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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  March 12, 2015 11:31pm-12:02am PDT

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5 gum. stimulate your senses. ( cheers and applause ). >> jon: that's our show. here it is your moment of zen. >> the big melt-down is revealing unwanted surprises across the city, expielz piles of dog poops. there have been more feces complaint made to the city's web site. scoop poop. >> the nightly, we're talking boxing. well mike tyson will be talking. the rest of us will be agreeing about whatever the hell he says. are violent sports on their way out. if it is anything like actual violence probably not. >> mayweather and pacquiao are finally going toe-to-toe. i haven't been this excitedded about a fight since i was this excited about the fight they should have had five years ago.
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float like a butter fly sting like a bee put down the remote, time to get nightly this is the nightly show. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central >> thank you very much, oh man. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> larry, larry larry. >> thank you very much i appreciate it. welcome to the nightly show. i'm larry wilmore we have such a great show. we're going to talk about boxing. an iron mike tyson here on the panel tonight. yes. yes. but since it's thursday we're going to do our most popular weekly check in
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segment called thicke thursday. >> whooo! >> that's right. you guys know thicke thursday. it's where we explore what is going on in the world of robin thick. >> robin thicke and-for-el williams have to give it up. jurors ruled the blurred lines singer infringed on the company's right marvin gaye hit. >> pharrell claims he wrote the song with robin thicke and ti but the jury didn't buy it awarding gay's family nearly $7.4 million. >> larry: 7.4 million mercy mercy me. >> that robin thicke has got to be saying what's going on. and i bet margin-- marvin gay's family is saying how sweet it is. i horde it through the grapevine that pharrell and thicke wanted to use their credit cards but the grand jury said ain't nothing like the real thing. >> and it sounds like their pocketbooks could use a little sexual healings. >> let's get it on. mr. sandman-- okay, i'm running out of marvin gay songs that i can think of. i can't-- but you get the point.
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it's a pretty crazy court case. oh legal system you are some kind of wonderful. >> all right, i'm being told that is one too many. anyway that's not the only crazy thing going on in the music world. >> the wu tang clan has a new album coming out but only one of us can buy it there is apparently only one copy and it is being kept in a moroccan vault until it is auctioned it the highest bidder. >> this is by czar. the wu tang desidded to release this album i don't know, as a work of art okay. so it's going to auction and this is true only one person can have it. now there are rumors it could go for as high as like $5 million. so my estimation say that is about $4,999,988.01 cent morse than it should be. actually, $5 million more if you have-- now the group gave exclusive details on the auction to forbes magazine which i guess makes sense since ghost fail
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killah is a deputy editor at the magazine. all right. true. i'm not making this up okay. but even if i don't win the-- i have a computer. so i'm sure i will be able to listen to it like probably the day after or something. >> looks like this generation of wu tang fans will never be able to enjoy it according to forbes the album titled the wu once upon a time in scho lin can't legally be heard by the masses for 88 years? >> 88 years man so i will be an old old dirty bastard when this album comes out? >> [bleep] oh hey that reminded me 20 15rx it's been 88 years, i can fillly listen that eddie kajter album my grandfather bot in 1927. this is great. unbelievable. i just happen to have it here. oh here it is. i have been waiting 88 years for this thing. >> i just happen to have a gramophone right here.
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>> put this up. okay. all right. let's see. >> hey everyone, here we go. >> ♪ ♪ no no in the cuzi. booty so big ♪ ♪ so round ♪ ♪ like a girl coming to town ♪ ♪. >> larry: yeah. >> 2015. >> yeah. eddy kantor and we out. >> damn, easy e eddie kantor was a ballary head of his time. and that is this week's thicke thursday. see you next week thickeophiles. >> all right. all right. okay, our top story tonight you folks say pass time that
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people often enjoyed 88 years ago watching group adults beat the mess out of each other. floyd mayweather an manny pacquiao had a press conference for their highly anticipated fight. >> mayweather and pacquiao will finally square off in the ring may 2nd at the m.g.m. grand and it's stacking up to the biggest fight to ever hit the las vegas strip? >> hold on the biggest fight ever on the vegas strip? a little respect. tupac was involved in a pretty big fight on the strip all right or should we say a b-i-g fight. oh sorry too soon. oh. okay. all right. let me just pour out a little for that joke. out of respect. >> all out of respect. any way the may 2nd bout is expected to set a pay for view record and mao weather is looking at a record pay-day. >> when it comes to the purse mayweather is getting
