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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  July 6, 2015 11:31pm-12:02am PDT

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row night at 11:00 by, the way i believe our guest senator gillibrand will be joining us. right now, your moment os zen. >> when i hear the media say our country is angry, i know they're wrong. last year i went to 37 different states across this country in one year. i met people in every corner of america, and they are not angry. americans are not angry. americans are filled with anxiety.dia access group at wgbh >> larry: tonightly, donald trump spits out more racist bull [bleep] and that was just on a birth cay-- birthday card to his nephew. an iphone case shaped like a handgun is now available for purchase. my advice black kids nope. huh-uh huh-uh. and bree newsome is here tonight, in case you done
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know who that is she is the coolest winner of capture the flag ever. (cheers and applause) >> larry: yes, this is the nightly show, let's do this captioning sponsored by comedy central (cheers and applause) >> larry: thursday night i like it. i like it i like it i like it. man. very excited. thank you very much. >> larry, larry larry! >> larry: thank you so much. thank you. i appreciate it. you're too kind. please we got a lot of show to get to. welcome to the show i'm larry wilmore man it's such an exciting show. bree newsome the woman who snatched that flag off that flag pole in south carolina here tonight. (cheers and applause) so ex sighted to have her. oh but right now this is very exciting too right now
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it's time to check in on the unblackening. (laughter) man, there are 14 candidates in the republican field. but only one is giving me joy right now. this guy. (laughter) was's the latest in the saga of the hugest most classiest, most elegant most luxurious kind of day ever. >> on monday nbc announced it will no longer air the miss usa or miss universe pageant partly owned by trump, following a similar step by univision which also dumped the event. >> larry: oh. univision. trump no es elegante. and to the surprise of move
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one trump reacted by suing univision for 500 million dollars. and apparently he had to this. >> people say wow he is really running. and i give up a the lo. you know when i do this i give up a lot. as an example univisioning i'm going to have to sue univision now. (laughter) >> larry: okay, first of all it's univision. and second of all why are you just suing them. didn't nbc dump you too? >> maybe i will be suing nbc too. >> larry: oh. pardon me. man, i'm really lacking forward to the trump presidency. to combat global warming i will be suing icebergs and polar bears. yeah. i'm also suing this hurricane that's approaching florida. back off! what the hell is going on. oh but my favorite of trump's tit for tat legal strategy/presidential campaign rollout
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strategy/logic jijitsu has to be from yesterday when macy's dropped trump's not made in the usa clothing line. by the way which is the hugest, most classiest most elegant-- you know the rest. you know the rest. to which trump said i've decided to terminate my relationship with massey's. (applause) >> larry: seriously? oh my god. what's-- oh, oh, you have decided to-- are you trying to gas light us. do you know how reporting works? we all know you were dumped. it's like a five-year-old you know. hey massey's i'm rubber you're glue or better yet i'm the moss classest most serious, most vulcanized rubber ever made and you're the most disgusting most liquidiest least adhesive glue ever. and if you think that was
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some fifth grade level histrionics this one doesn't even make trump sense, okay. so at his presidential campaign announcement trump ent ared to neil young's song rocking in the free world, okay. so well when young asked trump to stop using his song trump responded with -- >> i don't even like that song that much. (laughter) >> larry: you picked it! as the walk on music for your presidential announcement. it's not pandora. i mean right you don't just type in presidential announcement and surprise neil young comes on right. i'm walking out to this but i'm thumbsing it down. right? it doesn't make sense. (applause) >> larry: i tell you donald trump, donald trump is like the ass hell in the bar with calls a girl ugly after she refauses to go out with him right. she's not classy. but it's not just
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individuals and companies running from him. the entire city of new york is questioning its relationship with trump. and the controversial comment, of course i don't know if you remember these words in his announcement speech about mexican immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> larry: i don't have a joke here i just want you to bathe in that for a second. take a little bath a little trump bath in that. because later on in an interview he said this. >> and i love mexico. i love the mexican people. i love them. >> larry: you just called them rapists and drug dealers. did you think they were so busy raping they didn't see your speech? seriously. i mean surely donald i mean you're running for president of the united states. you cannot say an entire group of people are raping. surely you're going to go on
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television and clear this up right? >> i think he's going to take one of television's top journalists to get to the bottom of this. i never thought i would say this but don lemon-- mr. lemon you're our last hope. >> i have lead-- i've read the washington post. i read the fusion i read the huffington post. an that's about women being raped. it's not about criminals coming across the border or entering the country. >> somebody's doing the raping, don. i mean you know i mean somebody's doing it it's women being raped, well who is doing the raping? >> larry: who's doing the raping? okay, who's bringing the chips? who's bringing the beer? wait, wait who's doing the raping? oh okay very good very good. i didn't know i had to ask. i have to tell you though as far as campaign slogans go done all trump 2016 who's doing the raping?
