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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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really loving the deal too much. you're not seeing a huge rally but you are seeing a record on the s&p 500 as we hear the closing bell. >> there we go. alison kosik, my thanks to you. thank you all very much so much for being with me. now to jake tapper. "the lead" starts now. it took 16 days but those little luxuries like cancer research and inspecting food imports are getting back up and running. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. in a rare display of actually getting something done, our elected officials reopened washington for business today. but not critics say without a little something for themselves in return. the politics lead. he's coming to washington at a time when the american people could not be more sick of the games in this town. new jersey senator-elect cory booker joins us fresh off his special election win last night. and the world lead. one minute it's another day at
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the mall. the next, a life and death scramble as gunmen open fire. exclusive video that take you inside the terrorist attack in kenya like nothing else. good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." we'll begin with the national lead. i'm sorry your government was partially closed for more than two weeks and many of you weren't paid. would complimentary muffins make up for it? vice president joe biden dropped off baked goods earlier today as furloughed workers made their way back. they were just a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of federal employees whose unplanned, unpaid 16-day vacation just came to an end. washington reopened for business today now that the partial shutdown is over and like a bunch of c students with a paper due, our elected officials waited until the last possible minute to cut a deal last night. the two parties came to an agreement to fund the government through january 15th and raised the debt ceiling until february 7th. if they had not raised the limit by today, the government would not have been able to borrow more money which means they would have run out of the money they need to pay all of their
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bills. now the barriers around our monuments and national parks are being removed and our federal agencies are finally reopening. president obama, while claiming there were no winners in this standoff, made it pretty clear whom he considers to be the losers in the same breath. >> there are no winners here. these last few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. we don't know yet the full scope of the damage but every analyst out there believes it slowed our growth. >> house speaker john boehner meanwhile decided this was a good time to cut out of town. olivier knox snapped a photo showing the speaker boarding a plane for denver earlier today. he decided to make this a casual thursday, mom jeans of a sort. he had to rely on democrats to help drag the deal through the house that originally came out of an amendment between the two party leaders in the senate, senator harry reid of nevada and mitch mcconnell of kentucky. since there's a good chance you were asleep during the last minute wheeling and dealing, you
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might be surprised to learn what actually made it into that finished product. >> great news. panda cam is back. more importantly, the federal government is open for business. but in order to get that compromise bill done, there were of course some shoehorned extras. some conservatives cried pork after a $2 billion authorization for the olmstead lock and dam project was added to the bill. >> we're here on the ohio river, on the olmstead lock and dam project. >> the money will continue to pay for this massive army corps of engineers project on the ohio river along kentucky's border. the senate conservatives fund, a political action committee, dubbed it the kentucky kickback, blaming the addition on kentucky's own senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell. >> i'm pleased to get this kind of firsthand briefing of a project that i and others have been working on providing the funds for. >> mcconnell has long supported the dam project. here he is on a visit in 2009.
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but this morning, he fired back at critics on wvlk radio in lexington. >> there was no meearmark. the army corps of engineers requested the olmstead lock funding. both the house and senate passed an authorization for it. every single member of the senate had a chance to review it and none asked for it to be taken out. >> mcconnell's negotiating counterpart, senate majority leader harry reid, agreed last night. >> this is not an earmark. it saves the money, the taxpayers lots of money. >> it turns out officials say stopping and restarting the project would have cost over $200 million if the authorization had not gone through. oh, and president obama had the same provision to continue the project in his 2014 budget. >> rather than talking about shutting down the government, it's time to talk about shutting down the waste. >> tom shatz is president of citizens against government waste. >> adding a provision to fund a dam opens the door for similar
