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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  June 6, 2022 11:00pm-11:46pm PDT

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"no offense. "you seem like a really nice guy. "but you're not qualified. you admitted it yourself." that's how it works. . >> coming to you from new york city, the only city in america, it's "the daily show." tonight kim jong un works on his aim. recasting l.a.'s mayor, and bobby brown. this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! (cheers and applause). >> trevor: thank you, welcome to the daily show, i'm trevor noah thank you so much for tuning in. (applause) that is amazing. take a seat, take a seat,
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everybody, let's do this, take a seat, let's get into it we've got eye really fun jam-packed show, north korea is acting the fool, joe biden wants to speak to the manager and we're going to explore the worst ways to celebrate juneteenth. plus legendary r&b artist bobby brown is joining us on the show and we'll have a really fascinating conversation about the whirlwind life that he has lived. so let's do this, people, let's jump straight into today's headlines. (applause) okay. let's kick things off with north korea, voted korea of the year by north korea magazine for the past three decades. a few years ago most people thought the only way the world was going to end was if north korea marshmallow dictator decided to kick off a nuclear apocalypse but since then we learned there are many ways the world could end. it could be a global pandemic. it could be russia starting a world war. it could be apple letk you edit
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i massages, i didn't say that. so obviously people haven't been paying as much attention to north korea lately which is probably why kim jong un has decided to remind us that he still exists. >> we're going to turn to north korea launching a new round of missile tests. the regime firing off eight wrong ets and the u.s. and south korea launching missiles in response in show of force. >> they send eight surface to surface missile nooses the sea after north korea did the same just hours earlier. >> there is no direct communication that we know of between the biden administration and the northed korean reg even-- regime. so instead both sides seem to be communicating through missile launches. >> trevor: huh. the u.s. and north korea are communicating using missile launches? that is adorable. it really is, it's so different. missile, missile, you up, missile, missile, gnaw nuh-uh. it sounds like a couple that really needs therapy.
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like and what do you do when she shuts you out? >> i launch missiles. >> and what we are supposed to do? >> talk to the u.n. >> you know, people say that black people and white people can't get along. but i don't know what hope there is in the world if north and south korea can't even get along. they are both korean looking at the other one like these [bleep] koreans, man. and you know who i feel really bad for? those missiles. yeah, the missiles that were shot into the ocean because think about it, they sink. they have a specific purpose to blow up in glorious combat but then they just end up being used for a show. it must hurt their feelings. like being a condom that gets put on a banana for sex ed class. >> i was meant for greater things, dammit. >> so joking aside though, i want to be serious for a moment here because let me get this straight. north korea and south korea and the united states are now
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launching missile after missile into the social but i'm not allowed to use plastic straws? huh? is that right? is that right? i'm out here trying to do my part using a straw that dissolves the second i put it into my drink, the second i put it in. it's gone. (applause) i don't even know what mi drinking whack are you having, a tequila paper matche. yeah, i saved the turtle, the one that got shot by a ballistic missile. what does the ocean have to do with our beef, huh? those creatures are down there just trying to live their lives. they don't need to deal with missiles from human conflict. you can imagine what it is like for them? ariel, life is better under the sea. we rule in the waves, the fish swim in the seaweed. we're-- ahhh oh no, oh no,
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everybody is dead. everybody is dead. the fish are all dead under the sea. ariel don't got no legs or a head. and the worst part is having my accent makes me sound jolly even when i'm not. this is where i wish i was from germany. this accent doesn't convey the tragedy of the terrible crime that happened under the sea. (applause) but enough about those north korean missile strikes. there are bigger threats here at home people that we need to deal with. and yes i'm talking about the danger of trarns children playing sports. which luckily lawmakers in ohio are ready to take a really hard look at. >> so as we enter pride month the gop controlled ohio state legislature passing one of the most extreme transsports bans we've seen to date. that bill includes a shocking
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provincial-- provision that calls for examining the again tales of female athletes who are quote accused of being trans. >> the proposed rule was prohibit any transgirl from competing with sis girnd girls it also has a certificate if i kaition requirement if somebody is accused of being trans. the bill says if someone is suspected to be trans, she must go through evaluation of her external and internal again tal yarks testosterone levels and genetic makeup. >> trevor: yes, that's right, you asked lawmakers to protect your sides from guns. and they said we got you, we're going to look at your kid's again tales. i feel like there was a miscommunication there. because which one do you think is more traumatizing to your kirksd honest question. who do you think is more traumatizing to a child. them losing a race in high school or them wing the race and then having to get probed by a doctor to see if their again tales are what, the right size? because it is bad enough to target transgirls but you understand this law actually targets all girls, right. or at least all the girls who
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are too good at the sports. yeah, because you know how this will turn out, have i seen enough american parents beating each other up at little league games to know this will be weaponnized to win a game. only a matter of time before a softball pitcher strikes out three girls in a row and the parent will rush the field, and be like again tal check no way she is throwing 95 with two x chromosome, no way, show me that [bleep]. dad! who are they going to find to do these examinations, who is going to do this. every dude wearing one of those female body inspector. t-shirts will be drafted into service, no, it was a joke, i don't actually have any training in this area. >> so obviously you understand why there is backlash to this bill, some dodge tors in i o oy are saying that they refuse to investigate children's again tales as part of this law. (applause) which is good but i mean i also don't agree with it.
