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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  November 28, 2018 1:33am-2:05am PST

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[all screaming] - you... you guys okay? - yeah, i think so. - man, that new version must've sucked balls. [cheering, marching band music] - today is a day of celebration. and we owe it all to these four brave young boys. - yeah! - all right! - and thanks to the bravery of this young man in particular,
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hat mccullough is finally free from prison. [cheering] - what? [chanting] hat! hat! hat! hat! hat! hat! - thank you, everyone-- kill--kill the innocent! uh, i'm so thankful for all your support--rape the virgin! and uh, i just wonder if i could get a baby real quick? - sure, give that man a baby. all: yeah! - come on, you guys, let's get outta here. - oh, my god! - do you think we did a good thing, stan? i mean, no one even seemed to notice. - yeah, well, sometimes the things we do don't matter right now. sometimes they matter later. we have to care more about later sometimes, you know? i think that's what separates us from the steven spielbergs and george lucases of the world. - that and youth-- those guys are old. - but what about the original prints of raiders of the lost ark? what if somebody else takes them and tries to change them? - don't worry, tweek, it's somewhere safe, somewhere where nobody will ever find it.
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captioning by captionmax >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) ( cheers and applause )
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>> trevor: welcome to the daly show, everybody. i'm trevor noah. thank you so much for tuning in. our guest tonight, diego luna is here, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) i'm such a big fan of his work. we're going to talk about the new season of "narcos: mexico." seriously, if you're going to watch one thing on netflix right now, you should watch my standup special. but if you're going to watch two things, "narcos" is pretty damn good. so we're going to be chatting about that. but first, let's catch up on today's headline. gender is a complicated topic these days. and gender reveal parties are just adding fuel to the fire. >> the "arizona star's" new video showing an explosion at a border agent's gender reveal party that apparently sparked the 2017 sawmill wildfire. agent dennis dickie admitted to accidentally starting this fire that burned 47,000 acres in the
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santarita mountains. >> he was sentenced to five years' probation and ordered to pay restitution of more than $8 million. >> trevor: damn! the guy was trying to a gender reveal party and ended up burning down a forest? it's like congratulations. it's a lawsuit! like, these gender reveal things are getting out of control. when it started, it was just like popping a balloon. now people are setting off an exploaks? you're setting off a bomb. it's gotten so violent, i feel like we're a month away from a gender reveal drive-by shooting. it's a girl, (bleep)! enjoy them! they grow up so fast! ( laughter ) moving on, bitcoin, it's its figit spinner of currency, but there are still should people who want in on the trend. >> ohio is the first state to accept bitcoin as a tax payment. they can pay everything from cigarette sales taxes to employee withholding taxes can
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be used by paying with bit poign. eventually it will expand to individual filers. >> trevor: that's right, in ohio, you can pay your tax using bitcoin. and i'm pretty sure people who use bitcoin don't pay tax. that's the whole point of bitcoin, you hide your money. and secondly, bitcoin is super volatile. i don't know why a government would mess with that. you can imagine an entire government funded by bitcoin. we will be paving the roads-- "wait, everybody, bitcoin tanked. unpave, unpave. wait, it bounced back. repave, repave. it tanked again, re-unpave. moving on, the holidays are just around the corner and it feels like everyone is feeling the holiday spirit. >> pictures of bell ringers can controversial patches on their jackets is causing controversy in valparaiso. one has a patch that says aryan, and another with a confederate
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flag. they were shown ringing a bell for the salvation army. they said some members choose to wear heritage-based patches. they said people should spend time on making a positive difference. >> did a motorcycle gang just tell us to stop making negative comments and spend time making a difference? ( laughter ) this is pretty genius. you realize they're wearing racist paraphernalia, but then, just because they're ringing a charity bell, they make you sound like a hater for calling them. out. "focus on the good things i'm doing!" can you imagine if the nazis tried to pull that stunt. they're like, "everyone focuses on the camps. nobody talks about how we volunteered at the animal shelters!" let's move on to our main story. general motors, it's not just the least-popular transformers character. it's also one of america's biggist car manufacturers. but now, they're in the news for what cars they're not going to be making. >> thousands of general motors