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projects in the next c.r. this project has tripled in cost. it's behind schedule and if regular order had prevailed it's unclear whether that would have been funded at all in the normal appropriations bill. >> other additions to the bill to reopen the government include $175,000 which will be paid to the widow of senator frank lautenberg who died last year. such a payment is standard practice but it might be worth noting lautenberg was one of the wealthiest members of congress. roll call reported he was worth more than $50 million in 2011. finally, let's call this the edward snowden effect. the privacy and civil liberties oversight board will get $3.1 million. they are a white house oversight group set up to guard americans' right to privacy against overreach by government cyberintelligence. senator john mccain did not mince words about some of these added provisions. he told the daily beast quote, these people are like alcohol s alcoholics. they can't resist taking a
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drink. it's ridiculous. it's absolutely ridiculous. it shows there are people in this body who are willing to use any occasion to get an outrageous pork barrel project done at the cost of millions and millions of dollars. it's disgusting. so how did these extras get added on and perhaps more importantly, where do we go from here? here to give us an inside view on the negotiations, congressman robert pittinger, republican from north carolina, who serves on the house committee on financial services who voted for this deal. thanks for joining us. how did these funds for this dam in kentucky, how did they get attached and does that concern you at all? >> well, jake, i wasn't part of that negotiation process. i will say to you that perception wise, it would be far better to go through the normal process of legislation. but really, the big issue on the table right now that should be of concern to every american is the $17 trillion debt and $60 trillion of unfunded liabilities. that weight has enormous
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implications for our future. if you were to talk to peter orszag, the budget writer for mr. obama for four years or to erskine bowles, or paul ryan, they will all tell you the same thing. until we get our fiscal house in order and really redirect the trajectory of our spending, we will end up collapsing like greece. that's what we need to be about. that's what we've got to focus on. >> let's talk about that. president obama today said he is ready to move on to some real issues. let's play some of that sound. >> passing a budget, immigration reform, farm bill. those a three specific things that would make a huge difference in our economy right now. >> let's talk about passing a budget. house and senate democrats and republicans are going to meet to discuss the nation's finances. president obama has said he wants a big deal to reduce the deficit and start chipping away at the national debt. he wants, he says he's willing to include trimming social safety net programs or entitlements but the republicans
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need to be willing to raise some taxes. he says everybody needs to be in this together. are you up for a deal like that? >> you know, i wrote a letter -- i co-chair a bipartisan group called united solutions of freshmen. we wrote a letter to the president right after we were sworn in imploring the president to address the debt and imploring the president to go after entitlements which are the single biggest factor, medicare will be insolvent within a decade. social security needs to be addressed. these are very key components. and yes, i am totally in favor of taking real specific measures to address this so that we have a future for the next generation. we cannot allow this type of obligation to continue. unfortunately, when the president has had the megaphone at his inauguration or state of the union, he didn't bring up the debt or deficit. when we met with him as house republicans, we met an hour and
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a half. when he walked in the room, we stood and clapped because he's president of the united states but in that hour and a half, he never brought up the debt or deficit. he said i'm really not that concerned about deficits. that's got to change. we need a clear understanding that we cannot spend $3.5 trillion and take in $2.5 trillion. that's why we had to raise the debt ceiling. >> i hear you and i agree with you, but i think president obama makes two points about why increasing taxes need to be part of this, and i would be asking a democrat the same question about trimming social safety net programs if i were interviewing one right now. the sticking point for republicans is increasing taxes. president obama says one, i can't ask for seniors to make sacrifices without asking the wealthiest americans to do so as well. then he says two, politically, he can't ask democrats to, in the house and the senate, to vote for something that trims these programs without asking for them -- asking republicans
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to vote for something they don't want to do which is raise taxes. are you willing to enter into a deal hypothetically, i'm not saying commit to any one piece of legislation, but hypothetically, if there were cuts to some of these programs, would you be willing to contemplate, entertain the notion of tax increases? >> jake, the president asked for and he received a $600 billion tax increase from the wealthiest of american people. he got that the beginning of this year. that was a major concession and commitment from realizing from many republicans that it was a hard bite to swallow, because republicans believe that lowering the tax burden, lowering regulations stimulates the economy. we are never going to get there by increasing the tax burden. you can double the corporate and marginal tax rates in this country and you still would barely cover the current deficits.
