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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  June 28, 2018 1:40am-2:10am PDT

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>> trevor: welcome to the daily show, thank you so much for tuning in, i'm trevor noah take a seat, everybody, let's get into it. my guest tonight, my guest tonight is a transgender activist and writer and director on the new fx series pose, janet mock is joining us, everybody. (applause) but as you all know by now, at 1:45 this afternoon supreme court justice kennedy resigned. (laughter) we're going to get into that on tonight's show but first let's catch up on the day's headlines. >> swoosh. (laughter) yesterday vice president-- oh, you thought i was really wearing glass, no. yesterday vice president mike pence made a advicity to brazil. and there was something he needed to get off his chest. >> to the people of central
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america, i have a message for you. straight from my heart. straight from the heart of the american people. don't risk your lives or the lives of your children by trying to come to the united states on a road run by drug smugglers and human traivelgers. if you can't come legally, don't come at all. >> trevor: dod damn, that's from his heart? what does he say when he hates you? that was so intense as well. if you can't come legally, don't come at all. incidentally narcs is also his rule for sex. mother, i have a permit. and here is what i find fun's about this whole thing is the fact that mike pence used brazil as an opportunity to speak to central american my grants, why? braz sill not even in central
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america. you realize florida is closer to central america than brazil. like there's no issue with immigrants coming from brazil illegally. brazilians done even speak spanish. like brazil is just kind of similar to them. like what does that mean. it's like going to a star trek convention and being like, i've gt a message for chewbacca. but i guess for pence it's close enough. i feel like he give this speech whenever he is around any latinos. he will be at chilis, i have a message straight from my heart. don't risk your lives. like sir, please, my hand is starting to burn, starting to burn, sir. and the way pence delivered that speech was no joke. like he sowfnedded like, you flow this those movies when a villain is showing up on every single tv screen around the world. >> to the people of central america. >> shh, nobody say anything. >> i have a megsage for you.
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>> don't risk your lives or the lives of your children by trying to come to the yooptded states on a road run by drug smugglers and human traffickers. if someone tells you they can bring your child to america, don't believe them. hold on to your children, build your lives in your homeland. if you can't come legally, don't come at all. >> trevor: so insane. in other news happening overseas, the.ét5óó spanish pe have just introduced their cutest police officer that you've ever seen in your life. >> a four legged rescuer in spain has an unusual skill. police in madrid are showing off the cpr technique of poncho the police dog. he bounces on his handler's chest and even checks for breathing. the video has been viewed millions of times on facebook and twitter. >> that's so cute.
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that is so cute. i mean no way that guy lives but it's so cute. it's really good work by that dog, you know, he's out there every day risk hig life to save yours unless a squirrel runs by then you're dead. you're like come on, come on, squirrel! >> actually, i will be honest. i hope that if i'm close to death i hope this is a dog day to give me cpr because even though it's probably not going to save me, i will go viral, yeahment and my spirit will rest in peace know thaig got mad clicks, people. i will get to heav inand jesus will be like oh, shit you the dude from the individual yorks the dude from the video, yeah! all right, let's move on to today's big story. yesterday was another big mid term primary day in seven states with the biggest results happening right here in new york. >> a democratic primary surprise shakes up the 2018 mid term collections, 28 year old new k078er alexandria ocasio-cortez
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shocked the establishment by defeating ten term incumbent nocialg congressman joe krowly. >> she is right here, looking at herself on television. >> trevor: i get it, look at that face, look at that reaction, it's exciting. and i know it's been a tough area for everyone so in case you forgot, that face means happy, that is what that is. yeah. and now some people might wonder why does anybody care about a congressional primary race in queens. well, first, look at who she beat. congressman joseph krowly, is he a top-ranking krows democrat who was expected to one day take over for nancy pelosi in fact, the democrats saw him as a young leader of the next generation because he's only 56, right? you think this is a joke but it's true. the rest of the house leadership are all at least 77 years old. yeah. yeah, when you ask these people if they have seen hamilton, they are like yeah, we used to hang
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out all the time, yeah. and you got to understand powerful incumbents like this almost never lose primaries but it gets even more surprising when you learn more about the person without beat him, alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> nobody would think that a real brk s puerto rican girl would be able to run for congress in new york city. >> 28 years old, running her first campaign, a member of the democratic socialists. >> until last november she was working as a bartender. >> i speak like a girl from the block because i learned how to speak spanish on the streets thz this is so amazing, man. not only would she be the youngest female ever elected to congress but also the first member of congress that talks bike cordi b, lake this is so dope. she is out there, i love that she is smart as well. that is right, we lacking for health care, okay. but you can imagine her up on capitol hill talking to mitch mcconnell, he will be like i don't think that that is appropriate. >> she be like don't tell me what you think is appropriate.
