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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  November 14, 2019 1:40am-2:16am PST

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- [laughs] so you're outside? [bell rings] - colder. warmer. - oh, boy. - you see me now? - are you out here? where are you? - [softly] can you see me? - where are you at? - ready? for the--just look. see where the fountain is? - the fountain? so you can see me. i can tell that. - [whispering] i can see you. i can see you. [both laugh] - are you up for the weekend? - i'm definitely up for the weekend. okay, you're cold. you're cold. now you're way cold. you're r--now you're way too cold. - oh, my god. all right, well, i gotta get over and--i have to head over and give a big presentation here in a second, so where are you at? - god, i love this club so much. ready? did you check the bushes? look in the bushes. you're closer than you think. - the bushes? - mm-hmm. - oh, towards the fountain. - yup. - oh, god, i almost have your voice though. i know who this is. i almost have your voice. - you're gonna see me very soon. - oh, my gosh.
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- you're gonna see me very soon, at your presentation. - are you over in the clubhouse? - tell you what. when you see me at the presentation, do a carol burnett, okay? - a carol burnett? - when you think you see me, tug the ear. - all right. well, i'm gonna hang up so i can actually walk out there, and-- - okay, i'll see you there. - all right. - i'll be there ahead of you. - buh-bye. - bye. [phone beeps] comedy central from comedy central's world nuses headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: well-- welcome to the daily show, everybody, thank you for tuning in and thank you for coming out. let's do it. our guest tonight was nominated for an oscar for his breakout role in the movie get out. tonight he is here with a brand new film, queen & slim, daniel
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kaluuya is joining us, everybody. (cheers and applause) but first we're going to jump straight into the major news story that everyone has been talking about today. the beginning of public impeachment hearings in to donald j. trump. the j stands for jim-peachment. that sounded better in my head. now just to get everybody on the same page, six weeks ago a whistle-blower reported that doned a trump was abusing the power of his office and in response the democrats launched impeachment hearings behind closed doors which makes sense t is winter, with the doors open, everyone gets kol. the are cans complained about the closed door process saying that the public was only hearing bits and pieces what was going on and it wasn't transparent, you know, sort of like listening to a movie playing in the apartment next door where you are like i think bat pln is fighting, bradley cooper because he wants him to sing like lad eye gaga. so in the face of these complaints, the democrats gladly agree to air donald trump's dirty laundry for everyone to
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seevment and today was laundry day. let's catch up on the first day of the public impeachment hearings in our onsegment, the magical wonderful road to impeachment. >> impeachment, st democracy's moneyback guarantee. but st also one of the few constitutional processes that is actually exciting. in many ways it's like an eclipse, it only happens like every 20 years and donald trump stairs drikly into it no matter how much it hurts. and you can tell today was a big deal just by how the media was covering this thing from every angle. >> this is the table where those diplomats will be sitting. will you have democrats on one side of the room, republicans on the other side. >> this swurch the largest hearing rooms at the capitol. behind me here in that big, big chair, that is where the chair of the intelligence committee adam schiff will be sitting. >> we understand that c-span
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normally would have three cameras. today they have seven. >> george kent is just arriving and is about to go through security. george kenlt is entering the area putting his person nal belongings on the belt. we're all familiar with the process. >> trevor: so exciting. what is going to happen next? does he forget his keys are in his pocket. is he going to have to walk through again, the suspense is killing me. i hope they just followed him the whole day like that, msnbc george kent appears to be closing his eyes and opening them repeatedly. a process where heard is river referred to as blinking. the first day of the hearing the democrats chose to call two witnesses, bill taylor the acting ambassador to ukraine and george kent, senior state department official and townsperson in a 1950s musical. and before the questioning even started both men emphasized in their opening statements that they aren't team republican or team democrat, they're playing