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workers will have little reason to celebrate this holiday season. >> facing slumping sales, general motors will stort making six under-performing sedans by the end of next year, idling plants in ohio, michigan, marilyn, and ontario, canada. >> six-passenger cars reaching the end of the road: the cadillac xts, and ct6, the buick lacrosse and chevy's impala, cruze, and hybrid volt. >> general motors chose its words carefully not saying they were closing the lordstown plant but they were not allocating product to the plant after march. >> trevor: thank god. i thought they were shutting down the plant. i wish i could use that language when i break up with someone. i'm not ending the relationship. i'm just not allocating any love for you after march. ( laughter ) basically, i'm relocate might go peen tois other locations. ( laughter ) that's right, g.m. is killing off six of their cars, like the chevy volt, the electric car
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that tells everyone, "the line at the tesla store was too long so i just said (bleep) it." or the chevy impala which looks a sports car made love to a station wagon and neither of them was satisfied. and of course the cadillac xts. it's as close as you can get to riding in a hearse without being dead. look at that thing. but honestly, the one car, the one car i'll be glad to never see again is the chevy cruze because every time i represent a car i somehow always end up with a chevy cruze. they trick you. they say, "bmw or similar." and when i get there, they give me a chevy cruze. i'm like how is a bmw similar to a chevy cruze? "it's got four wheels. you can sit in it." bullshit! i hate that car. i feel like one day i'm going to rent a car on airbnb and they'll give me a chevy cruze. they will say, "we said beach house or similar." g.m. said because nobody was buying it, they're going to stop make the chevy cruze.
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honestly, i guess it. people don't want to buy a car that shares a name with ted cruz. it's as simple as that. it's the same reason nobody bought the ford qaddafi. right? no one wanted that car. that car even looks like a gaddafi. it sounds look a gaddafi, 22, when you start it. super bowas much as fun as it tt g.m. and its cars, the sad truth salthough you want to go after the company, because they're shutting down so much production, they're also shutting down a lot of humans' jobs. >> g.m. cutting nearly 15,000 factory and white collar jobs. from g.m. workers was reaction was swift and distraught. >> there are people in there balling their eyes out. i've never seen anything like it. >> i felt like soebody kicked me in the stomach. >> the bad thing is to get this news on the day we come back after thanksgiving. so we've been with our family and our friends, and then we have to come back to work or wake up in the morning and hear this news. it's not easy for everybody.
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>> trevor: right, real people who have lost their jobs. people are crying. people are angry. and i mean, the last guy tells the story-- it's thanksgiving and the next thing you know you don't have a job. it was a little bit weird because he made it sound like he wasn't just angry about being fired. he was also mad he had to wake up early to get fired. when i agree with. he was like, "y'all couldn't tell me i was fired last night? i could have slept in." and now, now, people are pissed off for two reasons, right. one, like all big corporations, g.m. just got a huge tax cut. but they didn't use that money to protect these jobs. no. they mostly used it to prop up the price of their own stock through buybacks. and, like, we can't really be surprised that a business would do that, right? businesses always try to maximize their profits. that's what a business does. like, if a business isn't making money, it's either a charity or trump is running it. that's how it works. ( laughter ) and speak of trump, and speaking
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of trump, those thousands of g.m. workers are particularly pissed off at him because he specifically promised that if people voted for him, he'd make sure that g.m. added jobs. >>joritjobs. >> general motors announced that they're adding or keeping 900 jobs right here in michigan. and that's just the beginning, folks. in fact, i told them that's peanuts. you're going to see general motors they're coming back. a lot of crusms coming bab. it's a good feel, it's a really good feeling. let me tell you folks in ohio and this area-- don't sell your house. don't sell your house. we're going to fill up those factories or rip them down and build brand new ones so it's going to happen. ( applause ). >> trevor: that did not happen the way he promised it. you know what the president should have done? he should have said, "we're going to give you new factories or similar." that's what he should have said. ( laughter ) so it turns out america's top used car salesman clearly sold g.m. workers a lemon.
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and if you think about it, trump's promises are a lot like the chevy cruze: you can sell them as hard as you want, but at the end of the day, no one's buying it. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) are we ready for the halthe shot is up!ge?