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a 60-40 split which means his cut without could be worth more than $120 million. >> man. i barely make that in a month. just kidding, it's cable it would take me $120 million years to make this that's right i make a dollar a year. >> this seems like a lot of excitement. i'm a little confused. i thought boxing was dead. so is boxing back? >> nbc streaming elite professional boxing to millions of sport fans on three network television in prime time. >> larry: nbc is making an effort to rejuvenate a sport that has gotten gotten choked out by mma. over the years boxing suffered from corruption lack of big stars apathy from fans it's a lot like nbc news if you think about it. >> now it's true that mayweather and pacquiao are about to cash in on a big day but overall boxing has been on a decline. purses are shrinking the audience is schridging and
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there is one other thing that is shrinking. >> researchers at cleveland clinic lou ruvo center for brain health studied more than 200 professional boxers and mixed martial art fighters. results show though those who were exposed to more fights on average had slower processing speeds and certain parts of the brain actually shrunk. >> no offense test dummy but you are a horrible boxer. what fight are you supposed to be tommy no hands o'malley? come on, no hands duck that's all you got. >> that's all you got. well to talk more about the toll boxing is taking please welcome the human brain. >> . very glad to be here larry. >> what up, larry. >> there is of two you? >> one brain two hemisphere. >> i'm the-- i'm the side you want to party with what. you got any weed larry. i want to write a song. >> do not give it to him
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larry. he killed enough of my cells last night. >> that's funny he buzzkilled a bunch of my cells every day. >> larry: okay okay guys are you here to talk brain injuries, not selling weed all right. >> that's right, thank you larry. >> larry: okay, go ahead. >> here is a stat for your viewers, accord together american journal of sports medicine 3 -- 31.9% of fighters end with them suffering a tbi. >> that stands for traumatic -- i'm sorry me fart. >> traumatic brain injury. >> that is the best left hemi can do coming up with a zinger, larry hey limp node i can't help you hogged the long-term memory zone. >> larry: let's get back to the issue at hand. almost one out of three usb fights ens with a brain injury, that's shocking. >> and larry boxes isn't much better 20% of professional boxers will eventually develop it tbi. it will result in unusual speech language speaking
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ajt and severe emotional problems. >> larry: that is scary. i know the nfl has been taking this much more seriously. >> -- spec. >> larry: what was that. >> sex sex sex. >> sorry, larry we are a healthy male brain. we can't help but think about sex. >> sex lam. >> larry: okay. >> every minute or so. >> larry: okay, okay calm down guys. so what are the thoughts s it reasonable to think we should just outlaw these violent sports or -- >> no! of course sports are ex sighting. besides we only use a small percentage of our brain. so if a part of it shrinks it's really no big deal. >> you idiot that's us you're talking about. we should absolutely outlaw these. >> sex sex. >> sex sex. >> larry: guys stop stop. >> just give me one answer. outlaw or not outlaw. >> i say party on. >> i say wear a helmet.
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>> not sure we're talking about the same thing. >> the human brain everybody. we'll be right back. this is smith & forge hard cider. it's like cecil here. strong. sturdy. but not too sweet. [ male announcer ] built from apples. built to refresh. smith & forge hard cider. made strong.
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>> all right welcome back we're talking about boxing joining me on the panel espn senior contributor lz ganderson. very funny man. he's been with us before.
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keith robinson. the first lady of boxing manager jackie kallen. and we're doing a boxing show, i don't know why we have this guy on the show but i will introduce him anyway. former heavyweight champion producer of the new documentary t is incredible. it hits theaters tomorrow mr. mike tyson. >> (applause) >> okay. >> so i will start with you because when i think you know some of about boxing. >> i know a little. >> yes, you know so much about it. the history of boxing joe louis the whole country loved joe louis, muhammad ali. the whole world fell in love with him. you came into boxing no one ever had seen anything like mike tyson. i think boxing is past its heyday. convince me that you are not the last great boxer. >> well listen i don't know. >> larry: did it end with
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you? >> i mean look, there is a lot of excitement about pacquiao and the pacquiao mayweather fight i get that but it almost seems like an aberration, does it feel like the sport is done if. >> the sport is-- wow how can i say. when you think about the situation they said i'm hearing rumors it 20 to $120 million the highest paid athlete on the planet. so either the sport is dying or just people just are freely spending their money to he is a boxing match. >> larry: it's not like the country t is the 1% is getting all the purses. how does it feel to you jackie, does it feel different. >> it's real different now. the fighters are different now. we were talking about that. the filers in our generation and i say ours i'm older than him, of course. but back in the heyday, in the '80s '90s fighter was fight anybody. the best needed to fight the best. because to be the best, you have to fight the best. so every good fighter wanted to file a good fighter to prove how good he was.