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on america's side. >> it has been a privilege for me to serve our country and the american people for more than 50 years. mi nonpartisan and have been appointed to my positions by every president from president reagan to president trump. >> i am not leer to take one side or the other. >> i have served proudly as a nonpartisan career foreign service officer for more than 27 years under five presidents, three republican, and two democrat. i represent the third generation of my family who have chosen a career in public service. indeed, there has been a george kent sworn to de fend the constitution continuously for nearly 60 years. >> trevor: oooh. three generations of george kents have been de fending the constitution it almost sounds like the only reason america keeps running is because of george kent. (laughter) yeah. if america is in office, george kent is the only guy who knows how to fix the pinter printer t was the toner cart ridge strks always the toner cart ridge. i will say though there is going
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to be a lot of pressure on the next george kent, you know is he going to be like screw the constitution, dad, i was born to uphold the law. i was born to dance whooo. so both of these men are de voted nonpartisan civil servants. so if you hear these guys saying that trump did some messed up shit, you know to take it seriously. and from the sound of it trump did some messed up shit. >> once i arrived in kiev i discovered a weird combination of encouraging, con fussing and ultimately alarming circumstances. according to mr. morrison president trump did insist that president zelensky go to a microphone and say he is opening investigations of biden and inn 2016 election interference. ambassador sondland tried to excomplain-- drk explain to me that president trump is a businessman. and a big pln is about to sign a check to someone who owes him something, the businessman asks that person to pay up before signing the check. i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance with for
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help with the polit can kal pain. >> what did you say when you said you thought it was crazy. >> it was illogical, it could not be explained, it was crazy. >> trevor: unexplainable, illogical, crazy, that is the description bill taylor gave of trump's action. also the title of trump's new memoir stvment my full story and it is a coloring book, folks, you're gonna love it and ambassador taylor's testimony was pretty clear. he testified that trump wanted ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden. and the ambassador even came with new evidence that hadn't been public before. >> last friday a member of my staff told me of events that occurred on july 26th in the presence of my staff at a restaurant, ambassador sondland called president trump and told him of his meetings in kiev. the member of my stafer could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador sondland-- sondland about the investigations, the member of my staff asked ambassador sondland what president trump thought
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about ukraine. ambassador sond lond responded that president trump cares more about the investigations of biden which giuliani was pressing for. >> trevor: this is just unbelieve be. trump's people were discussion their ukrainian plot in public in a restaurant. that is what he is saying. first of all that is rude, are you in a restaurant, you put your phone away, you engage. and also, why is trump talk sog loudly on the phone that people can hear him on the other side? he reminded me of every immigrant father ever talking on the phone. like no don't worry, trevor, i also had when i was 16t is going to go a watch. uncle, i'm with my friends o, i'm sorry, tell your friend to be careful of herpes, huh? now for the democrats today was all about showing the american people that trump abused his office by trying to to extort ukraine. in response for the republican argue that trump may have tried to do it but wasn't successful, castro had a few questions. >> so ambassadors, is attempted
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murder a crime? is is attempted murder a crime? >> attempted murder is a crime. >> is attempted robbery a crime. >> neither of us is a lawyer but i. >> i think anybody this room could answer that we. >> that's right, i will go out on a lime and say yes, st. >> is attempted extortion and bribery a crime. >> i don't know, sir. >> that say pretty effective line of questioning. i mean it is either that or castro is just trying to get some free legal advice am now what if i attempted to steal my neighbor's wife with you couldn't figure out the password srk that a crime s that a yiem. >> yes, i know is not his-- dog name because i killed his dog, which brings me to my secretary question. the republicans also had their turn to question the witnesses about with trump had done. it seemed like they were trying to solve a completely different case. >> was hunter biden a corporate governance expert. >> i have no idea. >> do you know if hunter biden relocated to ukraine. >> no knowledge. >> is he the jeffrey sonen disz