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>> trevor: welcome back toed is show. you know, so this past, this past weekend, there was a story that-- that caught my eye. there was a shooting at a mall in alabama where two people were shot. i think one died and one severely injured. and the police came in, and then the-- they said that they shot the gunman before anyone else could get hurt. all right. at least that was-- that was the first report that came out. and then this-- this is what came out afterwards: >> police in alabama admit they made a mistake after officers shot and killed a man they thought opened fire at a mall on
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black friday. >> police killed 21-year-old emantic fitzgerald bradford after they say he was seen fleeing the scene and brandishing a weapon. but now police in hoover say they may have killed the wrong person. and the shooter may still be at large. >> his father, emantic bradford sr., is a police officer himself. >> i know my son always respected the police. and if you gave a command when you came around that corner, said, "freeze. drop your weapon," he would have complied with your order. >> trevor: so the question i ask myself is how does this shit keep happening? cops are called into a situation, they see a black person and immediately they shoot. that's what they did here. they ran in, they shot the guy, and they were like, "we got him." and what's wild about the story for me is if even if we work within a world where the police truly believe he was the shooter, how many times have we seen a shooter who is white and a man get talked down?
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you know what i mean? like, the shooting that happened in aurora. the "batman" movie, the guy went in with an arsenal. he didn't just have one gun. the police talked him down. they didn't kill him. the shooting in charleston, the kid who went into the church, shot the congregation of black people. the police talked him down. they didn't kill him. in fact, a lot of the killers who did die killed themselves when you look at american mass shootings all right. you look at vegas, person shot themselves. you look at thousand oaks, the person killed himselfs. like there are so many instances when we see the police talk a person down. when it's a black guy, it's shoot immediately, ask questions later. and there were so many things that bugged me about the story. by the looks of it, it sounds like this guy was a good guy with a gun. that's what they always say, right, the good guy with the gun stops the crime. but if the good guy with the gun happens to be a blad good guy
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with a gun, they don't get any of the benefits. and what blows my mind is that there's no profiling. police profile all the time. driving through new york, they're like, you, black, guy. search. you look like you're selling drugs. in the mall ydon't they do profiling there. black guy, probably not you. skinny white guy with a trench coat, get against the wall. you find out multiple people had guns out because it's alabama. a lot of people heard gunshots. they pulled out their guns, but then the only person who is shot by the police is a black guy? and then afterwards they're like, "yeah, we made a mistake." and what was funny was the initial statement was, "we got the guy. we're proud. we got him. the police got him." and then afterwards when the story came out, they're like, "you guys said you got him, right?" "no, we didn't get him. what happened is he was involved in a police shooting that may have involved him." "wait, you said you got-- you said you shot." "we didn't shoot. there was a shooting, "and it happened to involve us as
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police." you start to realize that really the second amendment is not intended for black people. it's an uncomfortable thing to say, but it's the truth. people will be like the right to bear arms. yes, the right to bear armses if you are not a black man. if you're a black man you have no business bearing arms at all. there was the uniformed security guard a month and a half ago, the same thing happened. he was stopping a criminal. the police came up and shot him. he was in uniform. here you can be like, "maybe they didn't"-- but this guy was in uniupon upon form. so they've shown. it's going to get to the point where black cops should warn their partners before going into a crime seen. be like, "hey, dave, it's me. when we get in there, it's me. right. look at me. i'm the guy with the gun. i'm your partner." "okay, cool, i got it." they go in there, "gun!" no, it's me. i good thing they don't have a black mall santa. they'll be like that guy is kidnapping white babies. i bet even superhere
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organization black panther, the next one, he's not going to do anything in america. ( laughter ) the next black panther they'll be like t'challa, are you. and he'll be like i've seen what happens on cnn. if a black person in america, gun rights are not for you. it's as simple as that. in fact the safest way to sell a black man a gun in america is to say when you buy a gun you buy a white person with it and they hold the gun for you. "what would you like?" "you would like a glock and a craig." "craig, you roll with the glock, and when you want to shoot, when you get in trouble, you say-- do the thing, craig. i'm not touching that gun. because i know how it's going to end. the second amendment was not made for black
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actor, director, and producer who stars in the netflix series "narcos: mexico." >> trevor: please welcome diego luna. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome to the show. ( cheers and applause ) >> i am so glad to be here. >> trevor: i am so excited to have you here. i binge watch very few shows the way i binge watch "narcos."
