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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 10, 2013 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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tomorrow night, a man who is never shy about expressing his opinions and knows a lot on the current shutdown, tondonald tru. the donald tomorrow on the art of the deal. that's all for tonight. good evening everyone. tonight, why the white house and lawmakers were shocked, shocked families of fallen soldiers are not getting death benefits should not be surprised. everyone had ample warning at their disposal on the record. tonight, keeping them honest. another arrest in the biker attack and growing questions about the police officers who were there including one whose accused of taking part. and later, allegations of a cover-up in a young man's death and allegations this was not an accident and a second revelation on the autopsy of this young man that could blow the case wide open. one incredibly heart wrenching consequence of the
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government shutdown, something that is tormenting people that are hurting beyond words. families of fallen soldiers not getting death benefits. a private charity agreeing to step up and help but the public servants howling with outrage and surprise over it had at least two specific warnings about it. they had every reason to know this was going to happen, the warnings were on the record. secretary hagel went to observe the return of four soldiers killed in afghanistan. under ordinary circumstances, their families would be there at the taxpayer's expense, the cost defrayed by $100,000 in military death benefits, money so they could come to dover to bring their loved one back home or to a military cemetary to pay for the funeral. it's the least they can do. when the shutdown began the payments stopped. when the stories of suffering began the officials and elected representatives began lining up to voice their outrage. >> i'm ashamed. i'm embarrassed. >> a great injustice. >> appalling.
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>> frightening. >> i think it's disgrace ful. >> the president was very disturbed. >> outrageous. we will not stand for this outrage. >> for shame. >> some of those voices belong to lawmakers who opposed the moves that led to a government shutdown, some are from people that put us on the path we're on. keeping them honest, they were warned specifically this would happen. today a house speaker boehner spokesman said our staff did not receive communication from the department of defense on this top pick until after we had passed the bill. speaker boehner and any lawmaker could know. on september 27th the pentagon sent a memo on who gets hurt in a shutdown. one item reading, quote, we won't be able to pay some bills during the shutdown. no death benefits can be paid to any family members until the shutdown ends. on that same day the pentagon's
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comptroller briefed reporters. >> we would be required to do other bad things to our people. examples, we couldn't pay death gratuities for those who die on active duty during the lapse. >> anyone who is angry now shouldn't be that surprised. as a private charity steps in to fill the gap, lawmakers wanting to vent their outrage can always go through these doors and blow off steam at the congressional gym. because shutdown or not, while hundreds of thousands of americans are furloughed, keeping that gym up and running is deemed essential. it remains open. there was other developments on ending this mess. dana bash joins us. there is a rare phenomenon on the hill, actual bipartisan talks. what do you know? >> reporter: there are bipartisan talks, but i don't want to burst your bubble and make you think this is actually going down pennsylvania avenue in any official way. washington is still broken, don't worry, anderson, nothing
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has changed. in all seriousness, there are lots of discussions that have been going on for days, sort of on the senate floor, on the house floor, off the house floor. to be clear, they are informal discussions going on among likely suspects that do come up with deals that ultimately see fruition. susan collins on the republican side, people like that. for the most part as one senior democratic source said to me, people are -- have a lot of time on their hands right now because there is nothing else to do and everybody wants to be the one to save the republic. >> paul ryan did put forward some ideas in an op-ed. how seriously is that being taken? >> reporter: you know, the truth is, as you like to say on this show, keeping them honest, not so much on the short term. because what paul ryan said were things we heard from republicans for awhile. the idea of tax reform, the idea of entitlement reform and more, but that is not something that
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anybody, really, in the represent can leadership thinks they can achieve in the short term, which is really what we're talking about here. the much more likely scenario, if there is any option right now, is what you and i talked about last night, which is the six-week stopgap debt ceiling increase, and that is the time they'll have to negotiate. it's unclear how much they can get done that paul ryan and others are suggesting, big picture and big changes in entitlements and so forth. >> there was a meeting between house democrats. you got news from a lawmaker that attended. what came out of it? >> that's right, a democratic lawmaker i spoke with said the president was more firm in his commitment to having that temporary six-week increase in the debt ceiling than he has at all in public. he's signalled it in public but much more clear in private and the reason he said he would be willing to do this if weapon cans agreed is because -- this is a quote -- if that's what boehner needs to climb out
