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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  May 6, 2022 1:14am-2:00am PDT

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>> coming to you from new york city, the only city in america, it's "the daily show." tonight why we're sending news to space, the history of black jockies and alex and jonathan. this is the daily show with trevor noah. >> cheers plaws. >> trevor: what's going on, everybody, welcome to "the daily show," i'm trevor noah. thank you so much for tuning in.
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thank you for coming out, thank you for being here. thank you so much. take a seat, everybody, take a seat, let's get into it. we have got a great show for you tonight. roy wood, jr. is going to explore the secret black history of the kentucky derby. madison cawthorn is back in the news with another scandal and our guest are "the new york times" reporters who got the kevin mccarthy tapes when he is trashing jump-- trump about january 6th. so let's do this, let's jump straight into today's headlines. all right, let's kick things off with inflation. as you know all across the world prices have been skyrocketing. and it saul thanks to the pandemic, supply chain issues and a russian man who clearly wasn't hugged enough as a child. and because of that, everything costs more. groceries, gas, black mail, terrible, everything. and every government around the world is trying to figure out
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how to bring inflation down which is why now the federal reserve is stepping in with a maidgesser move that america hasn't seen in decades. >> on wednesday the federal reserve raised the interest rate by half aé:■ until he said a softish landing. soft, i like, softish, any time you have to haveish"" to something, i don't feel reassured any more. this roller coaster is safe-ish. these clams are fresh-ish. yeah, baby, we're monogamish.
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you know how this is going to end. but basically, basically, here is how it all works, right. the fed raises interest rates which means the cost of borrowing money goes up which means that people and businesses spend less money which then makes prices start to come down. and it works because higher interest rates affect so many things in your life it makes a mortgage more expensive, car loans more expensive, it makes paying off your credit card more expensive. even makes buying-- -- the trick as jerome powell was eluding to is you have to bring spending down but not too much too fast. you have to do it just right or the economy could crash and you end up in a recession. but the delicate balance, think of it, you know what, think of it the economy like a house party, all right. yeah, you want it to be banging, you know what i mean, you want it to be banging but you don't want it to get out of control because no one can get a drink, they are punching, fighting over what is left strks chaos.
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so raising the interest rate is like trying to calm the party down. but if you are too extreme and call the cops or turn on the light and everyone sees who they were dancing with, now the party ends. the whole thing shuts down, that is the recession of a party. what the federal reserve is trying to do is change the players just enough so people stay but also make sure nobody is dance on the table. so it is tricky. it is tricky. but they have to try because if they don't do something, a dollar will get you less and less every day which is going to suck for everyone, especially for the dollar. >> man, this sucks. back in the day people used to use me fore everything. could you buy a horse with me, a windmill, they bought alaska with me and they got change. but look at me now. thanks to inflation i'm just a glorified bookmark covered in fecal matter, people don't even want to snort cocaine with me
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any more, now they only talk about benjamin, that loser wasn't even president. the only thing i have left in my life are dollar stores and strip clubs and i ware to god if strippers start taking bitcoin i'm going to kill myself. very angry. all right. all right, let's move on to a politician who will presumably never be on money, madison cawthorn, north carolina politician and five weeks ago he claimed that his republican colleagues were doing cocaine and having giant orgies which he was deeply disgusted by. yeah because you see he's a true christian who stands for traditional conservative values. so that is what he said about his colleagues. clearly he pissed somebody off because since he made that accusation week after week people have been leaking things that seem to be exposing him as
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a fraud, yeah, the scandals have included everything from pictures inning lingerie to allegations of insider trading and a campaign aide with their hand on his crotch. and now in the words of the esteemed political analyst dj khaled, another one. >> a completely shocking video appearing to show the congressman completely naked in this video. >> it reportedly shows him acting crass, i guess could you say with his friend, in a bedroom while not wearing any clothing at all. >> notably this is put out by an opposition group, a group that is working actively to try to defeat the congressman in the upcoming republican primary. but the congressman admitted that it is, indeed, him in the video. >> trevor: yeah. someone released a video of madison cawthorn from a few years ago before he was in congress, naked, basically pretending to hump his friend's face. and believe me i wish there was another way to say that but there is not.