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now they don't want to do that. >> larry: why is boxing, why do you think boxing feels old now? is it mmas that the only reason? >> no i mean i don't like mma. i don't like that. that is like a guy laying on the ground getting -- >> wait wait wait. >> 30 secretariesed guy has his balls in his eyes an -- >> the now when i was the flat boxing champion in 78y to 81y you were the flat boxing champion. >> of course you were. of course you were. no it's all good. >> no but i-- i just think boxing, people just forget about boxing and the science of boxing. boxing it's scientific. >> you're right. >> and it's great if you do it if you know how to do it. >> it almost seems civilized
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compared to mma. >> right. >> a lot of kids it seems like they just need more now. >> how much has corruption hurt backsing. when i think of-- i mean don king -- >> you know where i'm going with this. >> i know where you are going. let me explain. >> okay go go. there were people before don king that is why don king got the idea to become the guy that he is. there people like him now. there's always going to be that figure and that little dark sell shadowy sports, where all the deals in bog the on sports in the history of the world where all the deals are not on the table. >> jackie, you are taking-- 70%? >> what? >> when --
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>>. >> larry: that was a joke. >> but seriously, there are managers out there shall did --. >> managers take 50% and they don't even manage good. they just glorify baby-sitters. >> that's right. >> larry: and a lot of boxers they don't know about finances when they get into it. many kids have never had money you know when they get into boxing. >> listen we're the lowest-- we're the lowest form-- we're like-- i don't know what are we like slum sdwelers. >> that's sounds terrible. i think that it's more the lower -- >> what are you part of the gop? >> no no no. >> let's keep it real here. >> i'm from hell. i was born in hell. and so every time i won a fight and i do good, it was one step out of hell. and one step closer to immortal glory.
11:50 pm
that's what it was. >> larry: that's what it felt like. >> no, that is what it was. >> larry: i stand corrected. i just wanted to ask you one more thing, there is a kid out there who is looking to get into boxing okay. what is your advice to that kid? >>-- mma. >> larry: we'll be right back. these nuggets are good. what have you been feeding me my whole life? i need some answers. kfc popcorn nuggets. 100% white meat, extra crispy, and made from the world's best chicken. get them with all this in your next $5 fill up or try them in a go cup. these don't even come with a toy and i don't care. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer
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wlz welcome back. it's time for the segment we like to keep it a hundred. for all of people that don't know it means keep it 100% real. if you do them you get-- and feel free to tea bag if you like. >> okay. >> all right. this is-- okay, yeah, we're going do it we're going say i'm going ask you who is the greatest boxer okay. and you can't say mike tyson because i know you will just kiss his ass. even if it's true it doesn't matter. >> taking it off the table. >> larry: here's why. you have to name someone else and when you say who why they are the greatest you have to tell me why they beat mike tyson okay. you're a boxing fan. you're a boxing fan you should be able to do this mike, they should be able to do this jackie go ahead who is the greatest. >> you're asking me who is the greatest? of all time.
11:54 pm
>> larry: yeah. >> i will joe louis. >> larry: why would he beat tyson. >> i think because he was fab because-- i'm 100% real and i don't -- >> tea bag her please. can you -- >> no i'm being 100% real right now. >> larry: okay. >> and i say that he would beat mike tyson because he was a hell of a heavyweight champ. >> larry: threw go. >> that's a lot of stuttering. >> larry: i get it. lz. >> i was going to go with joe louis. i guess i will go with ali. >> larry: why what he beat mike tyson. >> better reach. >> tas's good. >> let-- better reach. >> larry: audience? do you believe that? >> no. >> larry: better reach. >> i think the audience likes that. >> you got to say more than that. okay keith keep it a
11:55 pm
hundred. >> you know i'm an-- i will tell you why. because tyson said he would beat him. i watched one of your interviews. >> okay. mike time's going to do a different one with you. i want your honest opinion. i'm going to go through these very fast. i will name boxers. and you just tell me you beat them, they beat you or draw. >> okay. >> so go through these fast. >> ali. >> ali wins. >> ali wins. >> joe louis. >> i win. >> recognizey two. >> i win. >> george foreman. >> this might be close. >> million dollar baby. >> may win. >> apollo creed. >> i can take him. >> -- >> he wins. >> rocket deanya. >> i will get him good. he don't stand a chance. >> robert de niro-- jake.
11:56 pm
>> if i'm fat too, he has a chance. >> robert de niro as a young godfather. >> he might win because he has the guns and stuff. >> larry: soda pop penski from mike tyson's-- soda you know soda. >> can beat me. he beat you de. >> paul simon while he is singing the boxer. >> you could take him. >> larry: rocky three. >> i might be close too. >> rocky one. >> i would get him. >> rocky six. >> i would win. >> rocky four? >> was i in that one. >> think about it mike rocky four. >> did he fight the russian. >> there is no way you are beating rocky four. >> did he fight the russian guy. >> that was three. >> he beat the rocky. he what win. >> that is keeping it 100. we'll be right back. in are a in new york city
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>> that's all the time we have for tonight. i'm going to thank our panelists mike tyson jackie keith robinson. finally don't forget to follow@nightly show on twitter, like the show on facebook and. ali is my-- he probably is the greatest but when push
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comes to shove he cannot say tyson wouldn't get hip come on, am i right? until then the nightly everyone-- good nightly everyone. 11:59 and 59 seconds, this happened on twitter today baseball he is son is just arounded corner and you know what than means another long summer of minor league concession stands committing heinous deep fried crimes again human die guesscious. i will show you the latest offender and to any diabetic watching quick look away look away no what is that? why would


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