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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  December 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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$4.1 million? sold. the first to fork it over will get exclusive payment. send did over to the "tosh.0" offices and we'll make it happen. good night. >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show". my name is jon stewart. tonight's guest -- we have a good one univision and fusion anchor jorge ramos is joining us. first if it took you long tier to get your -- if it took you a
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little bit longer to get your sausage mcmuffin this morning it wasn't because the sausage crop had eye poor concreate. >> staging a walkout saying it's nearly impossible to survive on $7.25 an hour. >> jon: the wages are so low some fast food workers have had to resort a life of crime. [ laughter ] or worse prostitution. [ laughter ] you have a pretty mouth there grimace. [ laughter ] so the question is: raise the minimum wage from the very difficult to live on $7.25 an hour to something more livable. it seems reasonable for an
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industry that is that profitable. so let's hear while it will be destroy the very foundation of our democracy. >> let's give people more purchasing power. >> that's the daysan view,. >> government assistance. how is that government -- yes i'm sick of these welfare queens suckelling at the teet of the employer they work for. the government is not kicking in the extra money but painting a raise in the minimum wage as akin to welfare pales in comparison to the next argument well, these jobs are supposed to suck. >> i'm a big fan of empowerment over entitlement. these minimum wage jobs are not meant to be life long jobs. you are supposed to get your foot in the door and get skills. >> it's like a starter imig. a friar's apprenticeship, if will you.
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a grill squire. now i know what you are thinking. jon, these arguments against raising the minimum wage are entertainingly (bleep) but i feel like i need more of them. is there any way i could supersize them? [laughter] with a side of slippery slope. >> what should the minimum wage be. >> $15, $20. >> why not $50. >> why not raise it at $45 an hour. >> why stop at $15. why not raise the minimum wage to $100,000. >> jon: and then -- [cheers and applause] [laughter] -- and then -- [cheers and applause] we could all live like kings. [ laughter ] burger kings! [laughter] [ applause ] but let's -- let's for a moment engage her argument seeing as she is making this argument on a financial news network. the reason you don't raise the
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minimum wage to $100,000 an hour is because it would be unreasonable economically for someone working the drive-through to make $4 million a week. [ laughter ] but i feel like there might be a reasonable place in between the $290 a week they make now and the $4 million a week you suggest. [ laughter ] perhaps we can come to a negotiated compromise. so we've engaged in some absurd arguments. can i get an argument against raising the minimum wage but one that is deep fried in contempt, seasoned with disdain? >> are you going to give us the emotional side of story, people live $15 to live on, they are
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starving without it. i got that i want to ask you about the economics of it. [laughter] >> jon: dude, are you serious? [laughter] that is the type of statement that is usually followed by a visit from a dead business partner and the ghosts of christmas past, present and future. [cheers and applause] all right. all right we've heard the argument that you need it to feed your family. fine. i've got that. [ laughter ] let's hear the argument treating it as though you are not human. mr. vairy would like to -- varney would like to strip the emotion away from all this until he doesn't. >> do you think that someone fresh out of high school that didn't get a diploma that don't really have any basic skills do
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you think they scerve $15. i'm asking to make a moral judgment here. >> jon: oh, i'm making one. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] i think everybody who just heard you say that is making a moral judgment right now. you might want to reinforce your christmas stocking this year because you getting coal. but i get you are a supply sider you want to hear a moral argue bond market that type of economics. let's look to a gentleman seen as a voice of moral authority for many people. >> today pope francis announced trickle down economics as unfair to the world. >> he urges world leaders to fight poverty and enequality. >> money must serve and not rule. i urge you to return the economics in finance to an ethical approach that favors human beings. >> jon: something like some insense that is going to go over like a fart in church.
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>> i disagree with the pope who doesn't like free market capitalism. i think it's a great liberator. >> jon: you are going up against the pope? you are going up against the pope on how toll help the poor? -- how to help the poor? helping the poor is in this man's wheelhouse. this pope helps the poor. [ laughter ] but you are telling him how to do his job? pope doesn't come over to where you work and slap jamie diamond's (bleep) out of your mouth. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] that's weird that wasn't in the prompter. [ laughter ] can anyone actually have a
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rebuttal for the pope? >> with all due humility and as a church-going catholic convert, devotional convert, a door the holy father, i still must completely disagree. need i remind his holiness pope francis charity say gospel value. that puts free market capitalism on the right side of lord. >> jon: exactly. who says you can't serve both god and money? who would say such a thing? who would -- [cheers and applause] -- say such a -- [cheers and applause] that's not fair. look at the beard. the guy is clearly a marxist. [ laughter ] step right up. who has next? >> the pope criticize an entire economic system and is negative about it he is indulging in politics and i don't think he
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should. >> i personally do not want my spiritual life mixed up with my political life. i go to church to save my soul. [ laughter ] [audience reacts] >> jon: then why aren't you there right now? [laughter] i do think we've got some common ground here. think we both actually agree that some people are being paid too much money to shovel unappetizing, unhealthy (bleep) to the american public. we just disagreeó8]÷ál-xj,íj ,9u
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>> jon: welcome back. [cheers and applause] those of you outside the great state of new york on january 1 bill deblasio becomes the mayor of new york which means michael bloomberg gets one more new year's eve as mayor and from what i understand he's going all out this new year's eve. [ laughter ] but what will -- [ applause ] surprisingly good shape. what will life be like in new york without a billionaire in zmarg for more we go to the resident deranged millionaire mr. john hodgman. welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> jon: thank you for joining us. >> it's great to be here and now
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goodbye. >> jon: where are you going? what? >> i'm leaving new york forever, john, when i heard that this six foot five sandinists yette was coming it our city goodbye. >> jon:. >> i'll all right i'll stay. after everything the wealthy have done for you mayor bloomberg understands. >> if we do get every billionaire around here it would be a good send. they would pay a lot of taxes, spend a lot of money in the stores and restaurants and create a big chunk of our economy and we take tax revenues from those people to help people throughout the entire rest of spectrum. >> we billionaires are new york city. whereas new york is yankee stadium with the best seats bought up by bankers who don't even use them. new york is the statue of
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liberty. closed for a private event. >> jon: that was closed because of hurricane sandy. >> that's what they told you because you were not invited. >> jon: what was the event? >> i can't tell you but it was a secret sex party with masks. i don't know who i was having sex with a woman who looked like sumner redstone with a mask on p. the point is he is going to turn this city into a living hell. >> jon: he's not. all he is doing is adding a half percent tax increase on wealthier residents for pre,-k. >> a living hell. new yorkers traveling underground packed together in urine scented sub terrainan sewage trolleys and line up to eat wet tubes of meat dispensed from soviet era metal carts. ew. >> jon: i think you are
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describing how most people in new york live right now. [ laughter ] >> what about crime, jon? are you ready to go back to running in fear of gangs wearing roller skates. >> jon: that's footage from the warriors. the documentary the warriors by ken burns. >> jon: i'm surprised you are not happier that nanny state bloomberg is leaving with all his laws about where you can smoke and what soda you can buy. >> i drink big soda and smoke where i want. i'm a rich person. here i am at the museum of natural history. >> jon: you are inside -- >> i'm a donor i can pet the taxidermy. >> jon: that's a maternity ward. i was handing out cigars to babies. here i am seeing how the other half live. >> jon: that's my house. >> i come and go as i please. you are out of whole milk, q-tips, half a frozen turkey and
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you have to replace your pillow cases. >> jon: what did you do? >> a private event weapon masks -- a private event with masks. the party is over. i've leaving for brighter shores singapore is letting us hunt the homeless. unless new york would like to woo us back. may a suggest a counter offer. >> jon: from your quilled bic pen. this also says hunt the homeless. >> i cannot emphasize how many we want to hunt homeless. >> jon: that's not going to happen. >> farewell or shall i say
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back my guest tonight is say longtime univision anchor. his new show for fusion is called america with jorge ramos. please welcome to the program jorge ramos. [cheers and applause] >> thanks. >> jon: thank you for being here. sit, sit. >> thank you so much. >> jon: how are you? mr. ramos -- >> mr. stewart. >> jon: the amount of work you do. you are anchoring for univision. >> for univision.
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>> jon: run me through the various jobs you have to -- >> i have to do the "daily news"cast in hispanic for univision which is expanding. we're the most watched network recently. in spanish every day from 6:30 to $7. at night i do fusion a new show called america. it's a network, news and entertainment, young viewers. >> jon: in spanish as well or english? >> it's english on fusion. sunday morning political show in spanish and bilingual column for the "new york times" syndicate. i'm an immigrant i need a lot of jobs scanchts. [ laughter ] >> jon: exactly. i don't know if you are familiar with the more standard american news anchors but brian williams, and i know this will for a fact. shows up at 5:00 pretty drunk. >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> jon: reads from the teleprompter and basically spends rest of his night in a
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brtel. >> are you sure? >> jon: almost positive. >> we have to research that. >> jon: probably have to research that. kind of an incredible time. how long have you been at univision? >> i've been working for univision for almost 30 years now. >> jon: what is the change that you've seen? here you are you've earned this authority and gravitas in that community that watches univision and all of a sudden 30 years later you find that you are in the most relevant, fastest growing demographic and political voice in the county right now. >> it has changes. when i first arrived in the united states in 1953 there were only 50 million lat teenows. right now there are 55 million latinos. as you know we love to make babies. [ laughter ] >> jon: i did not know that. >> we love each other so much we have a lot of babies sox that means in -- >> jon: that's nice. [laughter] >> in 35 years there's going to be 150 million latinos.
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everything is changing because of that. more tortillas sold in this country than hamburger buns. >> jon: i feel like you are doing my material back at me. [ laughter ] no, no, no. >> jon: this is what i should be saying to you. >> the most popular names is no longer john or steven. it's jose, of course. the new rules you can't make it to the white house without a hispanic vote and hopefully we have our first hispanic presidente. [cheers and applause] >> jon: where do you see, as you look in the landscape then, is there someone who is hispanic latino that you point to and go that is the standard barrier, that's the guy and is it you? >> no i think it's sonia sotomayor. >> jon: really? you see here as having a political, she should -- the supreme court did. >> she's the example for all of
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us. i don't know if you had the chance to dance with antonin scalia but i had a chance to dance salsa with her. she's fantastic. she represents the best of hispanic community. >> jon: right and you feel like is there someone in the political world. she coming from more of an academic and -- >> she would never be able to -- however for the first time in history we have many names of people who could be the first presidente. on the republican side you have senator ted cruz or marco rubio. >> jon: who else you got? [laughter] >> well, on the democratic side you have antonio the former mayor of los angeles. we have the possibility of first hispanic president. that's a huge change. not only because of numbers but
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because of new political power. >> jon: have you felt a difference in the way that our political process engages you? have you seen our -- are people -- do you find them patronizing you? in the way that ohio is now a swing state so every four years they go to ohio in droves and right after the election is over they run away and come back four years later. is that the fear of what could happen to the latino community as well? >> they pay much more attention to us. republicans right now speaker boehner and many republicans think they can hide and they can do politcally expedient things like not putting immigration reform to a vote but latinos remember that. >> jon: if you have a problem with them, get in line because we were here first and we're still mad at him about a bunch of other. >> -- other stuff. >> republicans have a problem.
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if they don't pass immigration reform they can say adios to the white house in 2016. >> jon: do they realize that? >> the new rule in politics if you don't win at least a third of hispanic vote you lose the white house. george george got that he was the first united states president who thought that he spoke spanish. [ laughter ] but toll tell you the truth, it helped him. he got 44% of the hispanic vote and then went down to 31% with mccain and 27% with romney who thought that promoting self deportation was going to get him the hispanic vote. it wasn't that way. now, i also have a problem with democrats in that sense. president obama promised in immigration reform. he didn't keep that promise. >> jon: didn't keep his promise, huh? >> he is doing what he was supposed to do.
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his message is truly contradictory. [ laughter ] >> jon: i feel like saying finally to you guys welcome to america. [ laughter ] wait. we'll talk more about it. will you stick around for a little bit? we'll talk about disappointments from that side of aisle. america with jorge ramos airs at nn onn
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>> jon: that's our show. here it is your moment of zen. i'm upset i was not a part of your sound of music conversation. >> sing a little. >> so long