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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  October 26, 2021 1:15am-2:00am PDT

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[knocking on door] yes? uh, hi. we're from the united volunteers. we've come to pick up the tv. oh, great. it's right over there. ooh, it's a big one. george: who's-- who's got the receipt? -i do. -all right. -will they give us cash? -that's their policy. i hate this mall. there are never any spaces here. why don't you park in front of the hydrant? what if there's a fire? now, what are the chances of that? succession is the greatest, and now episode two, part of me
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wants to watch it, but at the same time part of me doesn't want to get into a show unless i can binge it. it got me to thinking is that healthy. i'm tired of them being, like, what happens next -- it's happened already. tune in next week. no, tell me now. you know what i mean? why did we even do that before? it was for ads and stuff, right? it was, like, who killed him? i won't tell you because you we have to sell toilet paper. and then we stream now so we don't need it. at the same time, i sometimes wonder if it's unhealthy to binge. we used to look forward to things because it came out weekly. if a show is complicated, you should binge it. if it's simple, weekly. we'll make that the new model. this show comes out dale because it's complicated but it's simple. ( laughter ) >> coming to you from the heart of times square, the most
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important place on earth, it's "the daily show." tonight, tragedy is on set. meet the senate's newest. and anna kendrick. this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! >> trevor: hey! what's going on, everybody? welcome to "the daily show." i'm trevor noah. my good man ronny chieng is joining me on the show tonight! >> hey, what's up, trevor? what's going on? good to see you. thanks for inviting me back in, finally. damn, it's like that restraining order you had on me finally expired or something. >> trevor: what are you doing? >> just getting comfortable. >> trevor: there's a chair. everyone sits in the chair. everyone sits in the same place, why are you on my shelf? >> i'm good here. >> trevor: i'm not good. >> okay, so what do you want me to do now? >> trevor: well, sit in the chair. we do the thing together. we do the show. now you've knocked the books on the floor. >> feels like i'm -- feels like
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a voyeur sitting here. i don't feel like i'm part of it. >> trevor: voyeurs don't get to talk. >> over there, it's more -- >> trevor: it's like you're behind me and then now i can look at you like a friend. >> it's your show. do whatever. >> trevor: now the books are on the -- okay, i'll pick them up afterwards. good to have you. ready for head snrns. >> yeah, let's do it. >> trevor: all right. our first story is about medical equipment. ( banging things ) >> that wasn't me. >> trevor: all right, our first story is about medical equipment, the stuff doctors are always losing in your body after surgery. when you go to the doctor's office, it's important for everything to be sanitary which is why they removed the popsicle before they put that stick in your mouth, but it turns out tens of millions of medical gloves imported into the u.s. from thailand were actually used gloves that were washed off and
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then repackaged as new ones and apparently they didn't do a good job. >> these are bags of discarded medical gloves. in filthy, confiscated by the thai government in january. >> these were washed, recycled, some dirty, blood stains. >> this one is completely brown, discolored. this is nitrile but you can tell it's been through a washer and dryer and changed color due to the heat. >> trevor: crazy, right? when i first saw this, i was, like, i bet this is how the pandemic started. it was probably just two doctor shaking hands, because these gloves are meant to be thrown into a trash bag which is then thrown into the owns and swallowed by a whale. that's the right way to do it. this is infuriating. i know the world is changing at a rapid pace and there's so much uncertainty about the future, but the one thing i thought i could always rely on is that
