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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  August 17, 2022 1:14am-2:00am PDT

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are you enjoying it? yeah. i'm having a wonderful time. wait until you try the swordfish. you know, jerry, i was thinking. for our next meal, do you think we should come here, or should we go someplace else? you know, it has its pros and cons. on the one hand, here, you're guaranteed a great meal. on the other hand-- yeah, yeah. i know. this would be good, but it would be the same. but if we go someplace else, it would be different, but it might not be as good. it's a gamble. i get it. yeah. well, let's hurry up and eat. i gotta get out of here. i'm meeting a woman for a drink. oh, and who might that be? some woman named uma. i got her number off that ticket before it was smudged. hope she's good-looking. [♪♪] comedy central >> announcer: coming to you from
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new york city, the only city in america, it's "the daily show." tonight: it's getting wetter all the time. we take in the musk. and sterling k. brown. this is "the daily show," with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: what's going on, everybody? welcome to "the daily show." i'm trevor noah. thank you so much for tuning in. thank you for coming out in person. good to see you, everybody. we've got a great show for you tonight. take a seat. let's get into it. so many things to talk about. the planet is flooding and drying up. a mystery guest will tell us why elon musk was sent here from the future. and from "this is us" here to talk about his brand-new movie, sterling k. brown is joining us on the show, everybody.
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i cannot wait! so let's do this. let's jump straight into today's headlines. ( applause ) >> trevor: all right, before we get into the big stories, let's catch up on a few other things going on in the world. first up, scotland has just become the first country in the world to make tampons and pads free to anyone who needs them. ( cheers and applause ). yeah. that's amazing. period products will now be given away in pharmacies and other public buildings. not to mention, there are sheep everywhere in scotland, and those are pretty much just walking tampons, so this is working out. meanwhile, america will continue its policy, which is that women are welcome to steal all the extra napkins at starbuckses that they need. moving on to some other international news. australia has learned its former prime minister had secretly appointed himself to five other government positions without
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telling anyone. this is such a strange story. ( laughter ) yeah, because, this is one of those scandals that's like, is this a scandal? ( laughter ) no, because i'm outraginged but i'm also kind of impressed? a politician chose to do extra work and not telling tell anyone. how dare you! and i'm voting for you again. for real, that's not how government works. you can't give yourself a job. you have to earn it by having your dad give you the job. this is politics. in sports news, the n.b.a. has announced that for the first time ever they will not be playing any games on election day, and instead will encourage their fans to go and vote. ( cheers and applause ). yeah. i think that's really good. i will say, though, not to sound cynical, but if the timberwolves' game is what was keeping you from voting, maybe... ( laughter ) yeah. ( laughter ) i think since there's no games
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on that night, the espn commentators they should cover voting like they cover the n.b.a. make it super interesting. be like, "jeremy kill wins coming up to the voting both new. he's outside the bubble. that's not going to scan. the refs are not going to like it at all! let's see the replay on that one, john!" this is big, the n.b.a. and they told all the teams, they said, hey, all the teams in the n.b.a. you will not be playing basketball on election day." and the knicks were like, "no problem, we don't play basketball every day. that's what we do." here is weird celebrity news. snoob dog is launching a protect fast cereal for kids called snoop loopz. yeah. you know the cereal's going to be delicious. ( laughter ) yeah, because no one knows good cereal like someone who is permanently high, no one. also, it's about time we got a chill cereal mascot, you know. i like this. every cereal mascot is high energy. all coked out-- aaarrhh!