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i'm not voting for you or your bs-- arrrr, sorry, not only would ocasio cortez be a ground breaker but she ran on a popular platform, frea health care, free college education, federal job-- and she wants to abolish ice, she is so left that she makes bernie sanders look like mitt romney, it is insane that is part yf her victory was such a shock, she is far left, no support from the democratic party and unlike her opponent she had no big money behind her. nobody expected her to win, especially not crowley because he clearly disn even have a concession speech planned. >> i respect the outcome of this election. >> crowley dedicated the bruce springsteen hit born to run to his opponent. baby we were born to run.
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>> trevor: that is so embarrassing. no, because you realize he was so confident he would win that he even planned to perform his own bruce springsteen concert then afterwards he had to pretend that the song was for his opponent. yeah, i dedicate this song to her. okay, my next song also goes out to my o poant, all i do is win, win no matter what,-- in the building, everybody hands go up. ♪ and they stay there. ♪ and they stay there. ♪ so for a few hour this morning, progressives were like hey, maybe is future is not as bad as if seems and the future was like oh, you don't know me. >> breaking news today, justice anthony kennedy the crucial swing vote on the supreme court for years is retiring, setting the stage for a fierce battle over the future of the highest court in all the land. when
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justice kennedy steps down at the end of the next month, july 3 1s the court will be split, four liberal justices and four conservatives. president trump now has the chance to give conservatives a solid majority, one that in theory could last for many decades. >> that's right, people, justice kennedy officially resigned. and the reason this is so big is that kennedy was without question the most powerful justice on the court. and not just because he can dead lift 650 pounds but also because while he was generally conservative kennedy did sometimes vote with liberals. he voted in favor of gay rights, the women's right to choose and affirmative action. and he was the deciding vote. now trump will likely replace him with a justice who with discriminate and dismantle abortion rights and l grks btq rights. and that sound you are hearing now is mike pence having his first orgasm. >> is he like i can't you out
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semen. >> yeah, and you know what, that is right, two jokes about mike pence [bleep] in the same show. the only swing vote on the supreme court is going who cares about anything any more, i'm going crazy, people. because remember, remember, this is going to be donald trump's second supreme court pick. because in 2016 mitch mcconnell stole obama's supreme court pick. and you can hate the fact that mitch mcconnell did it, but the way he did it was superslick. did he that shit mission impossible style, he was in there stole the peck and was out. ba ba ba ba. ♪ that is the thing we sometimes forget about the republican party. although donald trump may be a clubk pinkerie in every situation, mitch mccon sell the brain. i knee it is sad to think about and there news is very painful for a lot of people. it feels like for the next 30er yoos america is going to change in a horrible drek in some ways it feels like all hope is dead. and nothing can bring it back.
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welcome back to the daily show. all week the big story has been about liberal act viseses confronting-- activists con fronting trump and his senior officials over his immigration policy. but according to some, this anger is just playing straight into trump's enormously small hands. >> this is the kind of behavior that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. and they say if you are going to to attack a president like this and the people who work for him, i'm simply going to vote against you. >> this may help the republicans not lose the house. >> the more that the kritdics get enranged, the more they
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drive people toward president trump. >> it's a complete gift to donald trump. >> it is helping done adle trump. >> if the democrats and people on its political left keep that stuff up, he gets a slam dunk for trump. >> trevor: slam dunk for trump, that is a phrase i never thought i would hear. the physics just don't seem possible, you know. but still, the question is, does liberal outrage at trump only drive more people to his side. for answers we turn to our senior stability correspondent michael kosta, everybody. (applause) this is really confusing. >> well, i know it seems confusioning, trevor, but those pundi it's like when my girlfriend kept accusing me of wanting to sleep with karen. she brought if up so much that eventually i slept with karen. again, hi already slept with her, i'm not a geat person, i'm just making the point. >> trevor: wait what is the point. >> the point is like my girlfriend, all the liberal screaming and shouting annoys
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people so much it makes them vote for trump. >> trevor: but wait, isn't there a double standard here. the president's supporters want siff civility but is he out there calling people bitches and saying some women are too ugly to assault. >> he's just telling it like it. is sorry if 2 triggers you but it's funny. >> trevor: okay but robert de niro saying [bleep] trump at the tony awards. >> that is crude, okay, that is crude and disgusting. if george washington saw what has become of the tony awards, trevor, i'm just glad he's dead. >> trevor: here is the thing i guess i just don't understand how people could be more offended at language than policy. how conservatives flipped out when peter fonda tweeted trump's children should be locked in a cage. >> and how dare he, trevor, how dare peter fonda the star of ulee's, the 123rd top-grossing movie of 1997, a man with that kind of power say the president's child should be locked up.
