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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  June 23, 2015 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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they did it, they killed him ! they did it ! they killed him ! we can come out ! all right ! yes ! all right ! yeah ! all right. woo hoo. yeah. we did it, you guys, we're totally heroes. that was such uber-pwnage. i can't believe it's all over. what do we do now ? what do you mean ? now we can finally play the game. oh, yeah. okay, kenny, add eyes of the beast to your hotbar. stan, check your fury talents to boost your shouts... got it. captioning made possible by comedy central captioned by soundwriters™ in from comedy central news headquarters in new york this is the daily show with jon stewart. chaers plaus captioning sponsored by comedy central
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(cheers and applause) >> jon: hey, everybody welcome to the daily show my name is jon stewart. we have a fine program for you tonight senator al franken will join us in a little bit. excited about that. but i want to talk again about obviously tragedy that happened this week the emergence of dinland roof's white power manifesto and hate stagram photos. did little to alleviate any confusion about why he did it about why this white racist race vacation fascinating search-goer racist raceorrhic i guess i guess we'll just never know why. now you may think a tragedy such as this would be an opportune time to discuss the complex variety of deep seeded issues and failing. to perm nature american culture like a subterranean -- most only notice upon seismic eruption six or seven on the richter scale. it uns it out this is not a good time.
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>> the race to politicize the senseless south carolina church shooting tragedy. >> they couldn't wait. >> you could have waited for some of this. we haven't even buried our dead yet. >> they haven't even been buried. >> they try and blame guns and everything but it is misdirected. >> the president is blaming gun liberals politicizeing this. >> the president generally deals with this issue politically than sub stand tavly. >> the bodies aren't cold and you have people trying to score political points and it's disgusting. >> it's almost like a sickness. >> trj dee happens. >> let's see how we can advance our narrative. >> jon: yes it's a sickness to use tragedy to advance your narrative. combine that with an inable for self-examination and almost comical degree of self-exculpable rhetoric flag pin, a little bit of leg and a complete immunity to irony you got yourself a
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full blown case of fox -- >> you know they're a i maing. they are amazing. they are amazing at what they do. remind this past december when two new york city cops were tragdy-- trj chrae kyled during a time when people were protesting the police beatings of unarmed black men. >> i personally feel that mayor de blasio sharpton and others like them they actually have blood on their hands. >> they now have blood on their hands. >> yes they do. >> many claim new york city mayor bill de blasio helped fan the flames of anti-police settlement. >> the violent police rhetoric that helped poison the minds of many including the deranged gunman. >> de blasio and i think the president have undoubtedly created racial tensions that worsens the situation for law enforcement. >> look at the product and the environment we have now. >> you have to put the blame first with the president. >> the mayor. >> he did run a campaign that was pretty anti-cop in
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new york. >> jon: so you no respectment and remember this guy rich bodies aren't cold yet disgusting lowry only four days after the police deaths he came out with an op ed using the officer's deaths to attack de blasio using the mayor as peddling -- >> that came out tle days before the fun raffle the first officer barely more than the am of time between the charleston shooting and lowry's sensitive on air plea against politicizing this event. despite police did to the do anything, it looks like some people might actually try to do -- >> south carolina today protestors demanded the confederate flag be taken down from the state capitol. >> for many the flag represents hit and intoll rens. >> mitt romney tweeted his support for taking that flag down. >> jeb bush who said that it would be the rit thing to take down the flag. >> two-thirds of the state legislature has to vote to remove the flag. >> jon: two-thirds, two-thirds, that makes sense
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you don't want to impulsively -- take down a 150-year-old symbol for an armed invex against the united states of america otherwise i mean it's mob rule. >> the truth s it is the absolute les that can be done. in charleston emmanuel ame church is on calhoun street named for former vice president john calhoun let's call him the racist christopher lloyd. he was 19th century america's foremost defender of slaferery who say slavery wasn't a necessary evil but a positive good. that is the address that this church has to have on their letterhead. take a short walk down the street you are at the daughters of confederacy confederate where rebel uniforms are ven rated like shat rowd of turin. i touched general lee's tonic it cured my shingles. >> you can't spilt your tabaccy in charleston without hitting a public mondayment to the glorious days of slavery because in