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now we have one who does not give a damn whether or not we eat his cereal. just like, "try it today, or don't. i get paid either way, bitch!" ( applause ) by the way, do you ever think about how snoop has had one of the most amazing careers of all time? like, this is fantastic, but you have to admit he's really screwed over all the people who started loving him for his rap, you know. i'm glad he's had such a broad career. but you realize there are now parents telling their kids, "my favorite gangsta rapper is snoop dogg." and the kid are like, the cereal guy? martha stewart's friend? i thought you were cool, dad? anyway, let's move on to the big story of the day, and it's about climate change. the reason why hot in here is now considered a scientific study. yes. all over the world, governments are steadily taking action to reduce their comashon emissions. today president biden signed the biggest climate change law in
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american history. ( applause ) it does everything. it subsidizes electric cars. it funds wind and solar energy. and which changes the same of summer to "extra spring." hopefully mother nature falls for that one. the reason leaders worldwide have taken these steps is because every day we're seeing what the world could look like if climb change gets out of hand. just look what's happening in vegas. you know las vegas, the city, surrounded by deserts filled about buried mobsters. that place. some of those bodies, they're about to come floating back to life. >> las vegas is getting pounded with historic flooding, in the wettest monsoon season they've seen in a decade. it's hard to tell this is the famous las vegas strip, but that's caesar's palace right there, and that is the mirage. it's raining inside planet hollywood, pouring through the casino light fixtures. also, right underneath the high- roller ferris wheel. >> the las vegas strip has been
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swept by flash flooding. this is video from las vegas, and a parking garage. it's a downpour right on to the gambling tables. >> you can see that car struggling to get through the water on the street. >> yes, that is a man floating down the vegas strip because of the flash flood waters. >> trevor: that guy is a legend. he's just like, "yeah!" ( applause ) you see that, las vegas, of all places, is getting flooded. and you know who i blame for this? all the bachelor parties going to those strip clubs being like, "make it rain!" look at what you did. i hope you're happy it rained. it rained too much. ( applause ) and if there's one thing we can all agree on, people, it's that we don't want casinos to flood. right. because can you imagine how hard it's going to be to evacuate those gamblers? "aahh! the water level is rising. we're going to be drowned any minute! which is just enough time for a couple more rolls.
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come on, baby! come on! daddy could use some arm floaties! come on!" so, yes... ( applause ) leaving has been wetter than a butt crack at s soulcycle. we have seen flood in louisville, and kentucky. it's not just going to make everything a little hotter. it's going to make all weather more extreme. the hot will get hotter, the wet will get wetter. the wind will get winder. wet will, like, swap places with the dry, yeah. and then you are going to think that you're talking to hot, but the hot will pull off it's mask and be like, "i'm cold." and you'll be like, but we slept together." it's basically science. you're wondering, it's a bit of flooding, is it that bad? in california things could get even worse than you think. >> now to the new warning on climate change.
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experts say it's only a matter of time before a "mega flood" hits california, displacing millions of people. >> a new study shows that climate change is increasing the likelihood of a cataclysmic flood hitting in the next 50 years. the flood could turn california's lowlands into an inland sea, putting parts of cities such as sacramento, fresno, and los angeles under water. >> it happened in sacramento in 1861. this is incredible. and i really didn't know much about this. only 500,000 people lived in the central valley. today it's 37 million. 30 feet of water in all of central valley for weeks. it rained for 43 days, the equivalent of $1 trillion in today's damage. they say the next one would probably be like a katrina times five. >> trevor: oh, my god. katrina times five. that's like 350... carry the "k--" the point is, it's bad. ( laughter ) we can't lose los angeles. that's where america keeps all of its hot people, you know.
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laugh also, no offense, but if i'm caught in a megaflood, the last place and last people i want to be around is a bunch of l.a. actors. can you imagine? it will be like, "ah! the flood is wiping away los angeles!" "okay, i'm going to try it again, but a little more introspective." "the flood is wiping away los angeles. and i never knew my father." ( laughter ) blub, blub, blub. now, if you're thinking who cares if america's under water. i'll just escape to europe. well, be my guest. because you're going to miss the wet when you get there. >> in the midst of a historic drought, europe's rivers are running dry. with devastating effects for germany's economy. in france, some parts of the lohar, can now be prosed on foot. in czech republic, low-water levels have revealed hunger
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stones, rocks carvinged centuries ago to give generations a warning of impending famine. one stone carried a chilling message from the early 1600s: "if you can see me, weep." >> trevor: yeah, you hear that. right now, europe's drought is so bad you can walk across some rivers. which isn't just bad for the economy the and the environment. it puts people like moses out of a job. like, "and now i will part the waters that yemade-- whatever, man, climate change did this for us. get out of the way." i also don't know about you, but that hunger stone freaked me out. "if you see me, weep"? that's dramatic. i didn't even know they had emo in the 1600s. ( laughter ) at the same time, you've got to wonder about the person who decided to make these stones. think about it, the whole population was starving. you've got one guy like, "i'll venture out to find more food." another guy is like, "i will ration our current stores."