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felled of the ukraine. do you know if he speaks ukrainian, give enhunter biden role in the broader of decter. >> hunter bied enadd it hunter biden. you know whether hunter bied everyone offers anything other than the his dad is the former vice president. >> also does hunter biden like flowers or do i think i could send mim a card, are you friends with hunter biden? what the hell was this? like here is the thing. if republicans want to investigate hunter biden then investigate hunter biden but that is not what this hearing is about. you are just making it about something else. handle if the cops showed up to your office to investigate a robbery and while they are dusting for prints you pop up, hey, i know you guys are busy but could you also figure out who has been stealing my yogurt every day thrarks is not the reason you are here, plaib it should be, okay. that was ukrainian yogurt. but the republicans weren't just trying to figure out hunter biden height, weight and favorite color, whether it was congressman jim jordan turn to ask questions his big argument was that none of this testimony should count because it was all
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a game of telephone. >> you weren't on the call, were you. you didn't listen on president trump's call. >> i did not. >> you never talked with mulvaney. >> i never did. >> you never met the president. >> that's correct. >> this is what i kant believe and you are stair star witness. are you their first witness. you are the guy, based on this, based on, i mean i have diseen church prair chains easier to understand that than this. >> trevor: that say good point, good point jim jordan these guys done have first hand knowledge of what trump was doing with ukraine. so why are they the ones testifying. i mean maybe it's because the white house has blocked all the people who do have first hand knowledge from testifying. that is a good point, trevor, that's a good point, thank you. me. jim jord ang only focus was making it seem like this entire process was show a sham. but it all back fired when he tried to turn the focus to the whistle-blower. >> now there is one witness, one witness that they won't bring in front of us. they won't bring in front of the
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american people. and that is the guy who started it all. the whistle-blower. nope. >> i say to my colleague, i would be glad to have the person who started it all to come in and testify. president trump is welcome to take a seat right there. (laughter). >> trevor: there was film in front ever a live studio office. you know by congress standards that was a pretty good slap. the only way it could have been better if the congressman was like seriously, president trump is welcome any time nsm fact i have his invite right here. mrk eh, meh, meh. so that was day one of the public impeachment hearing and the only way we will find out more about there saga is when congress kicks off day two or we could just sit next to dn ald trump's people in a restaurant and hear what he shouts over the phone. we will be right back. (cheers and applause)
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cheesier plaws. >> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. you know, this is going to sound unbelievable but we found out recently that trump's childhood home right here in queens new york was up for sale. not only that, but they were
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having problems selling it. so we got some of our own talented salesmen involved and even found some actual buyers, real people who did not know whose house they were going to be looking at. roy wood, jr. and jabukim white have more. >> when we are not on "the daily show" we run a lucrative and unlicensed real estate business. >> oh yeah. >> bring cash, none of them venmo shit. >> if you have the cash and looking for a home t is time for you to meet the propertied brother brns today in jamaica queens to seat wildhood home of donald trump, that's right, the actual home where our president lived until age 4 is just sitting on the market. while the outside might not look like trumpy, the insides is very much-- what the. >> this is trump's house?
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eh. it is-- did we use apple maps to get here, because this might be wrong. >> i'm blown away, this house looks extremely normal. this is not what you would expect to see in a house like this. >> i was expecting something much longer, something more of like he's on this side, daddy is over there, very far apart. >> lonely. >> lonely, not what i was expecting. >> this 2500 square foot tuddor style home comes with four bedrooms and what we think is real gold. >> in is actually the only gold in the entire house right here. >> how much do you think we could get for this shit, at least 500. >> actually, this-- an on to the next room. >> this place is just fine. >> the living room looks like a failed black sitcom from the 90st. >> it looks eric trump at best. >> no matser how it looks on the insoo inside we have to play up the trump factor and sell this home to someone who loves trump. >> hates trump.