2:00 am
i mean, i start with one and i go, "yeah, i'm just going to see how this starts." and by the end of it, i am as addicted as the people they sell drugs to in the show. >> that is good news. it's much healthier. >> trevor: it is much healthier, yeah. although, i would shoot someone for the show. your character is amazing in the story. people are loving the new series of "narcos: mexico." felix gallardo. plays a man-- you play a man who runs a cartel but really started the first mexican cartel. what do you think made him so special. because everyone was working in drugs in different ways, but this man did something different. >> he was one step ahead of everyone. felix gallardo, he managed to create a system that was perfect, that worked perfectly for many years. then it fell apart and he got us in the mess we live in today. but it's good to understand how this system worked. suddenly he made everyone part of a business.
2:01 am
where every level of power was involved. he managed to sit at the same table, people who wanted to kill each other, basically, and said let's work together. let's create a system where we all protect each other, and created the biggest business in the planet. >> trevor: what's interesting is you also play him in a way where genuinely, like, i know for myself, we like him as an audience. he starts from nothing. you see his journey. you see how hard he works. you see how much he loves his family. and you play him from the human side, and we watch him change over time. when you play a character like that, do you have to learn how to like him as well? >> no, no, no, i think you should get checked. ( laughter ) i know a few therapists that can help you. >> trevor: but he really is! he's likable! no, no, i mean, yes. of course, we don't judge the character. i as an actor cannot judge the character. >> trevor: right. >> i have to humanize the character. i have to give it, like, three dimensions, so it's not the bad guy, you know? >> trevor: yes. >> it's a guy that makes wrong choices. >> trevor: right. >> probably things-- he crosses
2:02 am
a line i would never cross, but he has a reason, and his reasons are the same reasons that move me, you, and anyone, you know-- love, jealousy, ambition, guilt. >> trevor: right. >> so, yeah, you just have to make sure you know why he's-- why he's making the choices he makes, you know >> trevor: you know, one thing i enjoyed about "narcos: mexico" is it captures the nuance of the drug war in a way so few stories do. so many times in life, we want to have a good time and a bad guy. but in this story we learn, especially in the drug war, there were so many good people doing bad thing and so many bad people who were sometimes doing good things, it's hard to put your finger-- it's-- it's the drug cartels, but at the same time, it's the mexican government who is helping them, and at some point, basically, the drug cartel is working for them. you have the american government who is enabling this. you have the c.i.a. who is contributing to this. is that-- is that important in telling the story for you? >> i think, yeah, we have to understand the complexity of it in order to-- to bring change one day, you know. we have to feel part of the
2:03 am
problem, you know. and we-- we always talk about trafficking as being the big issue, and the big issue is the market. i mean, there is a demand. >> trevor: right. >> and as long as there is a demand, there will be someone providing, you know. so it's not about building walls. it's not about me literizing from the borders, you know. it's about understanding that we have to attack the market issue. and if you tell the story of these people and this system, you have to understand corruption got really deep, you know. and, again, it managed to reach every level of power-- military, police, banks, you know. how does the money move, you know? you know, millions and millions of dollars. >> trevor: somebody has to be moving it. >> it's, like, where is the money? >> trevor: right. >> and who is selling homes to these people, and who is accepting cash to sell them a car? like, so, then you understand that it's a bigger issue, you know. and that probably, yes, obviously, these guys are not good people. they deserve to be in jail, definitely. but there are so many criminals
2:04 am
out there wearing suits, you know. and still out there. yeah. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> trevor: that's powerful. >> in my country, many of them. >> trevor: that's powerful. and it's true. thank you so much for being on the show. genuinely one of my favorite actors, one of my favorite shows. "narcos: mexico" is available now on netflix. diego luna, everybody. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪yeah i know it makes you nervous♪ ♪but i promise you it's worth it♪
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