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you know, they want to just stand back and do nothing to keep our kids safe then they should have become police officers. all right, finally too true? too real? all right, timely as you may know a couple of weeks from now america will be celebrating juneteenth. the holiday commemorating the end of slavery. or as tucker carlson would put it the day millions of african-americans became unemployed. is that progress? anyway, because juneteenth is now a federal hold i did, more people are celebrating than ever before. 9 only problem is not everyone knows the best way to celebrate. >> wal-mart is under fire for selling themed june teent products that some say are toafn deaf and insensitive, lambasted by many online after juneteenth ice cream and party supplies surfaced. >> the children's museum of indianapolis is apologizes after backlash to a juneteenth inspired food item in its
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cafeteria. museum offered the juneteenth water pellon salad. the museum released a statement saying in part as a museum we apologize and acknowledge the negative impact that stereotypes have on communities of color. >> trevor: oh, this shit is pissing me off so much. how will you make a juneteenth ice cream, i hope they took it all off the shelves and got rid of it i don't trust them, i say send it here to the daily show and i will deal with it personally. every single one of those. and any other ideas they have for ice cream, they better send them here. what a random-- what are you doing? what are doing? is (applause) you know, a part in the watermelon black people stereotype it is amazing to me how america does it. they turn every meaningful holiday into an excuse to spend money. like that's part of the prosh here. you don't need to sell thing force juneteenth. juneteenth wasn't even a mainstream thing last year. think about it, but now already they turned it into a day of
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merch. and look i'm not hating, you know, we do it too here on the show. this whole segment is brought to you by taco bell's brand new flaming juneteenth gorditas, taco bell, emancipate your tastebuds. all right, that's it for the headlines. but before we go, let's check in on traffic with our very own roy wood, jr., everybody. (applause) >> what up, roy. >> what's up. >> good to be here. >> so let's jump in to it, what's happening in the traffic. >> real quick though before do i the traffic, you got something you want to say to me? >> good evening, roy. >> you have nothing to say to me. knock like. >> like what. >> like i was right. you don't want to tell me i was right. you remember what i said last week. >> trevor: on the show. >> yes, on the show, remember last week we were talking about
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biden was sending all the weapons to ukraine and russia. >> trevor: oh yeah. >> i said ail we have to do to get russia to slow down is pop a couple of missiles in the air, pop, pop, pop. and what did north korea do what did they do. >> trevor: they shot missiles. >> and what did we do. >> trevor: shot them back. >> did north korea shot a missile after we shot a missile. >> trevor: no, they did not. >> i was right, i was right. and do you not remember that. show them the picture, show them the picture. >> trevor: what? >> that's me. that's me being right last week. that's me last week being right. >> trevor: that is you being right. >> yeah, man. i got a lot of good ideas, man. >> trevor: seems like a good idea. >> it is a good thing that somebody from the biden administration is watching this show and got that idea from me and went and shot the missiles back to north korea. >> that is what you are supposed to dovmentd when somebody does that, you are supposed to-- like boyz in the hood. >> a ice cube boyz in the hood
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we got a problem. we got a problem. let me talk to biden, which one. >> joe biden shoot another missile. >> trevor: what? no. >> shoot another mills, i got a lot of ideas. >> you going to tell them to shoot no more missiles. >> just like right past. >> trevor: no, no, no more missiles. what is happening in the traffic. >> you want the traffic, that's my bad. this thing about that watermelon challenge. >> trevor: yes. >> first of all, this is part of the problem with them trying to get crt out of schools, now they are slapping it on all the food and trying to sneak black history on you in the middle of the damn day when you are trying to eat salad. that is just too much, man. >> trevor: so you don't want a juneteenth salad? >> no, what i feel is that we tried with june teenlt, we tried to celebrate it collectively as a group. didn't work, got to give it back to black people, it's just ours and we'll just take it and celebrate it by ourselves with nobody else involved.