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>> lovers. >> hates. >> we didn't have time to argue, we had to show this place to real couples looking to buy their first home. >> okay. >> okay, so as you can see it is a very traditional style, four bedroom, great space in the backyard. >> what is your first reaction. >> um, well, the open space is good. the trump memorabilia is definitely bumming me out a little bit. >> it's everywhere, trump is everywhere in this room. >> donald trump is definitely not my person. >> he doesn't live here any more. >> any more? there sts childhood home of president donald trump. >> that's weird, man. >> that say little weird. >> totally. >> in eye bad way. >> it can feel anxious because st new, it is big, you are feeling a lot but i think there is a lot of excitement there that you could work with. >> we tried to help these couples to feel the love clearly
1:59 am
missing from trump's childhood but got hung up on the little things. >> everything about it makes me uncomfortable. i really don't like, like the idea of living in his house. >> who would want to live an raise their children in the same place that a legend once laid their head, like elvis at graceland who would want to liver at paisley park where prince was. >> neverland ranch. >> no. >> i just want a comfortable home. >> where donald trump hasn't lived. >> yeah. >> look at this house as an investment opportunity, take it and turn it into a trump museum, and charge [bleep] 35 a head. wouldn't you want to get money from it. >> i would but it's not a priority of having a house that i would like to live in. >> i'm with you. >> other people don't lick him either you have those people come in, charge admission, they get to destroy a piece of trump's childhood. how about that. >> you are talking about turn this into a rage room. >> absolutely. >> where they can trash it.
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>> break a chair, des tri a table, burn a flag, do something. you going to trash this place. >> turn it into a-- that way we can tell trump go back to where you came from, psych bich, it's a mosque now. >> brothers don't seem to be listening to us at all am we told them multiple time we don't want this house. >> and then one of them keeps pulling me aside and keeps trying to sell me gold. >> how much will you give me for this? >> nothing. >> is this real? >> it's real what. >> gold. >> we lost the sale. >> an even though we can't sell the house, we'll sell as much of it as we can. (applause).
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>> welcome back to the daily show, our guest tonight is an academy award nominated actor whoses new film is called queen & slim. >> get on the ground now. >> are you serious. >> get on the ground, get on the ground. >> why is he under arrest. >> get back in the car, are you going to jail too. >> i'm an attorney and demand to know why this man is under arrest. >> sir, sir, sir, we don't have to. >> why is he under arrest. what injure name, what is your badge number. >> i'm not going to tell you until you get back in the car. >> get back in the car. >> why is he understand rest ro under arrest. >> what is your badge number. >> i ain't done nothing wrong. >> i am reaching for my cell phone. >> i have-- keep your hands-- i'm reaching for my cell phone. >> please welcome daniel kaluuya.
2:05 am
(applause) welcome dot show. >> thank you for having me. >> trevor: before we get into that very intense team theme from a very intense movie that is getting a lot of intense buzz let's talk about your life, how has it been, man what has it been like. >> yeah, it's been weird, i done know, my last-- my life has gone upside down, it's gone up side downing. i used to get the busment i used to just chill out and roll around. and it is completely shifted like what i am exposed to, xyz, and what is amazing t hasn't changed the fact that i just do what i believe in. so. >> trevor: that's interesting. >> trevor: so when you say it is flipped upside down, you don't catch the busness no, i literally was on a busk i was on a business one time, the guy came out was like what are you doing here.
2:06 am
i was like i'm going somewhere, i'm doing somewhere. >> trevor: he is like you are a movie star what are you doing on a bus. >> i am like how am i supposed to get to orange street. >> trevor: but i don't like the idea of you being on public transport when you were in a movie like get out because if i would see you somewhere as an average citizen i would think i'm now in a horror movie. it would scare me. >> yeah. >> trevor: it would scare me, i think you should be rolling around in ubers and stuff, you can't just be in public transport, that's not cool. >> that is what happened is like the reaction. >> trevor: you freak people out. >> freak people out, earnings, it is the horror. >> trevor: exactly. but it has been an amazing journey for you, get out, black panther, some of the biggest movies that we have been watching. and now this film has come, is coming out queen & slim. >> yeah. >> trevor: and it is such a gripping film. i mean that scene is what people see in the trailer t is just the beginning of a joirnee where you play a character going on a date that takes a really weird turn, tinder dates often go weird.
