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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 4, 2009 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> since ten minutes has come to an end i will just end now. >> thank you very much, mr. mousavi. i think if all the judgment based on what you said you should realize this, i'm telling you as a friend. i like you as a person and such judgments based on false data and information it is too bad. sailors from britain arrested -- blair wrote a letter in which he apologized and said our policies regarding iran, we will change those, this is a document at the ministry. it is there. and then we decided the issues, one of the best things the islam of republic has done is the attitude towards the sailors.
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for 27, 28 years, they call as aggressors and hostage leaders, this is what they told the world about us. in that incident we separated the people of england from the government. that was the best thing that could be done. ..
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there was a waive oman muslims and their were speeches and excitement, and they welcomes their favorite iranian nation. regarding the issue of the holocaust, it is so interesting. in saudi arabia, how is the relation with saudi arabia had during mr. mousavi's time? i don't want to mention what happened during, at this time and what happened at the airport. the only thing i want to say is our ties were severed. he performed in a way that ties were severed for coats zetia arabia got totally severed, and i am amazed. he is worried about saudi
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arabia. he was writing articles and using harsh criticisms. some of our friends, who are now working in the electoral campaign committee, they never believed in such things. regarding the occupied palestine, he assumes that we should remember his own stances in the past. so, mr. mousavi had exclusively announced we would send military forces to go stand alongside the palestinian resistance group to fight against the occupiers and so mousavi announced the zionist regime must be wiped out. but mr. mousavi, we are not going to talk about tactics. we will go the wrong way. the general diplomacy today is the most of advanced and scientific, diplomatic
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diplomacy. the enemy has captured the main positions in the world and if we are going to go play in his field, then we will definitely face failure. that is what happened during mr. hisham a's government during mr. mousavi's government. we acted outside of his formulation and this is what he taught us. never accepted the formulations. had we accepted their formulations we could have never started a revolution. regarding the nuclear program, you definitely know that what was adopted by the previous government in the name of removing tension, it reached a point where our nuclear legislations were totally shot down. there were two contracts imposed on other people then, the additional protocol was one of them without parliament's ratification which is against constitutional law and the
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second one was the executive arrangements. the additional protocol case, international negotiation agencies are free to inspect any part of iran any time they wish to and the goal is to check out our defense capability and give the intelligence to our enemy. the second issue in the executive arrangements, they said that if there is any thought, any ideas in the minds of scientists, nuclear scientist before taking any action the agency should be informed about this. there and-- nothing worse than this could be imposed on the nation. we can't have any activities 180 days. the nuclear installations will her shut down. all of them were sealed off. to contracts were imposed, and within that time, new
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information-- seven resolutions of board of governors were issued against us were as retreat was the absolute. that resolution is more important than the u.s. security council resolution. it is only political what happens to the u.n. security council but the board of governors of the iaea, the resolution is finding legally and appliances to do certain things. all the claims made by the atomic energy agency during this government were settled and we have drafted a letter from ipa ee explaining the basic issues are solved and americans raises-- following and whenever gave recognition to that. islamabad, brussels, what happened there? today we are nuclear.
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free centrifuges, if you look at the memos of our meetings, you can see we have 7,000 centrifuges working now. mr. bush, after all this cooperation, iran had with afghanistan and axis of evil, and nothing happened to iran's dignity. e fred nigh bandwith military attack but what about now? mr. bush, during his last days said we are not after toppling the islamic establishment. mr. obama expressly said in 27 years and during your government mr. qahtani, america which toppling the establishment. today they announced they are not after this. which foreign policy has been more successful? which has created, which is brought humiliation for this
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nation? which foreign policy preserve our independence? which gave more concessions? for 15 years the european said we want to criticize the iran aunt raise issues that iran is not observing human rights. asking two questions about the holocaust into questions, to questions-- the whole human rights system in the west. they are crying, the israelis are shouting in the people in the west are shutting. some people say i have rans dignity is being pushed. how can you say that? how can we wait till the enemy comes to our soil? today the threat is not directed at iran. of course all of this is thanks to people steadfastness and the sacrifices of the great nation of iran, and the leadership, and
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i am surprised-- takes a trip outside of adarand and can see how he is greeted by governments and nations. how many performances did he make as prime minister? was iran humiliated then? in the eyes of our willing powers, it was not so. if mr. mousavi thinks we should try to favor and please three or four major powers this is against the late imam's ideas and the values of the islamic revolution. if we are going to have ties with the great masses of people and governments around the world, a great number of foreign dignitaries and personalities traveled to iran in the past four years. 118 members supported-- >> mr. ahmadinejad your time is
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over. >> the iranians election takes place on friday, june 12. you can watch more of c-span's international coverage at any time by visiting our web site,
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these these men, created in 1979 by the cable television industry. but come up with the commercials, how is c-span funded? >> federal funding? >> from dollars and stuff like that? the dalmations. >> publicly but the most part. >> i think there's some congressional appropriations. >> from cable providers. >> america's cable pun companies have been providing programming for 30 years, commercial free as a public service.
