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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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straight ahead with don lemon there. hey, don. >> oh, yes, looking good. okay. you're all straight. >> good to see you, fred, have a great couple days off. >> hello, everyone here. it is atop of the hour. we're going to start with these two killers who slip pd out of prison are back behind bars right now. they were busted on saturday every evening while hanging out at a motel in the florida pan hand 8. but this is not an open and shut case. today, florida police want to know who else is involved? charles walker and joseph jenkins escaped separately. police found them at the coke nult grove motor inn in panama city unarmed waiting for a ride. nick, police say these guys had to have a lot of help during their time on the run. do they have any names or any
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leads yet? >> hey, don, that's where we're going to start. i just got off the phone with the florida department of law enforcement. they tell me that arrests are em innocent. they'll be looking at people who helped chaurlsz walker and joseph jenkins avoid being captured while they were on the run. they're also going to look at those people that may have helped them get their hands on those forged documents. and i want you to take a listen to this press conference held earlier today from the commission of florida law enforcement when he was asked about those forged documents. take a listen. >> there is speculation, and underline speculation, that there was a source for a certain sum of money that these documents could be constructed for $8,000. whether that's true or not will be determined. >> when i talked to the fdle, they wanted to stress to our viewers that the investigation
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is very preliminary. they also said this is not the first time. they said other cases unsucce unsuccessfully has been tried. so that leaves a lot of people to wonder if they've had a cup 8 of years to know that these fraudulent schemes were out there, why haven't they been able to stop this time around. >> they were on the lun for three weeks. who in the prison system is in trouble because of this escape? and what's being done to make sure it doesn't happen again? >> well, you'd be surprised. when we talked to the department of corrections on friday, i'd asked the press information office, who's going to be to blame here? who's going to get in trouble? she said no one is to blame here. we don't have legal stature to push back against the courts. the courts punted back saying it's not some high-tech scheme here. or some high-tech analysis that we do at the court. we process the paperwork and
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push it on and the department of corrections are the ones that ordered it. but it's the state's attorney's office that are embarrassed. they're supposed to be the sthorty when it comes to this. nick, one reason nose men were able to slip out of that prison is they had some really real-looking cig that you antha on those documents. if that name is familiar, it's because judge perry was on the trial of casey anthony. his name is on those papers that the kill irs used to fake their way to freedom. and live in florida right now, in orlando, as a matter of fact, is judge melvin perry. so, judge, you have seen those forged cig that you are whiches. are they even good fakes to you? >> well, don, ther excellent fakes because it appears to me
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that what they did was looked at documents that were probably on the casec anthony case and cut and paste my signature and pasted on new documents. so they were actually genuine-looking documents. >> just to be, for my own etification and for some members of the audience, these papers never came across your desk? >> these papers never hit my desk. number one, the case wasser in assigned to to me. i never had anything to do with walker or jenkins. they were cases assigned to other judges. >> so no one ever said hey, judge, did you sign these papers? no one contacted you? wrote you? called you? e-mailed you? wrote you? >> don, more than likely, what happened was somebody appeared in the clerk's office, dropped them in a box, they were
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processed as they ordinarily do process documents that was absolutely no contact with my office. no one even checked to see if, in fact, the cases were assigned to me. and they went on about their merry way. >> are you angry? are you going to fight for change? what? >> well, am i angry? no. i don't like it. it didn't make me angry. but let's face reality. when your named in documents that you've signed plastered on the internet for anybody and everybody to see and someone with basic knowledge can paste
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and cut your signature, it doesn't surprise me that it did happen. it was just a matter of time. it shows that we need to do a little bit more in authentication of documents. and that's a process that we're going to start doing now. remember, we have a fragmented system here in the state of florida. the court and the clerk of court are two separate offices. they are not joint offices ran by the courts. >> that sounds like someone needs to make sure that you guys are in communication with each other. if this is an indication of that, i don't know what is. my question, though, is this whole incident put eggs in the face of florida law enforcement. everyone is pointi ining finger saying not my direction. should anyone say hey, we screwed up. the buck stops with us? >> well, i dthink what we need o
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do is wait until the investigation is over with to see actually what happened in this particular case. people tend to forget. there was jeffrey forbes who filed his documents in january of 2011. one, a reduction of his sentence using falsified documents that bared the signature of another judge and had him eligible for release in 2016. i think once we find out what happened with that one and trace who knew what, when and where, then you can make some decisions as to if anybody is to blame for any of this. >> judge, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, don. >> all right. in other news now, people get caught with guns and knives at the airport. it happens all of the time, unsfor chew gnatly. but this is over the top. here's what authorities are
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saying. the airport says that a long island man tried to board a jet blue fight l flight yesterday carrying a bag filled with more than a dozen knives and implements of destruction. the daily news says timothy schiavo admitted to owning the contents. the screaming over obama care may have just started. now there are calls to fire a member of the president's cabinet. that's next. and in australia, it's up in flames. over 50 separate fires burning. some of them on the out skirts of sydney. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with less energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment
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vrjts the problems with the roll out will be well known. tomorrow, the president will talk about its failures and the issues of benefits in the rose garden e vechbt. but today, on cnn state of the union this morning, one of the republican power players this morning had this to say.