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that is the story. and you got to admit, man, these people are coming for madison cawthorn. you know in fact the way they are coming for madison cawthorn, i'm starting to think maybe those cocaine orgies were real, you know? it is too much. so for the fifth year time madison cawthorn was forced to release a statement explaining why this isn't as bad as it seems. >> you are witnessing one of the first examples of a politician who grew up with a cell phone in their hands with the ability to take photos videos and have others use that content to hurt you, most of my colleagues in congress right now would not be serving in washington if they grew up within a single mile of a cell phone growing up. >> trevor: before we address the statemented can anyone explain why the american flag is in that video? that flag wasn't humping anybody. why are you dragging the flag into this bullshit, huh? you can see the flag him him
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like uh-huh, i wasn't there. (applause) now as for the points the young congressman was making, as much as i do not like him, i have to agree. since the beginning of time people have had the ability to insulate what they do in private from what they do in public. but now we have a whole generation whose growing up documenting every single dumb thing they do or say or hump. and honestly, unless they're breaking the law, we're going to have to figure out how to deal with this in society. right. because thanks to phones, everyone's friends have dirt on them. yeah, honestly, everyone. in fact, if your friend don't have any dirt on you that could some day ruin your career, then i'm sorry, are you not friends, are you just acquaintances, understand that now. and so i agree, i honestly agree, this is just part of the product of the times, what he
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was doing was extreme but this is part of the times. like st previous generations of politicians have the same technology as we do now we might have seen really embarrassing selfies of abe lincoln, you know. you can imagine young mitch mcconnell with an iphone? i mean even if there was nothing scandalous we still have to see him try to look cool every day on tiktok. >> yairks he looked like that since he was 14. >> i would have gone viral by the way. >> all right, let's move on to a story about space. jeff bezos vacation home. for decades humans have been trying to not only find other planets for us to destroy but also intelligent life for us to colonize. and we've tried everything. we sent out deep space probes. we sent out radio waves, in the 50s we sent a bunch of dogs and
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monkeys for some reason. but now after decades of no luck, nasa has decided to take things up a notch. >> nasa scientists plan to send pictures of naked humans into space hoping to catch the attention of aliens. nudes will come with an invitation to respond. pictures aren't graphic, just a drawing of a naked man and a woman next to a picture of dna. nasa revealed this as part of a project called beacon in the galaxy to send a message to any alien civilizations. >> trevor: okay. first things first, they've got to hire more women over at nasa because only dudes would think the best way to introduce yourself is with unsolicited nude, hey alien, you up there? what are we doing? (applause) oh, aliens are going to be really upset they turned on their air drop for everyone in the galaxy. but also, but also, but also, if
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you are going to send nudes, why would you send these nudes? let me tell you something, man f i was an alien no way am in hell i'm coming to this planet. if someone sent me these nudes and said hey, you up, i would be like i am so far from up. i am in a coma. i will never be up again. i mean look at this thing. like you are sexting with an atari, what is that, the woman doesn't even have a nose, look at that shit. think about what we are saying, even this bleant has zero technology because this is how they draw themselves or this is how they look. either way i'm not coming. what a terrible thing, to send, maybe if i was a 13 year old alien i could make that work, you know what i mean. but how are these the nudes that we are sending to aliens? if we want aliens to get interested, don't send them an etch-a-sketch drawing, send them coupons for onlyfans. come on, man, get them in the game. you know honestly, even if the
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aliens are interested, i think we've got to be careful, this is sengsd the wrong requested about us into the galt axey. just imagine for a second the very first thing we send to aliens is naked photos. what, are we only trying to make contact with the horniest aliens in the universal? no wonder every time they abduct people they probe their butts, we're sending up the wrong vibe, you understand how scary this is, you know what is going to happen, the aliens will get here and they will expect to smash immediately, yeah. and then they're going to be disappointed. imagine if scwuj you have never met before tectsd you nudes and then you go there and they are like cool, now that you are here i wanted to introduce you to joe biden. that is the worst catfishing ever. they will blow up our planet just for that. >> you are horny horny and they are like take us to your leader, we're here to smash. now we're in trouble. the only way that would work out is if the aliens come and trump is president. >> yeah. >> no, no, because if there is one thing i will tell you about trump, he [bleep] the shit out of those aliens.
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he will be like i don't know what they have down there, but i'm grabbing it. i'm grabbing it. come here, aliens. (laughter) we actually should hope that this only reaches the horny aliens. because you realize how offensive this is going to be if it just ends up in front of a normal alien, they are going to be so pissed off. sheila! sheila! those-- left pornography on the lawn, yes, i'm sure it is not my pornography, you know i wouldn't be yanking my floor flex to a drawing of two hairless monkeys, yeah, i mean one doesn't even have a nose, sheila. come on, you know what i am into and it is not this crap. plus i don't need pornography. i only need you.