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and there's one dude who's like, give me a hammer and chisel. i'm going to write a warning to people 500 years from now. this is going to be a good one. when the water goes down, they're going to freak out. hold ohold on." not all of those hunger stones are that poetic. that one is really cryptic. it has a vibe. some of the hunger stones tell you direct. # "oshit! you guys are screwed. you see my face, that means you're going to die! you're going to die. and you're going to die. and you're going to die. you already look dead, brother. by the way, if somebody sees stonehenge, tell him he ain't shit. that dude owes me 20 bucks, that bullshit ass stone. you're all dead." before we go to a break, it's time to check in with the weather forecast with our very own desi lydic, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) desi, scary, scary times. so, what's the weather looking
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like? >> oh, trevor, i do not have time to do the weather today. my plate is full. i got, like, a million other things to do. >> trevor: i'm sorry, what? wait, why are you so busy? >> look, i really admired what that australian prime minister dso i decided to give pliez several other jobs here at the show. >> trevor: but desi, you don't even do the one job i ask you to do, which is the weather. >> oh, thanks. ( laughter ) but i can assure you that all of these other jobs are extremely important, like i'm the new unlicensed therapist on the screentime monitor. i'm the dry cleaner. by the way, how is that suit feeling? i made it extra dry. >> trevor: is that what that nel salmonella is? laugh. >> wait, are you on your mark. >> trevor: what? >> here, look at me. okay, look in camera. all right, the shot it all wrong. as the camera supervisor, i have a very high standard. i'm going to have to fix this. ( applause )
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here, i got this. i k got this. i got it. >> trevor: what are you doing? ( applause ) desi, what are you doing? >> there we go, there we go trevor, can you just pop up into the shot. >> trevor: i'm down. >> just pop up into frame. >> trevor: what do you mean "pop up?" if i pop up ---- >> no, this is what. >> trevor: you must come down. i'm there. >> i got it. >> trevor: no, no. desi, desi, no, no. >> sorry, i lost you, trevor. >> trevor: i could see that. this was fine before you-- >> oh! oh! okay. can you crunch down? > >> trevor: i can't go lower than this. >> a little further. trevor, you can just findlet fie frame. i can't do your job, too. >> trevor: desi, can you leave the camera-- the camera person was doing a great job, and now-- >> that's good. >> trevor: desi. >> that's the shot. there it is. that's good. >> trevor: desi, enough!
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desi! >> you didn't let me tell you about my favorite job. >> trevor: okay, what's your favorite ---- >> i have a whole other job i didn't get to tell you about. >> trevor: what is that? >> well, i was also inspired by scotland, so i appointed myself as the show's tsar of menstrual hygiene. >> trevor: what does that even mean? no-- >> it means, free tampons for everyone! ( applause ) everyone in the audience gets free tampons! oh, yeah! ( applause ) free tampons. >> trevor: you just hit people in the face with tam tons. >> don't worry. guys, these are gently used. they're gently used. like new. almost like new. >> trevor: did you say "gently used"? >> yeah, don't worry about it. >> trevor: you can't just launch tampons -- desi, you can't-- >> also, i'm trevor noah now. so can you get up out of the seat? no, no. desi lydic. everybody
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( applause ) no, don't encourage her. >> don't encourage her. >> trevor: when we come back-- >> when we come back-- we figure out. >> trevor: we're going to figure out-- ( laughter ) we're going to figure out how elon musk. >> how elon musk became... beca. >> trevor: became... ( laughter ) you're not me. >> you're not me! you're not me! ( applause ) i'm not like those other hotels. i'm what you call "boutique". i'm into intimate conversations, leather lounge chairs and soaking up the cities atmosphere. i'm looking to provide a more unique experience. do you like single origin coffee over a game of chess? me too. and don't you just feel like everything sounds warmer on vinyl? i do. ♪♪
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." let's talk about elon musk. you know, it feels like every day, the richest man in the world is in the news for something-- he's buying twitter, he's not buying twitter. he's colonizing mars. he's reinventing travel. and he's on a strict no-sun diet. the point she's always doing something. but how did elon musk get this way? that's the subject of our latest
1:36 am