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i want too bring in chris lawrence. he is in washington, d.c. now. what can you tell us about the president's rose garden event tomorrow, chris? >> reporter: well rngs don, a little after 11:00 in the morning tomorrow, the president is going to come to the rose garden. he's going to bring with him certain small business owners, consumers, some pharmacists, those that support the affordable care act. he's going to tout some of the successes, talk about how some of these folks have been able to enroll in the program. some people, suspect, some of those will be kparms of who did not have health care coverage before. and he's going to address the glitches. he's called them unacceptable. he's going to try to shift attention from the computer problems to say look, the affordable care act is more than a web site. it's a program. and that seems to be where the white house is trying to shift the emphasis now. >> some of your colleagues are saying she should resign. do you agree with that? >> absolutely she should resign.
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why? because the program she has implemented, obama care, is a disaster. it another es not working. it's hurting people all across this country. we obviously heard her talking with ted cruz there. a lot of critics, es essential sli ply republicans are saying, look, if she was the ceo of a company and the company had as disastrous a roll out as this may have been, they would be fired. they're calling for her head. but earlier this morning, house minority leader told cnn that the suggestion that should be fired is ridiculous.
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>> what's the administration saying about that? >> they're touting these numbers. those are the two that you're going to hear repeated by the white house. a half a million people who have completed the application process. what you're not hearing is filling in the achly case is your salary, your information, who in your family may need health care coverage. that's not the same as going through the plo says and actually picking a health care plan. the white house still wants to get to about 7 million in the next six months. so it's still a long ways to go on that front. >> all right, chris lawrence, thank you very much. we'll see you next hour here on cnn. jon mccain has had some prosecutety strong words for the president about his health care law. and he is also taking shots at fellow senator ted cruz who led a charng to fund obama care at the height of the government shutdown.
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>> some call cruz's all-night stand heroic. but some called it a fool's union. >> i respect and admire john mccain. he is a war hero. he is a man of incredible personal courage. i will say this, when you've got senate le publy cans saying this is a fool's errand, it sabotages the effort. i think they marched out on principle. and i wish that sfat republicans had come in like the calvary to support them. instead, they made a different decision. they made a decision not just to support the house republicans, but to come in like an air force and dive bomb them.
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>> syria literally exploded back into the headlines today. syrian rebels released this video which they say shows them detonating a car bomb at a separate bombing, at least 37 people were killed, including some syrian soldiers. the u.n. now says more than
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100 100 100,000 people have died in the syrian civil war. >> at least 37 people were killed today when local authorities say a suicide bomber blew 4i78s up inside a packed coffee house, immediately after a roadside bomb went off. it happened in the mostly shiite neighborhood in the southwest part of town. a unique and deadly tactic in the mexican drug war, a former leader of the tiauana cartel. one of them may have been dressed as a clown. felix died in a barrage of bullets in cabo. along with selling drugs, his family-rup business is responsible for kidnappings and murders. the search sbeps intensifies in greece.
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a four-year-old girl was found with a couple authorities think kidnapped her. they say they found the blond, blue-eyed girl last week during a raid inside a roma gypsy camp. the couple she was with say they were her parents. but dna tests revealed they were not her parents. that couple now faces kidnapping and fraud charges. talk about a giant leap of faith. 34 daredevils today jumped off the bridge in southwest china. well, the bridge which opened in 2 0 0e 9, is more than 1200 feet above the ground. that's just enough time for the jumpers to fall for a few seconds before deploying their shoots. and if you like that video, there's more like it coming up in our next hour. pretty amazing stuff. we want to go now to eastern australia. a state of emergency has been declared because of nearly 60 wild fires.
5:22 pm
fire officials say more than a dozen of them are now out of control. the threat is so high that the greater sydney area has banned all out door fires. gabriel boyle joins us live now where it's now monday morning. where are the worst fires? >> well, they're calling this a very volatile situation. the worst fires are about 90 minutes' drive from sydney in an area known as the blue mountains. it's a popular tourist area and a very popular residential area, beautiful rolling hills, a very seenic area and a very dense, rugged bushland. there are three major fires. and the fear is that those three fires could meet up and we've currently got around 1300 firefighters working to control places across the sfat of new south wales. they're saying 55 fires currently burning.