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you know i love you, baby. i love you, sheila. (applause). >> trevor: i love that all right, that is it for the headlines. but before we go to a break let's check in on the stock market with our very own finance expert, michael kosta, everybody. (cheers and applause) michael. >> yeah. >> trevor: what is happening in the market today, man. >> i'm an expert at thisment and i am crushing the market. >> trevor: so you say. >> i'm absolutely crushing it and as an expert i do have a hot tip for you. >> trevor: can't wait. >> and a hot tip for you as well, so we will get to that, but before we do, the fed raising the interest rates. >> trevor: yes. >> this is a great thing, okay. because during the pandemic, you know, we lost interest, right. i lost interest, personally. i lost interest in netflix. i lost interest in my family, you know. i lost interest in work, to be
1:33 am
honest with you. i wasn't trying that hard before but now i'm really phoning it in, okay. so but, but, but look, raising the interest rates did affect everyone. especially regular middle class homeowners like myself, okay. now i have a ski castle ins, in its french alps, 12,000 square feet, on a nice pristine glaition y'all lake and if i hadn't locked in my rate before this, i wouldn't be able to redo the kitchen on the main property. so it is tough-- marble, trevor. but within thing have i learned is whenever you complain about renovating the kitchen in your fifort home, nobody has any sympathy but you can imagine 1/16 century ski castle with a bad kitchen. i love to cook. oh, nasa sending the nudes, we'll get to this in a second. but that's a risky move. okay. because nasa doesn't know who is
1:34 am
going to gets those nudes what if it is alien children? right, now earth is exposing itself to children, you know. did you think about that. next thing you know earth is on the intergalactic sex offender list and we have to go around from galaxy to galaxy knock on the at moss fear saying hello, i'm earth, i'm your neighbor for $3 billion, i'm legally required to tell you i'm a sex offender? can i get to the market. >> yeah, thank you. >> cool, look, yesterday on the news that the interest rates were going up, the market shot up. >> trevor: yeah. >> today on the news that the interest rates were going up, the markets shot down all right. so i'm an expert here, don't forget. in sum ree when the news of the interest rates are going up, the market will either go up or it is going to go down. (applause) thank you. >> trevor: hold on, hold on, but mike elevatork that doesn't
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make any sense to me. >> yeah, well that's because are you not an expert, like me. and that is my hot tip, okay. leave it to the experts. (applause) >> thank you, i think michael kosta. >> trevor: don't go away because when we come back roy wood, jr. will take us through the secret world of black horse racing. racing. you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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(applause). >> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. this weekend is the kentucky derby. the biggest day in horse racing and mint juleps but what is horse race having to do with black people? well let's find out in another edition. >> well, hello. welcome to. the only show, today we'll be discussing blacks in horse racing. usually when you think of hose racing the only black thing that comes to mind is the horse itself. turns out many. people riding them have been black too. not to take anything away from those black horse, they are strong, my horse brothers.
1:41 am
for many years in the early days of argued horse racing black jockeys were extremely common in the sport. partly pause black people had a lot of experience taking care of horses during slavery and partly because riding horses was the best way to prevent the police from stopping you for a brock earn tail light. take the kentucky derby. the biggest event in the sport. it is so popular you probably heard of it even if you are not a gambling addict that blew his kid's college money and lost the house on weekend racing. sorry, whispering willow was supposed to be a sure thing. in the first kentucky derby in 1875, 13 out of 15 jockeys were black. and the winner of that race was oliver lewis, erodes to victory on his horse aristide, strange name but it was the 1800s, if you got a black jockie, you have to at least give the horse an extra white name to balance
1:42 am
things out. despite his success, lewis retired from racing the very same year he won the derby. which is understandable. with the prize money he won he could timely-- finally achieve the dream of every black man in 1875, kentucky, moving out of kentucky. and not only were black people the first to do it, but they were some of the best. like isaac burns murphy. seen here think being racism, probably. isaac was considered one of the greatest jockeys in history, the first person to win the ken den derby three times and his win record is still unmarched to this day at 44 percent. murphy was the first rider ever to be inducted into the horse racing hall of fame which is the highest honor a jockey can receive other than being told oh, you are actually taller than i expected. but despite their success in the sport, black riders soon all but disappeared from horse racing. making it yet another thing that started out very black, but
1:43 am
became very white. much like rock 'n' roll or brooklyn. and that's because of the early 1900s. theres with a concerted effort to push black jockies out of the sport. white racers engaged in harsh tactics both on and off the tracks. they would hit black riders with the riding crops. or run them into the rails. two time derby whenner jimmy whitfield was even threatsenned by the ku klux klan, the irony he and the kkk both love riding horses, if equistrianism can't trump hate, i don't know what can. the harassment got so bad that in 1904 wheatfield left the country to become a racing superstar in russia. you know how bad it has got to get for a black man to move to russia. they didn't even have black people over there back then. although maybe that is the secret, get in early brch they learn how to do racism.