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the con texz of charleston extensive confederate industry, the flag is just a money shop. that town is like confederate epcot. so for more perspective on charleston we turn to senior race relations correspondent jessica williams and jordan klepper. (cheers and applause) is important. -- this is important. jess ca i want to go to you first, get your thoughts. >> jon dylann roof highlighted the connection between traditional southern values and racism. look at the confederate flag. when you claim that it only represents southern pride are you either lying or being willfully ignorant because we know it was the official jersey of slavery in the civil war. if this is just about celebrating southern culture than fine, pick up a damn banjo put on a lyn dance in your neighbor's barn for all i care, i will throw on my boots and i will be there. >> i'm sorry i don't know what the confederate flag has to do with anything of
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this. to me it is the just the good ot stars and bars that the duke points were supporting when they were making all that ms. chief around town. come on. >> jon: if i may i think jessica is simply saying the flag's history is so deeply tied to slavery it is insulting to not only african-americans but to everybody. >> oh my god that's a really good point jon. that flag has got to go. >> that's exactly the case that i was just making. >> what? >> if we're having this much trouble removing a symbol of racism wear in deep -- if we want to remove racism it say deeply complex san kerr that spread stlut our nation and it going to be a lot process. >> i'm hearing a lot of hostility here. i'm feeling hostility, feeling threatened. >> jon: jordan, just hear her out. >> wow you nailed it jon whoa. i got to tweet this. i am tweeting this right now mi sorry jon stewart he
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fis rates race war with truth bombs. #jon stewart for president. #-- (cheers and applause) okay actually i just said what jon said but before he said it. and from the perspective of somebody who has actually experiencing it. >> don't think so. >> jon: . >> oh my man that's the boy, your man is the boy right there. i am ignorant this man say hero. hashtag what are we going to do without you jon stewart. >> oh my gosh okay fine i get it. for some reason black people need a whit person to get their message out. i will make this work for me. i will hire a helper whitey okay so long duke. >> see you later. >> okay, i don't -- >> hey how is it going. >> hi. >> good thoughts, you don't have to do that.
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>> oh. >> no, no no. like this. >> yeah i think it should be fun. >> kind of a mix of. >> hi socks. >> yeah yeah. >> i don't know what that is. >> no. okay. cool. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> of course. >> are you kidding me? really? whoa whoa whoa. >> calm down calm down. >> just a connected. >> stop moving your arms. >> officer, if i may i am white. she is up set because she dropped her eyes cream on the ground. >> that stinks. sorry. call that one off. >> thanks helper whitey. cheers maas.
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>> thank you me we'll be right back. we'll be right back. thank you me we'll be right back. >> jon: we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) hey mitch. mr. barnes partying tonight? we have that presentation tomorrow. uhhh mitch. i know what it means to have tostitos. so, are you like fired?
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(cheers and applause) welcome back, my guest tonight state senator representative of the great state of minnesota please welcome back to the program senator al franken. (cheers and applause) how are you? >> i'm great, i'm great. >> jon: what are you-- so i used to watch you on "saturday night live" all the time very, very funny. >> thank you, thank you. >> jon: and then you left. >> thanks for remembering. >> jon: you left comedy. and then i lost track of
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what happened. so where have you been these past few years? >> i have been in minnesota and in washington d.c. i split my time between them. i'm in the united states senate. >> jon: whoa. >> but look jrz why would you do that to your accept? >> i will explain that to get things done. but before i do that i want to say something because i don't come on these shows very often. but i wanted to say something about you, okay. >> jon: is this going to be anti-semitic because i can take it i can take it. >> and quoi do anti-semitic because i'm jewish but i wonts i won't this is going to be look, you have taken this platform and with your hard work, your judgement your int elect you have-- your intellect, you have engaged a generation of young people in public policy in politics not enough to get them the vote.
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>> jon: i was waiting. you couldn't just leave me hanging out there. >> but enough to get some of them to rock the boat party. and those are fun parties. >> jon: you know i always said to people -- >> that's what i wanted to say. >> jon: when you left comedy were you fruses traded with the impotency of it. because it is relatively slippery -- >> are you? is that about you? >> jon: well i'm curious. >> no, no no. i wanted-- look i am in the senate right now. i use some of my background to win over my colleagues on the other side. the first day i got there jim demint very right wing south carolina at the time. now at the heritage foundation. he first thing he saw me he said how are things on the far left. i said they're great.