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when a doctor sticks a gloved finger into my butt, that glove is losing its virgin at this. they should never be filthy. the only thing that should be filthy is the toy cube in the pediatrician's waiting room. every kid touches it. it's ebola waiting to happen. at the very least, if these companies are going to hand out dirty gloves, don't go through the trouble of washing a and trying them. just put a chocolate mint on the box like hotels, and we'll be, oh, a mint, it must be clean. >> trevor, as someone who plays a doctor on a different tv channel, i'm going to have to weigh in with my professional opinion on this one, just putting it out there, doctors are using too many gloves, all right, we don't need a new glove for every hole. all these gloves end up in the ocean, as you said. these guys, the thais, they're being environmentalists. it's good for the environment,
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right? >> trevor: you are being ridiculous. you need new gloves for each thing. it's sanitary. >> it's either baby what else choking to death or getting h.p.v. sometimes. those are your only options. you want baby dolphins to die or maybe you might sometimes get something from your doctor's gloves? >> trevor: yeah, now you've got me because if i say i want the baby dolphins to die, now i'm an asshole. that's the secret of america, you're an asshole either way. >> trevor: all right, well, for our next story, let's do what my haters and my grandmother are always telling me to do and go back to africa. amazing how hate and love overlap. a new study out of mozambique found elephants in one park have been evolving to lose their tusks. in the year 2000, there were three times as many tusksless
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female elephants as 30 years earlier, which makes sense, elephants don't need tusks anymore, we have can openers now. but that's actually not the reason for this rapid evolution. >> it's thought to be the result of ivory poaching that started in the late '70s. researchers say a very small portion of female elephants are born without tusks naturally, and that portion is gitting bigger because tuskless females are more likely to survive. >> trevor: believe it or not. these elephants like most females are trying to avoid don, jr. being able to avoid poachers is great news for elephants, but if other animals want to survive, maybe learn from the elephants. turtles should evolve to eat plastic. fish should evolve to also eat plastic. pretty much if you're anna kendrick mall, you should evolve to eat plastic because, i'm sorry guys, we're not using
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paper straus. we just decided as humans. >> you know what, elephants, great move here, what took you so long? decades of this, what do you think was going to happen? if you're anna kendrick mall with money growing out of your face, what are you think is going to happen next? if i walked around times square with bit coin growing on my ass, i have a poacher problem, too. right? just saying. >> trevor: it's not money, though. >> yeah, that stuff is -- all right -- >> trevor: bit coin, that's not money. >> well, whatever it is, people want it, okay? if you've got something people want growing off your body -- >> trevor: but, ronny, it's not like a real thing, people who want it is like a fake thing. >> bitcoin or ivory? >> trevor: ivory. >> i don't know what people use ivory for. you're from the region, right? >> trevor: the region? oh, yes, from africa. i thought you were saying i'm
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from the region we use -- we have the ivory. we don't news ivory. >> nobody wants this shit. people are killing the elephants and taking the tusks because -- >> trevor: no because in other regions of the world -- not weigh which regions because we'll get into a fight -- >> don't put this on us. i've never seen an elephant tusk in my life. >> trevor: yeah, because you turn into it avery. i should have said you. >> no, that's you guys. i'm not using the ivory. >> trevor: i'm not making the ivory. we just have elephants. >> somebody is shooting elephants and using the ivory and it's not us, and you're telling me it's not you guys. >> trevor: no. >> well, then, there shouldn't be a problem, then. >> trevor: okay. well, i'm glad we solved this thing. >> i'm glad, too. >> trevor: where did you get a glove? >> oh, this thing? oh, yeah, i was just going to be a good friend and just, you know, maybe check you for any problems you might have. >> trevor: my health? >> yeah, yeah.