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we've got to grow our economy. when ronald reagan lowered the tax burden and lowered the regulation early in the '80s we were creating 300,000 or 400,000 or 500,000 jobs a month. one month we created a million jobs. that's remarkable. we are sputtering along at 1.8% economic growth, unemployment is 7.45%. probably 13% if you consider people who quit looking for jobs. this is terrible. we have to do better. we have to grow our way out of this problem. >> i'm going to take that as a no. i thank you so much for coming on the show. i appreciate it. say hi to the beautiful tarheel state for me. >> thank you. great to be with you. our money lead. just how much did this partial government shutdown end up costing us? keep in mind this is washington, where even doing nothing is a pricey proposition. the estimates vary widely. according to macro economic advisors, our economy took a $12 billion hit. the estimate from standard and poor is twice as high, $24 billion. the atlantic suggests we split
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the difference at $18 billion to wrap our heads around it. that is more than $1 billion higher than the 2014 budget for nasa so give or take a space program. that's how much we lost in productivity, temporary layoffs, interest payments and so on. as long as we're talking numbers, i should mention $14.7 trillion, that's the amount of our national debt as of last week, according to the treasury. next, one lobbyist is calling them the taliban minority. what are the consequences for the tea party caucus after the government shutdown, if any? our panel will weigh in, next. later, his campaign mastered the use of technology to help lift him to presidential victory. so how did his team drop the ball on the obama care rollout? i will ask president obama's former chief of technology ahead.
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4:17 pm
that you're moving to to a screeching halt. had you been here in washington, do you think you would have done anything differently than what you saw and what will you try to do for future fiscal fights? there's probably going to be one welcoming you on your doorstep as you move here. >> yes. i can't say what i would have done. i'm one of those people that had a side line seat like you did, but i did know right here in new jersey, i saw firsthand how so many people, tens and tens of thousands of new jerseyans were directly impacted, hurt, had their lives in many ways put in deep insecurity as a result of it. it's something that's just unacceptable. i think i agree with what the president said. there were no winners in this. there were just a lot of losers starting with the american people. i just came from a press conference where we brought yet another development project creating hundreds of jobs in newark, it was the governor and i together, the governor, a republican and me a democrat. we built new jersey -- new jersey's biggest city, newark, back because of bipartsonship.
4:18 pm
chris christie and i disagree on more stuff than we agree on. in fact, we were going at each other with the giants versus the cowboys at the press conference. i don't have that much to defend right now at 0-6 but the reality is this is my history. newark is coming back now because of left and right working together. people said it couldn't be done, the problems were too big. i'm hoping in washington i can really just join with others of both parties who share my spirit. >> senator, you have worked with chris christie very closely. you two are famously or infamously close both professionally and you're also friends. i assume you're not going to vote for him, however, next month when he is up for re-election. if he's so good and you preach bipartisanship, why not endorse him? he's already up 24 points in the polls. he's going to win anyway, probably. >> i don't necessarily agree with that. there's a large lead right now but there's still time. look, when i draw the issues up, i see issues i disagree with,
4:19 pm
whether the earned income tax credit, planned parenthood, regional greenhouse gas agreements, whether it's basic issues, frankly, when it comes to things like marriage equality. when i look at all the issues, barbara bueno is clearing in line with the voters of new jersey. i tell you this. when the people elect somebody, they expect us to work with those people and the people elected chris christie. he was the governor of the state. i am the mayor of the largest city. i love how tip o'neill and ronald reagan in days of old had a real relationship, a real friendship. would they have voted for each other, probably not. but their relationship helped move america forward. that's my philosophy. >> fair enough. you have lived in public housing in new jersey to raise awareness on poverty issues and crime issues. where do you think you will live in washington, d.c.? will you consider moving to a disadvantaged neighborhood? >> absolutely. i will be down there now that i won, taking a good look about
4:20 pm
where to live. there's a lot of america now that -- >> that your phone? >> that was my phone. i apologize. >> you want to get it? >> it's probably your producer calling me to tell me to turn off the phone. but look, you know, at the end of the day, i really savor living in neighborhoods where there's great people struggling to make america real for all americans. and i just want to be in a neighborhood in d.c. that keeps me focused on the urgencies that i'm fighting for. we live in a nation now that's more stratefied economically, where social mobility is going down in america, we're losing middle class jobs and unfortunately, a lot of them are being replaced with minimum wage jobs. in areas like mine, minimum wage won't help you escape poverty. so i like being part of communities that are on the front lines of that fight, and i'm not sure where i'll live in d.c. but i'll look at the whole city. it's the city of my birth.
