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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  June 23, 2015 1:40am-2:14am PDT

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the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone. ask. >> we're going to check in with our good friend larry wilmore at the nightly show. how is it going, lar's. >> not so good jon. you heard about this thing about president o billiona mar maron's pod cast. >> jon: sure. he said the "n" word. >> larry: i don't care about him saying the-- i don't care about him saying that. i mean he went on maron i
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have been trying to get obama on my pod cast for seven years. >> jon: i didn't know you had a pod cast. >> yeah it's called sitting presidents i want to talk to. >> jon: how many episodes of that do you have? >> zero. obama won't call me back man. the brother needs to get on my show. >> jon: that's our show. here it is your moment of zen. >> plus they are facing off testing their skills with the ax. who is going to win that battle of the lumberjacks tg >> president obama uses the n word. nixon saying big deal. i did that 40 times a day.
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>> all the shooters are black, because there aren't any prominent white students to talk about this week. >> and south carolina takes down the confederate flag, which is why we should take down the flag that says it isn't. burn, baby burn. [ . it's the nightly show. captioning sponsored by comedy central [ applause ] >> thaufrk very much. welcome to the nightly show. i'm larry wilmore. i appreciate that. first things first, though.
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heavy in our hearts and minds are the events of south carolina, but there was hopeful news. the governor finally came forward and addressed the fact thalt confederate flag is still hanging in front of the south carolina state capital. >> today you're hearing a moment of unity in our state without ill will to say it's time to move the flag from the capital grounds. >> yes. [ >> absolutely. that is the right thing to do. good for you, south carolina. but seriously, i mean, who could have been against this, right? especially in the light of the incident that just happened, and particularly in 2015. anybody running for president trying to get republican
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votes? because this is what they said this weekend. >> i still feel it's not an issue for a person running for president. >> marco rubio telling voters the people of south carolina will make the >> that's a decision for the people of south carolina. >> this is a decision that needs to be made in south carolina. >> it's a classic presidential candidate cop out. when you ask me if the sky is blue that's a question best left to the state. >> how do i know what you would do with the flag? i'm not a flag scientist. i want to be president of the united states not president of flags. i object to your question. çlaughterñ >> i want ton are you taking this down tomorrow. are you taking it down tonight? because i can come up with a
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flashlight. >> it was half staff but the rebel flag remained high, untouchable without an override by two thirds of the state legislature. >> well okay no problem. you get that two thirds blah, blah, blah and i'll get the key. i have one of those. right here. this will open any pad lock or non-pad lock or maximum security prison in upstate new york. oops. tough question. anyhow the point is, you're taking that flag down, right? >> as governor, i have the authority to call them back into session under extraordinary circumstances. i've indicated to the house and the senate that if they do not take measures this summer, i will use that authority for the purpose of the legislature removing the flag from the statehouse
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grounds: >> so you want them to come back to debate taking it down, but there's a chance that they won't. so you say hey, guys, you better come back and talk about this. south carolina -- (bleep) i'm just going to have to retract my up here. let me give you unsolicited advice. how about just take the damn flag down right now [ applause ] hear me out. [ applause ] and then you can debate puting it back up. [ applause ] how about that? now i know as governor, you have to follow the rules but you're a south carolina governor. there were no rules for you guys. i mean the last governor took
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the appalachia trail to argentina on a mission for secrets. which, by the way is against south carolina law. known what the debate is about anyway. it's not an official flag. it's a relic with no purpose anymore. it's decorative. you don't need a declaration to remove a decoration. okay. [ .look, it's time for a segment we call for the record. for the record, the confederate flag sent a traditional of heritage. it's intimidation. that's not my opinion. that's an objective fact. on march 21st 1861 the vice president of the confederacy, stated that the confederate government was based on the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man. that speech is now called the
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corner stone speech because that idea is the corner stone of the confederacy. you don't get clearer than that. some people say that southern states should fly the confederate flag because of heritage, but if we flew every flag from the past why not fly the union jack in front of the white house. and for the record, you don't get to make the heritage argument, because the marx mark of the centennial civil war and coincidentally what the black started with civil rights n. 1961, it was a remind tore black people that they should know their place. it has always been used as a symbol of intimidation and terror. and in fact, the neo nazis
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often adopt the confederate flag in it's place. it's such a racist symbol that is does double duty as the blackup racist symbol for another racist symbol. [ applause ] >> it's crazy. okay. so for the record, i get it that plenty of honorable people have fuzzy feelings about the confederate flag, but that's irrelevant. their nostalgia will never trump the people who see it as a symbol of hate. and for a state to fly this flag, that hate is the message they send to their people. for the record does there really need to be a debate on whether or not to you should take it down. jucht do t. seriously take it down now. we'll be right back. [ applause ] this is smith & forge
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welcome back. so president obama went on mark maron's broadcast and said the n word. oh, oh. it's so crazy. you guys don't believe me? just google obama and nigger, and you can -- wait. don't do that. here i'll just show you the clip. president obama: racists, we're not through with them clearly and it's not just a matter of -- it's not being polite to say anythingener public. that's not the measure of whether it's racism still existing or not. >> i don't know about this, really. the president of the united states just said anything tore beautifully illustrate the point to fix the systemic problem we have with race in
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this country. it's all context, right? obama sometimes leaks it at 100. so how did the media react. >> president obama weighed in on the ongoing conversation on racism, and used a racist word when he did. we have a warning for viewers. he uses strong language. some may be considered offensive. >> i wouldn't have used the word to make the point he was trying to make. >> why? you're allowed to use the word. thanks to hr 182, we can say t. black people and only black people can say nigger as much as we want. do you hear me tom hanks cray son. oej we can say t. only us. but my favorite is how the
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press classifies the n word. >> he's never used the word before. >> that's an electric word. electric? highly charged? who do you think came up with the n word, tesla? i know how to cure the energy crisis. not solar power, n power. now of course whenever we have a story like this, let's ask the question that's inevitable, what were they saying on fox news? >> he has really dragged the gutter speak of rap music. and now he's the first president of rap of street. >> you think rappers started the n word? really? you honestly think obama is the first president to use the n word?