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it's all good, man. i play a doctor on tv. just say the word, i'm in there. >> trevor: you come in the studio with a glove -- >> no, i got it from guy on amazon, he said it's clean. >> trevor: no, you need to leave with that. that's a health hazard. >> you know what's a bigger health hazard? not checking for prostrate at your age. not checking your prostrate at your age, that's a bigger health hazard. do you want cancer in your butt or h.p.v.? because those are your options. i didn't make the world, i just live in it. say the world. >> trevor: i'll meet you in my office. >> cool. >> trevor: thank you so much. all right, enough for the headlines. let's jump into our main story. over the weekend, people all over the globe were sharing a story that was not only shocking but also heartbreaking. >> there was shock and disbelief tonight after actor alec bald within was involved in a fatal
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and apparent accidental shooting of a woman on a new mexico movie set. >> alec baldwin seen in anguish thursday after firing a prop gun on the set of rust an independent western killing similar to mer haylna hutchins and injuring joe souza. a crew member handed to gun to baldwin and said cold gun, unaware it was full of live rounds. the safety commission says live ammunition is not to be used except a rare occasion which buzz not for rust. >> where did the live round come from? >> now the nation is asking how could something like this happen? >> today investigators are trying to determine how in the world a prop gun which is supposed to be loaded with blanks killed one person and injured another. >> trevor: okay, maybe i'm an idiot but i don't get this. why do they need to use real
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guns to make a fake thing? because hollywood movies love using the fake version of real things for everything except guns. fake tigers, fake houses, they can diversity and inclusion initiatives, but when it comes to deadly weapons, suddenly they're like let's get a real gun and see what happens, you know, switch things up. it makes no sense to me. live gunfire is something that should have been phased out of movieso a long time ago ago like blackface. only a few years ago hollywood found out women could be over 33. what makes the story worse is usually there are a lot of safety measures in place to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen. but sounds like this movie set didn't take safety that seriously. >> nbc news learned safety concerns including multiple previous misfires of the same prop gun baldwin used led several crew members to walk off the set hours before the
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accident. >> and the "the los angeles tim" says a crew member recently texted the unit production manager warning "we've now had three accidental discharges. this is super unsafe ." >> 24-year-old han in foot years reed was in charge of the weapons on set in new mexico and recently discussed her experience on a podcast. >> by all means, i'm still learning. i think loading blanks was like the scariest thing to me because i was, like, oh, i don't know anything about it. >> trevor: okay. that -- that is not something you ever want to hear from a person in charge of your guns. and it's also a good reminder to never go on the ominous foreshadowing podcast with zac and kyle. this gun misfired multiple times and allowed on set? was this gun's dad the producer? reportedly one to have the reasons it might have happened is production didn't want to spend the money on firearms
1:32 am
safety experts. guys, look, man, if you don't have the budget to pay for gun safety for your gun movie, then maybe you shouldn't be making a gun movie. make a different movie. like, i don't know, a cooking movie or maybe a movie about how two people aren't meant for each other but are. just do one more of those. it is absolutely unnecessary for anybody to lose their life for a pretend thing! but i guess some hollywood productions don't feel that way because this isn't even the first time this has had. >> tragedy struck before on a set at the hands of a prop gun. in 199 p, brandon lee, son of icon bruce lee, killed on the film set of the crow after a smith and wesson fired while filming. in 1984 on the set of the tv series cutup, john ericson died from a self-inflicted prop gunshot, just 24 years old. >> trevor: it's happened
1:33 am
before. every few years someone on a movie set gets shot for real by a pretend gun. and maybe this is a controversial take but i don't think movie things should kill real people. even once in a while shouldn't be acceptable. can you imagine if every so often a dinosaur? "jurassic park" ate a person? there wouldn't be a sequel. they'd cancel barney, yo, get that thing away from the kids, it's too risky. this is a mistake that never should have been made, a life that never should have been lost and hopefully, hopefully it's a tragedy that never happens again. all right, when we come back, we'll talk about the democrat who's really president and anna kendrick is joining me on the show. so don't go away.
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1:38 am
are insisting on bringing the price tag down from $3.5 trillion to about $2 trillion. and $1.5 trillion is a huge cut. no one's lost that much money since jeff bezos got divorced. kind of weird there are two senators okay with spending 2 trillion but not a penny more. what's the difference between 2 trillion and 3 trillion? people don't have calculators that go that high. the two senators standing in biden's way are joe manchin, representing the great state of his house boat, and arizona senator kyrsten sinema, seen here on a diplomatic trip to margaritaville. manchin has been clear he'll support the legislation as long as it saves west virginia from the ravages of clean air and water, pinning down what senator sinema wants has been harder to figure out. >> democrats hope to pay for the roughly $2 trillion package by increasing taxes on the wealthy and big corporations, but one
1:39 am
key holdout, senator kyrsten sinema is not on board with that. >> one of the big challenges for democrats in this final stretch has been that they don't really know where senator sinema stands because she hasn't made her views public. >> she is the sphinx of all this. no one can figure out what is making her tick. >> trevor: that's right, kyrsten sinema is the sphinx of the senate partly because nobody knows what she's thinking and partly she won't give anybody the bathroom key before answering her riddles. nice try, i'll just pee in my pants. it's weird the senate by withholding information can give you power. what other job can get away with that? a waiter doesn't become more influential by refusing to tell you what the specials are. excuse me, sir, what are the specials of the day? oooh, wouldn't you like to know? okay, are you guys ready to order? maybe to figure out what sinema wants, you first have to urns who she is.