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>> trevor: but the president is actually locking up children right now. >> yeah, so what, sometimes you got to lock kids up. but to threaten to lock kids up, i just thank god abraham lincoln was shot to death before he read that tweet. >> trevor: okay. but just so we're clear, this is the same side that cheered encoree lewandowski when he mocked a girl with down syndrome being taken away from her parents. >> did you even have jokes in africa, trevor. lewandowski want mocking the girl, he was mocking people who think a girl with down syndrome being separated from her family is sad. >> trevor: but it is sad. if you don't think, that are you heartless. >> oh really, trevor, are you calling trump voters heartless. guess what, they just got ten mr trump votes right there. >> trevor: wait, wait, i just got him ten more votes thark is the stupidest thing i ever heard. >> thousand they are stupid too now those ten people are definitely voting for trump. >> trevor: didn't you say they were already voting for trump. >> they might have forgotten. those people are kind of stupid. >> trevor: let me get this
2:01 am
straight. if liberals criticize trump, he will get more votes but if they don't do anything, then he wins anything. so how can they win the situation? >> don't ask me, i mean hi a girlfriend and karen and now they both kicked me out, you know. i am just glad ronald reagan is too dead to see this proud american reduced to sleeping in the office of his african boss. >> trevor: wait, wait-- wait, are you sleeping in my office. >> that is trevor noah everybody, we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) what if water were as active as you? ♪ with gatorade electrolytes and no sugar, propel is how gatorade does water. ♪ this goes out to you, to you, to you and you ♪ ♪ if i can do it, you can too if i can do it, you can too ♪
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show, my guest tonight is a writer, director and producer of the new fx series pose. >> the category is high fashion runway. >> what? i just snagged a interest ofee. it's not ebay. we're proud of you, play 24 damn song. >> this is someone should speak to him. >> and say what. >> i'm tired of hearing this old school shit. >> something has been going on women with him, he has been attitudinal ever since-- shall. >> trevor: please welcome janet mock.
2:06 am
welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me back. >> trevor: this say really exciting reason to have you back as well. the new show pose which is going to be on fx is a show that is a first in many ways. i mean i know why i'm excited but what would you say is the biggest reason are you excited about pose. >> i got a job. >> trevor: i like that. >> yeah, basically. well, you know, ryan murphy created it, prolific show writer, shows like glee gleerks nip tuck, the o.j. simpson, so when he invite immediate to hollywood to have a meeting with him to talk about this show, i was excited by the fact that it would be the first of its kind to talk about the new york city ballroom scene which a lot of people have known since paris is burning but to also center characters and people who have never been trred before, transwomen of color. >> trevor: right, you have five transwomen of color who are centered in the story.
2:07 am
the word centered is so important in this because you know, i read a story on the hollywood reporter about how they did a study on latino characters on tv. and they found that half of them were always represented as criminals. and when you look at stories of the transgender community t is always a fringe element n so many stories trk is always going to be sex-workers, something that seems like it's not in the mainstream. was it important for to you center these people and show the spectrum of life that you can be living yeah, i think so, often too we are often always, nontranspeople stories as a side kick, someone as a mar ter who dies in order to teach a person about what it means to be real and authentic in our show we center that experience and we don't show the origin stories of our characters. we show them as they are fully embodied. just transpeople living in new york stivment and with that you have diversity. you show transfolk do not have the same dreams and desire, that we read and shade one another,
2:08 am
we can be villains as well as propag-- protagonists, for me as someone who loved television, as tv being my babysitter in a single parent household it showed me i could be considered and seen and heard and at the end of the day the show is an unconventional family drama. >> trevor: right, we see so many stories of people waf be tv shows and movies and for the first time seeing themselves be screen. you see it with people saying i never thought of how i have ever in sean my ef, i remember watching wonder woman and the female friends were crying during the fight scene because they were like have i never seen women just kicking men's ass, you take it for granted. when were you growing up prrks there any characters or shows that in some way made you feel like it was something you could aspire to. was there something that really touched you. >> felicity. really was the reason why i moved to new york city and went to nyu because i saw this white girl with curly hair that was smart and love lorn and wanted to be with ben, that saul i
2:09 am
wanted. yeah. >> trevor: now you are now writing and i think do you feel that gravity of putting people on screan, that identify people out there who maybe have never seen themselves on screen in anyway, shape or form. >> the fact that we have love stories on our show, we are not just merely points of trauma because so often transbodsees are usually dead in an active bodsee. so here we have five women who have different dreams, who have love who want desire who want to be desired, who are funny, who are villains who are all of these different things so in that way when you center these people on the show, you show people that number one it's not scary. that they are not horrible people, that they are not freak shows but instead they are rum human, and tv being such an intimate platform, you know, this people invite you into their home every night. >> right. >> they get to know you and love you and are invested. i hope it doesn't only educate and inspire and entertain but also moves people to care and hopefully do something. >> i think it will do all of
2:10 am
those things. thank you so much for being on the show again. >> sundays at 9 p.m. at fx. janet mock, everybody, we'll be right back.


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