4:21 pm
many people don't know that. i didn't move to new jersey until i was 4 months old. that was where my parents met, got their first jobs, and had their first kids. so i'm looking forward to being a part of that community in the days that i'm down there and spending actually as much time as i can back in new jersey. >> might have been a real estate agent on the phone calling. last question, senator, is that president obama today told a reporter that he left you a message last night. let's play that sound. >> i think he's going to do a great job. >> i think he's going to do a great job. what kind of advice did president obama have to offer? >> look, i have to say the president was my friend before he was my president. he left a message for me last night which was incredibly gracious after midnight, i'm sorry i missed his call, but i will never forget my first really long conversation with him which was in a hotel room in newark. he was up to give a speech. i came in to meet him. he had just been elected senator and we went right to talking about the unfinished business of america and the fact that there are still a lot of disadvantaged
4:22 pm
communities that we as a country need to focus on, because the truth is, when everyone just does well in america, everyone does well in america. so i appreciate a guy like the president who seems to be concerned in many ways with those people still struggling in our nation, trying to fight to be in the middle class, who might be facing difficulties now, and i hope that we can partner on expanding this economy, growing our gdp and making our nation more of a nation of abundance for everyone. let's be real. you know this probably better than i do. i will be the 100th senator in seniority. i have a great senior senator in my state, menendez. my first months down there, if not more, i look forward to learning as much as i can, trying to find ways to gain my knowledge base so that i can be a great senator in the long term, and i'll say this, and with a wonderful statement from african history, there's an old statement that holds true for the senate which will be true for me. if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. i hope to join with other people
4:23 pm
to take that institution far in service of this nation. >> newark mayor and new jersey's newest senator-elect, cory booker, thank you and congratulations on your win. >> thank you so much. thanks for having me on. coming up next, is big business really coming to speaker boehner's aid by trying to take out the tea party? our political panel will weigh in. plus, terror doesn't even begin to describe it. chilling new video obtained by cnn from inside the kenyan mall while gunmen take aim. en we mado the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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welcome back to "the lead." cnn has confirmed that tomorrow, president obama will nominate jay johnson to replace janet napolitano as secretary of the department of homeland security. johnson previously served as general counsel for the department of defense during president obama's first term. as to whether there will be a battle over his confirmation, well, if you thought the bipartisan slap fight in washington might finally be over, then you obviously didn't hear the president say this today. >> last night, i signed legislation to reopen our government and pay america's bills. because democrats and responsible republicans came
4:28 pm
together -- >> hm. democrats and responsible republicans. 144 republicans voted no last night and with fewer than three months to go before the next budget battle, the white house doesn't seem quite ready to make complete nice. let's bring in our panel. tim pawlenty, president and ceo of the financial services roundtable and former governor of minnesota. cnn's chief congressional correspondent, the tireless dana bash. and former clinton white house press secretary, joe lockhart. i want to start with this "washington post" report. business groups stand by boehner, plot against tea party. there's a quote from a man named dirk van doggen, lobbyist for the association of wholesale distributors who has known boehner for a while. says i don't know anybody who takes the side of the taliban minority. i assume he's referring to the tea party. tim, is that how the business world views what happened over the last three weeks, the taliban minority seized control of the house republicans? >> a few things.
4:29 pm
first, i don't think people should put a taliban label on any elected representative or public servant. that's over the line in terms of rhetoric and what that implies. two, the business community is more pragmatic than the tea party in terms of their politics and desired outcomes. but the idea that they are going to come in and take out tea party members is probably misunderstood. the tea party members for the most part are in districts or states that lean pretty substantially in their direction and the idea that they're mostly politically vulnerable is probably not going to materialize. there will be some groups that will try that but i suggest to you it won't be successful. lastly, as to the tea party, keep in mind it's one slice of a broader coalition. they overplayed their hand here. one of the adages you have to keep in mind is when you negotiate the person with the leverage wins. they didn't have the leverage here. but there's an analog in the democratic party to the tea party, when you look at groups like occupy, groups that want to recklessly defund the department of defense. they don't represent the whole democratic party and the tea
