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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  February 27, 2013 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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[cheers and applause] >> stephen: that's it for the
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from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. man, what a program our guest documentary filmmakers lori silverbush and kristi jacobson. they've done a documentary on hunger in america that will absolutely anger you but still while you are watching it have some junior mints or something. just to -- you know. you may be familiar with the new
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york assemblyman, he took the new york telephone company to task for seeming to weed out employees and took hillary clinton to task for embracing yasser arafat's wife. and yasser arafat took mel gibson to task and also took renee zellweger to task. took the school newspaper at at high school to task. really, really haitz anti-semitism. some of those seem like an overreyak but he feels like he is standing up for a group whenever he feels they are unfairly ma lined. >> assemblyman dove dressed up for a party dressed up in blackface makeup, an afro wig and an orange jersey.
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[ laughter ] >> jon: what? >> not that it really matters but that is poorly done blackface. he doesn't look like a basketball player but a jew that went on a cruise without a hair product. what possible excuse do you have for do this? >> it was purim. it's when people get dressed up and try to look different and try to be different. >> jon: really, purim. what it's purim. everyone knows on purim you get to be racist. [ laughter ] black history what now? i'm sorry i interrupted you. you were digging a deeper hole. >> on purim people dress up as
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arabs. everything you can imagine. >> jon: that's not helping. it's purim. you are going to have black guys, arabs the whole (bleep) thing is nuts. [laughter] of course he did issue an apology in case you are wondering how a guy who loudly demands apologies every time his groups gets slighted. >> anyone that was offended i'm sorry they were offended. it was not the intention. that's really all can i say. >> jon: i'm sorry to discover some people are cry babies but i'm an are dult man in new york city and didn't realize blackface was offensive. we're jernd by jessica williamss on flatbush avenue in new york right now.
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thank you for joining us. jessica. what do you think? >> outrage. jon, it's one more example of the politcally correct war on purim. >> jon: did you say there's a war on purim? >> hell yeah there is. this is a low-down dirty stunt. >> jon: how is this a same for purim. >> the way this man denigrates purim it's the fourth or fif. >> jon: keep going. >> it's the seventh, tenth most important jewish holiday there is. >> jon: around there. >> it's to be celebrated with costumes and heros in the ancient badel. >> jon: respect. >> and he trivializes it by dressing up like a basketball
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player. at what point do the book ofester do the harlem globe trotters show up. >> jon: in my day we dressed as the characters in the story. yourester youred move to dmorded haimis. >> are you doing do that every time. >> he went in where is the booz? >> jon: you are surprisingly knowledgable about this. >> yes, well. >> jon: do you feel like we're losing the reason for the purim season? >> your damn right. purim is about getting so (bleep) up that you couldn't remember that they tried to exterminate the jews. now it's nothing but a halloween party for the kids.
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you can't even say it anymore. [ laughter ] now it's hey, nice superman costume. what is next a. hell no, not on my watch stewart, not in my house. >> jon: somewhere there's a rabinnical college laughing their ass at think. we have an audience of lutherans saying i don't know. i didn't realize. jessica, all this is besides the point. i assume that for you, for many blackface was a bit of a problem. >> oh, yeah that was (bleep), too. [ laughter ] jon it's 5773 and this is still happen something in i guess some people are still stuck in the 56th century. oy vey! >> jon: thank you, jessica.