5:23 pm
11 of those uncontained or uncontrolled. that's where fire service chase will be concentrating their effort today. this morning, i'm joining you from the rural fire service. this is the control of operations. every fire that is burning across the state is being closely and carefully monitored from these headquarters. i've got state of the art equipment here. guys and girls from every emergency services department. it is going to be a long, hot, dry couple of days right across new south wales. we're currently expecting tempature of 31 to 35 or 36 degrees. and those templetures will be even higher in the coming days. winds expected to increase in dry conditions. certainly volatile situationings here in new south wales. >> you mentioned the number of firefighters out there. are they making any headway, gabriele? >> they're doing their very best. they are absolute high rows, it
5:24 pm
has to be said. this is a prolonged fire situation. these fires have been burning for several days. and the bos here tells me that they expect these fires to burn for days, potentially even weeks. it has to be seen to be believed. the fire front is just so broad and the denls, rugged, impenetrable bushland in south wales, is a major concern. it is just so difficult for these fire fighters, no matter how hard they try, to control those conditions. >> all right. gabrielle, thank you very much. good luck there. we'll check back with our friends in australia. we've had close calls from asteroids, but we never tried to catch one. that could soon change. how nasa is trying to reel in one of these space rocks next. push pushl vel. so we talked her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals,
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tom foreman shows us how they plan to do it. >> amid all of this popular talk about the idea that an asteroid could hit the earth one day, nasa has a very serious proposal. bhie not go into space and try to capture one so we can learn more about asteroids. and this is how they proposed to do that. a very powerful rocket would take off from earth and launch what's called an asteroid redirect vehicle, which is zeshlly a robotic spacecraft which would shoot off into space
5:28 pm
driven by the most powerful, solar electric propulsion system we've ever seen. it would go many, many hundreds of thousands of miles off into space looking for a very small target because the asteroids there after would only be about this big, as big as two or three big pick up trucks. although this would weigh as much as three freight train engines. so let me scale this down to size. it will deploy a giant technical space bag. and over a period of hours, gradually ease that over the rotating asteroid and squeeze down on it to stop that rotation. then, the whole chabang will take off flying back toward the earth and more importantly, the moon, where it would go into a rotation around the moon, about
5:29 pm
40,000 miles above the lunar surface. this way, scientists could trav out their astronauts to visit and conduct experiments. this will cost many, many billions of 2k08 lars at a time when the country doesn't have much money. well, the sign tiflic community says because it will give us very important knowledge about new, deep space technologies, propulsion systems, solar energy, all sorts of things that we use all the time on earth. secondly, it would actually give us an idea of what to do if we had an asteroid coming toward earth. we'd have some idea how to handle another. and just importantly to find out what sort of minerals are contained inside these asteroids, whether or not that's something we could mine or perhaps to be used in knewture exploration further into space. bottom line, they say, yes, it's expensive. but it's called expror ration because you never really know what you mielt find. >> interesting. okay. my question, rosa flores is
5:30 pm
here, by the way. why tempt fate? >> i know, we do it on earth plenty. >> let's real it in and try to figure it out. rosa flores joins me here with some of the other stories to make headlines about. >> and you're going to want to tweet some of these, don. >> we're going to start off at the box office. and here's a little hint. don't lose your balance over the top spot. we start off with number five, escape plan. opened at $9.8 million. number four at just over 10 million. the remake, carrie raking in $17 million. all of its news headlines came in at number 2 with just over 17 million dlarls. and at number wasn't, with a sky-high lump sum of 31 million dlarls, yes, you guessed it, gravity.
5:31 pm
the third straight weekend box office victory for the popular flick that has grossed 170 million dlarsz in just 17 days. the only other film to turn a triple this year? the butler. well, the video of this next story could be out of a movie. take a look. a gator haunting shoppers at a walmart in florida. we're not sure if he was there for the low prices or the tasty customers. but the six-foot long reptile repeetedly set off the electronic doors. the fella was in no hurry, taking his sweet little time hanging outside. and we should add the gator eventually walked off without making any purchases. may believe he's on a budget. [ laughter ] >>age. >> and, yes, this is a different type of crunch in key west. it was a race against time for
5:32 pm
50 stone crab eating contestants. their task? to be the first to crack and eat 25 stone crab claws. >> it's knowing how to crack the crab. the second most important thing is you must know how to pick the crab clean. because you get penalized 30 seconds for every morsel of meat that's left in any part of the crab. >> we should add that the winner cleaned his tray in 17 minute. you're from louisiana, don. >> i can eat any kind of crab. i can eelt crawfish without peeling the tail. >> i could win that easily. >> you know, like the guy was saying, there's a trick to it. you've got to be able to snap them properly. you can't leave any meat in there or they deduct points. >> whaelgs do you have? >> i've got a little something. there's some music that might put dawn to dance, folks. take a look. >> three, two, one, ignite.