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of the tree he's stuck in, that's something we should look at. the fact the president is signaling this to house democrats could be yet another sign this is where the exit strategy is going, in fact, this democratic lawmaker said that's how he came out of the meeting feeling. however, as we said, there is no direct conversations so we're not sure how far it can get. but house republicans, the leadership and key committee chairmen will go to the white house tomorrow and invited the cause cut and leadership said no, we won't do that. we'll bring people we think can actually have the negotiations republicans have been demanding. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. steve king of iowa is a hard liner in the government shutdown and debt ceiling. he told chris that talk of the default if the country doesn't raise the debt ceiling is wrong. thank you for coming. >> thank you very having me. >> the idea of a possible maybe
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gl gli glimmer of a solution, is that something you would at all support? >> at this point i don't think so. i would look at it and read it through and see what we have if we're making progress with any length of time that one might extend the debt ceiling. i'm not one that said i'll never vote to raise the debt ceiling but it should be comparable. the problem we have is a risk of the problem we ever is a risk of -- and i've been warning about it for a week -- conflicting the issues for this partial shutdown, needing a cr to get the government going again compared to the debt ceiling when those two things, if they come together, we won't be able to define the difference between the two because already they are conflicting the style. i want to separate them and resolve the issue with the c.r. and i don't think there is an emergency on the debt ceiling. we are spending less than 10% of the revenue to service the debt and this alarm about default is false. >> the plan that paul ryan wrote made no mention of defunding or delaying obama care.
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to you does that make it just a non-starter? >> i don't want to say non-starter because he's talking about the debt ceiling versus the c.r., one of the two. but this c.r. has been about obama care and shutting off the funding to implement or enforce obama care, and i wrote that language back in february of 2011. i am invested in it deeply and i think it's important we hold the line, and yet, if we cannot actually contemplate the idea we would go on forever and not increase the debt ceiling. so let's make sure the conditions are right for each one of them. for me if the entitlement reforms are strong enough, i'll take a good look at it. better yet, if we bring a balanced budget amendment to the constitution through the house and the senate and send it to the states where 38 would have to ratify, that would be something that would cause me to take a real good look at a debt ceiling because that's where the problem is. this congress doesn't have the discipline to balance the budget and start to pay down the national debt. a balanced budget would bring that discipline. that's what the president fears.
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if he opposes a balanced budget amendment to our constitution, i realize he doesn't get a vote on it. if he says i won't negotiate with you, he's saying i never want to see the federal government compelled to live within its means. >> try and answer this for me because i asked this to a couple people and haven't quite got an answer i can understand. republicans are saying there is no point in bringing this up for a clean c.r., for a vote on this in the house, that it wouldn't pass. democrats are continuing to call for that or bring it up for a vote, bring it up for a vote. it will pass. there are republicans that would support as well as, obviously, a lot of democrats. why not, from your standpoint, why not, if you feel confident that it would not pass, why not bring it up for a vote, for a clean vote, and let it fail, and that way you take away that strategic argument from the democrats? >> i wouldn't argue that a c.r.,
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as they describe it is clean and i don't think it's clean at all that it wouldn't pass. we said this -- >> so you think it might pass. >> i think it might pass. we have a constitutional obligation, we have constitutional authority to start the spending in the house, to start the taxation in the house, anything that generates revenue and that's setup so the house of representatives as a quick reaction force will hold the president in check or the senate in the interest of the people. we have a full constitutional responsibility to do that, and we should remember that obama care was passed on a purely partisan agenda on the narrowest of margins, and i often said thomas jefferson said large initiatives should not be advanced on slender majorities. it was not just a slender majority but a purely partisan majority. the american people rejected obama care and elected us to the house of representatives to put an end to it, and this is the leverage point, this is where we need to make the stand, anderson. >> you're a big believer in the
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constitution, obviously, as everybody in this country is or should be. i mean, that's what our constitution calls for, a majority vote, the majority passed obama care was a slender majority, as you say. you say it's very possible a majority in the house would pass a so-called clean cr. isn't that constitutional the way the system works? >> remember, though, the constitution also says the speaker will be elected to be the speaker of the whole house and that the majority controls the house of representatives, that's also the structure for government and they determine the things that will be debated and voted upon and that always hasn't made me happy, either. i had my frustrations with the system. we're trying to bring out the will of the people. and we should think also that even though we're into the eighth or ninth day of this partial shutdown, and there have been some really tough spots, especially seeing those caskets come off there at dover, those are some really tough things to see. even with all that, however it's
