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tv   The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  Comedy Central  November 1, 2022 1:15am-2:00am PDT

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a-town, hotlanta, i love it! black hollywood! the place with the weirdest housewives! the lost city in the ocean. no, that is atlantis. but still, same feeling! i can feel it. you feel amazing! [cheers and applause] this feels good! this feels really good! oh, i'm excited for this. this is great. we're going to be here all week. all week, we're going to be here. and if you are asking why, that is because that is how long our layover is. no, i'm joking, i'm joking. it's because georgia is the epicenter of america's elections right now. [cheers and applause] it decides everything, decided the presidential race, now it could decide the midterms, and i know, i know there are a few other states, i know, but none of them have the best food, right? [cheers and applause] so i am loving the food out here. everything is extra, i love it. yeah. you got that southern fried chicken, you know, you got
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that fried okra. you got fried tomatoes. everything is fried. even some of your politicians' brains are fried. i like that. the point is, we're in atlanta. can i tell you, am loving every single moment out here. everything. yeah, the vibe is different! [cheers and applause] you got great people, you got great music, everyone here is so polite as well. yeah. in new york, people are like "what the [bleep] is wrong with you?" here, everyone is like, "bless your heart, bless your heart." i know it means the same thing but it feels different. it feels completely different. oh, and can i just say, can i just say, one of the things i have been loving most about being here is how black it is. [cheers and applause] what? what?
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i landed in atlanta, i thought i flew back to south africa by mistake. there is black people everywhere. it's like opposite boston. i've never been anywhere like this. this is wild! from the moment i landed at the airport, just black people everywhere. everyone is black, you get in the car, your uber driver is black, everyone in the hotel is black, i get in the room, i turn on the tv, the news anchor is black. throws to a black weatherman then crosses over to a black sports reporter, i look into the bathroom, i look into the mirror, that person is black. like, what? [cheers and applause] and you can feel it. you can feel it in the city because everyone is complains, atlanta had so much traffic. have you felt the traffic? i have! but the blackness changes that too. this is the only the city i've been to where the traffic has rhythm. even when you are moving forward and back, it's got a little stop
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and then it's go, stop and then it's go. what are we -- what is happening right here? i'm going to change lanes. no, i'm going to go back to that lane. what's happening right now? what kind of traffic is this? going to merge, going to merge here? no, not going to let me merge? well, bless your heart, sir, bless your heart. but as i said, as i said, the reason we are here, the real reason we are here, is because we wanted to feel what it's like to be on the ground in a state that everyone is looking to as election day approaches. everyone. right? you can feel it. you can feel it. i mean, you all live here. you know what i'm talking about. you can't forget election day is coming, every single ad, every single ad is political now. every ad, every billboard is political, everything, every flyer, every spam text that you get, everything is political. it's halloween today! i bumped into a kid on the
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street dressed as frankenstein, i was like, what are you doing? he was like, "the real monster is actually inflation." the three musketeers feels like the two musketeers. as you know, there's two big races, two major races that everyone is watching, two major races. first up, the governor's race. yes. [cheers and applause] with the seat, the seat currently occupied by republican brian kemp who is leading in the polls right now. [boos] is that for halloween? is that why you are booing? he is running on a platform of making it harder to get an abortion but easier to get a gun. despite his policies, brian kemp is seen as a moderate. that is what i find really interesting. all because he refused to help donald trump overturn the election, which is good, don't get me wrong, but that is how extreme politics have gotten in america. he's like, "i don't think we
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should hang mike pence?" and people are like, "wow, this guy has got some moderate views. yeah, he's a real moderate politician." of course, the person trying to stop kemp from getting a second term is the one and only stacey abrams. [cheers and applause] who, by the way -- who, by the way, does it all. she writes books. she's a voting rights activist who played a big part in turning georgia blue in 2020. and -- and it turns out she even has a budding acting career. >> today, we greet the president of united earth. [cheers and applause] madam president, welcome. i am so pleased that you've come. >> trevor: okay, i see you, ms. abrams!