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how are things on the nut case right. and he laughed. and we were friends. you know we never agreed on anything but we were friends. and i've been able to do that make friends with my republican colleagues to get things done like mental health in schools. and to get things like energy efficiency and johnny isaacson of georgia republican there the cosponsor of my first bill which is to get service dogs to veterans of iraq and afghanistan. nd who have ptsd and -- >> and it passed like two weeks after i got there. so you reach common ground on certain things. but there is a fundamental difference between sell crats and republicans. and we believe that america does better when there is a
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strong middle class. and that the social and economic mobility-- . >> jon: although it's not like a republican-- yeah we refer a weak middle class of course they would say it. >> they say this but if you look say at their budget that passed with all republican votes their latest budget. they give a big tax cut to the richest americans. they want to eliminate the estate tax that is if you have 10.5 million or more big tax cut for you. they want to increase taxes for people at the low end by reducing the earned income tax credit. >> jon: and raising sales tax. downback-- brownback if kansas raised the sales tax. >> yes his experiment in kansas did not work. but i like that i got something. >> jon: i don't know what that was. i thought for a second you were playing black jack. you were like --
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>> you know what that is interesting because i have a lot of my colleagues are funny-- or have a good sense of humor. >> jon: i don't believe that. >> okay, a lot is maybe wrong but some but not one not one does physical schtick. i'm not kidding you. it's something i observed very early. the first time i chaired a committee. so i got to be the chairman of a committee hearing. and you gar tell in. okay, so now this is the judiciary committee i'm gar eling it in. and i go out there and so and you have to gavel it in. and i did not plan on doing this i did not think about this, this just happened involuntarily. i just went-- and-- and so my staffer my staffer like passes me a note what are
1:27 am
you doing? and he had gotten mad texted from my chief of staff what are you doing? and i said curly. i said curly. >> jon: that's hilarious. >> so i actually do have colleagues with good senses of humor but no one does any physical schtick wz no schtick. >> so you did it, you did it --. >> jon: that has to change in the senate. >> well it won't. >> jon: okay, we're going come back. we have more from senator al franken right after this. it's part adrenaline and part adventure. it's part geek and part chic. it's part relaxation and part exhilaration. it's part sports car and part suv. and the best part? the 2015 gla.
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>> jon: all right welcome back to the program. we are here with senator al franken. now this may seem like a stretch but being a writing being a writing that say collaborative process. you have to learn to not be too precious about certain material. >> it's a very different problem. >> jon: very different problem because the consequences aren't as high but has that served you in any way the writer's room as being in the united states senate. >> oh yeah yeah. for example when we're writing. like with my staff like when we're writing like i will be writing a speech and we'll be kicking around. >> jon: how much writing do you have to do to do yourself. >> i do quite a bit of writing of my speeches. but you know, there are different kinds of speeches. >> jon: who in the senate that you think to yourself how does that guy or a woman
1:32 am
put their clothes on every day. that is the stupidest person i have ever met and please feel free to use both their names please. >> okay. there are about-- i can name about 15. no look look look. there's no one there that is stupid believe knee-- stupid. >> jon: you have respect. >> they all got there for some reason. >> jon: is there something that you wanted desperately as a bill that seems like is this is the kind of thing i would think would be so frustrating about being there absolutely no-brainer can't believe this doesn't pass and they just went hmming. minnesota has an energy efficiency standard 26 states have that and it's worked great. and so know the states are the laboratories of democracy. >> jon: meth labs usually.
1:33 am
>> they are that too but they can be the laboratories the founding fathers did not envision meth. and. >> jon: i think we should read a little bit more about franklin. >> he had a snuff box but that was not that. but this is one that i think we should be able to get. s there's another one i have right now that called send -- defend a student nondiscrimination act. i can't believe i can't get this done. it's climbing an uphill battle. which is to that i say that lgbt students should have the right not to be bullied in school. (cheers and applause) and. >> jon: how does someone argue that with you. does someone say i don't know, i think i would like to bully. "in god's name," how would they say that. >> they will go well no student should be bullied. and i go, well yeah but
1:34 am
you know a black student has a legal right not to be bullied by the 19 vi 4-- 1964 civil rights ago by virtue of their race. a disabled kid has an actual legal right to go do something about it. >> jon: sexual preference discrimination. >> lgbt kids are the kids most bullied 30% of lgbt kids report not going to school one day in the last month because they were afraid. and you cannot learn at a school if you dread going to schoolment and we in the senate we're supposed to be grown-ups. and these are kids. and we want to respect our kids so i think i can get this donement but this is going to come up. >> jon: who is holding it up. what is their name? >> there are 15 and i will tell you, the same ones-- no, no no. this is-- there are-- . >> jon: you have to be-- this is the thing i don't think i would ever in my life be able to do.
1:35 am
>> what is the stupidest comedian. >> jon: the stu pedestrianest comedian? >> see see you're not-- . >> jon: no i'm flipping through the roles. >> but the point is why do that, why do that. and i do respect my colleagues, i do. and every one of them you find-- . >> jon: it's just hard to see you all grown-up like this i'm sorry. it's really nice. i like it. you're doing good stuff. >> thank you. >> jon: you're a good man senator al franken everybody. (cheers and applause) ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories.
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the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone. ask. >> we're going to check in with our good friend larry wilmore at the nightly show. how is it going, lar's. >> not so good jon. you heard about this thing about president o billiona mar maron's pod cast. >> jon: sure. he said the "n" word. >> larry: i don't care about him saying the-- i don't care about him saying that.