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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  August 10, 2012 7:25pm-7:55pm PDT

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news harkz in new york, this is -- headquarters in new york this "the daily show" jon stewart. >> jon: welcome to "the daily show" i'm jon stewart. we've got the author joanna brooks -- that woman knows who it is. the book of mormon girl. i pronounced it wrong it's the book of mormon, girl! >> we want to talk bay comment a lot of people are talking about today. the president critiquing mitt romney's tax plan a new name for him that is a bit of a buzz word. let's listen. >> first of all, thank you for joining us what an italian widow wears to a lobster bake. [ laughter ] i can't believe it not my antonio. he was such a good boy. i'll have it at two pounds broiled not steamed.
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antonio. if you like that you'll love my new one man show tyler perry prentz jon stewart in women eating shellfish. let's be serious. we'll hear what the president says. >> he asked the middle class to pay more taxes to give another $250,000 tax cut to the people making more than $3 million a year. >> [audience reacts] >> it's like robinhood in reverse. it's romney hood. [ laughter ] >> stephen: -- >> jon: should be easy for romney to top romney hood. >> we've heard the president say things about me and my policies and the if i were to coin a term it would be obama-loney. [ laughter ] >> jon: how can a guy that looks so much like don draper be
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so bad at writing ad copy. everybody loves about a lonism try for a neat no one likes obama's loaf. that's an insult. maybe they hit you back with pastram-ney. and counter back with about a barack-loaf. i think pun time is over. raise your gain. >> when mitt romney closed bain. i lost my health care. my wife become ill and there was nothing they could do for her. she passed away in 22 days. i do not think mitt romney realized what he has done to anyone. >> jon: that's what i'm talking about. don't dance around romney hood. obama-loney. mitt romney killed that guy's wife. who is full of obama-loney now white killer romney. take a bow super pac guy who
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made that ad. >> how can you imply that mitt romney and bain are to blame for that woman dying of cancer. >> my goodness we don't and would not. >> jon: how could you think so little of me. anderson cooper you are a cad and a bounder of highest order and i thank to you fetch my coach. good day, simple burton why are you being coy say it. mitt romney gives wives cancer. >> the point is to tell the impact that mitt romney had on the lives of thousands of people. when he came to town they lost their jobs, health care and pension best -- benefits and that is still felt. >> jon: stop the (bleep). mitt romney is the leading cause of wife cancer. own it. if burton won't stand behind the ad maybe white house spokesman
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jay carney will. >> i wonder if the president believes mitt romney shares responsibility in the death. >> i haven't seen the ad i can't respond it to. >> carney told me he may look at the ad but if i asked about it he would say my assessment is i have no assessment. >> jon: you are truly as crafty as the circus people who bear your name, jay carney. [ laughter ] don't think you'll escape the wrath of team romney. >> obviously it's unfortunate when anyone loses their job. it was a plant closed years after governor romney left the company. >> jon: who who of course he wasn't in day-to-day control of bain when he was laid off and -- that is not the point. they say your man romney is running around killing ladies. what say you? >> and to that point, you know,
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if people had been in massachusetts under governor romney's health care plan they would have had health care. >> jon: you done (bleep) up now. no, no, no, no. what? your response to this full force face punch is, well, if you want a president who believes the government should provide everyone deserves health care vote for the guy who designed the plan mitt romney. conservative freak three, two. >> the conservative editor-in-chief of red state tweeted omg this might be the moment that mitt romney lost the election. >> jon: omg i didn't know the guy who runs red is a 13-year-old girl. mitt romney has put up disadvantage electorally
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ttylxox. show him a real man reacts. >> anyone who donates to mitt romney ought to call him and say if andrea is not fired and off the campaign they are not giving another dime. it's not worth fighting for this man if this is the help he has. a response to this by citing health care in massachusetts. >> jon: this whole thing makes me unlikable. i mean mad, i meant mad and and coulter drew back the curtain and revealed the great and powerful oz. >> it's not worth fighting for this man if this is the spokesman he has. there's point in you doing your show. >> a degree with you. >> we there's no point in push for this man if he is employing morons like this. >> jon: did you see that republican presidential candidate is making a move we don't agree with and i'm mad because you are working so hard
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to push for him but he continues to go off the message you designed. she's a part time contributor pundit orhanity. he's a square headed life support system for roger ale's post-it notes. he's what would happen if the coach from friday night lights ate g. gordon liddy. would you never find a news person at fox being told by one of fox's in-house political op pra actives that even discussing this ad is not following the correct narrative. >> it may be seen by only a few people shown a few times and more attention given to it on the national media by programs such as yours comping this actually seen by ordinary people. >> i guess you are right. maybe i should not have done this. >> jon: what? carl, you are right i didn't even think of that. you are so far ahead of me. you idiot, idiot. before i report a story i should consider how it might damage our
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ultimate political goal. karl rove i forget who is in charge here. don't do that thing where you make my throat close from a distance. understand this: karl rove is not a cruel overlord. you can temper justice with mercy. >> i'm glad you did. it draw as tension to the fact that they are over-the-top and desperate. >> jon: oh, thank you. i will not fail you again sire. i will cut off my fingers a asymbol of loyalty. off! ahhh. come on you pussy / stand stand. this shows they are desperate. fight fire with fire boys. obama's super pac is saying romney is killing people. you need to step um. >> barack obama promises us change but since his election the only change we've seen is this and this.
