to reopening the government. it is a political strategy. it is dymmekry. here's what we should do, and speaker boehner as an opportunity to end what he called a game in exactly 30 minutes from now. in 30 minutes, we'll go back to the floor of the house. house democrats will offer the republicans what they originally requested, their budget level. we will produce 80% of the votes necessary to pass the budget at their level and reopen the government. all we're asking hem to do is coming up with the other 10 to 20%. if they can do that, we will pass this budget at their requested level. government gets open again and then we can negotiate everything moving forward. >> here's the question. let's say that the speaker, i'm not saying he will do this, he probably won't, will allow what's called a clean bill without strings attached, an up or down vote. there are 233 republicans in the house. there are 200 democrats. there are two vacancies. you need 217 votes to pass such
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a piece of legislation. of the 200 democrats, how many will vote in favor of that? >> minimal 180, maybe more than that. so as i said before, if we need 216, be 217 votes, we'll provide 80 to 90% of that vote on the budget that the republicans requested. all we're saying is, don't defund obama care. the affordable care act in order to bring the government down. don't put riders on contraception and other issues. we will provide the massive majority of votes necessary. now, there are 20 to 30 republican who's presumably, wolf, have said they will vote with us. so we're saying to them in 30 minutes from now is, put your promises on the floor of the house. vote with us. you have the opportunity to do it. the games will end. the government will be open. and then we can negotiate our legitimate differences moving forward. >> but if you're going to lose 20 democrats in the house of representatives who wouldn't even vote for this clean
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continuing resolution, cr as it's called, you're going to need more than 20 republicans. you're going to need closer to 40 republicans. do you think you have that kind of vote? >> well, it depends. i'm not saying we would lose 20. it's unclear. we'll know when the speaker allows to vote. but the onus is on him to allow us to vote. i think there are 20 republicans who presumably have gone on the record saying if the speaker of the house would allow them it vote for this clean budget, that they would do so. i think once the vote opens up and once you see the vast majority of democrats who want to solve this problem and cooperate, i think that more than 20 republicans would join us. i think at that point it is a done deal, which begs the question, why won't speaker boehner allow for that vote. what is he afraid of? >> you say it's a done deal. i'm saying if you lose 20 democrats, you said 1 0 democrats you think you can get out of the 200 in the house. if you lose 20 and they can only
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pick up 20 republicans, you're going to lose that vote for a clean cr. >> well, i said i don't want to get toot hung up on the exact numbers. i believe there would be a minimum of 1 0 democrats. it could be 190, even more than that. so we provide 0 to 90% of the title necessary to reopen the government. the question is, will the republicans provide the 10 to 20% that's in the balance. >> have you done a headcount of the 200 democrats if they would vote in favor? do you -- have you done a little whip as they call it here in washington. >> there is very strong consensus on the democratic side that we should pass a budget and that we should reopen the government. we don't like elements that have budget but we're willing to do that so long as we can reopen the government and then negotiate our differences moving forward. you know, i personally believe that the vast majority of democrats, as i said before, if not all democrats, then close to it, would support that approach
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because it is balanced and it is responsible versus the imbalance and the irresponsibility and the recklessness of house republicans who have brought us this showdown. >> congressman, the president of the united states just left the white house for lunch. he walked out with the vice president joe biden while he was sitting down, he had a little exchange with reporters. we're getting the videotape. i think it's almost ready, almost will queued up. i want to play it because once again, the president makes his case, putting the pressure on the speaker of the house to go ahead and let this up or down clean vote as it's called go forward. i think that tape is ready right now. let's play it it's not ready yet but it will be ready in a few seconds i'm told. the president of the united states just beautiful day here in washington, decided he wanted to get out. here he is. >> it's great to see you. before i order, i just want to say that part of the reason we're here is we're starving. and the food here is great.