1:44 am
but soon enough, practically the only black jockies you could find were those creepy little statures on rich white folks lawn. between 1921 and the year 2 thousand, not a single black jockey even raced in the derby. do you understand how long that is? it took all the way until the baha men released who let the dogs out for a blacks person to compete again. not saying that the two are related, unless-- nah, that is too damn crazy. that, one black rider who did make waves during those years was sheryl white, the first licensed black female jockey in america. sheryl started her career racing straight out of high school which means she was the most influential black teenager on a horse until lil nas x came around. and she didn't need the help of miley cyrus' daddy. at just 17 years old white was already winning races and gracing the cover of jet magazine. which is incredibly impressive.
1:45 am
now adays most 17 year olds i know could only make the cover of dumb ass up to no good magazine. i see you boys doing the vaping before school. i will snitch on you. watch me. so the next time you think of horse racing, think about the black jockies that blazed the trail back in those early days. don't just think of or the guy who wrote-- or how much money you lost by not betting on seabiscuit, baby i'm not coming home for a little while. i'm so sor he. well that's all the time we have for today. i am roy wood, jr. and this has been-- can somebody help me put on this fake mus tach, there say gentleman named knuckle swinging by to get some money and i don't have it for him and i got to get out of here, okay, all right, this location has been compromised. come on, jennifer lewis. >> trevor: roy wood, jr.,
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everybody, when we come back, jonathan martin and alex burns are joining me on the show, are joining me on the show, don't go away.
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♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ >> welcome back to the daily show, my guest tonight are political reporters here to take about their explosive new book this will not pass, trump, biden and the battle for america's future. please welcome jonathan martin and alex birns burns. welcome, welcome. welcome to the show. >> all right, gentlemen, i'm not even going to waste any time, i trust are you good, let's jump straight into. this the best way to describe this for me is it is basically like the real housewives of
1:50 am
washington d.c., it makes it look like the most scandalous space, there have so many inner feuds and things we don't even know about, when i'm reading this book i'm going shunts the american people see that. why do they get the sanitized, like this is how we are, when this seems like this is what is deciding the country versus what the people are seeing on the news but people are voting what is seeing on the news. >> i think that is spot on. and it is one of the things we believe so passionately about political journalism, one the things we try to do in this book. there is not some clean separation between the personalities of politics and the feuds that you are talking about and the real housewives style drama and the policy. it is the person alt and those feuds and all high school level petiness that drives what happens. if people in washington were more up front about that, i think first of all they would confirm a whole lot of what the american people sort of suspect about their politicians but secondly, i think it would be possible maybe for the country to have a more honest conversation about what is wrong
1:51 am
here if we weren't all putting on a different face. >> when the cameras are running in washington you see two different kinds of politicians than what you see behind the scenes in private when they don't know that say the audio is running. >> this book exposes a lot. let's talk about that, the audio. i mean one of the biggest bombshells from the book is the audio that you released which was the audio of kevin mccarthy after january 6th basically saying, we have got to make trump pay for this, is he responsible, et cetera, mitch mcconnell being oh, i hope he does get impeached. you are hearing things from politicians who said the complete opposite when they were on camera. so how did you hear about it? >> well, a lot, a lot of work, a lot of hours, a lots of talking to people at all levels of government. and people outside of government, i mean there say perception among folks who read political journalism that it is this hollywood idea where like
1:52 am
somebody in sunglasses comes and drops you a bag outside your house or like and you get the story of a lifetime. it ability that, it is like a lot of work, it is alot of shoe leather, a lot of time talking to people and hoping that you can piece things together to eventually get the full version of the story. >> if i could just, look, you had fun with us at the correspondent dinner, that is fair, we're big boys. we noticed. we noticed. but the honest response to your line that night is look, if we were in a position to release that information the second we got it, of course we would have done that. but part of the exercise of writing a book and part of why it is different from writing for newspaper or producing a television show is that the people you are talking to, the sources you are working with will be more candid and slair more information t is not just audio, it is documents, it is notes they are taking in realtime t is their personal views and recollection. when they feel they are sharing it for history and not a show
1:53 am
that will air in a couple of hours from now. >> trevor: that makes no sense to me t is not like this is ancient history, this happened a year ago and are you telling me the politicians are like well this will never see the light of day in a year. >> it is absolutely extraordinary t is one the things that,. >> trevor: these are the people running the country. >> or trying to. when we were doing these interviews you would see people sort of uptight and-- this is for history, you know, if this is for history. >> st out next may. >> like let's talk about that, some of the other stories, for instance, there say part in the goo book, the there say part where are you interviewing donald trump himself, interryuing him there and in the middle of this interview does he call in instagram or does instagram call hims. >> they call him. >> in the lobby at mar-a-lago for his guests to seerks instagram called him. and trump does not get up from the couch, excuse me, fellas, he sit there and takes that call on his cell phone and puts it on speaker so
