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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  June 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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another lovely woman needs me. good-bye, customer. [beeps] - good-bye, shake weight. - ♪ creme fraiche ♪ cafeteria fraiche ♪ >> from comedy central world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to the daily show, everybody. i'm trevor noah. thank you so much for tuning in. tonight's guest, tonight's guest from imagine dragon, he has a new documentary about gay equality in the mormon church, dan reynolds is here, everybody.
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(cheers and applause) all right, but first let's catch up on today's headlines. canada, has become just the second country to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide. (applause) and i'm just going say it's about time. finlly some laid back canadians. you know, right now it just feels leak canada is rubbing it in america's face at this point, you know, legalized weed nationwide, free health care. the leader is sain and hot. like-- (applause) >> what's next, what's next, it's going to turn out that curling gives you superintense organize as ams cannot-- orgasms, not fair, can darks not fair. meanwhile in the world cup japan won but more important leigh our hearts. >> japan won their first patch over colombia 2-1 but it was after the match that the japanese fans stole the show.
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this is video from inside the stadium as you can see numerous japanese fans stuck around there to help clean the stad jum-- stadium. >> on social media somebody posted twitter video of the sen he gal fans cleaning up the stands after they were done with the game. >> trevor: what are you guys doing? don't you know that when you win a game you have to trash the place. (laughter) you know what we should do as new yorkers? we should start innovating these countries to sporting events that don't even exist just so they can clean up. that is what they should do. we should just be like oh, hey, sennegal and japan there say big game in time square, and there a game in the subway. did you hear about the game in my kitchen after my party, yeah, big game, big game. but serious leigh, you guy, after you are done with that garbage maybe you can come it america and clean up the white house. (applause)
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all right. let's move on to the story we've been covering all week. >> sound effect. >> the trump administration policy of separating families at the border. it has rightfully outraged pretty much every decent human being and ted cruzment and now it lacks like even the man who made the policy is tired of the backlash. >> some breaking news. the president, president trump has signed the executive order that ends the practice of separating families, children from their parents. >> we're signing an executive order, i consider to be a very important executive order it is about keeping families together. >> trevor: heuer aye, our-- here aye, our hero. trump right now is like if superman through a meteor at the earth and then stopped it himself. everybody would be like thanks, i guess? yeah, so on its face it seems
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like president trump has decided to back down which to be honest, isn't totally surprising because everything day the family separation stories have gotten worse and worse. the outrage has grown. first we found out that the kid prses being natched by their parents at the border and then learned they were being kecht in their cages and yesterday we were reminded oh yeah, they have toddlers too. >> the trump administration is sending babies separated from their parents to at least three facilities in south texas known as tenlder age shelters. >> i'm standing outside of casa presidente, one of the three tender age shelters that the associated press reported on. inside there there are children as they define tender age ten years and younger. >> trevor: tender age shelter. that is the hell of a fancy way to pronounce baby jail. that is a real yeuf mism, like calling a cross burning a meatless barbecue. (laughter) and so #kwred, people found out that the federal government was
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snatching children as young as eight months from their parents. and people were rightfully outraged, not just at trump but also at his homeland security secretary and cinderella step sister krirs jen nielsen. >> the face of the trump administration family separation policy, homeland security secretary kisser jen nielsen blasted by protestors while trying to eat dinner at a mexican restaurant in the capitol. >> homeland security secretary is in a mexican restaurant of all places. the [bleep] gal. shame on you. >> nielsen tried to ignore the shouting before finally leaving. >> this is a one-time someone actually wanted a mariachi band to come to their table. she was like guys, you can get over here, quick, play that song, play it louder. ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. ♪ and look, i get why it's not a good look to torment latino kids
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and get your taco tuesday on but let's be honest there is no place she could have gone to eat without looking bad. when are you locking kids up in cages, forget about eating at golden corral, right, carl's, jr. just makes us wonder when he will be reunited with carl senior and you might think all right, fine, hooters, you can go to hooters. but you can, really, after you have ripped these babies from their mother's breasts. i don't think. so don't think. so i'm just saying if are you in charge of an evil family destroying policy maybe just pop in a lean cuisine for the night, that is what you should do, stay in. people have been outraged all week about this story and it didn't help when trump's friend and part time advisor corrie lewandowski headed south of the decency line. >> on defense after appearing to mock reportings of an undocumented ten year old girl with down syndrome being separated from her mother. >> i read today about a ten year old girl with down syndrome who was taken from her mother and put in a cage.