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the other part of it though is that right now, this establishment is providing a 10% discount to all federal worker who are on furlough. plus a cookie. and that i think is you know an indication of how ordinary americans look out for each other. and aren't obsessed with politics and aren't trying to extract concessions out of each other. they just try to make sure that everybody's doing their job. and that we're doing what's best for the country. and right now, the house of representatives has the opportunity to do the exact same thing. this furlough or this shutdown could be over today. we know there are the votes for it in the house of representatives. as i said yesterday, if speaker boehner will simply allow that vote to take place, weekend the
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shutdown. a whole bunch of families not just here in washington but all across the country will have the certainty that a paycheck will be coming. that they'll be able to make their mortgage, they'll be able to pay their expenses, that they'll be able to look after their families and we can get backing to what we should be focused on every single day and that's how we make sure we've got a strong middle class in this country that anybody willing to work hard can get ahead. and when it comes to negotiations, be i've said i'm happy to have negotiations with the republicans and speaker boehner on a whole range of issues. but we can't do it with a gun held to the head of the american people. so reopen the government. make sure we're paying our bills. two bake functions the congress has. and take your cues from folks like this. you know, who are more
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interested in making sure that everybody is being treated fairly and properly and less interested in politics and scoring points. all right? with that, i'm going to order. but let me. >> that you're winning? >> welcome. >> there's no winning when families don't have certainty rnt whether they're going to get paid or not. i've got staff in the white house. there's staff all across the country working for the agricultural department, working for veterans affairs who are on their job despite the fact that they're not getting paid or have been sent home and want to be on the job because they're looking after their fellow citizens on a whole range of services. and as long as they're off the job, nobody's winning. that's the point. we should get this over with as soon as possible.
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now, i'm going to order. >> i got the -- >> i'm paying for joe. >> said i was paying for you. >> no. >> okay. >> i got it. you got the what? >> i got the ninth street. they say it's kind of like a sub. >> salami. >> somebody said that there was the race was good to. is that good? >> yes, it's turkey. >> let's try that out. i want to get a eighth street, ninth street. >> what do you want to drink? >> i'm going to have water. >> i'm sorry. >> six inch or 12 inch. >> whatever this is. and get a cookie too, right? >> yes, sir. >> drinks now, the president of the united states gets the race street. the vice president sandwich. we'll do investigation to see
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what they're having for lunch. let's bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta. this was out of the blue. the president decides he and the vice president walk across the street, leave pennsylvania avenue, head out for lunch. they pick this place because they're giving a 10% discount to federal employees who have been furloughed which is very nice. i see that popping up in a lot of places here in the nation's capital. but on the substance, once again the president said he's ready to negotiate with house speaker john boehner but he said we can't do it with a gun held to our heads. what does he mean by that? >> well, wolf, what he means by that is he is not going to negotiate on larger budget issues while we're in a shutdown. while the nation is approaching the debt ceilinging and potentially going into default. the president and i think you heard it once again, people are perhaps looking for tea leaves to see whether or not he's moved at all on this position. but he hasn't. he's not going to negotiate
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these issues till the house republicans get a clean continuing resolution out of the house that keeps the government running or opens it up again and until he gets a measure that lifts the nation's debt ceiling so the country doesn't go into default on october 17th. so you heard the president reiterate that. another interesting thing that came up, wolf, as you heard the president talk inside taylor gourmet just by the white house here, he was asked about that comment in the wall street it's "journal" from a senior administration official who was an anonymous quote but that senior administration official told "the wall street journal" "we are withining." this is not maybe an exact quote but a rough quote, rewith winning and it doesn't matter how long the shutdown laughs because it's the end result that matters. you heard the president said nobody is winning when furloughed employees can't make ends meet and are not getting paid. you heard the president sort of clean-up what was clearly an embarrassing comment coming out of the white house. white house press secretary jay
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carney was on twitter this morning trying to see we disavow that comment. it doesn't reflect the attitude at the white house and you heard john boehner up on capitol hill earlier saying this is not a damn game, referring to that "wall street journal" argue. he held up the newspaper and referred to that comment. there may have been stage craftinging, some political clean-up going on at the white house today. perhaps the president wanted to get outside and go for a nice walk. for the record, we did ask him on his way back in, he had a turkey and provolone sandwich. i also asked hip, how long is the shutdown going to last and he said he it could be over in 30 minutes if the speaker calls for a vote. >> turkey and provolone sounds pretty good right now. jim acosta joining us from the white house. we're going to continue to follow this story. tempers clearly are flaring on capitol hill over the government shuttup. we're going to show you just how heated it's getting and why one
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former lawmaker says congress needs to change its ways. [ male announcer ] itchy scalp, meet selsun science.
