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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  May 12, 2015 6:18pm-6:51pm PDT

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(cheers and applause) >> jon: hey, america welcome to the dalery jon my guest multitalented mr. john legend is being to be joining us on the show. first last week breat grit an held parliamentary elections it turns out this lady this lady is just corgy-- corgi sitting for britain. i'm sure her pay is commensurate with the task. anyway on thursday british voters chosed next prime minister conservative current prime minister david cameron an oxford educated 48-year-old and miliband an oxford educated 45-year-old, because he can't make up those three years. being a in addition election the uk media was pulling out the stops they had the creepy tussaud hologram a virtual parliament that
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doubled as the tim's worst expansion pack ever and an opinion room where each pundit appeared to have missed their flight while one guy bides his time with sudoku he is bored out of his mind. the hologram,s virtual sets, british feddia have contracted a devastating case of cnnidentity is. when a news organization spends a great deal of time creating vish use -- visuals ansett pieces which have no purpose an shed no light naturally distract you from what it was they were trying to find out. no one can actually challenge that. >> good morning from the top of a big red bus that is now making its way across westminster bridge. >> so wiched, what does this mean now for that referendum for the-- for britain leaving the eu? >> alisyn i can do better than that. have a look at that as a million dollar job look at that right up the river thames the london eye.
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>> jon: he asked you a question, you pointed to a [bleep] ferris wheel. that is what a six-year-old does. i see a wheel it is nice it spins around. well britain's media couldn't match us with wide eyed nonsense they did compare with us in one arena. >> the polls were completely wrong. all the advantagesed polls are very wrong. the real shot came at 10 p.m. london time when the exit poll was announced. swrz isn't that why we have elections? to test the strength and competence of our polls? the real winner tonight was our polling safeguard system. the election. so despite all prist it is cameron conservative swept to an outright majority. their message must have really clicked with voters. >> the conservatives can actually govern the way they want to. >> get rid of the deficit. >> austerity measures really hitting those letter on the economic scale. >> very large cuts to the welfare state. >> repeal tony blair's ban
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on hunting with dogs. >> jon: what a popular message a heady mix of grinding austerity and the killing of small fury animals. i almost hate to say this but leave fox alone. (cheers and applause) fox never hurt anybody. (laughter) anyway those policies sound like stuff british people would hate. how does labour not walk away with this election? >> ed miliband had pretty dispal rating when it came to leadership. the voters didn't really see him as prime ministerial. >> they thought you were weird. >> they see you as a north
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london geek. >> what did he say? what did he say? >> that lady in the back man, all right sorry about that, you have a beard so clearly you're a man yeah. >> jon: what! so the labour leader appears to be the love child of joe biden and david-- so what still. the election was miliband's to lose. i mean unless there was some uncomfort-- ununfortunate image crystallizing incident. >> and in that labour campaign symbolized by miliband breaking one of the basic rules of politicsment don't eat a bacon sandwich in front of the camera. the tory supporting press jumped on the image, miliband was not just a prefending labourite he just didn't look like a prime minister. >> jon: that's it? he ate a bacon sandwich. in our country you are not even considered a viable presidentality candidate until you have been
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photographed deep throating as much of a pig as will not completely block your larynx. it's british press went all in on ed i can't even imagine what their version of the daily show must have done. >> hey! (cheers and applause) hey, look at this guy. look at this [bleep] [bleep] ed miliband. (laughter) what are you doing shoving a bacon putty in your gone with your hands like some kind of utensil iles guttersnipe you never heard of utensil you never bread debrett's guide to etiquette this is boll ox you post to the, if you are feeling peckish toss it on a plate you get a knife and forth
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you you penney ha'pence-- (cheers and applause) >> jon: wow their daily show host goes the opposite of ours where i would normally be up set with someone eating with a knife and fork yet their daily show most an yet we both talk with the same accent. the election is left the uk more divided. the nationalists the north the conservatives the south. >> the scottish national party is the very same party that was pushing for a breakup of the united kingdom and for scottish independence. >> david cameron's promise that there would be a referendum where britain would get the opportunity to vote to leave the european union. >> so you could have britain leaving the european union scotland leaving the united kingdom. >> jon: slit written leaving
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hog warts. downstairs leaving upstairs downton leaving abbey. doctor leaving who em in britain is pro secession they just can't agree on what to secede from. english this is europe. scotland divorces england. wales and ireland split off and fragment north up brea and east anglia secede. the ancient kingdoms reassert their writes, oxford and cambridge go to war. londinium seizes the bank that weird stonehenge thing comes to life and the druids start their own thing tattoo war lords clash in petty squabbles until the once and future king arthur pulls the scale a per from the skon and once again you nights all britain against the saxon horde but by ten it's time for the next world cup and no one gives a [bleep] about politics anyway. we'll be right back.