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i see you, set phasers to cameo! it's great to see that stacey abrams has gone boldly where no one has gone before, paramount+. we will be chatting to ms. abrams later in the show so we will get back to that. but right now, right now, let's focus on a senate showdown that has ramifications even beyond georgia. it is between democratic senator raphael warnock and republican candidate herschel walker. yes. [boos] now, warnock's campaign is focused on abortion rights and expanding infrastructure. but as election day gets closer, i feel like his campaign ads are more focused on making sure that the race doesn't go any longer than it has to. >> guess who is coming to thanksgiving. >> we brought a friend! >> raphael warnock? >> that's right. i could be interrupting your
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thanksgiving because if nobody gets 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff, and nobody wants that to happen. i am raphael warnock. and we don't have to mix politics and thanksgiving, that is why i approve this message. >> trevor: can i just say, that is the most convincing way to get people to vote. if you don't vote, politicians are going to come to your house and hang out. can you imagine politicians just showing up on thanksgiving? like, "hi, i'm herschel walker." "oh, hi, dad." "wrong house, wrong house." by the way, by the way, i really need to understand, what is going on in georgia that reverend raphael warnock is neck and neck with herschel walker? what is happening? i know walker is all neck but what is happening? every second thing the man says turns out to be a lie. he walks around with a fake police badge.
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he pretended he was an fbi agent. he claimed he was antiabortion even though he apparently paid for one, he claimed he had only one kid even though he has 1,000. oh, and he told people he graduated in the top 1% of his class at the university of georgia, and it turned out he never graduated at all. at all. like, at this point, i want to meet the herschel walker that herschel walker thinks he is. right? because at this point, at this point, everything -- like, he treats real life the way we treat dating apps. just in the profile, like, "i am one of the tallest people you will ever meet. i founded my own industry. and my mom lives with me, not the other way around." but the bigger thing about herschel walker for me isn't all the lying and hypocrisy. he's also just weird. he's a strange guy. you know? like, if you don't believe me, if you don't believe me, watch him give one of my favorite answers ever in politics. this is what he said when he was
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asked about the biggest problem facing america today. >> what do you see as some of the biggest problems going on in our country today? >> i think some of the biggest problems going on in the country today, we have so many celebrities telling people that they can't do it. telling a lot of people, you know, you can't do it, like you got to feel bad for yourself, feel sorry for yourself, which is sad to me. they have done it but they told me you can't do it, and it's like, you did it, why i can't do it? >> trevor: okay. first of all, that was the sleepiest interview i've ever seen. it was like if ambien had a podcast. what was that? the only reason those two should
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be in the same room is if ben carson was doing brain surgery on herschel walker. the only reason they should be talking to each other. i'm sorry, he says the biggest problem that america is facing right now is celebrities telling people they can't do it. the biggest problem? the biggest problem? you think the average america right now is saying, "i know inflation is bad right now but the bigger issue is that vin diesel has never told me to follow my dreams! i could have owned a bakery by now! could have been baking for family." i get it, i get it, some people are like, you are a celebrity, you are not objective. i guess so. maybe i'm missing something here. maybe i am. and so if i am, in case i have been too discouraging to the american people, let me say this... ♪ ♪ in america, you can do anything. just like herschel walker.
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if you want to be an fbi agent, you claim you're an fbi agent. if you want to graduate valedictorian, just tell people that have happened because it did. if you want to be the father of one despite having fathered four, then by god, be the father of one despite having fathered four children. that is the american way. [cheers and applause] the point is, there are many major races going on this year and they are really close. you know this, america knows this. a week from now, herschel walker might actually be claiming a victory. i mean, he'll be doing that no matter what. but he could actually win for real. and that is why with one week until the election, the democrats have pulled out the big guns. yeah. netflix's very own barack obama. [cheers and applause] this race is so important they even got obama off the beach. he was down here in georgia over the weekend and he brought the obama swag with him. >> some of you may not remember, but herschel walker was a heck
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of a football player. but here is the question. does that make him equipped to weigh in on the critical decisions about our economy and our foreign policy and our future? let's do a thought experiment. let's say you are at the airport and you see mr. walker, you say, hey, there is herschel walker, heisman winner, let's have him fly the plane. you would want to know, does he know how to fly an airplane? >> trevor: wow. wow, really? really, president obama, really? you are going to say that about a man who graduated in the top 1% of private school? how dare you. "a lot of people don't know this about me, but i was in "top gun." that movie was about me.