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you're history. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. gets to the root of dandruff and hydrates the scalp. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. new details emerging today in the deadly car chase that
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ended in a hail of bullets on capitol hill. >> whoa. [ gunfire ] >> [ bleep ]. >> the driver of that black see dan was later identified as a 34-year-old woman named miriam carey from stamford, connecticut. it's not known what triggered her actions. source tells cnn investigators in stamford found two psychiatric medications if her apartment, one was an antidepressant, the other treated schizofelonyia. her boyfriend says she suffered postpartum depression and was delusional. she believed president obama had locked down systemford and her home, was under electronic surveillance. that's what she supposedly believed. her 1-year-old child was also in the car but was not hurt. was seen carried away by a police officer. many questions remain about the incident. foremost among a lot of people
1:20 pm
is whether police needed to use deadly force to stop her. law enforcement analyst the former fbi assistant director tom fuentes is joining us right now. i can't tell you how many people have tweeted me and said why did they have to kill her, why couldn't they have shott her tires out to stop her as we now know, she wasn't even armed. >> by that time she's used her vehicle as a weapon at the 15th street altercation near the white house with secret service police, again at the video point where she stopped on the street again by the five officers. the problem is twice then she's refused to comply and give herself up to the police and get out of the car. twice she's used that car as a weapon itself trying to back into other police cars, injuring or potentially injuring those officers. you'll notice in the video, have you five police officers surrounding that car and then she backs into the one police car and escapes in the one open way that she could, the one area that was not blocked. those five officers are all
1:21 pm
carrying handguns. those handguns are going to be ineffective against modern radial tires on a vehicle. these tires are synthetically wrapped like keb lar, like a bulletproof vest. the bullets would bounce off and be ineffective. >> they're not even necessarily instructed or trained to go after the tires to sop a dangerous vehicle? >> they work great on television shows. they don't work great in real life. you would need a higher power weapon. secondly, if you shot all four tires out and were successful, she can still drive that car on the rims and still run over people on the sidewalk. one of the things that people have to realize here in the capital, you've got the secret service police, the capital police, the national park service police, the fbi, the other federal agencies, they train together almost monthly but several times a year because of the major events that occur here and they train with the latest intelligence in terrorism. it's no secret that cars are
1:22 pm
used to carry bombs. and so in this case, she's using the car as that weapon. but they don't know if she's intending to drive that either to the white house or to the capitol and detonate a bomb and kill hundreds of people. >> that's about the most sensitive area of the united states. you try to get into the white house, go through a barricade, that doesn't work and you head up towards capitol hill, those areas as you well know are among the most sensitive areas in the united states. >> we're not talking about a cornfield in nebraska. we're talking about downtown washington, d.c. >> tom, thanks very much for that explanation. tom fuentes, law enforcement analyst. gomping by crisis. we'll hear from someone who was the secretary of agriculture during the shutdown back in '95. he says the current crisis is "an embarrassing failure of our system of government," and he wonders if the oldest democracy in the world could even work anymore. stand by. dan glickman about to join us. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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there certainly is a lot of
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frustration out there right now as the government shutdown drags into a fourth day. the tension is also rising here in washington, especially on capital little. listen to the house speaker john boehner blast senate democrats and the white house this morning. >> sat there and listen to the the majority leader in the united states senate describe to me that he's not going to talk until we surrender. and then this morning, i get "the wall street journal" out and it says we don't care how long this lasts because we're winning. this isn't some damn game. the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i. >> strong words from the house speaker john boehner, furious among other things at "the wall street journal" article he was referring to, quoting an anonymous white house official saying we're winning. the former agriculture secretary dan giving man brams blames it on congress. he writes as congress continues to govern by lurching from
1:27 pm
crisis to crisis, the american people continue to roll their eyes in disgust. dan glickman joins us right now. thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> you spent how many years as a member of the house? >> i spent 18. >> 18 in the house of representatives. before you were agricultural secretary during the clinton administration. >> i was there during the shutdown that occurred in late 1995. turned out our agency was about the only one that got funding before the shutdown occurred. i didn't have. ernally face the issue but i was here when it happened. i would make a couple comments. this is a systemwide problem. it's not really just congress. it's our whole government system that has trouble working when there's no trust between the president and congress. it works both ways. our system was designed to have one foot on the brake and one on accelerator. we have separation of powers. we split the congress and the president and split congress noose two parts, as well. so under the best of circumstances it's tough to
1:28 pm
work. when there's no trust in the system between the parties and between the branches of government, it really can grind to a halt. >> is it worse than when you were in the congress? >> i think it's worse. the people are just as good. most people want to do the right thing and you suspect most people want to see the shutdown ended. i believe the speaker when he says that. with 24-hour media, with all the money in politics and special interests groups, it makes it so much harder for members of congress to avoid engaging what i call tribal warfare. that's what we have to get out of. >> who you do you do that. >> it. >> i think it takes leadership from the president and from the congress. >> should the presidentismply call if john boehner, forget about harry reid, nancy pelosi, forget about mitch mcconnell. it really is the president and john boehner. they have to work this out. shu he just call in john boehner and say, mr. speaker, we've got to figure this out. there are so many people suffering right now.