2:07 am
>> it's a jungle. >> trevor: but this is extreme. we saw that t starts off with a cop whose like, you know, not handling a situation well, next thing you know, a gun goes off and then it's basically this new couple on the run but they're not a couple. >> they hate each other. the date didn't go well. >> trevor: yeah. >> and that is what is so amazing, is like it just shows the kind of, they have to deal with each other. because they have to go on the run and survive. >> trevor: right. >> and then they fill throw their phones out, they throw their options away and they have to kind of like look at each other and see how, and connect because they are having this experience together, well, it if that incident didn't hand, they would just gym g somewhere else. >> trevor: that would be a horrible date, i am going home, it's over. do you think that is what we need to do to get people to stay in relationships is have them be part of a really heinous like incident in life. >> yeah. >> trevor: and then. >> that is a tv show, waiting to happen. >> trevor: we just get people together. >> yeah. >> trevor: and we go like the two of you have involved in
2:08 am
somebody dying. >> yes. >> trevor: and now you are happily married and that is it. >> that's it. >> you can't break up. this say great show. >> that is what i am trying to say. >> trevor: it does feel like you take on roles that speak to really powerful issues and ideas happening in society. because queen & slim is a really fun movie, you know, in the way that like we love watching movies, whether you are a fan of roive ert de niro in heat or thelma and louise or any movie with people on the run but at the same time it feels like a comment on what is happening today. >> yeah. >> trevor: do you pick your movies based on that, are you looking at a physical am role going this speaks to society or just looking for great characters and a great story. >> i made a decision a few years ago, i was like oh, do i want to be a great singer or sing great songs. and then i was like i want to sing great songs. and so then i was like oh, i have to, have i to be in the concept, i have to be be around
2:09 am
and then listen my friends, my people around me, listen to how they feel and what they complain about and then that is all, i'm taking that in. and i'm living it as well. so when the script comes, that will speak to this person, to that person, i know how they feel when this they are watching that, i will go to the sin he ma and go to our house and at the same time, with my friends and i really listen to how it made them feel. and i want to make them feel good. >> has it been surprising to you as a black british person coming to america and acting and realizing how many of the themes are similar to what people are experiencing in britain if they are black, people in south africa, the stories connect to everybody. >> yeah, because it is similar dynamics t is not the same. but similar disiemics, so like i grew up on american, african-american sitcom, i was watching my wife and kids, watching different strokes, sister sister. >> so was i. >> it reminded me, i look to the african-american experience to
2:10 am
see myself. i wasn't on british television, there was desmonds and there was, i remember the other shows, there were numerous amount of black shows, but the majority was from the african-american experience and i thought from the beginning there was connective tish teu and i think with globalization, black mirror is like a metaphor for it because i did that in 2011 and it kind of came and went, and then netflix happened. so then the world became smaller. so they would see the show that we shot a few weeks outside of london in a room, that they would see it and play it in the same way of breaking bad. you know what i am saying. and that is what has kind of happened. is that now, now it is almost like everyone is closer together. it's like london is now a state in itself. there is such a wealth of creativity coming out of there. >> trevor: it might be because of brexit. it could become a thing.
2:11 am
before i let you go, the movie is really generating buzz. you know, it is a powerful story, lena waitt, you know, and you have melina who is one of the best directors who we have seen transition from-- from creating amazing stories for beyons to now feature fims and insecure, obviously. if somebody goes and watches this film, what would you tell them to like try and focus on when they are in the movie. because sometimes people miss ideas or themes in a film because they watch a trailer or read a review but if you go into this movie, i want you to have like this state of mind, what would you want that state of mind to be. >> that is a good question. oh, man, good question. like what can you say.tkx kind y and understand yu don't know their names. >> trevor: that's powerful. >> why you don't know their names. >> trevor: this is amazing, my dude, i'm excited.
2:12 am
will be in theaters floafer 27th. daniel kaluuya, everybody. we'll be right back. i support what y'all doing. it was self defense. get on the ground! why is he under arrest? [yelling ] [ gunshots ] power to the people. i'm tired of playing it safe. i want to ride or die. y'all really gave us something to believe in. let... them... go! -police! thank you for this journey... no matter how it ends.
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