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my name in the '80s was pete maverick." i love how obama roasts you with his signature swag. he makes it sound so polite but he roasts the shit out of you. "last time i checked, you didn't have any brains." it was fun to see obama at it again, wasn't it? people always love to see him come out, get the crowd fired up, gets everybody excited. that is what you get from him in a race. that is why they don't send joe biden. you don't get the same thing from him. it's true. joe biden wants to, he's like, "i'll go give a speech." everyone is like, "no, sir, you are needed in washington, there is a 1,000 piece puzzle we need your help on. you go on, you go on, sir." he said, "i used to know a guy named puzzle." "yes, you did. you just solve that, sir." at the end of the day, it will all come down to the votes. who votes, who doesn't? which will be a little bit harder. i don't need to tell you, because last year georgia state
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republicans passed a very controversial bill, it was a law, sb202, which created all kinds of new obstacles to voting, fewer drop boxes, shorter absentee voting window, and it's even illegal to hand water to people waiting in line. luckily, you can still hand out dasani because it is legally considered sewage. but at that point, people would rather die of thirst. now, georgia republicans claimed this bill was about voter fraud but we all know the real motivation, they say it's about fraud. it was trying to suppress black voter turnout. we get it. at one point, they even tried to limit early voting on sundays. why sunday? we know why. because of souls to the polls, they have an organization that makes sure they get people going straight from church on a sunday to go and vote. i got to say, that is particularly messed up.
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how are you going to take that away? sunday voting is the one day black church is only 5 hours instead of 10. but can i tell you what i have loved about being here in georgia? watching the news and realizing that the voter suppression strategy might have backfired. because it turns out for all these new restrictions, they are just motivating georgians to vote even harder. [cheers and applause] >> georgia continues to see a record turnout for early voters in the midterm. so far, more than 1.6 million people have already cast their votes in georgia. and election officials expect that number to surpass the 2 million mark this week. >> i think a lot of people are really motivated for a bunch of different reasons and i think democracy is definitely on the table. >> people have fought for us to have the right to vote. so we are persistent about coming to vote early. >> you know, a lot of people lost their lives for us to have that privilege to come out and
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voice our opinion. >> i would've come out, even with snow on the ground, i would've come out to vote. i think it's important. >> trevor: that's right! that's right! the voter suppression people thought they could stamp out the vote but all it did was motivate people earlier than ever. let me tell you something, that is how you know you've messed up when you've made black people angry, when we arrive early to stuff, shit is about to go down. "you are supposed to get here at 12:00, it's 11:30." "we need to handle some shit first." "why are you here early?" "you're about to find out, you're about to find out." just want to remind you, whether it is early voting, waiting in line, or mailing in your ballots, everyone in georgia needs to get out there and play their part. everyone has got to play their part. including myself. including myself. because as a celebrity, i need
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to tell you, you can do it! you get out there. you vote early. or you vote on election day. you bring your own water and if the lines are long, you stay in that line because if you don't, raphael warnock will come straight to your house and he is coming for those sweet potatoes. all right. let's take a break, everybody! when we come back, we will take in some of atlanta's hottest sites! you don't want to miss it! "the daily show" is in atlanta, people! [cheers and applause] we are here! [cheers and applause]
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>> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." coming to you all the way from atlanta this week! that's where we are going to become everybody, that's where we are right now, that is what you are feeling. now we might be in atlanta but the people watching this at home are not so we sent our very own michael kosta out into the city to show america what atlanta has to offer. [cheers and applause] >> in michael kosta here in atlanta to show you the places that the guidebooks will not take you. ♪ ♪ can i get a guidebook? ♪ ♪
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first stop on my atlanta bucket list, the one and only trapped museum. >> so what is the trapped museum? >> the trap music museum. >> trap music museum. i was thinking it was like holes in the ground, spikes coming up. indiana jones stuff. this flashlight and skeleton key? >> you don't need that at all actually. >> she educated me on the forefathers of trap, loved by their fans and hated by the dea, ti, a.k.a. tip, gucci mane, and my personal fave, jeezy. >> don't touch that. >> my bad. i see coke and i get all excited. >> jeezy is known, and these are bricks. >> for my white people, snowman is cocaine, and these bricks, this is cocaine. >> i think white people know that. what does this look like to you?