1:29 pm
and if this debt ceiling isn't raised, it's going to be potentially another deep recession for the entire economy. >> the consequences are very great if the debt ceiling isn't raised. i predict it will be raised. the speaker has said he didn't want to see us go into default he is the president. he doesn't have to worry about getting re-elected. it's his second term shouldn't he just do what lbj might have done or ronald reagan might have done, take charge of this crisis. >> times are different. >> why? >> because all these outside factor hess i talked about. so you know, all i can tell you is the president has to be personally engaged all the time, 24 hours a day. he's the only one that speaks for all americans. it also requires the leadership of speaker boehner and the senate leadership, as well to engage. this is not a game. i agree with what the seeker said.
1:30 pm
this is serious business, serious stuff. and you know, i predict that they'll get these problems solved in the next couple weeks. we can't govern lurching from crisis to crisis every three months for the next few years. we'll become a second rate power if that happens. >> i hope that they figure it out but i'm not very optimistic at least in the long-term. six months from now, a year from now, we'll be lurching to another crisis. >> if the people speak, that's the thing that is the greatest governor on the system. let's see what happens. >> dan glickman, thanks for coming in. >> the house speaker's split personality standing firm against democrats but courting their votes on another issue. the tennessee congress woman marsha blackburn is standing by. i'll ask her which john boehner she's supporting. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums.
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and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. all right. it's day four of the government shutdown. while debate seriously continues over what congress should do, there's another deadline looming. we're talking about the debt ceiling, the deadline according to the treasury department, october 17th. less than two weeks away. yesterday, the house speaker john boehner told some republicans that he would advance what's caused a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling without any strings attached and that if he had to do that, he'd enlist democrats to help him get that bill passed, including members of his own party. the stakes are enormous.
1:34 pm
he believes. let's discuss what's going on. the tennessee republican congressman, marsha blackburn is joining us. thanks very much for coming in. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> if these reports about what the speaker privately told some of his closest associates in the house are true, would you be with the speaker as far as allowing the debt ceilinging to be raised to allow an up and down clean vote on that without any conditions attached? >> wolf, i think you're going to hear a lot of things over the next few days, whether it's the cr or the debt ceiling. i think most republicans are in the frame of mind that what we want to do is a couple of things. we do not want to default on our debt. number two, we believe it is imperative that we get the out of control spending in washington under control. and we have put a lot of effort and energy too into that. i think you're going to see people remain committed to that. what our total debt package is going to look like, i don't
1:35 pm
know. i don't think anyone has the final combination of what it's going to be. but there are an awful lot of us that would like to see tax and entitlement reform, stabilization for medicare and social security programs. and we want to continue working through this process of the cr so that we have a funding mechanism for this year's budget. maybe they all get rolled together. i don't know, but as we go through the next days, i think that that is going to become much more clear to all of us what track we're going to take. >> are those conditions you would attach to a vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling? conditions or are you ready to just vote in favor of it without all those? i mean, those are important issues that you raise, obviously. >> they are important issues. >> but is the raising the debt ceiling the vehicle that you want to use to get who is it issues on the agenda? >> i think it's imperative that we look at all of our spending
1:36 pm
issues. when we are looking at the debt ceiling. you know, we have the ability to raise revenue through taxation. people are not willing to be paying more in taxes. what they are wanting to see is less spending and more prioritization on the items of importance for the federal government. they are so tired of waste, fraud and abuse in the system of spending. they're tired of stimulus and bailouts that don't work. and they continue to say to us, please, address the fiscal responsibility issues of this nation. now, whether it's a budget, a cr, a debt ceiling, it is incumbent upon us as being stewards of the people's money to address these issues. and as all of these issues are converging and coming in front of us, we are continuing to say, this is the list our constituents when i'm home in tennessee, when i'm meeting with my small business owners, when i'm meeting with large
1:37 pm