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right? it's not bad. (cheers and applause) >> larry: it's not bad. hope and change who's doing the raping? not a bad ring to it but i tell you one group that all this doesn't seem to turn off. >> amid the controversy trump had been surging in the republican polls. up to second place in the first primary state of new hampshire. >> whose's the best on terrorism, that's a pretty important subject trump right at the top. who's the best on handling international trade. like not even close. trump is like almost double anybody else. >> larry: okay, hold on a second. is he analyzing his own poll results? and then referring to himself in the third person? what are you a presidential candidate or prima donna wide receiver. i don't-- (applause) but i tell you what you
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know republican voters okay this one time i'm not going to chastise you. i'm not going to ridicule you. you keep doing what you are doing okay. so i can keep doing what i'm doing, okay? trump 2016. who's doing the raping? >> we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) ♪ the 5 truth or dare challenge is back. are you game?
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>> larry: welcome back. i have to say one of my favorite stories of the last week involved a young lady who took an early morning excursion to retrieve an unsavory relic. or in layman's terms she
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took the con federal flag down. >> you scaled the 30 foot feel and desned with the flag in hand. ladies and gentlemen please welcome bad flag snatcher bree newsome. (cheers and applause) thank you so much for being on the show. come on out. have that seat right there. there we go. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> larry: i noticed when you tweeted you were excited to be on the show to share some mint julep with me. >> yes! >> larry: kind of a little toast. >> and discuss a discussion of removing the flag. >> larry: exactly am so here is what i want to he no. how much planning like went into that. did you have like a pole in your backyard to practice on. >> well, yeah, it was about ten of us who pulled the whole thing together including folks who mr. down in south carolina who could
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like actually go down there and look at the scene see what all what be involved what roles would be required. and so then by the time we came to get it some of those logistics had been laid out and it was just a matter of who was going to fill what roles including climbing the pole. so i was like i will do t had i climbed a pole before no, but let's do it. >> so there was a whole group and you said wait wait. >> yeah i mean yeah i mean, we went through it and of course we had to discuss that the two roles one of chriping the pole and one of being at the bottom and watching guard those two people might an rested. >> larry: how many people were on the scene during the -- >> about nine of us. >> larry: there were nine people there. i -- know that. >> yeah. >> larry: there was a wol group of you that did this together. >> yeah t was coordinated. >> larry: did you all work in your core like at the same time. that is what i would have to do. so what went through your mind the moment you had that flag? did you realize the importance of this or were you just kind of-- like god i can see my house from here.
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what did that feel like. >> it was just like this really amazing feeling of like mission accomplished you know. i mean one of the hardest points that i was concerned about is just get being 15 feet up the pole and i knew once i got that far up i was pretty much clear to make it up there. once i got up there and was able to unhook the flag. >> high enough that no one could grab you. >> exactly. once i got up there an grabbed it, it was just like yes take me to jail. (cheers and applause) >> larry: and when you were about halfway up did you-- when the capitol police showed up. >> yeah. >> larry: were you scared at that moment? what did that feel like? >> no not reallyment because i was out of reach. it was kind of this awkward thing of them being to come down and me just being like no. you know. >> larry: were they pretty cool about it? >> yeah, i mean clearly i had ruined their day i mean-- you know, i was like-- . >> larry: but oops sorry
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guys. >> sorry for the inconvenience. >> larry: some people compared to you rosa parks called you like a superhero right so here is what i want to do. we need to come up with a proper superhero name for you. okay. so the offender. soul pole, kind of cool sounds like frozen a little bit. sister slicker or queen bree. question one queen brie? (cheers and applause) >> larry: actually, i think the proper superhero name is bree newsome. there you go. >> thank you. >> larry: so we also have an award we want to give you. >> okay. >> larry: it's titled the bre newsome award. i don't know how that works. and unfortunately i don't have it here but we put it in a place that might be easy for you to get. so if we can just show-- yeah, so you can grab it. no no no.
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it's not true. no, no the bree newsome award unbelievable what she did. we'll be right back. bree newsome (cheers and applause)
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♪ get excited for the 1989 world tour with exclusive behind the scenes footage all of taylor swift's music videos interviews, and more. xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. >> larry: welcome back. i am here with my panel tonight. he's a comedian and nightly show contributor but you know him best as black ice mike yard. he's an incredible comedic performer and nightly show writer but you know her best as the incognegro hunter holly walker and a comedian and nightly show executive producer but you might know
11:52 pm
him as the one who plays-- all those dutchy white guys rory albanese. >> and a contributer who actually got a rossie par easy at the last parade ricky velez. before we start i want to explain we're going to do something new. we started to talk about that the people we see at the time were in my barber shop. it -- matter what you say when you go out everybody is open so these are the people when you see our regulars they are in our barber shop. so we're collecting people in our barber shop and audience members will have a chance to bet if the barber shop too. so that will be fun. (cheers and applause) so i'm excited tonight we're doing bag of grab so there is an unusual object in there, and you take it out, whatever it is will be our topic. we will do these topics, holly, you want to go first. >> yes. >> larry: what can be it be licence ladies first. >> larry: the object will tell us what the topic is. >> okay. >> larry: i like that one.