1:38 am
>> is this a trap for me? they look like mug shots but is that -- >> yes, it is. good job. >> phew. >> the goal of this piece, they did what they had to do to get out of their circumstances but it led to multi-million-dollar business. >> makes you feel something when you see a mug shot. don't google what michael kosta does. >> these are the trap commandments and these are the ten of them. >> i try to live my life by trap commandment 7. that is truly how i organize my career. >> really? when i think of you i think of trap commitment 3. >> never go to sleep around a stripper. that is good. [laughter] >> brings us to our next destination, magic city home of atlanta's finest lemon pepper ranch wings, that is not a euphemism. >> lemon pepper wings are a staple of atlanta flavor.
1:39 am
lemon pepper lou is a staple. >> wow. these wings are amazing. >> the wings haven't gotten there yet. >> once i tasted them things i knew why people preferred wings over breasts and thighs. >> that's a delicious wing. >> would you like a wing while you are waiting? >> i ended up staying a while to try every flavor. >> sorry, there are some lemon pepper sauce on the money. >> unfortunately, i had so much fun that evening that i broke trap commandment number 3. then, it was time to stumble to my next destination, the grocery spot. >> this is the supreme of grocery stores. there's a line around the block. let's go check it out. follow me. >> do you have a number? >> what? >> do you have a number? >> i am on tv, i'm a celebrity. >> you don't have a number, you can't go in. [laughter] >> the grocery spot is the brainchild of local hipster matthew jones. and it's not your grandma's grocery store, featuring street
1:40 am
art, a d.j., and a line around the block, i knew i would have to blended with these atlanta scenesters to get past the bouncer. but once i got inside, i was surprised to find just a regular store. >> i don't get it, it's just people buying groceries. >> just pretend you get it. >> just pretend i get it for camera. as you can see behind me, there is no explanation needed. this place is popular for obvious reasons, and if you don't get it, you are [bleep] dumb. >> but then i noticed something odd, people were taking food and walking out without paying. so after stuffing a few essentials into my pockets, i went to warn the owner. >> you got to do an "undercover boss" here, man, like, people are walking out with their food. she just took a dollar and the guy had a full bag of food. >> yeah, that's how it works here. they don't even have to give a dollar. it's all free. >> what? >> the business model is to feed people for free. >> wow. >> atlanta's only free, sustainable grocery store, we feed around 400 people per day three days a week. >> what inspired you to do
1:41 am
something so stupid? >> we tried for profit and it failed terribly, then we learned that mutual aid was. >> matthew explained how his pay what you can model is a response to atlanta's problems with food insecurity. no, it is not when your little sandwich feels pathetic next to the giant hoagie. it is people who aren't starving but who are still struggling to get enough food to feed their families. >> our demographic is a working-class family, the people who make too much to have health and government resources but don't make enough to actually make it on their own. >> i guess i am glad i'm here because i can really advise you on how to turn this place into a profitable grocery store. >> i don't think you understand how nonprofits work, but that's okay. >> first taste is free, second, third, fourth, fifth, but then once people get hooked, that is when you flip the script and start hitting them with the price? >> well, hopefully, right? eventually, the goal would be to
1:42 am
where you could pay for your own groceries and help feed another family. >> stupid. what about turning this thing into a strip club? if there is one thing atlanta has taught me, anywhere can be a strip club. >> no. >> what do the customers think of my bold new ideas? >> the food is free but it's 40 bucks to get in the door. >> no, man. >> what if you put big price tags on every item, that way the rich people have to pay? >> no. >> what if it's a $50 tote bag but it's artisanal and cool? you could buy the tote bag. >> why would we want to do that? >> um, because totes are [bleep] sweet. but these folks did agree on one thing. the store has changed their lives. >> you have to travel far to get fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, now it is convenient for the neighborhood. >> man, this is a model business, this is the community. >> 100%. >> suddenly, this $0 making business didn't sound like such a bad idea.