"daily showography." >> what do you think of when you think of the future? is it space travel? robots? trucks with the word "cyber" in front of them? whatever your vision, there is one man working to make it a reality. he's part thomas edison, part ironman, part annoying dude in the group chat. and he's anything but your standard c.e.o. >> i changed my title to techno king. and, by the way, this is a formal s.e.c. filing. i'm legally, whatever, techno king. i did it as a joke. >> yes, he's the techno king, but as a joke. soon we will all be his servants but in a funny way. while he may be an eccentic, satellite launch, terminally online billionaire, of who wants to plug people into computers and build a vast
1:37 am
network of underground tunnels, it's not like he's some kind of super villain. >> eventual you can drop the nuclear weapons over the poles. >> maybe a little. strap in, turn on the autopilot, but keep your hands on the steering wheel in case of pedestrians, because this is the "daily showography" of elon musk. visionary future man. elon musk was born in britoria, south africa, in 1971. his father made a fortune in construction and emerald mining because african resources are like free money for white people. badly bullied in school, elon overcame many hardships. although, unlike other south african celebrities, he didn't make his childhood into a whole thing. by age 10, he was learning to program computers. at 12, he built a video game he called blastar, which started his-life long love of inventing things that already exist. soon after, he left south africa and made his way to a booming silicon valley where he launched his first company, zip2, which he eventually sold to compac
1:38 am
computer. for $305 million. like so many tech entrepreneurs, he earned his unimaginable wealth by doing something invaluable to society-- selling start-ups never heard of to a company that doesn't exist anymore. musk celebrated by buying himself a million-dollar super car. >> there are 62 mclarens in the world and i will own one of them. >> he was so rich he could afford to have a midlife crisis while still in his 20s. sadly, the new toy didn't last long. >> i didn't know how to drive the mclaren because it's difficult to drive. i floored it and did a lane change. the back wheels pulled loose and spun around and we hit the embankment and spun the car into the air and continued subpoenaing like a discus, three feet in the air. >> that's right, musk's mclaren crashed. for his next act he created, which would later become paypal. the appaur uncle had to use
1:39 am
because the others won't work on his nokia. musk took the money he made from that business and build an empire-- rocket ships, solar farms, artificial intelligence, neurotechnology and underground highways. all while dating celebrities and starting a record label to release his own track. all the more impressive considering musk had clearly never heard music before. yes, elon musk refuses to stay in his lane, much like a tesla on autopilot. >> it's changing lanes by itself. >> tesla's groundbreaking cars... >> go! >> brought unprecedented power range and sexiness to electric investigation, a market previously reserved for nerds who cared about the environment. and musk even promised the dream of full, self-driving technology. >> no hands, no feet. >> promised repeatedly. >> i'm confident that in less
1:40 am
than a year, you'll be able to go from highway on-ramp to highway exit without touching any control. >> holy shit, it just ran that red light. >> the car will be able to take you from point to point. you could be asleep the whole time. >> oh, ( bleep )! >> i think we're basically less tha two years away from complete autonomy. >> oh ( bleep ). >> oh, shit! >> shit! >> we hit that. >> cross-country from l.a. to new york by the end of the year, fully autonomous. extremely confident of achieving full autonomy and releasing it to the tesla customer base next year. >> but musk can't stop dreaming big, even when he probably should. >> oh, my ( bleep )! >> when spacex made history with the world's first reusable rocket technology and used it to launch the first car into space-- technically the second if you count elon musk's mclaren. musk's special brand of
1:41 am
achievement is one of totally normal and healthy families around the world. but success didn't come easy. he had to overcome a lot of doubters, starting with himself. >> i don't want to give the impression that i thought tesla would be successful from the beginning. i actually thought we would fail. we were only a few days from bankruptcy, literally two days. >> it pushed him to the brink. musk could have gone from being a multibillionaire to the lowest rung of society-- millionaire. but through the years, musk kept his many ventures going with little more than his can-do attitude. >> oh, oh, sorry. >> and billions of dollars in government subsidies. today, musk isn't merely the richest man in the world. his net worth is higher than the g.d.p. of most countries. should musk be a country? he does have a national anthem. but don't worry. it's not like he's got an army, or anything. >> i went to russia to look at buying a refurbished i.c.b.m., which is a very trippy experience. >> okay, maybe worry a little.