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>> wawa. >> i read about. >> did you say wawa to a ten year old with down syndrome. >> what i said is you can take anything. >> how dare you, how dare you! >> trevor: yeah, did he just say wamp wamp which is funny because that is what he will hear in the afterlife, wait, i'm's in hell? yeah, you are. wamp wamp. (applause) right now, right now no one really knows how trump executive order will actually work it has loopholes that could allow separations to continue. it says nothing about the kids who have already been taken and the whole thing might not even be legal 6789 plus when they released text they spelled, compleatly true, he had spelled separation wrong. guys, this is america. speak english! come on! (applause) but i mean at least there's some hope. for some reason for people to be hopeful. in a way i fell like now we can
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breathe. people stood up, they fought thought 70% of the country was against this and now there has been some sort of result. which i guess is a relief because this week we weren't just horrified by seeing kids in cages. i know i wasn't the only one who was horrified with the fact that people were trying to defend this practice. and some people were shocked by the rhetoric but the sad frut is we shouldn't be. we know from history that people have always found ways to defend just about anything. for instance, last weak big story was when attorney general jeff sessions quoted a bible passage to justify the family separation policy which is a craze' thing to say but it's not original. >> most folk who defended slavery were justifying it on the grounds of christianity. >> from the 1830s onward, southern politicians began to construct an argument that slavery truly was ordained by god fz that's what they used to say. slavery was ordained by gods, make it sound like god was like
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look, i don't want black people to suffer but i have got to get blues music show. so you have to take one for the team. >> trevor: in the last few days people were also shockerred to hear trump and his supporters fearmongerring, that a lot of these adorable kids would be hardened ms-13 how many brai, they come in as kids now but st only a matter of time before they join a gang, they sound it like joining a gang is part of latino pisht. mom, my voice just cracked, well now it's time to deal crack, yeah. but again, again, there is nothing new. this is dusting off xenophobia from way back in the 1930s when jewish children needed to come to america to escape nazi germany. >> in 1939 a bill proposed special sanctuary for 20,000 children. outside the quotea. the wagner rogers bill would become a litmus test with how americans really felt about jews. a cousin of the president laura del nor roosevelt commented
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20,000 charming children would all too soon grow into 20,000 ugly adults. >> trevor: now there's a life hack for you, if you are tbing to say something atrocious, pose with as many puppies as possible. that's what paula deen should have done. she would have been fine, yeah, would have been fine. until she deep fried one of them and ate them but before that, fine. and then of course you've got the argument that was parroted by the secretary of guacamole herself. the argument defending the continues that these kids have been living in, like this. >> children in dhs and hhs custody are being well taken care of. we have high stsd. we give them meals. we give them education, we give them medical care there is videos there is tv'ss. >> wow, meals, education what is anyone even complaining about? except you see again, this is the same type of excuse that they used in the 40s to defend
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america's japanese internment camps within the army provided housing, and plentdee of healthful nourishing food for all. special emphasis was put on the health and care of these american children of japanese des ent. here they would build schools, educate their quhirn, reclaim veterans. >> they are not prisoners, they >> trevor: oh yes, merely dislocated people. whether dislocated them again, that doesn't matter, not important. (laughter) so look, today's situation isn't the same butt excuses sure sound familiar. in fact they are as old as america itself which unfortunately makes them too old to be locked up in a tenner age shelter. we'll be right back. (applause)
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welcome back to the daily show. everyone has been blaming president trump for this week's border crisis. but it wasn't his idea alone. we can also thank trump senior policy advisor stephen miller. >> president trump's senior policy advisor stephen miller has reportedly played a big role in the shaping of this administration's immigration policy. >> stephen miller has been one of the main drivers pushing the president into enforcing the separation policy. >> but he is never making the president do something he doesn't want to do or something do something he doesn't believe in. >> for more we turn to michael kosta, everybody. (applause)
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>> stephen mill certificate reportedly behind many of donald trump's most heartless immigration policies. the travel ban, canceling daca and now separating kids from their parents. how can he support causing so much pain? >> how he can support cause sog much pain. calm down, you snowflake. okay? what you got to understand is riling up liberals is stephen miller's thifnlgt don't forget this is a guy who ran for student government in high school on a platform to make the janitors work harder. he once jumped into the middle of a woman's track meet to prove that men are better athletes. now did he do that because nobody would have sex with him? no, he did it to trigger the libs, and he had a lot of time to plan it because nobody would have sex with him. >> trevor: wait, wait, so you are saying that getting a reaction and angry reaction is what stephen miller wants. >> it is not only what he wants t is what he thrives on. that is what gets him out of his casket in the morning.
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so don't even try, liberals. calling stephen miller a light bull be covered in skin or what happens when yuf cousins [bleep] only nourishes him. and pointing out that he could rent his four head on airbnb would be falling right into his trap. >> trevor: wow, that's really upsetting, michael. but on the other hand wouldn't calling him something like a preregistered sex offender or satans life coach at least make people feel better. >> well, maybe, but it won't help. are you talking about a guy who puts his whole mouth on a public water fountain. you can't get to him. i mean sure you could-- could you photo shop his face to look like a herpes sore or slap it on a couple of bull testicles or just turn that mouth into a eur nal, could you do all of that. but he's just going to make that his profile pique on tinder. >> trevor: so if i understand what you are saying it is really best not to engage at all with this guy who looks like how tuna
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smells. >> i'm afraid so. in fact, i broit a chart to help explain, okay. so now look, here are people who think they can shame stephen miller into changing his mained. and here are people who think they can insult people into changing his mind. what they don't get is stephen miller as my chart explains is actually above it all, okay? see what i mean? (applause). >> trevor: he looks like a huge dickhead. >> what i did just say. >> trevor: i'm still learning, michael kosta, everybody. michael kosta, everybody. we'll be right back. ♪ studied. tested. ♪ proven. for the world's best athletes, nothing beats gatorade.