1:43 am
>> i am inspired by your story and the story of the grocery spots, i would like to pay what i can. check? thank you very much, ma'am. >> please act blown away, like i wrote you a check for a massive amount of money. >> just don't read it, just have it. [cheers and applause] >> trevor: thank you so much for that, michael kosta. all right, stay tuned. when we come back, stacey abrams will be our guest. you don't want to miss it. [cheers and applause]
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a dental tool is round for a reason. so is an oral-b. round cleans better by surrounding each tooth. so clean, you'll feel like you just left the dentist. oral-b. brush like a pro. ♪♪ heart-pounding design. intelligent technology. courageous performance. discover a new world of possibilities in the all-new lexus rx. never lose your edge. [cheers and applause] >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is a voting rights activist and entrepreneur
1:47 am
who is the democratic nominee for georgia's governor. please welcome stacey abrams! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ stacey abrams, welcome back. [cheers and applause] welcome back to "the daily show." i mean, this is strange because it's the fourth time that we are chatting, the first time i am chatting in your neck of the woods. >> yes. >> trevor: it's the final stage of the race. it has been a particularly interesting race, so let's start with this: i know what your profile and your image is in most parts of america. coming to georgia has been really interesting because every ad that i watch makes it seem like you are a very evil person. >> well, my parents were surprised to learn that i was responsible for the kidnapping of the lindbergh baby.
1:48 am
i know where half his body is buried. and i may have stolen something backstage. >> trevor: that wasn't in the ad but i will check that. you know, it feels ridiculous, it feels like people don't believe it but it really feels like a campaign against you has been particularly personal, it's been particularly vile. >> part of running for office, you know people will attack you. you can either internalize the attacks or you can use it as fuel to remind you of why you are doing this every single day. [cheers and applause] and these are real lives. yeah, brian kemp wants to say vile things about me. my daddy is watching and i am going to tell. [cheers and applause] >> trevor: [laughs] you are in this race, you are trying to position yourself as someone who can move georgia forward. one thing that has particularly overshadow your campaign, though, is how national politics has started to infect state-level politics. so i would love to know, how do
1:49 am
you distinguish yourself as stacey abrams and how do you speak to people from under the shadow of say, joe biden? half of the ads are not about you, funnily enough, it is joe biden's economy, joe biden's inflation, stacey abrams is joe biden. that is literally one of the ads. stacey abrams is joe biden. how do you get out from under that and what you think people need to understand that does separate you from joe biden slash the national agenda? >> welcome the first of all, people remember who was in the office before joe biden. and they are very happy he's gone. [cheers and applause] number two, the money, the resources that have come to georgia, the billions of dollars that have kept the state afloat, came because of federal democrats, not because of the current governor. hardworking georgians did that. and i remind them of that. but it is also -- brian kemp band abortion, he banned background checks, he banned children, books, the truth, and
1:50 am
he intends to go further if he gets reelected. reminding women that you do not have the right to control your bodies. herschel walker can do whatever he wants. brian kemp is good with that. but if you are a woman, he believes he should control who you are. he flooded our streets with guns and there is a story about gun violence every day in georgia. >> trevor: right. >> part of it is reminding people of his record. he's been governor for four years. i haven't. he's major of that. if you are the governor, you don't get to take right about not take responsibility. [cheers and applause] >> trevor: it is going to be a hotly contested race. there are going to be stories coming out about poll station that close when they shouldn't have and people kicked out of lines and purging, et cetera, et cetera. what it creates is a really paradoxical world where, on the one hand, you want to call out election processes that aren't fair and make it as easy as possible for people to vote. on the other hand, people will be quick to turn that on you and
1:51 am