4:30 pm
party represents only one slice of the republican party. >> that a fair analogy? >> it is, but it misses an important point, which is within the republican party, the tea party does have the leverage. we just spent 16 days painfully, dana hasn't slept in 16 days, because of the leverage they had. the business community doesn't have that much influence with the tea party. the tea party and most republicans are more worried about someone coming from their right, coming from the tea party to challenge them, than anyone on the left. so this all has to be resolved. i think it's very fair analysis but the difference between the tea party and occupy or a group on the left, those groups don't have leverage within the democratic party right now. the tea party does. that's the fundamental problem for the party. >> dana, let's talk about the future of democrat, republican negotiations because that's obviously where this is going to go now. there's going to be negotiations over a budget. when president obama came out last night before the house vote had finished, there were a lot
4:31 pm
of house republicans who were very worried that he just was misreading house republicans all over again, that he might be driving up no votes by even putting his blessing on the deal. >> yeah. and i think the bigger problem today, now that the sun is up, is that they saw the remarks that he made this morning as equally not helpful. >> responsible republicans, that line? >> well, not just that. that, but also really a lecture. they saw it as a classic obama lecture, not an olive branch, not a time to sort of stay let's take a breath, unite. i also talked to some republicans who say we deserve it, he deserves 24 hours to gloat, because they feel like this was such a bad strategy and again, these are republicans talking. but i really do think that just in talking to several republicans today, who have some clout in the house caucus, that the irony of this is that this might actually break the dam and it might make it easier for them, the people who call themselves pragmatic republicans in the house caucus, to work
4:32 pm
along party lines and give boehner the power to work across party lines, because he fought the good fight and he's got the trust now of people who maybe didn't trust him before and now see that it was not a good idea to do what he did. >> joe, where do you see this going? >> i agree, there is an opportunity here. john boehner is still speaker today. i think if you had asked the question two or three weeks ago if he made the republican party walk the plank and break the hastert rule and side with democrats, i think a lot of people thought he would be putting his speakership on the line and he did and is still speaker today. if you look at the last time we did this, 1995, look at 1996, a period of really important legislative accomplishments, bipartisan, democrats on welfare reform, health care, raising the minimum wage -- >> balanced budgets. >> yeah, balanced budgets. so we have the possibility here, there still is a fight that has to be resolved within the caucus because even today, it's not clear what lessons were learned
4:33 pm
within the republican party. we're going to find that out. >> governor, final thought? >> there's a number of lessons learned. one is when you bluff and your bluff gets called and you don't have the cards, it's embarrassing. number two, if you're going to negotiate a put a stake in the ground and say i'll do something dramatic unless x happens and you don't do something dramatic, again, it doesn't look so good. the republican party is going to go through a sorting out process but keep in mind, the energy and i think the media misunderstands is at the grassroots level, leans now libertarian, leans -- >> absolutely. >> but rather than putting labels on people, saying look, it's the crazy group, x, y or z or the tea party this or libertarians that, why don't we just talk about the issues. one of their main concerns, as inartfully as they sometimes present it, is what are we going to do about these structural spending problems. that's not a crazy proposition. that is not a crazy question. it's a legitimate question. instead of throwing labels around, let's talk about the issues and what really needs to get fixed. >> all right. thank you all so much. we really appreciate it. coming up, the white house still won't tell us how many people have enrolled in obama
4:34 pm
care through their website, now those numbers are trickling in from other sources. we have the latest figures in the bumpy rollout. and he was heading for a meeting with the prince when officials showed up at his door. how andy murray's weird day almost made him late. stay with us. i'm only in my 60's.