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] built from apples. built to refresh. smith & forge hard cider. oww! made strong. >> jon: welcome back. now to truly get to the hert of the story and this is important. to truly get to the heart of the story you need an in-depth boots on the ground reporting that you have come to expect from well no one, really. here at the daily show we like to think of ourselves as no one so we sent jordan chrep tore london to see what elections are all about. >> america has 18 more months of election awesomeness
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yet to look forward toment but in britain the ballots are all counted. so i went across the pond to see how they rocked the vote. >> cheery-- keario. >> democracy in the u.k. jordan chrep are reports on the road to the-- wait that's where the prime minister lives? >> the british people have just endured one of the longest election seasons in their history. it is overblown in my opinion. >> just gone on and on and on. >> the all began. >> i sat down with election expert katie who must be exhausted from the years of nonstop campaigning. >> well the formal campaign kicked off at the end of march. >> what? >> our campaign period lasted six weeks. >> six weeks of elections. >> that's right. >> how do you spend $5 trillion in six weeks. >> well, no one would ever be allowed to spend $5 billion. i think british people would be horrified by the sheer sums and the length of time over which money is spent on elections in america. >> horrified means good here
6:30 pm
right? like it's sick like it's terrible like it's dope. >> no, that's bad. we have quite strict regulations on spending here. each party will have a total spending limit of around $30 million pounds. >> per week. >> for the formal campaign period. >> seriously? that's only like 15 million dollars. or about one 50th the am a single march candidate might spend. how on earth do you run a campaign with bull [bleep] money. liberal democrat parliament candidate. >> looking for votes, not money. what we do is through years of campaigning -- >> we're looking for votes not money. >> this is my total campaign. i'm raising 5,000 pounds. >> and 5,000 pounds goes just as far as you would expect. >> i'm robin i'm his campaign organizer. >> a campaign organizer. >> you mean your dad is the campaign organizer. >> no, i . >> you are running the campaign. >> yes, well with the help of the local party yeah. >> do you mind if i ask how old you are.
6:31 pm
>> i'm 23. >> you're 23. >> but i'm a candidate myself as well for an adjacent seat. >> you are a candidate for a mustache for the next four years. >> this lack of resources was heartbreaking. >> whoa whoa whoa not a keeper. money's tight, thank you. >> luckily in america we have a little thing called freedom, thanks to the supreme court's ruling on citizen's united money is considered speech. and it's free to express itself using thought provoking political advertising like these actual ads. >> i want to use my glock to blow your balls off. >> but believe it or not political tv ads are banned in the u.k. the parties must use another way to take down their opponent. >> billboards are allowed in the u.k. so that is really where you see the negative ads. >> let me get this straight they're going to attack their political foes in the same medium you would use to advertise share at the hilton. >> the one that really caught people's attention this time around was one
6:32 pm
portraying the leader of the labour party ed miliband in the pocket of alex salomon who is the lead are of the scott national -- scottish national party. >> and? >> it's putting one politics in the pocket of another. >> what is negative. >> they felt it was negative. >> no one is talking about hitler in this situation. >> i think what -- >> you basically had a prime minister without did that am i right neville chamberlain slam. >> we would never have anything of that kind of nature. i. >> god, it's like these people didn't even hear me. >> dammit. >> in fact, no one was listening. but i knew the best place to talk about things that no one wanted to hear is on cable tv so i walked through the hallowed halls of bbc international to knock some sense into the british public. >> what do you make of it all. >> i have to tell you you guys are messing it up. you need american style pollish-- politics in your british style whatever you call it. >> what would you inject on whatever we have got.