say, oh, if trump doesn't accept the election but you also don't accept the election so you are bad. how do you navigate that and how do you speak to the issues around georgia without making it seem like you don't accept the democratic process? >> you have actually done a great job of this but some of your colleagues have been very easily duped into conflation. there is one thing to be used to winning everything you want and being told no and whining about it and citing an insurrection. that is what donald trump did. donald trump denied the outcome and of an election. i know i am not governor. i have not been governor for 4 years. i've been very clear about that. that's how i got to go on "star trek." [cheers and applause] but what i have always fought for, and you can go back, i was on the march on washington when i was 19, so i have a pretty clear track record on this. voting rights, voting access is about who gets to show up. election outcomes, that is up to the voters, but accesses the responsibility of government. and brian kemp's greatest hits,
1:52 am
brian kemp is the architect of voter suppression and the reality is, he tried to stop us from talking about the access so they can gin up the outcome they want. and what i will never stop talking about is the fact that no american, no georgian should be denied access that they are legally eligible. and there is no amount of blaming and conflation and false equivalence that will ever make me say that it is okay to tell a georgian you don't have the right to be heard. that is not right and it will not happen as long as i am governor. [cheers and applause] >> trevor: your answers are pretty conclusive and i see why you have to support that you do. stacey abrams, thank you so much for being on the show again. [cheers and applause] stacey abrams, everyone. we will take a quick break. we will be right back. [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> trevor: that's our show for tonight. thank you so much for tuning in. thank you so much for kicking it off. before we go, before we go, wanted to remind you that midterm elections are approaching and the stakes are higher than they have been in generations. so make sure your voice counts.
1:55 am
make a plan to vote early. until next time, stay safe out there and here it is: your "moment of zen." ♪ ♪ >> i hope you have a good halloween. >> happy halloween to you. >> a very happy halloween. >> the one and only dressed up as... >> easter bunny. >> i am dressed as colombo. - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna have myself a time ♪ both: ♪ friendly faces everywhere ♪ ♪ humble folks without temptation ♪ - ♪ i'm going down to south park ♪ ♪ gonna leave my woes behind ♪ - ♪ ample parking day or night ♪ ♪ people spouting "howdy neighbor" ♪ - ♪ headin' on up to south park ♪ ♪ gonna see if i can't unwind ♪
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- ahh.... ahh... - well, there's no doubt about it. those tonsils need to come out. - what? - what exactly does that entail, doctor? - it's a very simple operation. we'll just put you to sleep, eric, and when you wake up, you'll be tonsil-free. - no, no way. i'm not going to the hospital, mom!
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- oh, i thought you were a tough kid. you're not scared of hospitals, are you? - no, i'm not scared. i just--i don't want my tonsils out, that's all. - well, then i guess you don't want all the ice cream you get after the surgery either. - ice cream? - be a shame to have to give all that free ice cream to the big boys who aren't scared of the hospitals. - what do ya say, champ? think you can tough it out? - well... you did say free ice cream? [laughing] - poopsykins, wake up. wake up, honey. - ugh... it--it's over? - that's right, you did it, poopsykins. - it's over. i didn't feel anything! you were right, mom! - i'm so proud of you, eric. - all right, so where's my ice cream? - oh, here's the doctor now! hi, doctor. - you were right, doctor.
2:00 am
everything is okay. - no, it's not. eric, i'm afraid that we've accidentally infected you with the aids virus. - what? - what's that supposed to mean? - during the tonsil surgery, we had to supply you with donor blood. a mistake was made and you were given blood contaminated with h.i.v. it was a one-in-a-billion fluke. - i have aids? - not yet, but we've confirmed that you now have the virus that causes aids. we are very sorry. - sorry? you gave me aids and you're sorry? - oh, my poor little baby! - mom, you said nothing would go wrong! - oh, god! oh, no! - no, no, this is a joke, right? this is a joke! i can't have aids! - we are going to do everything in our power to make this up to you, eric. for starters, i think i owe you some ice cream. - [...] your ice cream! you said i'd be fine! you all said i'd be fine! - [sobbing]


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