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and this. ♪ thank you for being a friend since. barack became president we have lost 75% of our golden girls and one designing woman. so vote for mitt romney. don't let obama finish the job. >> i'm scared to death if you must know. >> supported by americans in favor of keeping betty white alive. 2008 was not in barack. 's presidency
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>> jon: welcome back. [cheers and applause] the olympic games -- the olympic games in london have inspired the world. there's another contest closer to home that is perhaps even more deserving of our attention. jason jones has more. >> harold brooks of hebron,
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maine loves the olympics sew decided to host an athletic contest in his backyard. >> by bringing people together and have competitions it relieved people from a day to day stresms we called the redneck olympics. >> one problem the usoc didn't like the word olympics. why would they give a (bleep) about people having fun in a field. >> they need to prevent confusion. people might think the red neck olympics is somehow associated with the united states olympics. >> right people without a tv or internet connection or eyes or a brain would definitely think that. >> it's possible, sure. >> what are the red neck olympics supposed to do. >> change their name from olympics. >> to what? >> red neck games. >> it's taken. it's when you beat a man to dwet a cat fish. sew changed it to red neck
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blank. would people know what that sneens he needed my help. i'm going give you all the pomp and circumstance of an nbc-style coverage. >> i don't know what the hell you just said. >> i'm img to cover the games for you. >> yeah? >> full "the daily show" production team all their might behind you. >> yeah. >> all right would you just act like i just moved you. maybe tear up, something. ♪ (bleep) we'll edit in post. ♪ welcome to the 2012 red neck blank live from hebron, maine. we've seen excitement from the cliff exercises to the member's quarter meter high dive and now the games are moving down to historic red neck pace. i've got this thing covered from every angle. go i top jason jones at the sidelines i'm at the toilet seat
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quarter finals where a man known as just as yummy is squaring off to against a squirrely guy from augusta. you qualified for the semis, how do you feel? >> i don't care. >> let's get a closer look at the rising star. yummy grow up in a picturesque corner of maine. >> my name is yummy i throw toilet seats in the contest. >> just 29 and already at the top of his game. with that we're going back down to the ring toss final where spoiler alert yummy takes gold. i don't thinkummer is going to pull this off. he needs a perfect bull's eye to win this gold. he has done it a perfect toss. a perfect toss. >> getting the gold medal, everybody. >> so what do you think of the coverage? pretty good, right? >> yeah. this is going to cost me a lot of money so show a little excitement. >> yeah, yeah.
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>> (bleep) laid back, maine. welcome back to the redneck blank. we have the pickup truck dressage but a promo for the new show the network is going to shove down your throat all week. >> this fall it will rein supreme. america's next top animated voice actor. [cheers and applause] >> that's what i'm talking with. >> i'll fly you to safety. >> you are a le rent mickey mouse. >> get your voice in tune. >> now we're going to meet a special athlete competing in the most popular and challenging event of the games, the very wet t-shirt contest. meet 24-year-old jessica hall of livermore falls. she's dominated the regional competition but does she have what it takes to win on the big stage. welcome to the red neck blank aquatics center.