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it is just certain stuff that got to stay black, keep it black. we tried, certain stuff is yus for us, don't make it share, keep juneteenth, kwanza, esence festival, we'll take bobby brown, certain stuff s just ours. >> trevor: so the holiday would only be for black americans then? >> no, it is not-- it's like our holiday. it is a separate, but it's equal. seerks you trying to throw me off. this saul i'm saying. >> trevor: i didn't say anything, i just asked a question wants all i'm saying is you don't have to put history on everything. the salad looked good thrarks is what was sad about it, the feta cheese and vinegarrette. you didn't have to put june feent on t you had me atwater mellon. that is all you had to do. (applause) but it's cool. it's cool. i'm going to dot traffic. you want me to do the traffic,
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man. do we even have time for traffic? >> trevor: no. >> it's traffic. if you live here, it's messed up. if you know where that is, then you know not to go there, don't go there. back to you. (applause). >> trevor: thank you so much, roy wood, jr., when we come back we'll take a look at l.a.'s biggest decision, you don't want to miss it. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ when you have nausea, ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most. >> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. the mid term elections are five months away which means you still have five months to figure out who your congress person is. but mid-term primary season is already in full swing and in los
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angeles tomorrow there say major election that will likely decide who the next mayor is. so let's see what is going on in l.a. in our ongoing coverage of vote demic 2022. los angeles, that is the best place to live if you like sunshine, good vibes and the occasional earthquake. i got a-- now as america's second biggest city and its number one producer of disgrunted eled laker supporters they for the last eight years have been lead by eric garcetti, but now is he leaving because being a mayor was a side gig he was doing until he landed an acting role on "grey's anatomy," very exciting. he is the guy that comes in screaming, is this the hospital. gripping performance. which mean it is now time for l.a. to pick a new mayor and when this race began there was a clear front runner. congresswoman karen bass, a decade of experience in congress and a couple of years ago she was nearly picked to be joe biden's vice president, yeah, she was this close to ruining
11:20 pm
her life. now, now kok woman bass has the full support of the party establishment in this race. and that meant that she was going to win for much of the campaign she had a clear lead in the polls. but that was all until this happened. >> 634 year old billionaire developer and philanthropist rick car uso is joining a crowded field of candidates to who intend to run for l.a. mayor, caruso is well-known for his real estate company that whether the shopping areas like the grove and americana brand within rches one of its most successful developers his crown jewel the grove farmter's market said to draw more people that disneyland. >> caruso used to be a republican and only changed his demonstration to democrat one month before announcing his run. >> i want to reinvent the democratic party to go back to what it was i think 30 years ago. >> trevor: can i ask you an honest question why do so many politicians want to go back in time but never forward.
11:21 pm
like they always say that. i want to go back. take the democratic party back 30 years. >> make america great again. >> bring back the good old days. people, we already tried the past. that is how we ended up here. do you realize that. like for once i want politician to say i don't want to go 30 years in the past. i want to go 30 years into the future when there is no more flooding because global warming. i love all the water, but i'm not surprised rick caruso wants to go back 30 years. remember he makes malls. 30 years ago was a great time for mall developers. back in the 90s, people spent all day at the mall, spend hours shopping, eating, sitting in the massage chair at the sharper image. with no intention of ever buying anything. but then would you ask a lot of questions to make it seem like you might so you just be like so does it also dot lower torso. yeah? oh, yeah, and what is the power watt angst. oh, okay, cool what time do you close, i'm-- i can't carry this, i will come back.