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>> jon: welcome back to the show. continuing our coverage of the war on purim -- [laughter] we're going to move on. white house press secretary is perhaps the world's most
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prestigious (bleep) job. you bawrvegly function as a human shield against what we on earth call what is actually going on. consider what happens when you are ready to hang up the mic. expresidents get big speaking fees or carp pen tri work or they can rob banks. [ laughter ] where does one whose entire job consifting of dissembling to the press go? >> i want to bring up robert gibbs, former press secretary of the white house. >> jon: you go to the class. he has earned his msnbc official retro framed analoglasses. you know who wears wire rims, wait. gibbs has been functioning as an administration mouth piece and now he's flipping. can we trust him? mr. gibbs when you were working as press secretary you answers
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questions about drones thusly. >> i don't think u.s. officials have confirmed the predator drone air strikes. >> i'm not going to get into these matters. >> drone strikes killed eight germans in pakistan today. do you have any information about that? >> i don't. and if i did -- if i did, i wouldn't get into it. >> jon: shire tip for you aspiring truth sleuths out there if somebody says i don't foe about that, and even if i did, i wouldn't tell you, that person knows something about that. this guy is going to have to prove to us his changes his information hides ways dusm know about that? >> when i went through the process of becoming press secretary one of first things they told me is that you are not even to acknowledge the drone program. you are not even to discuss it
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exists. >> jon: the second thing they told me how the department of interior invented aids. turns out it's the new formula of new coke instead of high fructose corn syrup. you copped to lying all that is left now is to distance yourself to the lying. >> our dismissal of program undermines people's confidence overall in the decisions the government makes. >> stephen: -- >> jon: i told them all the timer undermining -- and they would say gibbs try this monkey pop. did you it bother you, mr. gibbs. >> here is what is crazy about that proposition. you are asked a question based on reporting of a program that exists.
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right, so, you are the official government spokesperson. >> exactly. >> acting as if the entire program pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. >> jon: what was i going to do quit? get another in the obama economy. come on, i told you at the time things were looking up for the economy but i was (bleep) on that, too. he gives he is talking about the press secretary job and are never the same. >> i went into this very much believing the president was committed to be a bipartisan leader. i was deputy press secretary in the buildup to the war. like a lot of americans i wasn't certain about the rush to war. i was become more disillusioned. when i left the white house i needed time to take off the partisan hat and i wanted to think through why did things get so badly off track?
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>> jon: are you happy? you are broken. you know, if i'm president i don't want either a gibbs shall gibbs a jaded presence knowingly spill your secrets once he leaves office or mcclellan a former believer who in cleansing his soul spills your secrets. when you need is a jaded believer. oh. [ laughter ] a being so difficult and stub born they say it took three follow-ups to get him to tell you what he wanted for lunch. there's fleischer back in the day. >> there's no question we have evidence that iraq has weapons of mass destruction. the united nations have said they did. iraq says they don't. you can choose who you want to believe. >> jon: cold! here is fleischer now.
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see if you can spot the change. >> the report says there's ties to al qaeda. to say that president bush lied about this, paul, that is exactly the type of divisiveness we're trying to move beyond in this country. barack obama should say thank you every day that inherited a world without saddam hussein in it. >> jon: did you catch the change? he doesn't wear glasses anymore. [ laughter ] yeah, yeah his eyesight has improved. the longer he lives with the spin the stronger he gets. if you want a press secretary, the man you need is right here benjamin (bleep).