5:33 pm
>> the the the 21 brave people in cleveland burn themselves into the guiness book of world records. the category? most people performing full body burns. now, you know, every guiness world record has degrees of danger. this one was flat out dangerous. now, it was all for a good cause. the event raised money for the cleveland food bank. now, i definitely would not be able to do that. i'd be terrified, don. all of those flames. i'd be like, no, put me out. put me out. >> that is just nuts. >> my grandmother would say. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we used to have someone here who said that. not in this very chair, but -- >> will remain unnamed? >> are remain unnamed. up next, sex, lies and a
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[ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] and our priority is you. go to® and try it today. former utah doctor martin mckneel is accused of killing his wife, michelle, to be with his mistress named gypsy. mplts he explained that he could get away with things. and explained that one of the things he had gotten away with was killing his wife. >> investigators cherry picked certain parts of martin's life. that they perceived to be
5:39 pm
indicative of guilty. and, as a result, in their zeal to try to prove they're perceptions, the investigators engaged in practices that were not aimed at finding the truth. >> mcnooem is accused of killing his wife, michelle, a former beauty pageant contestant. >> that i shall almost 30-year marriage came to a tragic end one april morning in 2007. >> who's in the bathtub? >> my wife. >> okay. is she conscious? >> okay, sir, sir, i need you to -- sir, i can't understand you, okay? can you calm down? >> michelle was found dead by their younger daughter, eda, who
5:40 pm
was six years old at the time. mcneil was accused of killing michelle so he could be with his mistress. he says his wife sdeptly died. prosecutors say they will show evidence that he poisoned her with an overdoegs of medication when she was recovering from a facelift. a facelift he forced her to have. medical examiners found a powerful mix of drugs including valium, perk set and ambien in her system. >> we're aware of the challenges we face in this case. but we make no excuses. >> since her mysterious death, michelle's two oldest daughters have been showing support for their mother. and accusing their father of the unthinkable. >> my mother was just a wond earlful human being. she deserves justice. >> among the state's star w
5:41 pm
witnesses will be at least one of his daughters. prosecutors say mcneil was carrying on an affair with gypsy willis who moved in as a nan any shortly after mcneil's death. my father orchestrated this whole plan and in how to murder my mother. >> in an important ruling, jooshs will not be allowed to hear what michelle allegedly told one of her daughters that if anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad. >> mcneil has pleaded not guilty to murderser and obstruction of justice. he insists his wife's death was an accident. >> the prosecution has continued to cling to its faulty belief despite evidence in the case that shows that michelle mcneil died of natural causes.
5:42 pm
>> it's to show you a complete picture of what happened to my nel mcneil. >> up next, the american accused of spying is happy and healthy and living in russia. that's according to his dad. and edwin snow den's father says there are many more secrets that have yet to be revealed. it's been a kwooit hurricane season, but why? we're looking at the science bhooind hurricanes. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one
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edward snowden is happy and healthy and no regrets. he just spent a few days in russia visiting his son. he told our anderson cooper that
5:47 pm
he support his son and shot down the idea that edward snowden is trying to get rich. >> if he desire was to profit from this, he would have already signed a book deal. >> he could have been paid by some television programs from around the world and hasn't done any of that? >> absolutely. it sounds like your son or the information that your son has given to others that there is still a lot more still to come. >> glen has that, you know, my understanding the new york times has information, the guardian, so, yes, my understanding is there is much, much more to come. >> edward snowden was a contractor for the national security agency. he leaked details of some classified u.s. surveillance programs. bank blank.