1:42 am
he's not just great at making money. he's an expert at saving it. paying nothing in taxes for three years, and actually nothing in 2018. there are always haters who like to nit-pick musk's business methods. >> there are charges of unreported injuries, excessive hours, abusive conditions. injuries on the job. breathing toxic fumes. over 100 ambulance calls. >> uh, i don't think that's correct. no, i don't-- i mean, i was literally living in the factory. if there are toxic fumes, i'm breathing them, okay. >> exactly. does musk seem like a man who is inhaling toxic fumes? but elon musk also understands all work and no play make xha12 a dull boy. like any well-adjusted person his favorite pastime is spending 12-14 hours a day on twitter. so it made sense when musk announced he would buy the
1:43 am
social media platform and more sense when the deal spun out of control and crashed into an embankment. musk doesn't only use twitter for fun. he uses it to make the world a better place-- or at least promise to. it's where he promised to solve world hunger and traffic. fight covid, and fix flint's water. and when a thai soccer team was stuck in a cave, elon promised to rescue those kids from the guy who rescued them. that's why musk is such a champion of free speech. if you can't randomly accuse someone of saving people's lives of being a pedo guy, does civil discourse even exist? elon musk is dedicated to building a brighter future for all humanity. it's why he backed the most futuristic presidential candidate of 2020. it's why he's so dedicated to turning every aspect of our lives into a platform for his dumb jokes. from robots to cybernetic implants, to a.i., to space travel, to unfettered social media, elon musk is building a
1:44 am
future that humanity only imagined in the movies. and who wouldn't want to live there? >> you basically have to hate humanity if you don't like that future. >> and that's why elon musk really is a visionary future man. ( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: all right, stay tuned. because when we come back, sterling k. brown will be joining me on the show. don't go away. ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ) ♪♪ summer's here. the grill is fired up. the pool is ready to go. whether you're diving in, or just laying back. grab your favorite people and your favorite snacks. ♪♪ the summer's yours. ♪♪ and we've got the perfect side for it. ♪♪ frito-lay, let's summer.
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is emmy-winning actor sterling k. brown. he's here to talk about playing a mega church pastor in his new film "honk for jesus. save your soul," which will be in theaters and streaming on peacock september 2. >> ladies and gentlemen, is the be all and end all of your eternity. >> yes, he is. >> an eternity-- >>! first one. >> last one? >> first one. >> yes! >> god loves you. >> yes, he does. >> god love you, baby. >> god love you. >> and god loves you. >> yeah! >> that's two! that's two. all right, all right, all right! >> trevor: please welcome sterling k. brown! ( cheers and applause )
1:49 am
>> trevor: mr. sterling k. brown. >> what's going obrother noah? >> trevor: what's going on. >> living my best life. >> trevor: nice to see you. you look like you're living your best life. >> i appreciate it. i'm trying to grow my hand out like you. i dig it. i like it. >> trevor: let's talk a little bit about the movie. >> let's do it. >> trevor: a lot of people know you from "this is us." >> yeah. >> trevor: first of all, before we go into the movie, congratulations-- congratulations on wrapping it up in style. a lot of people were sad that the show ended. >> sure. >> trevor: but they appreciated that tended well. there is a lot of pressure. people watch game of thrones." it can happen. >> it can happen to anybody. >> trevor: did you know it was going to end well? >> he had a plan to end it in six seasons all along from the beginning. the story was complete. he knew where rebecca was going
1:50 am
to be at the end. there's a whole timeline he had from the beginning of season one of how things were going to play out. so there was a beginning, middle, expend that made me feel secure as an actor. >> trevor: okay, i like that. and then you decided, i've done this. i've cried a lot. >> i've cried a lot. a lot of visine, yeah, yeah. >> trevor: i don't know if it's visine. i feel like you can do it. >> i can do it. i'm saying to get my eyes back clear. >> trevor: okay, cool, i don't want people to think you're faking it. >> no, it's real, it's real ( laughter ). >> trevor: then this movie, i was like, wow, sterling doing comedy now. okay. ( laughter ) no, it's amazing. ( cheers and applause ). it's amazing. i'll tell you why it's amazing. >> tell the me. >> trevor: i've been lucky enough to meet you in real life and you're one of the funniest, most charismatic people i know, but everyone on tv know you you as stoic. and here you are, plaga pastor in-- i mean the movie is
1:51 am
ridiculous. >> it is. >> trevor: it's extremely funny. tell me how the project came about. who came up to you and said, "sterling, i want you to play a pastor of a mega church involved in a scandal and is trying to bring it back." >> my manager read it first and said i think you should check it out. i think it's something you will like. i like variety, and something different from daniel. i watch the short, and i said this shit is hysterical. i would like to do something hysterical. it's funny and it's also deeper than just being funny, too. it's like a critique of the church for people who love and grew up in these mega churches. >> trevor: which you did. >> which i did. but it's something that can be improved, quite possibly. >> trevor: definitely. this is something i always talk about. anyone who has grown up in the church knows this. there are many aspects of religion that have been abused by certain people for their own gain. >> yes, sir. >> trevor: my mom would complain about it.