1:40 am
so let's do that. let's get to know senator sinema in another installment of please allow me to introduce yourself. ♪♪ ♪♪ kyrsten sinema was born and raised in arizona which is already tough. i mean, everything there is trying to kill you, the animals, the heat, even the plants are covered in daggers. sinema's childhood was especially tough. she grew up door and at times her family was even homeless but she overcame the obstacles. she got an advanced degree, and became a lawyer, social worker and activist. the kind of story they turn into an inspiring movie you wear you will watch and never do. she was the kind of person you hope would run for office and then that's exactly what she did. >> sinema started out far left of center as a green party activist, entering politics in arizona as a ralph nader supporter, organizations antiwar
1:41 am
prosties protests after the september 11 attacks. >> the state are the lab of democracy and my state is the meth lab of democracy. >> she spoke out about mass incarceration, fought to include gender identity and antidiscrimination laws, led a successful effort to kill a ban on affirmative action and strongly opposed abortion restrictions. >> tea party is the same thing, crazy. >> kyrsten sinema invited a coven of feminine witches to protest the iraq war in 2003. >> trevor: that's right, she once brought witches to protest the iraq war which does not seem the best use of their skill set. if you've got witches on your side, don't waste them on a protest. you get them to cast a spell between josh bush and saddam hussein, really spice things up. funny how it was a coven of feminist witches. seems redundant.
1:42 am
it comes with the territory. are there any witches who are not feminist? called me old fashioned but it's the woman's job to push the children into the oven! but, yes, it can be hard to believe now buff sinema started her political career as a hard core progressive. so you might expect that the reason she's holding up the democrats' legislation is because it doesn't turn america into a socialist paradise with free healthcare, free education, free milk made of nuts you never heard of. but that the not the case because as young sinema's star began to rise, it started drifting to the right. >> her politics began to shift as he sought higher office. after winning her first congressional campaign in 2012, she joined the blue dog coalition, a group of centrist house democrats. >> sinema who fought for democrats once, the voted to block myrtle from receiving
1:43 am
stimulus checks. >> and decided to take over john mccain's mantel of maverick, voting against racing the minimum-wage, bucking her party in the model of mcgain. >> kyrsten sinema admits she doesn't like to mention her party affiliation in her ads. >> are you a democrat. >> i am. >> proud democrat. >> my gosh, hard to say proud. i'm not sure people are even proud of parties anymore because i feel the parties are not doing a good job. >> trevor: oh, damn, she talks about ding being a democrat the way a person talks about owning anna kendrick destroyed phone -- i don't actually like it i'm just on my mom's family plan, not like it's my phone. changing political views is normal. young people are idealistic but as they get older they desaid their most passionate belief is not paying taxes. what's unusual about sinema is she shifted so far so fast, she went from hosting witch covens
1:44 am
to denying immigrants healthcare. in a few years, seems like she got bitten by a radioactive ted cruz or something. as her politics became more mainstream her personality picked up the slack. >> kearseen sinema becomes the first woman to serve as senator in arizona. it's a big deal. she's a three-term congresswoman, she is a try athlete. she broke barriers coming to congress as the first out bisexual member but it's never part of her identity she's dwelled on even telling reporters when asked in 2005, duh, i'm by sexual. >> safe to say the u.s. senate has never seen anyone like her before. she's made quite the presence with her colorful wigs and bright outfits. >> her unique and edgy style from the f-off wing, colorful wigs to the dangerous creature shirt she wore to preside over the senate floor, all emphasizing her non-conformist
1:45 am
core in style and substance. >> trevor: rolled into congress like a senator from candyland. this might be my favorite thing about her. i love a senator who shows some style. especially in the place where all the guys thing rolling their sleeves up six inches is a glowup. i think it's nice to see one of them thinking they didn't just grab whatever is available in the senate's communal soup bucket. it's a change. that's senator kyrsten sinema, who changes her political beliefs like they're wigs. maybe her most called belief is getting as much ace tension for herself as possible, but regardless this is bad news for joe biden because his only hope is she suddenly changes her political views back as fast as she changed them the first time and i don't think she's going to do that. or at least not on her own. so joe biden, you might want to get those witches back together. when we come back, anna kendrick is joining me right here in the studio. don't want to miss it.