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okay. i thought that word was in the presidential lexicon before acronyms were dangerous. you think thomas jefferson was i'll own slaves but i wouldn't dream of using the n word. or if you prefer, president nixon. let him speak for himself. thank you? you see? incidentally that, quote comes from an oval office conversation nixon was having with donald rumsfeld. that's for real. i'm not making that up. now by the way i'm not just beating up on the republicans. >> and the white folks. >> so presidents using the n word kind of an american tradition.
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he might be the first president to ever say nigger without expecting someone to then immediately bring him a lemonade. that would be the difference. i get that. you can believe what you want. you know i'm right. all right, fox. you shouldn't be talking about this. but what else. >> many people wonder if he would dare to say it, and perhaps not in a state of the union or in a public address. >> you think going to say the n word during the state of the union? you'd think when we say the n word we can't stop. it's like nigger hiccups or something. >> i don't understand. we just can't control what's coming out of our mouths? is this honestly what you think the state of the union will sound like. president obama: we can reduce dependence on foreign oil and protect your niggers. more of our niggers are
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this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. >> >> larry: welcome back. carlos. and comedy central show,
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another period actress, riki lindhome, and cbs this morning's gayle king. [ applause ] >> so happy to have everybody here. let's jump right in. president obama used the n word. do you think it's okay for the president of the united states to just use the word just like that? >> i think you have to put it in context, larry. there's a difference between saying it and using it. and he was saying it. he was saying it. so when you look at the context in which he was using it, i think it was a little -- what did he say? when you put it in context i get it. i wasn't offended. >> they were asking him his favorite lyric. >> larry: right, you didn't hear the set-up. >> it was the context. >> larry: of any president, i
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think he should be able to. he should be the one -- i'm not saying any president could say that. [ applause ] and other presidents -- clinton? yeah. >> well, he was from arkansas. >> but the set-up of how other presidents could use the word. there's a different context. >> i think he knows the word. >> i think the context was horrible. that's what the context is. >> i think the president -- once he gets off work, he must feel like yabba daba do. >> nigger, nigger, nigger. >> larry i'm not an expert. i don't wear glasses, i do wear glass , but it doesn't mean i know everything. like the west wing is close
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the door and yeah. i just go down. >> i don't know why. >> riki disagree with you. >> fine, disagree. it's a free country. but i know what happens. an n word jar. >> obama saves it for the appropriate context. >> it's sitting in the garage. he was siting in the garage having a casual conversation. the whole interview was very interesting. >> larry: let me ask you this. do you think anybody should be able to say t. rappers are saying it. kids are acting like it's a different meaning and people are flipping it upside down. to me it still does mean that. it still kind of means that. >> as a resident white person, i'm going to let you guys say t. >> i was wondering what riki would say. >> i was wondering too. >> i'm not qualifyed to weigh in on the topic in any way whatsoever.
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>> take a stand. [ . >> i think all the white people in the room. it's an interesting point. it's a term of endearment in our own privacy of our home. i used to think that until you start thinking about the history. whenure know the -- you know the history thaf word, for many it was the last word they heard before they were beaten to death. that's the last thing i heard. when you think about that, i think we have to rethink it. >> larry: you think the word should go away. some people suggest -- there's a lot of words that should go away. >> and yolo. >> that would be first. >> maybe all you can eat. that should go away. >> all you can eat? all you can eat? >> yeah yeah i would get rid
2:07 am
of both of those. >> but those words aren't painful. >> yes, i am. >> i feel that we shouldalt least have -- at least we could -- definitely white people should go on a fast with the word. but definitely like a diet. i think we should try saying it less every day. >> and if you're president obama you close the door? >> kind of. >> and then i -- i go a little nuts. >> i think it's good that we're having this conversation. i grew nup connecticut. my kids grew up in connecticut. so you'd be in the car and playing music and singing and singing it with gusto, and i'm thinking there's something about that that bothers me when we put that music o. it's
2:08 am
sort of -- it bothers me a lot. >> the next thing it's like i don't know. you get caught with the milk at the fridge. it's indulgence. in the catholic church you had to pay for an indulgence. you can say it. >> you're catholic, right? >> i am. >> it's an indulgence: is there a word that white people can say instead when they want to sing rap music. >> xaflle? example? >> neighbor. >> you're my neighbor. >> how about yo my ninja. >> ninja is good. yeah. >> i think ninja, neighbor. >> where do you stand on it? >> the use of the n word. do you think we should ban it? >> i don't think it should be banned. i think language is very powerful. i agree with the president how he used it.
2:09 am
i thought he was eloquent. i think the president did two brave things. we talked about guns. and that was a political speech. that was good. [ applause ] and on the weekend [ , it doesn't get much worse people gunned down in a church in a racial incident. >> and they were nice, they were welcoming to him. >> larry: should the president to say nigger in this context, that's old school in the way i vice president seen in a while. and i don't mean to be flip about it. i know he was thoughtful about it. i believe in the power of words. i don't need to get rid of words. just learn how to use them. >> we'll be right back. >> new york city or making plans to visit the upcoming taping of the nightly show. it meets monday through thursday. go to the nightly [ applause ] ♪ [people talking] e
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>> larry: that's our show. thank jordan carlos, riki lindhome. and gayle king. check us out on facebook to keep track. and join me tomorrow night. goodnight everyone. [ applause ] it's 11:5 the an 59 seconds happened on


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