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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  June 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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i'm here! i'm here! it's okay! >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: yeah! welcome, everybody! welcome to "the daily show." thank you so much for tuning in! thank you so much! ( cheers and applause ) my guests tonight -- here to talk about the crisis of sexual assault in the military -- senator kirsten gillibrand, with colonel don christensen and brigette mccoy. ( cheers and applause ) but first, let's catch up on
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today's headlines. the middle east and drones. whatever story you're thinking it'sbly n this. >> at a fashion show in saudi arabia is going viral now. check this out, an array of fashion dresses floating down a runway but no model in sight. this bizarre fashion show at a saudi arabian who tell where drones were used to show case these dressessen instead of traditional human models, a spokesperson says the drones were used to bring a change to the annual show -- ( laughter ) >> trevor: a drone fashion show is one of the weirdest things i have ever seen, but, if you add the harry potter theme, it totally works. ( harry potter theme song playing ) ( applause ) in other news, if you believe president trump is tearing the white house to shreds, turns out it's worse than you think.
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>> white house staffers have reportedly been taping pieces of paper back together after president trump rips them up. they need to tape them back together to comply with the presidential records act. according to politico the papers include letters and official documents require by law to be preserved and sent to the nationalves. >> sometimes it will be just one big rip down the middle. sometimes it could be, like, confetti. ( laughter ) >> trevor: president trump's tearing up official documents? i mean, let's not act surprised. after all, he spent the last year tearing up the constitution. ( cheers and applause ) but, seriously, though, this is real life. they can't get trump to stop ripping up official documents. so, instead, the staff in the white house have to scurry in and then grab the shreds off the floor like ball boys from wimbledon. ( laughter ) i don't know why trump rips up
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all his paper. my guess is to show off how strong he is. "would an unhealthy president be able to do this?!" that's it for this edition of the headlines. the weekend, the maintory. ent trump attended the g7 which was held in quebec, canada. the g7 is very important. it's when you add a g4 to a g3. ( laughter ) it's also when america and closest allies come together for two days of meetings on economic issues. basically, it's the world's most boring sleepover. even before it began, things got off to a rocky start. rocky iv start. >> before heading to the summit, president trump's first controversy by saying he wants russia to be welcomed back into the g8. >> we should have russia at the
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negotiating table. >> trevor: i don' i don't know f trump colluded with russia but if everyone was accusing me of colluding are russia, i wouldn't be caught dead mentioning their name. if your girlfriendccused you of cheating with quiche arks even if you didn't do it, shut up about keisha, just shut up. hey, babe, do you know who we should invite to party? keisha. nigga, i know you just did not bring up keisha! ( laughter ) ( applause ) but, clearly, trump doesn't know how to take a clue because he kept bringing up keisha all weekend long. >> some people like the idea of bringing russia back in. this used to be the g8, not the g7, and something happened a while ago where russia is no longer in. i think it would be an asset to have russia back in. >> the something that happened that got them kicked out of the g8 was the invasion and annexation of crime. i can't do you think crimea should be
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recogniz by russia? >> crimea was let go in the obama administration. obama can say all he wants but he allowed russia to take crimea. >> trevor: okay, that makes sense, russia annexes crimea wasn't really a big deal, but we must never forgive obama for letting them commit this atrocity, which was not a big deal at all, i mean -- whoever knows what amea is, anyway, just a random little place -- who's blood is on obama's hands! anyway, i think we should invite keisha, is what i'm saying. laws laws fo( applause ) trump's russia obsession would have been more than enough drama, but for president trump, he was just getting started. >> president trump stuns the world, pulling out of the g7's official agreement and issue ago warning to allies. >> we're like the piggy bank everybody is robbing. >> this unprecedented friction with some of america's closest allies. the president and top aides are
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launch ago automobile all-out assault against canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> the president accused justin trudeau of false statements and called him very dishonest and weak. >> trevor: trump went into the g7 for a run of the mill check in with america's allies and came out full on beefing with canada, the ed flanders of countries. no one expected it to go this way. it's like going in for a checkup and coming out as a human centipede. i don't think it's covered. emmanuel macron called trump incoherent and angela merkel said it is sobberring and depressing. she is german, so everything is sobering and depressing to her. she was at breakfast saying i find this pancake both sobering and depressing. president trump claims trudeau was super nice to him in person and as soon as trump left,
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trudeau held a press conference saying canada still planned to retaliate against u.s.'s new tariffs. because trump has a policy, you don't criticize him behind his back. you also don't criticize him to his face. side doesn't work either. ( laughter ) yeah, you write it down on a piece of paper and then rip it up into tiny pieces and someone will run by and pick it up. ( applause ) that's how it works. ( applause ) because, if you do criticize trump, he will send his guys out on tv to let you know that it's on. >> the president's advisors fiercely attacking trudeau on the sunday shows. >> he holds a press conference and he said the u.s. is insulting. he really kind of stabbed us in the back. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president beyond j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the
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door. >> trevor: wow, a special place in hell for any leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with donald trump. that is a very specific threat and a very special place in hell. that sounds like v.i.p. shit. yeah, one person, all the thoughts in hell, going to be like, damn, who's that v.i.p.? ( laughter ) the question is why on earth would trump react from n sump an extreme way to a trade dispute to an unthreatening ally? according trump's advisor, this is all part of greater plan. >> potus is not going to let a canadian prime minister push him around, pohim, potus around, president trump, on the eve of this, he is not going to permit any show of weakness on the trip to negotiate with north korea, nor should he -- >he -- >> so this was about north korea? >> of course, it was, in large part. >> trevor: of course, it was,