6:33 pm
>> you call them pounds or coins, you need money. >> right, but what about the fact that there is a possibility that ed miliband the leader of the opposition -- >> they didn't want to yell or fight or make it interesting at all. [bleep] the bbc. i was going to get this message out using the biggest most extravagant platform. legally allowed in britain. >> we shall overcome. we being the money. >> you guys consider letting money speak in your elections? >> an important thing to pay attention to. >> let money talk. >> thank you. >> change was a coming. >> jon: jordan klepper we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) ♪ hey. hey! what's up, man?! ♪
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>> (cheers and applause) a welcome back my guest tonight, executive producer a new documentary for hbo called southern right. >> we have known each other forever. grade school. >> i went to prom and it was
6:38 pm
white it was to the really as fun. >> everybody should be together. we all go to school together. i mean we grew up together. then why not go to prom together. >> okay, okay i could do that for you. >> okay, thank you. >> two areas ago it was segregated am you had a white prom and a black prom. that was that nobody said anything about it after prom we got together but you could not have gone to a white prom if you were black and vice versa if it was them. it was really great to finally come together as one. >> please welcome john legend. >> hey. welcome, finally. >> finally i'm here. >> jon: finally you're here. first of all congratulations on this. >> thank you. >> jon: what a great year two years ten years. >> this is what i had to do
6:39 pm
to earn my invitation to the daily show. >> jon: when i saw you ten years ago i walked in and watched john legend and i was like you can come on any time you want. this documentary is at similar times it is heartbreaking but incredibly effective breaking against the bouchbds of segregated prom and it is only one of the stories. >> so there are three stories. first of all the hook and thing that got me interested was we were going to focus on this county that has segregated proms for such a long time into the 21st century and you're like wow that's crazy. and we actually they ran the story in "the new york times" magazine a few years ago about the segregated proms and we thought it was this weird oddity but we didn't know there was so much other story that was going to be involved. so our director want down there to photograph and document the integration of the proms because after all that press they got they started integrated the proms so she went down there to
6:40 pm
film that. and all these other things happened while she was down there a young man got shot he was unarmed. he was running awayment and he got shot. >> jon: this is not a police-- a girl had invited him over to the house. >> it was a booty call basically i mean-- . >> jon: not that movie that you are thinking of. >> not to make light of it but you know he was doing what young men and young women do. they get together and they want to see each other sometimes. and he went to hang out with this girl. and her-- her guardian found out and tleltened the guy and they tried to get away and he shot them as they were running away. >> jon: and killed him. >> yeah. >> killed one of them. >> jon: it just shows i'm so struck by this now. because this conversation is exploding in the country. and i'm just struck by the anger and defensiveness on the side of people when you say racism still exists in america. people says that's crazy!
6:41 pm
white people voted for obama. it ended. >> yeah it didn't. well the thing is some racism is very easy to identity the donald sterlings of the world the people who use the "n" word in a malicious way t is easy to identify certain racism but a lot is structural and in the criminal justice system it often plays out in sentencing, in who et gos charged for what in how juries are picked all these things that end up discounting the value of black lives versus other lives. >> jon: and who lives where and neighborhoods. >> yeah absolutely. >> jon: and from years past how do you get at the idea though that somehow a white person should feel angry at having to-- discuss because that feels like a real issue. michelle obama went and talked about how she faced
6:42 pm
discrimination and glenn beck he's very angry people voted for you you have never suffered. qon serve difficults suffer. >> yeah. >> jon: i don't understand the part -- >> it's interesting a white male conservative in america. >> jon: you know i have always felt one of them could become president. >> yeah yes, one day one day. >> jon: they shall. >> they shall overcome. >> jon: i hope so. if we work together as a people. >> yes. >> jon: but the thing is -- >> the thing is i think you said this on one of your shows, we don't want to talk about racism all the time if it weren't here f we didn't have to deal with it every day, we would love for it not to be a subject of conversation. we would love to just live our lives in equality and justice for all. we would love that we would love to not have to keep bringing this up. but it's killing our kids. it's resulting in so much pain and suffering for our community so we have to bring it up. >> and it feels like the inability to discuss it in a nondefensive manner means
6:43 pm
that solutions are buried. and i'm struck by that that the systems stay in place. it really does take action. passivity to a system not saying like, not being actively racismist i'm saying being passive perpetuates. >> social racism has its own inertia and for to us change it we have to do something active to counteract that inertia skrz this is a great conversation. i almost feel like the type of conversation that somebody would write a song. >> who knows. >> jon: is there somebody that-- i can tell you something, i say this with all due respect i love you and i love the music. you writing that song for your wife really [bleep]. it. >> it made my life better. >> jon: there's not a card there's not a gift that i can give-- they're just like -- >> just push play. >> jon: there is this song i once heard. i think it's amazing.
6:44 pm
i'm loving the music i'm loving all the ways you are branching out. it's so great to see you. >> thank you. >> jon: . >> thanks for having me. >> jon: are you a good man. southern rights john legend dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew.
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. >> jon: that is all for us we'll check in with larry wilmore what are you doing tonight larry. >> you mean on the show? when we meet the daily sho-- beat the daily show's ass in softball. >> jon: that's right, our show vase softball game tonight. they will probably play i'm probably to the going to go and everyone will head to the bar, it will be great. >> larry: no, no, no, you're going down pretty boy you're going down jon. >> jon: sure fine that's-- i think you're taking this softball game more seriously than you should. it's really just-- . >> larry: no, no no. i'm not taking anything seriously, jon. i am just going to make you wish you were never born how about that? huh? >> jon: i will see you next week, larry.
6:49 pm
see you at the bar. that's our show everybody. here it is your moment of zen. >> mr. miliband how is the country doing for you tonight? >> well you know what i say is it looks as though we may not get what we want. >> and mr. cameron how is the result looking for you? >> well a very good question. i'm very glad you asked it. (gavel banging crowd murmuring) the defendant is accused of committing a heinous crime. you gentlemen of the jury
6:50 pm
are facing a grave responsibility. thank you, gentlemen. (bailiff) all right, please follow me to the jury room. ♪ (switch clicking) (grunting) supposed to be the hottest day of the year. yep.