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settled, the lid is on prurt co -- the pressure cooker, the clamps are down, the pressure goes up every day, and the american people will decide this. as they dial back and forth, they'll call their members of congress, they'll write their letters to the editor, and in the end it will be the american people who sort this out. in the end, this is a constitutional issue. the president cannot be allowed to legislate by edict, and we are the institution. the president has changed obama care at least twice since the supreme court decided it was constitutional. we can't let that go on, either, anderson, otherwise the president has taken over the article 1 powers of the congress. >> congressman, i appreciate you being on tonight. thank you. >> thanks for having me. john king joins me and gloria borger and david gurrigan. he thinks sort of the idea of this doomsday scenario about not raising the debt is made up or
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overstated. >> well, anderson, you got a little support from moodies that issued a report saying they thought we could pay our debts, even if we go into default we could pay our bond holders, but overwhelming sentiment from all the big banks, from the ceos, from manufacturers, from economists, from the international communities, you don't want to go down that path. it's extraordinarily dangerous. you already put a gun to the president's head and now you're putting a gun to the country's head. it's playing russian roulette and the congressman king can say whatever he wants but the vast majority of people who really understand this issue are warning seriously do not allow this country to go into default. it could have very, very calamitous consequences and throw a lot of people out of work. >> david, you do see signs of a real breakthrough from what the president said yesterday about a short-term extension and what paul ryan wrote in today's
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wall street journal. you think there is a possibility of traction there? >> i do, anderson. beneath the rhetoric which remains hot, we had two concessions now. the president made a concession by saying he's willing to take a short-term extension of the debt ceiling in order to let negotiations get started. that's a big concession and republicans ought to grab it. paul ryan has come along and said, in such negotiations, we ought to talk about entitlement reform and tax reform but he did not talk about health reform. in other words, he's not insisted that obama care demolition is -- would have to be part of the negotiation. that gives both sides a chance to have a six or eight-week pause, and i talked to a major leader in the house republican side who believes if they can get that pause, there would be enough votes among republicans to work with democrats to support it and get into a negotiation. >> john, had the house gop leadership heading the white house tomorrow as dana was talking about, do you also see the possibility of some sort of a breakthrough?
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>> i think any time they get in the room, it's a good thing. they need to start talking. now some will say it's talking, some will say it's negotiating. i'll leave that to them. the american people think they need to get in a room and figure it out. i do think it's possible. because i think the president understands, like it or not, he can win in the short term by blaming republicans, but unless he helps speaker boehner out of this mess, his second term agenda is gone. they need each other until the midterm elections and you'll find people that think the democrats can take the house back. they may not like or trust each other but they need each other at the moment. the reason i'm a bit skeptical is the conversation you just had with congressman king. paul ryan was once a hero to the conservatives in the house because they thought he would
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the torch. [ man on tv ] ...within a mile of the proceedings. the first dignitaries started to arrive about an hour ago, greeted with a sort of garden-party atmosphere, which was designed to entertain them, as the others traversed the rigid security. [ alarm wails ] [ sniffs ] there's someone here. where?
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mystique? mystique? i've seen senator kelly. so the good senator survived his fall... and the swim to shore. he's become even more powerful than i could have imagined. - he's dead. - [ storm ] it's true. i saw him die. like those people down there will die. are you sure you saw what you saw? i would also like to thank the president of the united states of america... for hosting this event... under the lights of the great city of new york. why do none of you understand what i'm trying to do? those people down there, they control our fate and the fate of every other mutant. well, soon our fate will be theirs.
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[ man on tv ] the mutant registration act lost its main proponent today... with the dramatic reversal of senator robert kelly, who until this time had provided the loudest voice in the cry for mutant registration. i was wrong on this particular issue. and i hope in time i may be forgiven. thank you. the mutant registration act continues to draw support... [ storm ] mystique.
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[ cyclops ] son of a bitch. from many parents rights groups... who feel threatened by unidentified mutants in their school systems. in a related story, the body of senator kelly's longtime aide, henry gyrich, was found today. preliminary coroner's reports seem to indicate that gyrich was mauled by a bear. [ rogue ] hey. - you running again? - no, not really. i have some things to take care of up north. i kind of like it. i don't want you to go. [ sniffles ]
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i'll be back for this. doesn't it ever wake you in the middle of the night? the feeling that someday they will pass that foolish law... or one just like it and come for you...
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