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daily show. my guest tonight is actor and executive producer, anna kendrick. she's here to talk about her hbo max series, “love life.” >> it becomes clear there is only so much one can glean from examining a single life. >> tequila! >> congratulations! you're married. >> yeah, for now! thanks! >> because for every choice that subject makes, someone else is out there charting an entirely different course. >> trevor: anna kendrick. >> hi! >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> thank you so much for having me. >> trevor: i said you go by the name of anna kendrick. >> that's a really weird way to put it? i think i was listening to hip-hop before you came out, you know when people say i go by the name of -- >> yeah, and i am very hip-hop. >> trevor: that's the first thing i think of you. >> yeah. >> trevor: welcome to the
1:50 am
show. >> thank you so much. >> trevor: it's welcome back to an area that i feel has a really special place in your heart because times square, broadway, this was the beginning for you. >> yeah, i guess i was mostly thinking about coming back, no audience, sort of looser and there's a nice vibe to not having a live audience, but, yeah, i mean, times square -- well, this area is the first job that i ever had. i was going to say in new york, but the first job i ever had ever was a broadway show on the street. >> trevor: you were 13. >> 12. get your facts straight. >> trevor: when did you get the tony? >> it's possible that i was nominated when i was 12 and by the time the ceremony happened i was 13. i don't remember. >> trevor: that's still pretty impressive. >> pretty young for all that noise. >> trevor: that's a good question then -- how did you avoid the child star track then? are you normal?
1:51 am
>> that's the million-dollar question. i feel like, actually, i was thinking about this recently, that i think theater, for better and potentially for worse, i'm not sure, theater, like, asks a lot more of its child actors. you have been on film sets. >> trevor: yes. it's like can i get you water. >> trevor: it's a very pampered -- >> pampered existence. it is all kind of fake because they don't trust you not to rub off. it's not it's coming from a place of genuinely we think you're so wonderful, it's just coming from a place of we don't trust you to go to the bathroom and not get lost so we have to take you there. when you're young you might internalize that like i'm special, i'm at the top to have the pecking order. when i was doing high society when i was 12, there was a day i kept forgetting my line in front of everyone. the director was, like, well, we're going to cut that line if you forget it one more time and
1:52 am
i did and they cut it. so obviously that was maybe a little too humiliating, but generally speaking, it was just, like, you're going to be here, you're going to rehearse all day. >> trevor: do you miss it? >> yeah, every time i go and see a show, i'm just like i'm so green with envy that i'm not on stage and it's such a magical experience. >> trevor: are you able to totally shut out? what happens to me is, if i'm watch ag show, say standup, i spend half to have the show thinking about what i would have done. like the joke, i see it coming, don't see it coming. >> yeah. >> trevor: do you have that when you go to broadway, huh, i wouldn't have done the note that way. >> you must do that with tv. >> trevor: no. >> just standup. >> trevor: just standup. >> i end up doing that with film and tell television and live th, and i wonder if it's the same with you with standup, that the true test of how great it is is where your brain shuts out of if
1:53 am
you're not thinking about, oh, that's an interesting time to move the camera that way. that's a choice. but when you're just not thinking about that at all because you're so engrossed in the material. >> trevor: the same thing with broadway. >> yeah. >> trevor: when you're so engrossed. talks about your show, season two, congratulations. >> yeah, you i have to say i'm o excited for people to see season two and i feel like it's a lot easier for me to talk about season two because i'm not the lead of season two now so i get to be just like, you guys, the show is so good,eth so good! >> trevor: so you're saying before you wouldn't want to talk about it because you were afraid it's, like, i'm so good? >> of course i want people to see the show and i think it's good. but it's easier for me to unabashedly be, you guys, the show is so good. william harper from the good place is so unbelievable. and jessica williams is electrifying.