11:53 pm
okay that-- this one is great. this is a-- these are what you see on lawns this is for the drought inical call. there is a lot of rich asshole whs keep watering their lawns at ridiculous rates, they don't care. they say they are above it. we had this huge argument over lawns, okay. so who look, i will just say these people are wrong. but is it okay to have lawns? let's just start there. >> it's okay to have a lawn if you live like in michigan. but if you are-- if you are living in tatuine and there is no water to be found you don't get to have a lawn. >> larry: i don't know if that place exists or not. >> no no hold on. >> star wars. >> if you have the money to pay for the water why shouldn't you be allowed to use it. if i had the money i would clean my car with fiji every day, okay. >> that's [bleep]. >> you think rich people should hog the water.
11:54 pm
>> if they can afford it yes. if i can afford something are you going to tell me. >> they are using water from like the supply that supplies everybody and i'm rich so i want a lawn grow up, i mean. >> rory. >> i'm pro lawn. >> oh. >> nice. >> daisy dukes. >> so how do you get in there. >> okay so tvland announces it's pulling reruns of the tv show dux of hazard because the confederate flag controversy. first of all any dukes of hazard fans in the audience? >> i love that show great show. >> tvland doing the right thing. >> no comment about this because like it's not because i'm mad about the confederate flag it's because i'm young. and. >> so you are calling us all old. >> pretty much. >> all old. >> i am going to call chips on you that is how old i am. >> no clue what that means. >> i will have punch and
11:55 pm
john come arrest you. >> i love the dukes of hazard and field like the show is the show t exists already. inglorious basterds with swastikas they aren't going to pull that. the duke boys never mean no harm, you no he what i mean. they literally -- >> they literally-- boss hogs that saul they were doing. they meant no harm. >> they tell awe head of time. >> they inintro with the lawn says the day they were born. >> i didn't know this about the duke boys. >> i just want to say i want to just say that is the whitest thing you've ever done. >> i have known you a long time. that is the whitest thing you have ever done. >> larry: go ahead. >> i was just saying the voice he did was the most racist thing i ever heard. it's-- . >> larry: okay. what have we got.
11:56 pm
>> this is a hymnal for the presidential-- president obama last week at the charleston eulogy broke out in song, right? can we see that real quick. >> amazing grace ♪ ♪ how sweet ♪ ♪ the sound ♪ ♪. >> larry: okay, let me just say, i am so glad he did this because this proves what i my theory that his white side governed for the first six years. and now his black side is presidenting currently right? it is. >> yeah. >> larry: his black side is currently presidenting. was this obama's blackest moment? i mean if a white president just broke out like a preacher in a church and then started singing people would be going-- [bleep]. >> i think they would have sounded exactly like that i think that was his white part trying to brust
11:57 pm
through. >> larry: you think so. >> that was awful. >> larry: . >> larry: he sounded like a hineu trying to sing gospel come on, man what was that? >> larry: he's the president come on. >> that was-- that was a black moment. any time are you in a churchnd and you start singing and people are like do it mr. president. >> larry: he the president they have to. >> at the don't have to. >> larry: the president gave an unbelievable speech, and everybody is like this. yes mr. president. he starts thinging they're like oh [bleep]. >> okay okay. >> (cheers and applause) >> when the hands start doing this, it is a black moment yes. >> it didn't matter if he sounded good or not. >> larry: and the women are all doing this. >> yup. >> even though there is air continuing on. >> because i have been to many a black church where people don't sing on key. >> i'm saying it is the president. >> what is this talent show at the beginning of the week
11:58 pm
he did a pod cast. he did the-- he is going to join an improv group in the next ten days. >> his blackest moment to me was when he was dealing with the heckler that is when he got really black. that's when he got really black. he did the little head lean when a black man does this, he is up set. >> underneath the pattio he snapped a belt real quick. >> larry: i don't care what it is i'm telling you i like my president like i like my coffee anybody else want a big black ass cup of coffee. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) bran some free tickets for an upcoming taping for the nightly show, go to the nightly verizon say neversettle. t-mobile agrees. never settle for verizon's overpriced gimmicks. try the un-carrier risk-free for 14 days
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it's chewy. really icy. wooh. that's intense! it just hits you. its gum. no. it's totally a mint! it's disappearing as i am chewing it. where did it go? it's not a gum. not a mint. it's a totally new cool. new ice breakers cool blasts. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. . >> okay, that's our show i want to thank our panelists our barber shop panelist holly walker mike yard rory albanese and ricky
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velez. >> and a special thanks to my new hero bree newsome. (cheers and applause) >> larry: an before we go good luck to the u.s. women's soccer team. let's kick the world cup ass! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central >> chris: it's 11:59 and 59 seconds. this happened on today. cnn's don lemon was named 2014's worst journalist of the year and by the looks of things, he's gunning for that title again in lemon has lured the bliens between news and outright trolling. he's done everything from compairlg children to dogs who need to be beaten, to playing


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