1:52 am
my mom is one of the most religious people i have known in my life. i would go to church six or seven times in a weekend. and my mom would say, "we're not going to back to that church. why does the pastors had a ferrari. he doesn't have another job. where is the ferrari coming from. i don't see anything in the bible about ferrari." you're not poking fun at religion. you're talking about people who use people's love of religion to make a buck. >> that's right. i feel like all human institutions are valuable, whether secular or nonsecular. you know what i'm saying? there are messages that can be glegleaned from them that are important. you take the good. you leave rest. >> trevor: i like that. >> you can't find a perfect church. you can't find a perfect government. that's the way i do it. my bent is more spiritual than religious at this particular time. i pick and choose. my mom prays for my immortal soul because she thinks i'm going to hell. but it's cool. she loves me. ( applause ) >> trevor: it's a power-- it's a powrdz house team. you're playing the pastor.
1:53 am
you've got regina hall playing the first lady of the church. >> give it up. >> trevor: she is one of the funniest human beings who ever existed. it's produced by daniel kaluuya and jordan peal. >> we have a good team. it feels good. >> trevor: talk me through it. you're seeing it, it looks a little bit like a documentary. but the film is mockumentary style. >> the scandal happens before the stf starts and we're trying to figure out what the scandal is. the pastor and first lady decide to hire a documentary film crew to sort of chart ther ascendance back to prominence, or so they hope. the documentary film crew is like i want to see what's going on with these people and what make themselves tick. whether they get back to their church or not may be secondary to what he hopes that they'll use the documentary for. >> trevor: how many takes did you-- did you have to redo because you were laughing at what regina was saying? >> i'm pretty good at not
1:54 am
breaking. >> really? with regina? >> yeah, i'm pretty good at not breaking. i don't know what it is. i feel like when an actor is being funny, i don't want to ruin their take. >> trevor: i see. >> when i break, it's like, negro, i gotta do this over again. but if you stay in it and keep the vibe going and feed them myou never know what kind of oxygen their fire needs. >> trevor: i love that. >> to burn even hotter. that's all you're trying to do is just feed the fire. >> trevor: okay, okay. ( applause ) so do you feel like now-- do you feel like you have a little bit of, like, this pastor in you? did you pick up some of that mega church swag? >> i would say a little bit. he likes his clothes. i'm starting to like clocts more. >> trevor: yeah? >> yeah. i did. funny story-- my son, growing up in the 90s, i uses to sag a lot, size 36 shorts even though my waist is a 32. my son now when he sees me
1:55 am
sagging, he says, "dad, people can see your underwear." my son is 11. and pulls my pants up and holds them up at the waist. >> trevor: it's a generational shift. >> it's a generational shift. now, people try to put your boy in tight-- like this stuff is tight, right? but i'm starting to get used to clothes that fit. i came home one day after o.j. >> and had new clothes, and my momma says, "you're finally wearing clothes that fit your body. i'm so happy." it made her happy. >> trevor: you have one of the strongest topless games. you take your shirt off in this movie-- no, no, this is one of the things you have to give the credit. you take your top off in the movie. >> namaste. >> and you are one of the most ripped -- not just pastors but human beings. i was like, wow, sterling, you've been holding out on us. ( cheers and applause ). you're looking good. >> i appreciate tman. i try to take care of myself. that's it. i have an 11-year-old and seven-year-old. and my whole plan in life is to
1:56 am
be able to play with them as long as i can. i waited a little longer to have these kids. i'm enjoying them so much. they have energy. so you have to have energy to keep up. >> trevor: that's beautiful. >> that's the whole game plan. >> trevor: man, this guy over here. thank you so much for. >> me on the show again. >> always a pleasure. >> trevor: great to see you. such a funny movie. sterling k. brown, everybody. make sure to catch the film. we'll be right back, don't go away. ( applause ) thank you, sir. i love that story.
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: well, that's our show for tonight but before we go, remember, today is poll worker recruitment today. and it's especially important this year where poll worker shortages are already leading to closures and long lines. if you'd like to be a poll worker, sign up at the link below, and you can do your part to ensure a fair election for all voters. until next time, stay safe out there and remember: climate change doesn't mean the end of the planet. it just means the end for us humans. here it is, your moment of zen. >> an unusual rescue in turkey. crews come to the aid of a bear
1:59 am
stoned on too much honey. >> the bear is safe after getting high on some mad honey. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( music winding down ) captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna have myself a time ♪ both: ♪ friendly faces everywhere ♪ ♪ humble folks without temptation ♪ - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna leave my woes behind ♪ - ♪ ample parking day or night ♪ ♪ people spouting "howdy neighbor" ♪ - ♪ headin' on up to south park ♪ ♪ gonna see if i can't unwind ♪ - ♪ [muffled] ♪ - ♪ come on down to south park ♪ ♪ and meet some friends of mine ♪
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