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i found out you almost didn't make it. two days ago you had surgery. >> i didn't have surgery i got my (bleep) pierced. >> well, good luck out there. >> she comes bounding out and right to a backside gator there. the signature move. the double flop. she nailed it. are you seeing this? are you seeing this? an historic performance. you just took gold. how do you feel. >> i feel great i beat that russian slut. >> you certainly did and i bet your family is proud of you. >> that concludes the coverage. before we go we'll check back in with yummy. if the usoc none of this would have happened. how does it feel to triumph in the face of adversity? >> if the truth be known i don't really give a (bleep). >> that's all you got? okay. thanks for watching.
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight a scholar of religion and a national voice on mormon life. her new book is called "the book of mormon girl." please welcome to the program joanna brooks. [cheers and applause] thank you for being here. >> it's my pleasure. >> jon: it's called the book of mormon girl. >> book of mormon girl. >> jon: i very much enjoyed this book. >> thank you i'm glad. >> jon: this is self publish and picked up. >> it's true. no one wanted to publish a book about mormon in 2012. a strange thing. >> jon: that is strange especially one that is not -- it's a personal story and such a well done -- the way that you describe -- you describe being a root beer in a country of cokes. >> that's right. when i was a little girl growing
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up. i grew up in a very observant mormon home. one of the things i was raised to not drink coca-cola. there's lots of mormons who do imbibe the diet coke, the not flel new york city diet coke. >> jon: fur thirsty be thirst. the coffee is totally off limits. my trick at a birthday party was try to figure out which of the brown sodas on the tray was not the coke. >> jon: and then could you taste it. when you describe your childhood i have to say there's something incredibly comforting about an atmosphere and i always thought this about religion by providing the answers to difficult questions to children, it is comforting for them. >> yeah, also -- being a mormon the founding story of our religion is that the 14-year-old had hard questions and went to a group and asked hard questions.
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i was taught to ask hard questions from the time i was a little girl. i thought it's what i should do. life was meaningful i should seek out meaning. it was a beautiful, warm comforting way to grow up. >> jon: the conflict that happen as with any religion, as you get older you start to see cracks and chinks in the armingor of this. >> happens to all people of faith, catholic, jewish, protestant you sort out the values see the cracks in and the limitations and you own up to the community's own problems. that's what happened to america i came of age in college when i became a liberal at brigham young university. >> jon: wow, how did that go? so that's someone who has diet coke. >> a mormon liberal is someone who drinks diet coke, yes. there's this mormon tradition of
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progressive thought that people don't know about. >> jon: you say you met professors and they introduced you to a whole different world. >> and i fell in love with this world and i lot of people were excommunicated by the church. i was 21. i loved my faith but was a thinker and cared about justice and progressive causes. there was a way to be mormon. sorgt it out while staying with the faith and staying true to my conscience. that's the story. >>. >> jon: don't you think it has to do with the youth of mormon religion in general. i'm a jew we've been here 6,000 years. >> we're babies. >> jon: these religion face these questions as the religion gets older. jews do it this way, you want a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich? you're reformed, done. mormons are what? >> 180 years old. >> jon: you are a baby. in some ways the mormon faith is
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advancing through these issues more rapidly than i think many other groups have in the past. >> just this summer. this say really important moment for mormon people. we're willing to talk about history with candor. we're dealing with things we've been ridiculed about with more pride but we have issued to work out. mormons marched in gay pride parades in ten cities across the united states. >> jon: did they know that or they thought oooh i wonder where these people are going? >> i went with my kids. as an expression of yeah, there are gay mormons. they belong to us. we're not going to push them out. the story of mormonism is -- >> jon: it's an interesting thought because like the religion itself as it grows older, it begins to realize, the mormon religion in itself is the six-year-old kid surrounded by the veil but as it ages and
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seize the same things you did as reason is individual. >> absolutely. it's a fascinating moment we're in. >> jon: couple minutes to stick around? >> we'll do it. >> jon: the book of mormon girl. joanna brooks. we'll be right back.
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>> jon: that's our show. please join us all next week at 11:00. here it is your moment of zen. >> next time it's paul ryan stack the granny 19 captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh