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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  March 9, 2015 5:52pm-6:25pm PDT

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as sure as the sun sets in the east. >> larry: tonightly, i'm going one-on-one with new york city mayor bill deblasio. might ask him questions, might dunk on him. either way, he's getting a lot of lw in his face. deblasio's fighting to save new york city's middle class. all twelve of them. we'll also discuss the mayor's relationship with the nypd, which has more beef than a new york city hot dog. i'm in a new york state of mind. it's the "the nightly show"! captioning sponsored by comedy central (cheers and applause) ♪
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>> larry: thank you very much! welcome to the "the nightly show"! i appreciate it. i'm larry wilmore. tonight, i'm so excited. i'm sitting down with mayor deblasio. (cheers and applause) appreciate the mayor coming by. as someone who's lived in new york for, gosh... six months now, i feel like there's no bigger authority on new york city than moi. for instance, did you know the subway runs 24 hours a day? knowledge! since the mayor is here, and there's a lot going on in new york city, let's get a quick update of the issues. i guess the top story about new york is the weather. it's the third coldest winter on record. thanks deblasio. i don't remember it being this cold when bloomberg was mayor. in fact, it's so cold in new york, that... >> this morning three men living in brooklyn are accused of
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conspiring with i.s.i.s. authorities say two of the men plotted to join the i.s.i.s. fight in syria . >> larry: that's right. it's so cold, they joined i.s.i.s. just to warm up. so not for ideological reasons, but for meteorological reasons. by the way, worst reason to join i.s.i.s. ever. anyway, back to new york, the greatest city in the world. (cheers and applause) >> larry: absolutely true. you know what they say about new york -- if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. or as the saying has been shortened to nowadays -- you can't make it here. seriously, man, try austin ." as long as you keep it weird. in new york, income inequality has gotten so out of hand that 46% of new yorkers live near the poverty line. a record high 59,000 people are currently homeless, and the top 5% earns 88 times the lowest 20%. so the income gap between rich and poor isn't so much a gap as it is a prada. (laughter)
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perhaps the most troubling in the last two years, new york city mayors have seen their net worth drop by nearly $35.7 billion. (cheers and applause) that's horrible! cover your ears, mr. mayor. new york's gone to hell in a knockoff hand basket. it used to be that the biggest issues new yorkers faced were crime, rodents and crime-fighting rodents. but the latest problem facing new yorkers... >> manspreading the lay-it-all-out sitting style. men spreading their legs while riding the subway. taking up two, sometimes three seats. >> the m.t.a. is launching a campaign to put a stop to it. >> larry: wait. hold on a second. the m.t.a. is going to spend money telling men to sit with their legs closed? okay. i'm torn on this.
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because new york city used to be a place where you could crack open a beer on the sidewalk and urinate under a scaffolding while asking a cop for directions and you could smoke anywhere. part of this town's charm was its lawless style and rough edges. but on the other hand, a lot of people got murdered. crime was everywhere. there were gangs, hookers. back then the reason the guy sitting next to you on the train was taking up too many seats was because he had been freshly murdered. (cheers and applause) in fact, the reason they let you smoke everywhere was to cover up the smell. so i guess, comparatively speaking, the city's doing pretty well.
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so well, in fact, that we're now nit-picking the male thigh gap, so as much as we can complain about the high cost of living at least more of us are living. we'll talk to mayor deblasio about some of these issues when we come back. (cheers and applause) ♪ what beer should we get? uhhhh... redd's green apple ale! that's a lovely idea... what?! i party. new redd's green apple ale. brewed like a beer tart like granny smith. you pay for your data every month. so why does your carrier take back what you don't use? it's your data! all your unused data and if you switch now, we'll even give you 10 gigabytes of free 4g lte data on the spot. 10 gigabytes of free 4g lte data.
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tostitos. uh... oh, i could tell you some stories. man, these rolls hold a lot of queso. so are you, like, fired? actually, i think i'm getting a promotion. shake what you've got everybody. not you, mitch. yes, sir. vo: nothing brings people together like new tostitos rolls! chips. tostitos. bring the party. (cheers and applause) >> larry: thank you! welcome back! tonight our guest is new york's first democratic mayor in over 20 years. he's just completed his first year and we are eager to hear his thoughts on the job. everyone, please welcome mayor of new york city, bill deblasio! (cheers and applause) ♪ there he is! thank you so much! come right over here and have a seat! >> lively. >> larry: very lively tonight. we haven't sat over here before.