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welcome back to "the lead." in our world lead, when terrorists attacked the westgate mall in nairobi, kenya last month the only way to understand what happened was from the stories of survivors. cnn has obtained access to some of the mall surveillance video. much of what we are about to show you is graphic, frightening and painful to watch. it is not suitable for children. remove them from the room. we are reporting on the videos because there are few opportunities for the public to fully understand the horror inflicted by terrorists, to see the depravity of the attackers and how these killers showed no hesitation about ending life. we have been going through hours and hours of this video and share these terrifying images from the first moments of the attack. >> reporter: shoppers at westgate mall. this is the scene moments before the al shabaab attack. suddenly, men, women and
4:39 pm
children begin to run for their lives. this man on the floor thought he had found safety. wounded, he gathers the strength to try and crawl for help. another gunman returns without mercy. the security cameras spotted two other attackers making their way to the top parking lot, walking towards the children's cooking competition held there. just beyond the camera's view, they open fire. this edited silent video obtained by cnn shows what happened during the attack in nairobi on september 21st. as the attackers go through the mall, you see people desperate, trying to run and crawl to safety as bullets streak by. a body on the floor gets barely a glance, and another bullet. this is only a fraction of the
4:40 pm
surveillance video recorded during this day. most of it too horrifying to broadcast. in the supermarket, the hostage roundup has begun. a mother and her two children push an injured child in a shopping cart. a teenaged girl follows, her hands in the air. she's bloody. a gunman points the way. kenyan authorities say they closely watched the security cameras as the attack was happening. the hostage takers are spotted on the phone. authorities believe they are receiving instructions from outside the mall. here, one of them even appears to look for surveillance cameras. only four attackers are seen in the video. there are long periods of time where they appear almost relaxed. at one point, the attackers take turns for prayers. elsewhere in a mall restaurant,
4:41 pm
a western man, gun in hand in what appears to be a plain clothed kenyan police officer take position to try to protect the staff and customers cowering behind the counter. this was just the first day of what would become a four-day nightmare for kenya. cnn, nairobi. >> incredible reporting. one small piece of good news in this. the mother pushing the shopping cart and all the children seen with her in the surveillance video, including the teenaged girl, were released by the terrorists. wolf blitzer is here from "the situation room." you and i have covered a lot of terrorist attacks before. this is shocking video. >> because it's shocking to all of us here in the united states, because it looks like any mall that you could go to montgomery mall outside of washington or potomac mall or any mall in the d.c. area or anyplace, it looks like a mall in the united states. you just think you're going there in the afternoon, young kids are there, you're doing
4:42 pm
some shopping and all of a sudden, terrorists come in and start killing people. and you immediately start worrying could what happened in nairobi at that beautiful mall happen at a mall here in the united states. >> unfortunately, it could. tell us what you have coming up. >> we will be following up on this day after the government reopens. good news, people are going back to work. they are going to get paid. stuff that's really important is going to be done. the national institutes of health right outside of washington, 80% of the folks who were working on infectious diseases, were furloughed. furloughed. and it's good that they're back at work but are we going to go through it again in january. >> wolf blitzer, we will look forward to that. thank you so much. when we come back, a technological hiccup or major failure? the obama care rollout is being called a train wreck by critics. how does the man who helped plan the launch explain the issues?
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4:46 pm
welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in other national news, the word glitch has been used by the white house to explain the difficulties americans have had accessing the centerpiece of the
4:47 pm
affordable care act, obama care, glitch. glitch doesn't quite capture the frustrations of the consumers who have spent hours upon hours to no avail trying to register for health insurance, which they are now mandated to have. the administration says the site has had 17 million unique visitors since it went live on october 1st but white house officials refuse to say how many of those folks have actually succeeded in signing up for health insurance. they won't give those numbers until the middle of next month. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius acknowledged that the rollout has not been ideal. >> i'll be the first to tell you that the website launch was rockier than we would have liked. >> joining me now is gale wolenski, former medicare director during the george h.w. bush administration, also a board member of united health group and anish topra, former
4:48 pm
technology officer for the obama white house. welcome to both of you. the obama campaign and the obama administration so well known for being on the cutting edge of technology. your job did not exist at the white house before you had it, yet the biggest rollout of something that requires expertise when it comes to the web, and it is not going well, to say the least. why didn't he use people like you, people like the people who ran his data mining and internet during the campaign and what exactly is going wrong? >> well, let me begin, i'm very confident there's a great group of people working this issue right now. look, the nature of the problem -- >> i'm not, by the way. >> that's fair. fair enough. look, the nature of the problem is relatively well-defined. they expected about 60,000 people to sign up for an account at roughly the exact same time. that's a lot of people. they ended up getting about
4:49 pm