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yeah, i want to make sure you get the commission. yeah, thank you, thank you very much, thank you, i hard to believe that place went out of business. so billionaire rick caruso long time republican who turned democrat just for this election is now running neck and neck with a liberal politician everyone expected to win. and if you are wondering how that could happen in los angeles, a city so liberal you can teally marry your electric car, it is because he has a ton of money and a very clear message. >> the most expensive race in the country rick caruso spending more than any other candidate in any race anywhere. >> rick caruso spent nearly 40 million, much of it his own money, karen bass and the other candidates have spent very little. >> he has achieved air supremacy, on television spots. most of them focusing on the top two issues voters care about according to the poll. crime and homelessness. >> murder of 54 percent, nearly 1500 shooting victims.
11:23 pm
a wave of property driem. there's one candidate for mayor who request turn it around. rick caruso. >> caruso's stamp on public safety is resonating. as he has four times the support to address the rise in crime over bass. >> normally i would vote for karen bass but i think i'm leaning toward caruso. >> why? he thinks the biggest sloo in l.a. is. >> getting people off the streets. >> you think caruso will do that? >> yeah. >> trevor: yes, caruso has surged to the top of the pack with a focus on crime and especially homelessness which is a top top concern of l.a. voters, i guess that means it makes sense that they think the mall guy can solve the problem. malls solve a lot of problems, like how can we get people to eat burros, karen bass wants to tackle homelessness but caruso has made it the centerpiece of his campaign spending a record of nearly 40 million dollars, getting his message out. we all know if you put a lot of
11:24 pm
ads out there, your message will get into people's heads. you can't control it. like those state farm ads, you see them all the time, all the time so it is inevitable that sooner or later i will start having sex dreams about jake from state farm, it will happen. so you judge me like i'm the only one. still better than my geico dream. but even after being bombarded by all of those ads, some l.a. voters may still be wary of a guy with no political experience and might be a closet republican which is why caruso has also brought out the one thing people in l.a. trust more than anything else. celebrities. >> major celebrity endorsement in the race for l.a. mayor, oscar winner and goop owner gwyneth paltrow throwing her support behind rick caruso. >> l.a. is experiencing a tough time so that is why i am endorsing my old friend rick car usous. >> musician and rap artist snoop dogg endorsing businessman rick
11:25 pm
caruso. >> no question i endorse the real and that is real. >> the latino vote will be especially important in this race. george lopez the comedian coming out on twitter, backing caruso. >> rick caruso did get a big endorsement from a very familiar face, a blond kim kardashian says she believes rick caruso can help solve l.a.'s crime crisis. >> if you guys are out voting, rick caruso is my choice and i really believe that will make a difference. and that gives me hope. >> trevor: did she say if you guys are out voting, that is a fun way to like campaign for someone. like it is almost like she wants to endor endorse caruso but not wanting to come off to soon, i'm not saying vote for him but if you happen to pass like a voting booth, then i guess feel free to vote for him or whatever, like. such a weird way to do it.
11:26 pm
(applause) kim kardashian is great for a lot of things but i don't know if i ever want her leading me into battle. you can imagine that attitude. >> sons of scotland, if you guys are going to be like fighting any wars today, personally, i would fight against the english because like maybe they might take our lives but maybe we shouldn't like take our freedom too! (applause) >> so thanks to caruso's huge spending advantage here celebrity endorsements and focus on quality of life issues for people who aren't homeless, this election looks like it's going down to the wire. now it is a primary, yes, but here is the thing, in california if anyone wins 50% of the vote in the primary, the race is automatically over. yeah, that person is the new mayor. so every vote is going to count. which if you listen l.a. voters, isn't necessarily a good thing.