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i thought we might want to man spread a little bit. (laughter) mayor you campaigned on closing the gap between the rich and poor and characterized it about a tale of two cities, right? if we were to keept 100% dickens, right -- (laughter) -- how would you view your first year -- was it the best or worst of times? (laughter) >> the best of times in terms of making real change. we were going to go right at income inequality. that means raising people's incomes and benefits. half more of the people have paid sick leave in the city than a year ago. (cheers and applause) we were going to take away some of the expenses that burden people especially if you have a
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family so free full-day pre-k for over 50,000 people in the city now. (cheers and applause) we talked about after-school. a lot of parents have to worry about where their kids are after school and what's happening to them. now 50,000 more kids who are middle age have after-school for free. (applause) these are the kinds of things that actually go at the problem of income inequality. if you lower the expenses in people's lives you raise their income raise their benefits you help find them affordable housing -- we have affordable housing for half a million people, the same number as live in the city limits of miami. (applause) ivment that's great. how does affordable housing help income inequality? shouldn't it be called income disparity rather than income equality? because incomes are never going
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to be equal. >> they're never going to be equal but the gap is worse at the moment than when the great depression struck in the 1920s. as the roaring 20s, that's a time we look back on with a huge number of mistakes. when it comes to income disparity, we repeat it and it goes farther. how do you address income inequality? you bring up the benefits and lower expenses. what's the number one expense? housing. in new york city over half of the people pay more than a third their income in housing. if you can lower that cost you change their lives fundamentally. >> larry: it's a huge issue. can we show jimmy mcmillan? >> classic. >> larry: rent is too damn high guys. (cheers and applause) he was fantastic. i am not making this up. h he got evicted last week or something. that's messed up.
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i mean, if you're a middle class family, can you make it here anymore as a middle class family? >> you can, but the we don't change the course you won't be able to much longer for a lot of the middle class families. that's reality. that's where we're using tools of government aggressively to help support the middle class help people reach the middle class, stay in the middle class. that's what creates a sustainable society. if you don't create affordable housing energetically with government involumement it's not going to happen. we've said to developers, the only way you will develop is you have to guaranteed affordable housing. >> larry: it has to be a public-private cooperation. >> but with the requirement of affordable housing. >> reporter: you can't just hope that they do it. >> correct. >> larry: take their word for it. >> good will only goes so far. >> larry: sure. so you require the creation of affordable housing.
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you require hiring wages and benefits. one of the things we have to do in this city and state and country is raise the minimum-wage. it's long overdue. >> larry: sure. (cheers and applause) i want to make sure we get questions from regular new yorkers. i wanted to show you one from a guy on the street. it's about housing. >> i'm curious what the mayor's going to do for the homeless in new york city. i tell people i'm homeless. they're shocked. they say they don't believe it. there's a stereotype about the homeless. they think all the homeless is dirty, stinking, we're drug addicts or alcoholics. that's not true. some people have fallen on very hard times. >> larry: this guy looks like he could work on wall street. it's shocking. the numbers have risen 10%. why do you think that's happening? >> the greatest nick crisis since the great depression a few years ago. people are still feeling that deeply. the price of housing is still going up. people got caught in that vice
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and were displaced. >> larry: are you getting frustrated getting people excited about this? i know quoamo cuomo and you don't see eye to eye. when you ask for funds, you must feel like the guy in the subway -- i'm not here to beg! i'm actually the mayor of the largest city! >> that's actually exactly how i do it. how did you know? (laughter) >> larry: is it frustrating? first of all, that story is painful. >> larry: it's heartbreaking and all over the city. >> it's painful because of so many people who, again things happening around us made it impossible tore them and of course a lot of our folks who are homeless, have substance abuse issues on top of it, what are we doing about it? we're trying to help top people from becoming homeless to begin with. sometimes a small rental subsidy to keep someone in an apartment
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seems to make more sense than a shelter which is not good for them and their family. >> larry: and builds self-esteem and motivation and all sorts of good things. >> that's right. this is about saying we're not accepting a situation where so many of our brothers and sister new yorkers are homeless. we have tools. it's amazing how many people get evicted because they don't have access to the lawyer. we're helping more and more people get legal services to support them. >> larry: great. (applause) you had a very public dispute with the police since the death of eric garner. very unfortunate situation. let's get another question from another new yorker here. >> my name is alexander hamilton. my question is to mayor de blasio. i want to know how are you addressing the problems between blacks and the police. >> larry: okay. that was from one of our founding fathers. (laughter) (applause) that's how important this issue is, mayor de blasio!