250,000 people signing up for an account at the exact same time. that significant increase essentially overwhelmed the system leading to the glitches. the good news is, we're not inventing a new form of physics. we're simply addressing the problem that's been identified. they are looking to find ways to expand that capacity at that account creation step. it will be resolved over the next several weeks. i'm very confident of that. hopefully, this will be a footnote in the challenges when we look back on the process. >> gale, this problem is not limited to the federal exchanges. some states have set up their own obama care web sites and people have had trouble logging on. what do you think is going on? >> well, i want to make a slight addendum to what was just said. there clearly was a volume issue. it would be great if that were the only problem that's been uncovered. at least according to a lot of other i.t., independent i.t. experts, it's been software
4:50 pm
issues in addition to not knowing what the volume was going to be. there is also a policy decision the administration made early on that has incredibly increased the burden on the system. normally, if you want to go online and buy something, you can browse anonymously, decide whether or not you are interested and then go through the process of providing personal information. the administration made the decision that they didn't want people to look at options unless they also had the subsidy that they would receive available to them, they were afraid of sticker shock. >> let's get a response to that. >> maybe a friendly amendment back to gail. let me make this very clear. at the same time the administration launched, they had a website called that would allow anyone in the private
4:51 pm
sector, media organization, nonprofit, to take the raw file of every plan and every price and present it to the american people as open information. there was nothing about that was meant to be hidden. so that information was made available. now, the government itself on obviously primarily was about making sure that the right person was given the right information and i will also say, as soon as this criticism had come out, it didn't even take a day or two, you can today anonymously shop on, kind of reflecting this nimble response. >> the administration is refusing to give the numbers of how many people have signed up, how many people are enrolled. originally they said they didn't have the data. now they seem to have it, they just don't want to share it until the middle of november. that seems to suggest that very few people are enrolling and they are waiting for the number to increase. >> look, the commitment was there on transparency. a lot of information is available at and you will see the numbers every month as have been committed. take a look at the "the
4:52 pm
washington post" yesterday did a study looking at some of these nielsen-like services on the internet based on what was reported in "the post" over one million accounts have been created. seven million people were anticipated to buy health insurance through the exchanges. if a million on the federal site have already set up the account, that's a pretty big number in just the first week or two. >> we don't know that yet, though. >> not officially but that had been reported. >> gail, some republicans, including senator pat roberts of kansas, who has had a somewhat friendly relationship with the secretary of health and human services, kathleen sebelius, a former governor from that state, are now calling for her resignation because of the failure of this website to perform up to i think everybody's expectations, including president obama's. do you think that she should resign? >> i think it's premature to have a decision of that nature. if it turns out it is harder and
4:53 pm
longer to fix the technical issues that have plagued the federal exchange than now is clear, it would be comparable in the private sector to having a very major botched rollup of the most important activity and entity undertaking. if not resigning, some serious reduction in stature and status would normally accompany that kind of a botched rollup. >> thank you both so much. coming up next, players wearing pink in support of breast cancer but is the nfl putting its money where its mouth is? new questions about just how much the league is giving to the american cancer society from sales of its pink merchandise. i remember the day my doctor said i had diabetes.
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the sports lead now. if you've watched any nfl games the past couple weeks, you may have noticed players sporting gloves and shoes that look like they were ripped out of barbie's closet. the league is pushing pink throughout october, not just on the field but with its merchandising to increase breast cancer awareness, and to raise
4:58 pm
money for the american cancer society. but some eyebrows have been raised over the question of just how much of the proceeds actually make their way to the american cancer society. here's the breakdown. if an nfl pink product sells for $100, half of that wholesale value will go to the retailer, so that's 50 bucks. the nfl then takes 25% royalty fee from the retailer which means the league gets $12.50. then of that $12.50, 90% goes to the american cancer society which in this scenario would be a total of $11.25. the american cancer society says 100% of the proceeds it gets from the nfl is used for grant programs that provide outreach and cancer screenings for women nationwide and while that may sound like chump change compared to the hundred bucks, the nonprofit says it gets an invaluable amount of exposure through its partnership with the nfl. pretty soon a bullish stock market might refer to the number of people who own shares of chicago bull derrick rose. a brokerage company is now offering fans a way to literally
4:59 pm
invest in their favorite players on wall street. it's rolling out the initial public offering for houston texans running back arian foster, who will get $10 million from the company in exchange for a 20% stake in his future earnings, including contracts and endorsements. that's up for grabs. as creepy as that may sound to buy a piece of an athlete, this isn't the first time it's happened. sugar ray leonard and golfer rich beame have offered investors a chance to buy shares of their brands. the queen waits for no one. but the duke of kcambridge was left looking at his wristwatch by andy murray, who won this year's championship, nearly missed his appointment with prince william today. he was about to take off for buckingham palace when drug testers showed up at his doorstep asking for, yes, a sample. thankfully, murray made it and got this pic with the family in front of the palace. he and the prince are said to have chatted for aut


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