1:54 am
>> trevor: i've never seen you speak about yourself like this. >> that would be weird. >> trevor: i don't think it would be. a siren is going by. times square. i don't think that would be weird at all. i think maybe you should add like an s to your name and be like anna kendricks who is on the show and talk about her as well. she's a phenomenal. >> i would be like anna kendricks is talented but she's not for everyone. ( laughter ) >> trevor: you know what i loved about this show is, like, season one was -- i will say this, it surprised me because it was like the nicest show on hbo max. let me start with that. >> oh, yeah. >> trevor: a lot of the stuff on hbo max is suicide squatty, funny but dark. and this i was, like, is this dark? >> no, nice. >> trevor: i was, like, this is very friendly. i wasn't expecting that from hbo max. >> it's an approachable,
1:55 am
friendly show, and then it does get into some heavier stuff. but in a way where -- you were laughing the entire time -- there was an episode later in the season where like the three kind of guy friends end up on the camping trip and the episode is my favorite because it really really gets into the brutality of heartbreak, you know. >> trevor: yeah. >> but it's so funny. it's, like, three guys on mushrooms in the woods and it's so funny but you're still getting all of that catharsis of watching somebody go like god like love is this fundamental human drive and it just tears us apart but, you know, to be able to be, like, really laughing while you're exploring that is amazing. >> i would love to know before i let you go, your character darby, we travel through so much with her. we got to relive moments of her life. it's the young love, new love, getting married, and at the end of the season, here we are with
1:56 am
her as a single mom and it's a journey she's been on. have your ideas on love changed or been shaped by the show in any way? is there something where the material has made you think like, huh, i wonder if i see love differently or have you shaped the show because of how you see love? >> that's really interesting because the first season, a couple of things happened, like a lot of that first season was personal experience and, in fact, i was, like, we have to change some of these details so that i don't get angry phone calls. but there was one episode in particular that i went to the creator when i got the script for this particular episode and was like we need to change more details, this is way too close to my real life. and he is like we haven't talked about this, this episode, we didn't consult you on this thing. so the most close to my life was the thing i didn't talk about and that the crazy thing about season two is that i'm going,
1:57 am
like, it feels just as personal and it like none of it's drawn from my actual life. and, so, it feels almost like -- actually, there was another thing where i had never had an experience quite like the one that darby had, and then since the show has ended, i have had that experience, and, you know, so, like, this kind of weird road map or like sometimes it feels like the show is like my personal psychic or something. so i don't know -- yeah, i guess it's that, you know -- that constant question of is life imitating art or art imitating life? >> trevor: that's probably why people love the show, it connects with people. there are moments you feel like you're watch ago real show and it's a show that makes you laugh, and when it ends, i wasn't just watching a show, it was my friends. >> thank you. >> trevor: >> trevor: season two of "love
1:58 am
life" premieres on hbo max on october 28th. okay, we're gonna take a quick break, but we'll be right back afte but before we go:
1:59 am
consider supporting the violence intervention program in new york city. they work within latino communities to end domestic and sexual violence, by providing emergency shelter advocacy for
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long-term economic stability, and healing for survivors and their children. if you want to support their work, please donate at the link below. until tomorrow -- stay safe out there, get your vaccine, and remember: if you're getting a prostate exam, do not let your doctor use those gloves from thailand. have him raw-dog it. now, here it is -- your moment of zen. >> it was a very high degree of radiation. >> all of a sudden all hell broke loose. >> in a storm that's more perilous ysh oh! >> we wanted to watch lena get scared on morning show, so we sent her out live from the 13th floor haunted house there ( screaming ) >> okay, i wasn't expecting that one, okay! ( growling ) >> oooh! okay, see, now -- >> lena, are you okay? take a deep breath. >> as long as nobody -- oh, okay.


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