11:27 pm
>> despite several high profile debates and one candidate running lots of ads. >> i'm running for mayor. >> people we interviewed in l.a. county struggled to name a single candidate. >> are you familiar with the candidates for mayor? >> i am not, unfortunately. >> candidates, i'm not sure but i prefer the one we have now. >> newsom. >> he's the governor. >> oh, the governor, i'm sorry. i don't know anything about the mayor. >> no, gavin, probably, right. >> gavin is the governor. >> oh, mayor, no, see i'm way off. >> do you like the current mayor, gavin newsom? >> or-- see, you guys. >> i'm sorry. >> trevor: damn. forget knowing who is are youing for mayor alot of people in los angeles don't even seem to know that there is a mayor? like i thought 40 million in ad sounded like a lot before but now i'm thinking it is not enough. like and forget just tv ads, i feel like caruso should be doing most of his advertising on rolling papers judging by those people. it's just like car us for, oh,
11:28 pm
boy. so that right there, is the current state of the race for mayor in los angeles. a lifelong politician going up against a lifelong businessman and i'm not going to tell you who to vote for, but at the very least, if you guy ross going to vote, i would think definitely make sure that are you voting for the mayor, and not the governor who already has a job. all right, stay tuned, after the break we'll be joined by bobby brown. you don't want to miss it.
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oh, what happened? oh, you missed it. probably shouldn't have left. tostitos. get to the good stuff. >> trevor: welcome back to daily show my guest is r&b legend bobby brown here to talk about his eventedful life and career as well as the new show bobby brown every little step. >> i was probably the premier dancer in boss tofnlt i won many battles. i see myself in cashus so much when he dances because he has these long legs and have i its same long legs. and he's just incredible. but i think cashus taking balance room is beneficial because he wants to do plays, musical theater. and i want him to be all around. >> trevor: please welcome bobby brown. (applause)
11:33 pm
how are you going. >> trevor: mr. bobby brown. >> how are you doing. >> trevor: the man, the myth, the legend. there are few people who have had more of an impact on society and just like culture as a whole as you have. i was listening to your diskography before coming, i was like this is wild. you just made the music of lifetime. >> thank you. >> trevor: does that sink in, when you realize how many children were made to your music? >> now that you say it that way. yeah, kind of jaws the mind. >> trevor: right? >> yeah. >> trevor: you know, your biography just came out, the documentary about your life. and one thing that really struck me about this story and you have been really candid over the past few years. you wrote your memoir. you released-- you got the story about your family now is how little we knew about you and how
11:34 pm
much we knew about the little that we knew. we know bobby brown in one dimension, the bad boy. we know about the terrible things that happened in life but it feels like sometimes the context wasn't there, you know t wouldn't bobby brown made a mistake. it was bobby brown is just a bad person. do you feel like now there is more vindication happening in your life. >> yes, i got a chance to explain myself, to speak about myself. that is what the diseumentsary was about, it was about me getting the chance to speak, you know, clearly and truthfully about everything in my life. and i'm glad i did it. >> you have had an eventful life as well. >> you know, we've lived some of it with you from the outside. with misinformed opinions, what would you say is one of the biggest misconceptions about you as bobby brown the man, that you wish people knew about you as a person.
11:35 pm
>> that i'm just a softie, i'm really not-- i'm really not a bad boy. on stage, now on stage i'm a bad boy. >> okay. >> on stage i'm a bad boy but off stage i'm really quiet. >> congratulations, 30 tour dates. >> yeah. >> trevor: congratulations. >> sold out. >> trevor: sold out as well. >> sold out, as well. >> trevor: that must have been quite a journey for you because i mean when you started out, how old were you for your first tour. >> 14. >> trevor: 14 years old. >> 40 years ago. >> trevor: that is wild. >> 40 years ago. >> trevor: that is really wild s there a change when you performing, can you feel it? >> now it is a job, it's a job now. before it was just, you know, fun. it was just like, you know, you just love being on stage. but now it's work, you know. you got to have a lot of ben gay after the show.