employers, they continually talk about the importance of fiscal responsibility for this nation. >> i just want to be precise. if the legislation that boehner might put on the house floor simply says the congress is going to raise the debt ceiling and none of these other matters are included in that resolution, be i assume you would vote nay, you would not vote to raise the debt ceiling. is that what i'm hearing? >> i wouldn't want to do that because i think the people of this nation are expecting us to review the spending processes of this country and begin to get it under control. $17 trillion worth of debt and the clock ticking on that. obama care being a $2.6 trillion program going to add another $1.75 trillion worth of debt over the next decade. at least at minimum. you know, when you look at all of this, wolf, it is not fair to
1:38 pm
our children and grandchildren for people who are elected today to just kick this can down the road. >> i understand those points you're making. but do you fully appreciate what a lot of almost all economists say would be the results of a failure to raise the debt ceiling? >> absolutely, i would fully appreciate that. i fully appreciate it. and the reason we continue, the reason we continue to have a debt ceiling debate is because we do not get the spending under control. if we want to get america back on an economic growth agenda, what we are going to have to do is look at these issues and get to the root cause of it. >> those are fair points but you're not going to do it in 13 days. you know, these are issues that are going to take awhile. >> if we haven't done it in 13 years, maybe we need 13 days to make us do it. >> if you can do all that that whole agenda in 13 days, you're a much better legislator than i.
1:39 pm
>> what if we were to agree to set a framework for that. >> if you can do that. >> we didn't want a government shutdown. we wanted solutions. we wanted the senate to work with us on the budget, on the cr, on the debt ceiling. we want them to work with us. on getting this out of control spending under control. >> i got to wrap it up. you just heard the president say he wants to negotiate. he wants to work with you on all of these. >> come on down. >> all of these issues. >> i'll bake him cookies. >> but he says in his words, and i'll be precise, not with a gun held to our heads as far as that debt ceilinging. >> we are greeting him with open arms and an invitation. we have been hopeful that on behalf of the american people and future generations, he would agree to sit with us at a negotiating table and that he would agree to work these issues out. he is the commander in chief. he is the leader of this nation. it is his responsibility to be someone who is going to lead
1:40 pm
this debate about how we preserve fiscal responsibility. get back on the road to physical responsibility in this nation. we cannot continue to spend ourselves into oblivion. >> marsha blackburn, making her point. we'll see what happens. i'll leave you with this thought. we keep hearing and it's true. the deficit spending has been cut in half since the president came. it was enormous. >> because of the budget control act the budget control act in 2011. >> annual deficit spending has been cut in half over the past five years. >> it's a huge republican victory. let's get behind it and do more. >> a lot more to go, but it's still been cut in half. marshall blackburn, republican from tennessee. thanks for coming in. we'll continue this conversation. if they can resolve all these issues in the next 13 days which i suspect they won't, but that would be excellent. appreciate it very much. >> sure, thanks, wolf. >> so is the government shutdown a threat to national security? we're going to tell you why some
1:41 pm
analysts are deeply worried right now. it could come back in the form of a cyber attack. we'll explain right after this. make my mark with pride. create moments of value. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. starting at 49 dollars.
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another consequence of the government shutdown is reduced cyber security staff across federal agencies. the cia and other likely targets such as the defense department have fewer eyes on the job right now as far as computer networks are concerned. as jim sciutto explains, that means more vulnerabilities. >> the government may be shut down for you and me but for cyber attackers it is even more open for business. adversaries from foreign governments to terror groups as the former head of the cia are almost certainly looking to take advantage. >> i would have been anticipating this and saying, what is it we want to do against this adversary that's against us
1:45 pm
now, what is it that would be helped by doing it while they're shorthanded? what gives us a higher probability of success. >> many government agencies cyber teams are relying on skeleton crews to police attacks in cyber space pan a successful attack now could do damage even after full staffs return to work. tim erling, an expert who advises agencies across the government explained how. >> what may happen as a result of the shutdown, that first incident which may have been detected with a full staff might be missed allowing a compromise to go deeper into an organization to get at more critical asset oz data. >> the another risk? while staff that monitor networks were still on the job, many staff who maintain them are not meaning the networks with not being updated to monitor new kinds of cyber attacks. the shutdown comes as is attacks are transforming from spying on net, woulds to destroying them.