1:54 am
he can lear it. >> so we've got the audio, let's play that call. >> and most porntsly would you tell them one thing, can trump play golf, legitimately play golf. >> okay, so listen. we go play for the first time, you know, i have heard this, have i heard that. so we play in october, he shot even par, missed a three footer putt. >> yeah. >> he would have been one under. but even par, playing by the rules of golf, he is a legitimate five, six, maybe more, because if you don't blee me, go play with him. >> trevor: so here std thing, for context, this is the same lindsey graham who after january 6th was brnging up the 25th amendment, is he like this is too much. we've gone too far. and then trump has him on the phone and he's just like dance for me. and i does. >> this is three months later, this is pretty-- . >> trevor: is this, does this
1:55 am
show us that the politicians are are lying to the people or lying to trump. >> that say great question. >> that say really good question, look, i think we were shocked not that lindsey graham would be calling trump at that point. but we all know that how lindsey graham wrote back to trump really fast about january 6th had ray very, very short expiration date on them. but i think this hearing in realtime in front of us, sort of dancing the routine was really an extraordinary moment. i don't know that he is lying to anybody. i think lindsey graham genuinely believes is he playing a vietsal role as a diplomat of the establishment of the political party and donald strump, that is clearly how is he rationalizing it, pilzing some of his colleagues in the senate but you heard how far it goes. >> i think trump knows lindsey isn't his biggest fan in the world and that privately rolls his eyes but that he sort of, you know, is trying to sort of stay in the arena sow has to keep trump on his good side. i think obviously lindsey is
1:56 am
pretty obviously aware of donald trump's liabilities and would admit that in private. i think what is the old saying, you can't bs a bser. i think they both know that the other is totally on the level. so i guess it works, right? >> trevor: i mean not for the country, you know. it just seems like, you know, if donald trump didn't have as many scandals as he did, i feel like every single chapter in this book could have been its own book in a different time way different presidency. >> great point. >> trevor: there say part in the book where you uncover the fact that jared kushner is the person who got kayne west his campaign manager and all of this was essentially a scheme to try and siphon black votes away from the democrats, like that in and of itself that would be the bombshell of the day and now it is just like one part of the book. >> i think it say great episode of sort of polit kal hijinks
1:57 am
right, but it is really revealing both how desperate they were to mess with the basic electoral map of this election. i think it also really revealing how the white house and president's family saw a black voters and what they would be drawn to in this election, the notion that the way to get, to siphon black votes from joe biden was get this screw ball celebrity into the race and of course those people will vote for him instead of the guy they know as a former two term vice president. that says a whole lot about the people who are running the country. >> look, with the trump crowd, it's like a cartoon version of past presidents, you know, like the president's son-in-law who by the way works in the white house, which is, okay, and then secondly basically running the country as a de facto senior advise we are no actual title beyond senior advisor and also like running the campaign on the side too. and running the campaign he's trying to wire in a third party candidate who happens to be like a celebrity, he's doing all of this, and like there is ethics rules that kind
1:58 am
of exises in the white house, but it makes a mockery of any sort of like political norm or tradition in america. >> that say great way to put it because what it feels like this book exposes in a really scary way, because it is revealing and shocking, then you get to the end of the book, you go man, america is in trouble because it feels like there is a facade that is being presented by washington d.c. it feels like there is definitely a game that is being played, you know, in the capitol versus what every day americans are experiencing. and then the most important thing is it feels like the two party system has failed because now it feels like republicans aren't on with trump, they play along o to keep their role but it feels like the thing is a sham and by the time the american people find out that it really is a sham it will be too late. >> one of the things we hope we accomplish with this book is to expose that sham to a pretty significant degree. the american people deserve to know what a gigantic gap there is between the way their politicians behave in public and the things they say in private about policy, about each other
1:59 am
and even about the american people. so again, that is sort of the overarching journalistic exercise here. >> (applause) >> if you want to get it out there, the book say nice stop but if you really want people to stay a pension you have to make it into a tv show, gentlemen thank you. >> for your lips to god's ears. >> thank you. >> the book available right now, we're going to take a quick break and be right back after this. this. thank you. why do nearly one million businesses choose to mail and ship? no more trips to the post office no more paying full price for postage and great rates from usps and ups mail letters ship packages anytime anywhere for less a lot less get our special tv offer
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