11:36 pm
(laughter) a lot of icy hot. >> trevor: what i love about the tour is the story. and what i mean by the story is the fullness of your story, you know, bobby brown is somebody who has given people a lot of joy and that has also experienced a lot of grief and sadness, you know. you have never claimed to be a saint. you have gone for your moments where you have to be accountable for your actions. but one thing i feel that is different now in the world is how people deal with addiction and you have really been open about your journey to staying sober. you talk about how hard it is. you talked about how much you work at it. why did you open up and do you feel that people accept your story or see you slightly different now. >> it is an every day job. you know, it is an every day situation. i work hard at every day not picking up a drink, you know. that is something that i have been working on for years, you know. and just recently finding the
11:37 pm
rov of my life, my wife, and having all these new kids is just something that i feel-- . it's something that i have to do for myself and for my family, you know, and it makes me feel good, you know. >> we see that on the show. you have a joy that can only come from a certain place. you have a new found love in your life. >> yes. >> trevor: how did you deal with a lot of the grief that you experienced? you were somebody who lost, you know, an ex-wife who you loved, who the world loved. somebody who suffered the loss of two chirp, something no parents want to go through or imaginer. >> i don't wish that on anybody stz right. and you have had to learn how to find life on the other side of grief. >> uh-huh. >> trevor: how did you do that and how do you continuously try to do that? >> lots of prayer. lots of therapy. i mr. in thermee, you know, at
11:38 pm
least twice a week st and praying,nd the love of my family, of my wife and kids. that just does it for me. >> it really feels like it has made a difference. seeing you, in the biography, we see with you your old group. you see new addition back together. i even love the moments, there is one part where i think it is debose goes remember what be a ass hole were you on this hour towsh and you loved about it and you shared and it feels like you have all grown, all matured. i know you both share a bond in becoming sober by if you could go back, i mean obviously life has happened the way it has happened but there is one small thing at the beginning of a career that you could have said to bobby brown, hey, watch out for this, what would it have been. >> i would tell myself to take my time because i grew up way too fast. being 14 and being on the road, being away from your family, you get into things. >> right.
11:39 pm
>> especially as a child, you know. i got into way too many things too quickly in life. and i am just you know, i am not mad about it. because i wouldn't be the man that i am today without experiencing all of the things that i have. but i am just grateful today, you know, and that's a plus. >> it is a plus, just to have you here, you know, to see you, living, enjoying your family. so what is your hope for the future then, bobby brown i feel like we've seen have maybe two to three different phases of your life, which everyone has in different ways, we have seen the young bobby brown, i wasn't born but you know what i mean. the we've seen. >> wow, that just-- . >> trevor: no you know, i don't want to act like i was there. i am saying, we have seen that bobby brown, we have seen bobby brown through tum out-- tumultuous bobby brown, therapy, prayer, everyone sees that love.
11:40 pm
what do you hope this next chapter in your life will be all about. >> just positivity, you know, just positive things going on. i just want to-- go about life without with, yeah, positive. >> right, right. >> trevor. >> you know, as long as i keep myself surrounded by positive people i will be positive. so i just want the positive knit my life. >> trevor: you bring that into people's lives as well. congratulations on your journey. >> thank you for what you have done. keep going every day, bobby. we want to keep you around, every single day. bobby brown, every little step is. tuesday on a & e nets work. or to stream, we'll take a quick break but will be right back after this. 7
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11:42 pm
. >> s well,s thattee our show for tonight but before we go, please consider supporting translifeline. they're a grassroots hotline offering directed emotional and financial support to transpeople in crisis. for the transcommunity by the transcommunity so if you can, then please donate to the link below to help their vision for a world where transpeople have the connection, the economic security and care that everyone needs and deserves. until tomorrow, stay safe out there and remember if someone sensed you a missile, be the bigger person, and respond with
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an ad to the-- atom bomb, here it is, your moment of zen. >> captioning sponsored by captioning sponsored by comedy central i'm always in traffic with the lane expert. you know this type of person? constantly re-evaluating their lane choice. never quite sure. "is this the best lane for me for my life?" they're always a little bit ahead of you. "can i get in over there?" "could i get ahead of you? could i get in there?" "yeah, come on over here, pal. we're zooming over here. this is the secret lane. nobody knows about it." the ultimate-- i think the ultimate psychological test of traffic
11:44 pm
is the total dead stop. not even rolling, and you look out the window, you can see gum clearly. but we know that in the future, traffic will get even worse than that. i mean, what will happen? will it start moving backwards, i wonder? is that possible? that someday, we'll be going, "boy, this is some really bad traffic now, boy. "this... is really bad. "i'm going to try and get off and get back on, going the other way."
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