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>> wow. whrearlarry, you are booking amazing guests. extraordinary. >> larry: what is the relationship now with the police? how is that beef? (laughter) is it like a west coast-east coast thing right now? >> no, thank god. a lot of work went into everyone finding a way to get on a better page because i think what happens is the people of this city saidics look, we went through a very painful situation. the death of eric gearn was extraordinarily painful. the assassination of two of our officers which really pulled at the hearts of new yorkers -- >> larry: it resonated with the entire country. >> it did. and i think the way forward is what everyone was looking for. what i said is we have to bring the police and community together. over the years, what's happened is we're divisive and it caused people to look at their young men, they family members children, grandchildren nephews being treated like criminals when in fact they were
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law-abiding young men. >> larry: you got in trouble for talking about your biracial son -- or as i like to call him, your black son -- (laughter) >> larry: no if you're having to talk to your son about the cops, that's your black son, right? (cheering) i mean it's not like the cops are going to pull you over and say, freeze! oh are you mixed or something? >> that is called keeping it 100. >> larry: it is. you were being honest for that and i felt you got punished for the honesty. how did that make you feel? >> the first thing that astounded me about this reality is i first spoke about the issues as mayor. we were talking about the reality of conversations in our family. a young man of color in america today needs to have that conversation in his family. it's something that everyone knows. it's not a comment disrespectful to the police. we deeply respect our police and
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need our police to protect us, but it is a comment that refers to our history and things we still haven't worked out. that's the reality. >> larry: right. (applause) what do you think is the prescription? because i think it's great you and the police are healing right now, but what is the prescription for the city to heal? >> i think it is about bonding police and community pause when the partnership actually deepens everyone will be safer. things like the retraining of police which we're adamant about every single police officer is going into retraining on how to deescalate any situation, any confrontation, any arrest deescalate, reduce the violence for everyone and of course the safety of the officers. bodybody cameras. (applause) body cameras are making a huge difference. it will help officers think
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about their situation and will give us a clear record of what happens in each circumstance. >> larry: accountability. we'll have accountability. and i think this is steady work because in the end -- >> larry: it's going to take time. the images are very stark of them turning their backs on you and -- >> i understand that. but the reality is when you're trying to make social change no one said it happens overnight. also about persistence. i know the people do not want us to go backwards and we could have that partnership between police. it's something we have to fight for. >> larry: i certainly hope so. we have a very specific question. >> hi. my name is dan schnar. i'm here from astoria. this is where i live. i have a question for mayor deblasio. the miscommunication between m.t.a. and its residents. the nq train shut down randomly and we weren't informed. there's a bunch of people waiting in the streets for the shuttle buses, and i was trying to see what you can do to help remedy the situation between m.t.a. and the residents of nyc. (cheering) >> larry: i got this one mr. mayor. so shuttle buses are making all
6:12 pm
stops between queensboro plaza and ditmars boulevard during alternate weekend service, or you could also walk over to steinway and 23rd and get on the q101 line bus, that will take you right to east 61st street. then you can grab the 4, 5 or 6 at 59th street. you're welcome, mayor. (cheers and applause) we'll be right back. we'll talk more to the mayor right after this! ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ storm warning.
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(cheers and applause) >> larry: okay! welcome back to my one-on-one sitdown with mayor de blasio. we also asked our audience to send in questions on twitter. this is @thedandymannyc from new york city. when will recreational marijuana be legal in new york? in other words, why should the rent be the only thing that's too damn high?
6:17 pm
(laughter) is that on the progressive agenda? >> not now. we did change law so we do fewer arrests for very small amounts of manner. >> larry: they don't have to go to jail if they have manner on them? >> for small amounts it's now a summons. arrests are down 65%. (applause) >> larry: how much marijuana do you have on you to be arrested? i'm asking for a friend... (laughter) >> we'll get your friend the answer. >> larry: okay, great. here's one. this one is from @chirlane. did you or did you not promise to pick up the dry cleaning over the weekend?
6:18 pm
>> this is keeping it truly 100. i was ordered to pick up the dry cleaning and i'm too scared to defy that order snore so what you're saying, mr. mayor, is black wives matter? (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> clever, clever! yes, they do. (laughter) knee>> larry: we'll be back. i have one more
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(cheers and applause) >> larry: okay! welcome back! i'm here with mayor de blasio. it's time to keep it 100, mayor, okay? (cheers and applause) now, i have been waiting to ask you this question for a while and i really want to get your honest answer on this. remember, you have to keep it 100% real. >> i have watched the show. >> larry: yes, that's right. one of these. >> larry: one of those. all right, so, now this question has to do about color and our perception. remember, you must answer 100% honestly. what color is this dress? (laughter) take your time, mayor! >> i'm going to go with blue -- and -- green? (laughter) >> larry: and that's what's wrong with this city, mayor
6:23 pm
right there! audience, what color is it? (yelling answer) >> larry: you honestly see green in that? >> yeah. >> larry: you don't see blue and black? >> no, i see green. i'd say that's very 100. >> larry: you know, he kept it 100 tonight. (cheers and applause) >> larry: tomorrow on the show, we'll address sexual assault on college campuses -- should young women be allowed to carry guns to prothe ticket themselves? it's provocative stuff. so tweet your questions with the hashtag keep it 100. until then, i thank my guest mayor bill de blasio! (cheers and applause) until then, goodnightly everyone!
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(cheers and applause) ♪ captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to "the daily show"! nice to see you! my name is jon stewart. coming up tonight, sigourney weaver is going to be joining us! (cheers and applause) i do want to also thank wwe last night. they showed my son and i. such wonderful hospitality. one wick question to them, if i may, how do you get ball marks


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