1:46 pm
it's a serious concern across the intelligence community. >> it's very concerning to me we would allow any part of our national security structure knowing what's coming at us every day, not just from cyber . none of that is going away. you can imagine our adversaries are trying to fill the hole. >> reporter: we asked a cyber security firm advising the government if the number of cyber attacks had increased since the shutdown started and waens is telling. they don't have the staff to count. right now they're focused on defending against cyber attacks with fewer resources to keep the government's computer system safe. >> jim, thanks very much for that report. pretty telling indeed. tropical storm karen is taking aim at the gulf coast and could hit land twice. we're going to tell you which states are potentially in the danger zone next. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know
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about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. let's take another live look at the markets right now. the dow in positive territory after a mostly down week. there you see up about 57, almost 58 points. right >> but with the labor department shut down, a lot of federal employees furloughed. that report is going to have to wait. during the last government shutdown, by the way, at the end of '95, '96, major economic reports were released at this time. >> egyptian state media say at least one person died, 14 were injured after fighting broke out between security forces and supporters of mohamed morsi. things had been relatively quiet for the past few weeks. there were clashes in at least two other egyptian cities.
1:51 pm
morsi was removed from office by the egyptian military back in july. >> the gulf coast is preparing for a major storm right now. the tropical storm karen expected to hit land tomorrow night or sunday, somewhere between southeastern louisiana and the florida panhandle. right now, karen's winds are 50 miles per hour. but they could strengthen possibly, possibly becoming a category 1 hurricane by tomorrow. we're all over this story. after years of ups and downs in their relationship, a couple reconciles and decides to tie the knot in glacier national park. then all of a sudden came the government shutdown. you'll hear their message to congress when we come back.
1:52 pm
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1:54 pm
americans are voicing their frustration with the partial shutdown of the federal government. it certainly affects people's paychecks, affects programs that provide education and health care. it also affects people's wedding plans. written to this letter written to a representative of california. >> i realize you're not causing the cause of the looming shutdown, but i'm begging you to do everything in your power to keep the shutdown from happening. my wedding is literally going to be ruined if the shutdown happens, as we were to marry in glacial national park on october
1:55 pm
13th. it's messing up so many people's lives. just because elected people in washington can't work together. >> you heard the couple, they want to get married on october 13th. matt and michelle were supposed to be married on that date back in the '90s but because of various circumstances, their ceremony fell on february 13th. they had two kids, grew apart, they eventually got divorced, but unlike congress right now, they have worked through their differences and they've gotten back together. and i asked them about their backup plan. >> we're hoping that congress, the president, can all work out their issues like we have. and to, you know, get a budget passed that we can all end up going into the parks. if not, we may be staying at the glacial national park sign saying i do. >> outside, so that would be not as cool as actually being in the park. michelle, what's your message to
1:56 pm
the lawmakers here in washington? >> well, what we would like for them to be able to do is to get a budget passed and to compromise. work together. he and i have been able to do so. i would think they would be able to, and to listen to the american people. it's really important. not just because of our marriage. but there are a lot of people who are out of work now because they're fighting amongst themselves. and kind of letting their egos take control rather than listening to what the american people want. we want them to get it taken care of. >> i know you wrote to your congressman, matt. have you heard back from him? >> yeah, it was great to hear from congressman bera on monday. he called me personally. unfortunately, i was in a meeting and missed his call, but he left a lengthing message addressing our concerns and what he's going to try to do to
1:57 pm
correct this problem from what he can impact in washington and i got to see where he addressed our comments on the floor of the house on tuesday. so it was really great to hear from him. >> matt and michelle, congratulations. let's hope you guys can get married in this national park and have a wonderful, wonderful life together. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> nice couple. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back, 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." leon panetta, the former defense secretary, former director of the cia, my guest. "newsroom" continues after a quick break, with don lemon. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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