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: we will imook. my guests tonight are the filmmakers behind the new documentary hunger in america a place at the table. >> are you going to take them off? >> good job on the basketball game. >> it's something important, the churches and community groups that handout out are doing an incredible service to those experiencing hunger but it's a quick fix for today and tomorrow and maybe next week. >> we call it emergency food. it's no longer emergency food. it's called chronic use of a broken system for which people can in the be held accountable. >> jon: please welcome to the program lori silverbush and kristi jacobson. [cheers and applause]
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nice to see you. how are you? please sit. [cheers and applause] nice to see you. >> thank you. thanks for having us. >> jon: i'm going to say this right off the bat, you've done an incredibly done film. i want this seen in the broadest way possible. who is going to see this? what is going happen? >> on march 1 it's going to be released in theaters across the country, ondemand and on itunes and accompanied by a huge social action campaign that will live in the atmosphere. >> jon: about ending this hunger problem in the united states. >> people need to know this is really solvable. this is one of those issues our time we can fix well. he know how. we know what causes hunger. we now to fix it. we want people to see the film
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and engage and set up many years in the making campaign. it's going to give people tools they can engage. we can fix this one. it's something we can get right. >> jon: 15 million people in america. one in six. >> and 17 million kids. >> jon: crazy. one out of every two children has at some point in their lives will have some form of hunger insecurity where they don't know where their next meal is. >> and their parents are spending time and energy and resources scrounging for food instead of working, looking for work, contributing to churches or synagogues. you have to ask what it says about us as a nation that we are content to let 50 million spend their day doing that. >> jon: this is interesting to see. i think there's a sense in the country that there's a moocher class living the life of riley,
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kicking their heels back, dining on the ham and mashed potatoes every night on the taxpayer dole. these are working people. 80% are working, yes? >> 80% of people on food stamps are working families. >> jon: there's a multitude of problems. one problem is not that we don't have enough food. >> it's definitely not. we have enough calories to feed enough people double what think need to live well. is scarceity is not the issue at all. >> jon: scarceity it's not the issue but financially it's easier and cheaper to buy crappy food than decent food. >> yes, you talked before about the moocher mentality. we filmed people struggling every day to trying to put healthy food on their table. many people don't have access toll healthy food let alone are they able to afford it.
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>> jon: this was a problem that americans kiss covered. i'm sure it's been here within the country in the 170's. >> -- 1970's. >> it's a big inspiration to us. in 1968 cbs did a show on hunger in america. when people saw this, they really found it unacceptable, picked up the phone and called the legislators and within two weeks congress created bipartisan legislation that created the modern food safety. it ended hunger by the 1970's. ended it. they radically modernized it. >> they went back to the areas they studied and reported on ten years later and found that the hunger had been -- was gone. >> jon: now that we found the solution to the hunger problem, what can we do as a government, as a nation at that point? >> in a word: reagan.
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he flipped a switch. he talked about how -- instead of seeing how it was in our collective best interest to feed everybody. we talked about people trying to get a free ride. >> they cut the funding and as a result it shifted the responsibility for dealing with the hungry in this country to charities, faith-based groups and those kinds of things. >> jon: the theory is always hey, man, government is going to screw things up. charities are going to do it. so we went from having 2000 food banks to -- 40,000 was it? >> 40,000. >> jon: how many now? >> 40,000 but it's too big for those groups to handle. they have told us. all of the time that the need is too great and we need real government action on this issue. >> jon: these groups are
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doing. you are watching the work they are doing. it's incredible that the charities are doing are putting into this. the guy, lovely guy paster bob. i went the first time and i got two bags of gross riz now it's driving tractors back and forth twice a day trying to keep up with the need. >> in his very small town of working families. if charity could have fixed it it would have because we've never had a charity response from the good people of this nation like we do right now. >> jon: there's a seen when you go down to congress to do a hearing and boy if a congress had a low approval rating before that, the disconnect -- even on an emotional level, the congressional response you got was shocking. >> it was disheartening to say the least. >> jon: that's a kind way to describe it. >> yeah, to witness that but at the same time we also past toured the witnesses to hunger,
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these incredible women from north philly who traveled to have their voiced be heard. there were inspiring things taking place in that place called d.c. also. >> jon: the women were great but even in that, one woman, wonderful woman who ends up getting a job way hunger group. by getting that job which does not pay her tremendous amount she's disqualified for assistance and finds herself in a situation where she's struggling. >> it's shock. at the end of the day we can be mad at our government but we've been talking to legislators about this. they say the phones aren't ringing. we're not getting tisms or tweets on this and we'll change how we vote. we heard that over and over again. i buy it. someone told us if he got six phone calls on the issue because he assumes a couple,000 people are not calling. get involved. we make it easy for them to do
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that. >> jon: poor people need a better lobby i think. this is going to be in they're advertise, ondemand, itunes on march 1. you've done a tremendous job. just a beautiful job. all around lori silverbush, kristi jacobson we'll be right back. [cheers and applause]
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