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in large part! why was he doing that? like he just watched tiler perry movie -- our president will not -- get pushed around! he will not! ( laughter ) so, in essence, to win his nobel peace prize with north korea, trump is going to start a war with canada. it really is brilliant and the man is playing some two-dimensional chess. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) save the dinosaurs from an island that's about to explode. what could go wrong? [ roar ]
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doto be our next spokesperson?m he's so boring. hm. sounds like you're on the fence. why don't i just leave you my resume? hanks. you're hired! yes, it's laminated. try caramel m&m's. ow. >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." you know, this was a huge weekend forrts. rafael nadal won his 11t 11th french open. c.m. got pun binged in the u.f.c., and the m.l.b. logo
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married the w.n.b.a. logo, mazel tov to those two. to catch you up on everything sports related to roy wood, jr. and ronny chieng for i apologize for talking when you were talkin ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> oh, what's up, sports heads? i'm chris tucker, that's jackie chan! >> that's not my name. >> i'm just joking! y'all give it up upfor international correspondent ronny chieng, right here! ( cheers and applause ) now, ronny is going to help us break down the world cup. >> thanks, roy. the world cup begins thursday in russia. it's the biggest sporting event in the world. >> thanks, ronny. now let's get to sports americans actually care afnlt basketball, the golden state warriors are champions again, after sweeping the cleveland cavaliers. >> you mean the cavaliers? >> no, i do not. it's just lebron. cavalier.
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( laughter ) and it turns out even he wasn't 100%. >> we found out after the game that lebron james played most of the series with a significant hand injure. he says he punched a white board after cleveland's brutal loss in game one. >> pretty much played the last three games with a broken hand. self-inflicted, post-game after game one, very emotional. >> poor j.r. smith, he probably doesn't know the series is over. i bet he showed up for game five like i'm ready to go! where is everybody! >> yes, j.r. smith is stupid. time to move on to the sport the gyre world is talking about. >> there's also horse racing! ( laughter ) the belmont stakes were on saturday and justify entered the record books becoming only the 13th horse to win the triple crown! >> wow, a horse ran because someone was whipping it. what a feat of human achievement. >> you said it, rony, almost as incredible was this tweet from sheriff david clark, who wrote,
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"donald trump should invite justify to the white house lawn. justify is a winner like donald trump who could care less about leftist identity politics ." and -- >> yeah, of course the horse doesn't care for politics, it's a homplets the only issue a horse cares about is what it can eat and net neutrality. >> oh, yeah. >> can we talk about the world cup. >> sure. who are the americans playing? >> the americans didn't qualify. >> let's talk hockey! hockey! the washington capitals won the stanley cup and their captain has been taking that trovery everywhere. he took it to a nationals game. he took it to bed with him. look at that's correct ronny. one guy, one cup. am i right? ( laughter ) he even had the trophy with him when hera ran into ivanka trump
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and jared kushner. what do you think about the trumps kicking it again with another russian. >> i think the cup will be subpoenaed by robert mueller. let's move on to the world cup. this thursday -- >> sorry, rony, we are out of time! >> you have got to be kidding me! >> you can try again in four years. ( laughter ) that's it for us, back to uh you, trevor! >> trevor: thankou so much. chris and jackie, we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ [baby laughing] [baby crying] [baby laughing] [baby crying] [baby laughing] [baby crying] we hide hotel names, so you can find four star hotels at two star prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e
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recently, in the midst of the #metoo movement, the u.s. military has once again been forced to address its sexual assault problem. joining us to talk more about legislation aimed at dealing with this issue, welcome senator kirsten gillibrand, with colonel don christensen and brigette mccoy. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the show. senator, i'm going to kick it off with yourself. this is a strange issue that seems like it should pt have anyone who's against it. you explain what the problem is and where we currently stand now? >> the problem, is for 20 years, the department of defense has had zero -- has said zero tolerance for sexual assault in the military. last time they surveyed, there were over 15,000 sexual assaults not including civilians and spouses. of those sexual assaults, only just over 6,000 are reporting, and those 6,000, so few cases
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actually go forward to trial and so few cases actually end up in conviction, and we need a military justice system that is worthy of the sacrifice that th men and women make every day and, unfortunately, the dod unwilling to change how they prosecute these cases, and one of the things that all of us believe in is that it should b given to trained military prosecutors to make the decision about whether there are crimes who have been committed, not commanders who are not even lawyers and not trained and may have biases because right now the system is failing our service members. >> trevor: there are people who have come out against your proposal and said the military handles military issues, why are si civilians trying to get involved? you don't know best for the military, why would you step in with this legislation that aims to bring in a foreign body to try and in some way influence what's happening in the military? >> so you're not. you're actually telling someone like commander christensen who was the prosecutor that he gets to look at the evidence because he's a prosecutor, decide whether a crime has been
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committed and decide whether to move that case to trial to court martial. right now, when a commander makes that decision, they may know the prepare traitor, they may know the victim. it's kind of like when your boss is deciding when two people work at the the same company whether one committed sexual assault or the other, like your cad deciding whether to punish you or your brother. it's not fair, it's biased and the results are so bad, there are not a loof i cases that are going to conviction and unfortunately a lot of commanders use nonjudicial punishment and sometimes will kick the servicemember out and put a serial rapist into the civilian world. we've had many sexual assaults as the last several years, more sexual assaults reported today than ever and the rate of conviction is going down, not up. >> trevor: colonel, you worked in the military, you served, and you were involved i prosecuting cases.