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of the new documentary believer. >> yeah, i've been so conflicted because i don't know whether to, you know, letdown all these people who are mormon and looking to me or to be part of, to stand back and then be-- if i'm passive, if i'm just-- if i just stand back and say i don't want to talk about mormonnism or something, then have i felt this-- which have i done, then i feel ts burden like, i feel guilt, i feel like i am standing then for bigotry. >> trevor: please welcome dan reynoldss. (applause) (applause) >> welcome. >> thank you. >> trevor: first of all,
11:23 pm
congratulations, last night you played madison square garden. is that like one of those bzs that just never goes away or are you like yeah, on to the next one. >> no, it is something have i drement about since i was really little am and my mom and dad came out it was nerve-racking but also a moment that was a little surreal where i thought okay, i think we've done something,. >> trevor: i think you have congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> trevor: and congratulations on this documentary that is coming out. this is a really insightful story thou have chosen to tell, the story of the mormon church and how they have dealt with the lgbt community. this is really powerful story, why did you choose to tell 2? so i grew up mormon, superconservative family, eight boys, one girl. in middle school, one of the first friends i made was gay and mormon. and i saw, it was the first time that i really felt like what i was being taught at church
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didn't sit right in my heart. >> trevor: right. >> and i watched the conflict that he had, every single day. not just bullying at school but also just doing, like he couldn't come out. he would go to dances with girls. we wouldn't even talk about it because it was so, he felt so much shame. so flash forward, high scwool, had a lot of friends, lost two to suicide. went to byu, got kicked out of byu myself for having somebodies with my girlfriend which was a shaisming experience for me. i felt so much-- it was the first time i really spiraled into this place of depression. that on a very small scale is what our lgbtq youth feel every single day in orthodox religion, which is they are told something that is beautiful, something that should be sell brailted, their sexuality which is unchangeable, is sinful. and that they should feel about about it. and then we expect them to have healthy lives and they don't. they have high suicide rates, high depression, anxiety. so religious guilt is so prev
11:25 pm
lent in their lives. you look at utah right now t has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation, very mormon. and lgbtq youth are eight times more likely to take their life when not accepted in their home or community. so it kind of, i don't know, i just feel like enough is enough. and have i been put in this position as a mormon who is famous, and there is not american us. it's like donnie and marie, you know, so i don't know, i just feel like i hope that i can at least start a conversation. >> trevor: i think you really have. (applause) i any you have started more than a conversation, i think you started a move am because not just the documentary but love loud say festival that you kicked off in utah, a festival where you came out playing music, bringing people together and as the name suggests, love loud was about being proud and it's one of my favorite moments in the documentary is when you come up with that name. how did you come up with it and
11:26 pm
why was it so inspiring for to you use that tight snel. >> you know, i think that most people that i talked to who are religious, mormons, catholic, whatever it is, and who are conflicted about, this they say you know what, i love our lgbtq youth, i love them, but in is always this little dagger behind the back of, you know, i love you but. >> right. >> i love you if, you know, and so it is not real love t is an empty word it-- to our youth that i have spoken with, they say you know what, i would rather you say you don't love me. you done accept me. then open this door and say look at the bright light inside. come inside but there are tacks all over the ground it is not healthy for you. and so love loud is about talking about what does it mean to truly love and accept. it means that you say to your child you are perfect the way you are. and-- (applause).
11:27 pm
>> trevor: i wanted to say this documentary is one the most eye-opening exposes i have ever seen, done with heart, done with compassion, thank you so much for being on the show, believer airs on hbo june 2 1s, an amazing man, dan reynolds, everybody. we'll be right back. ♪ studied. tested. ♪ r the world's best athletes, nothing beats gatorade.
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getting home and being ready to make my avocado toast and cutting it open and half the avocado is rotten. >> camp camp. wamp captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> jordan: this afternoon, president trump signed an separations on the southern border and saying that it was "congress' failure to act that put the administration in the position of separating alien families." and that's bullshit! congress didn't do this. you did, mr. president. stop being so humble! normally, you're the best at taking credit! in fact, you once literally crashed the stage at an aids charity fundraiser you didn't give money to. how dare you be so humble about boldly pushing america into moral territory we never imagined possible? if the eyes of the world are going to be focused on this


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