5:48 pm
>> so back in the spring, scientists were predicting it would be a busy hurricane season. and after super storm sandy, some feared this year could be devastating. so what happened? karen mcginliss looks at some of the signs. >> reporter: from the air, the damage continues to leave many in awe. and from the ground, the personal stories of struggle are a constant. >> this is hearth breaking. i've lived here my whole life. i'm like a fourth generation here. >> reporter: that was a year ago. after super storm sandy slammed into the northeastern united states. today, the atlantic hurricane season has been a dud. take a look at the numbers. only two hurricanes have formed in the atlantic this year. and neither one has been a nay jor hurricane, a category three or greater. so what's the science behind the lack of hr canes this year? >> that's got to be the question of the season. and i think there are a couple
5:49 pm
of culprits. there's been quite a bit of wind sheer in the upper atmosphere. >> reporter: experts also say a combination of dry air and dust from western africa could also suppress hurricane development. >> it's a bit odd to have a lack of activity relatively speaking in both the pacific and the atlantic. and so many people think there may be some type of atmospheric mode, like the el nino. >> but with six weeks remaining in hurricane season, there's still plenty of time for storms to develop. and the factors that could have inhibited development earlier in the season may weaken or even disappear. it only takes one storm to make it a devastating season. two of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the atlantic basin occurred in mid to late
5:50 pm
october. >> our mind of viewers that super storm s&l day happened on october 29th or so, we're not even to that yet. we do have to keep our guard up. >> karen mcguinness reporting there. >> you may not recognize, but i promise you you know his work. >> hey, hey, hey. it's fat albert! and i'm going to sing a song for you. take you back, doesn't it? lou scheimer died. but he lives in through his countless animations. too numerous to list here. as he did voices for some of his creations, he is a true pioneer. senator ted cruz finally speaking out after the shutdown. you won't believe what he told
5:51 pm
cnn exclusively. anthony bourdain samples south africa in a suburb of johannesburg. he visits a small restaurant that provides a large taste. >> on today's menu -- >> this is beef, a nigerian meat. >> ubiquitous corn meala porage. >> good taste. >> is it? >> oh, yeah. awesome. good food here. menu change everyday? have you a lot of great food in a small space. there are no seats. his customers remain part of the street center. they mingle, talk, observe.
5:52 pm
>> watch anthony bourdain's south africa trip tonight, 9:00 p.m., right here on cnn. waffle bars... fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at
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well, a few topics get people more fired up these days than obama care and if you really want to stir things up, throw on ted cruz's name. he single-handedly stopped the political world in his tracks with his anti-obama care on the floor. some called him a troublemaker, including quite a few republicans. he got a rock star's welcome and standing ovation in his home state of texas yesterday. afterwards he sat down for an
5:56 pm
exclusive interview with cnn's diana bash seen on cnn's state of the union. >> a lot of people are hurting because of obama care. a lot of people are hurting because they can't find jobs and obama care is the biggest job killer in the country. premiums are skyrocketing because of obama care. and washington is not listening to that. why you see congress at 5, 10, 15% approval ratings is because d.c. career politicians aren't listening to the people app. and what you just saw there is people expressing relief that somebody is actually listening to the people and trying to help give them a voice in washington. >> giving that, are you planning on doing this again on january 15th when the current bill that was just pass to reopen the government, when it finishes? >> there will be time enough to talk about specific strategies,
5:57 pm
specific tactics. what i can tell you is that i think we need to keep as top priority, providing meaningful relief for all of the millions of -- >> but you are deliberately not ruling it out. >> there are a lot of politicians in washington that want to put obama care behind us. say, okay, fine. no more. no more discussing obama care. and you know what? the american people are not satisfied with that. right now, you've got a president who has granted an exemption from obama care for big business. for members of congress. the american people are getting hurt. young people, single moms. hispanics, african-americans, losing their jobs, forced into part-time work. they are losing their health care. what congress is saying is we're not going to do anything to help you. we caused the problem and we're not going to fix it. and my view, we need to keep as our priority, providing real relief for the people hurting because of obama care. >> as you know, your fellow republicans pretty much unanimously agree with you they
5:58 pm
want to get rid of obama care. but they realized it is impossible to do with a democratic majority in the senate. obama in the white house. mitch mcconnell, your leader in washington, says it is not going to happen again. there will be no government shutdown ever again, as for as he is concerned. and he hopes newer members like you, you've been in washington ten months, have learned a lesson. doesn't sound like you learned a lesson, senator. >> the lesson i learn said that what we have seen the last couple of months has been extraordinary. we have seen millions of americans rise up. over 2 million americans signed a petition at don' official washington scoffed that that might happen. we sought house of representatives scanned up, s r representativ representatives stand up.
5:59 pm
all of official washington said, a couple of months ago, that would never happen. the reason this failed is simple. senate republicans didn't unite. you know, you mentioned that you don't think this could ever succeed. let me ask you, imagine this hypothetical. imagine if after the house passed a bill funding all of the federal government but defunding obama care, imagine if they united and stood side by side with house republicans and we are with the american people, we want to fund our government and fund every aspect of our government and we want to answer the american people hurt because of obama care, we would have ended up with a very different result. the deal was a lousy deal for the american people. >> that deal he is referring to keeps the government funded through january 15 and extend the debt limit through february 7. be prepared for round two.


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