11:23 pm
what were the obstacles you found when it came to sexual assault? why do you feel that this needs to be assigned to a special group of people and not currently the way it's done? >> senator gillibrand and i both use the same term, professionalization. the military just system is not professional. it's controlled by a commander who might be a great pilot or infantry officer but knows nothing about prosecutor sexual assault. i did it for 23-plus years. sexual assault is the most difficult kind of case you can prosecute. eth not something you can pick up, get a powerpoint slide briefing and now i'm an expert on prosecuting cases. >> trevor: right. >> if you just look at the numbers, less than 4% of allegations in the military result in a conviction. 96% of the people that have been accused of a sexual assault walk free, and that's just not winning. >> trevor: brigette, on your side, you not only served, but you have come forward with a
11:24 pm
very painful story of your own experience with sexual assault in the military. information, and how did it inform why you support this legislation? >> well, my situation happened in the '90s, in '87 to '91, and when i got out, i was exited out because i reported sexual harassment. so within a 99-day period, i was retaliated against, and then subsequently put out of the military. of those things wereing, completely didn't hold up against me saying, you know, i had been assaulted, and, now, you know, i want something done about it. instead of them doing something about it, then i was exited out of the military. >> trevor: who retaliated against you? >> my command. my first sergeant, the commanders, they -- you know, like i said, i had to sign paperwork to be put out of the military, to get out of the
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military. so they basically -- once conversation happened that i had been harassed, they wanted to know why and what i wanted, and i said i just didn't want to work with someone who was going to treat me that way. >> trevor: right. >> and, so, from that process, they started giving me extra duty and extra things outside of the scope of my job, creating just this atmosphere where my peers were questioning, like, what's going on with you, where my subordinates were questioning, like, my authority and, you know, like i said, it ended up being, you know, me getting out of the military. >> trevor: it's a really painful story that surprise med when reading about it because you also discover that in the military, specifically, this is an issue that is affecting more n than women which i often the case with sexual assault in general society. is there a reason that this happens or is there a reason people are resistant to it because of that? >> i don't think so. i think they just don't want to change how they do something. you know, unfortunately, the
11:26 pm
department of defense didn't want to integrate the military. they didn't want women to serve, they didn't want women in combat, they didn't want to repeal don't ask don't tell. every time it happened, they had the same excuse, it undermines good order and discipline. if you have nearly 15,000 rapes a year you don't have good order and discipline, first of all. right now, there's no transparency or accountability. ( applause ) >> trevor: it's a powerful issue. senator, what's going to happen now? where do you go from here? >> servicemembers deserve a vote. we asked for a vote the last two years and been denied the vote. at a minimum, they deserve an up or down vote on this reform. we've done every incremental change possible in the last five years, anything anybody was willing to agree, to we passed through our committee and got passed. this is the one reform survivors asked for over and over again, the one reform that professionalizes the military. there's no transparency, no accountability, and there's been no justice and our military members deserve a vote. so skull your senators, ask for
11:27 pm
a vote, go to kirsten, it will tell you how to do that. >> trevor: thanks for joining us on the show. senator kirsten gillibrand, with colonel don christensen and brigette mccoy. we'll be right back ( cheers and applause ) thank you so much. we've got something borrowed, something blue, we still need something old. you could use my phone. or mine. you need the new iphone and you deserve it on the best network, verizon. camera's amazing. and now you can get a great deal at verizon. and i deserve to be the ring bearer. oh, i can see the position is already filled. (avo) it's time to switch to verizon. buy the latest iphone and get iphone 8 on us. plus, get the best unlimited, starting at $40 per line for four lines.
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: that's our show for tonight. stay tuned, "the opposition" is jordan klepper is coming up next. now here it is... your moment of zen. ♪ >> it's beautiful. >> join us, lebron. become a golden state warrior. >> why? so people can can just hate on me the way they do k.d.? nah, bury me in the eastern conference with my ancestors because they knew getting swept
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was better than -- >> oh, lebron! ♪ comedy central >> jordan: opposers get in here, it is already june 11th, my o upon ent is gun safety advocate shan on watts. >> yes, we'll dual later but first i want to update you on an intense international story that could send shock waves around the globe. ihop. home of america's favorite 3 a.m. pancake and sadness combo. any last week ihop announced that it is changing its name to


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