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>> next, the federal communications commission holds a news conference on the digital tv transition. after next friday, june 12, of free broadcast tv signals will be digital requiring a converter box for analog tv sets. this is 20 minutes. >> the e-mail is dtv countdown at mark let me know if there are questions that come in and in the meantime we will go ahead and proceed.
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you may direct your questions to the chairman or any of the commissioners or they will feel free to jump in on the question. please identify your name and affiliation for the benefit of the people who are watching this on the web so who would like to ask the first question? >> for those of you who don't know, fawn johnson of dow jones. a question on the 35 stations that will go dark after june june 12th. do we know who they are, what company, especially the one that is going into bankruptcy, which company that is coming any detail about those? >> i am sure we know that. i don't personally know that. >> somebody must know. >> yes, we do have that information and actually some of
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it is indicated on our master list but i think for everybody's convenience what we are going to be doing is posting a full list of the 35. >> i don't think we need to go through here. >> i just want to let you know we would be posting nasa you'll be able to see that. >> you said there were 18 of those stations are owned by a single company going into bankruptcy, and the rest are going dark because of technical reasons? >> 18 of them have financial reasons. i believe 17 of those are one particular company. 16 of them are construction issues that will be resolved i believe by the end of the year. some of them a lot sooner, and one of them has a construction permit pending with us that we are looking at, because there is an issue that needs to be resolved.
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>> puerto rico has a large analog yours. i think the last that i checked was half the households. how is it going there? >> i have been out of puerto rico and they have made huge strides. they have a wonderful person down there who has done a lot of good work but they have a far way to go and i'm afraid there still are a large number of people that are unprepared and puerto rico. despite our best efforts. it was 50% over the air at the beginning of the transition, which was the highest in the united states and so even though we have cut that down considerably, just as the rest of the country, when a cut in half the bad luck from 73, there is some went-- went from 50 to 25. the number now is still unacceptably high. the broadcasters and puerto rico have done everything they can. everybody has been informed that is watching television that this is coming. i understand there are enough
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boxes in, on the island. one of the concerns early on was whether there would be enough boxes. there seems to be an adequate supply. there is adequate information. people are unfortunately waiting, some of them until the last minute but the problem is in puerto rico when this same proportion of people that are unprepared wait it is a much larger number overall because they started at 50%, so we have a bit of a challenge there. i think it is going to be more disruptive than puerto rico than almost anywhere else in the country because of the large number of over the air but we have resources on the ground to deal with that. it is going to be a little bit messy and i'm hopeful that we can overtime deal with that over the weeks following the transition. >> do you have a number, the current number? >> do you have the nelson number? we don't have a. troy, can you give back to him
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on that? >> we can get back to you. >> paul. >> paul kirby with tr daily. have you got any sense, i know mr. mcdowell is talking about when congress will approve the other 25 million. the request was made yesterday. have you gotten any sense i guess from commerce rick ntia when they will likely get back to you all? >> no, obviously we are hoping it will be sin. i am fairly confident that things are on track. i don't see a huge problem here to be dealt with but i am going to be doing everything i can to make sure that is expedited. do we have any questions in my line? >> right now from john egger ten at broadcasting and cable. he says one group says that lots of the converter boxes won't be able to get the dtv signal because the propagation problems that require rooftop antennas.
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calling that a "fatal flaw in the transition." how do you you respond? >> i don't know that i heard it quite that way with generic box is being singled out. >> i think what he means is that, that there is a problem with propagation of the digital signal. >> there's no question about that. that is why i took pains to discuss that. i think that is an area where the commission really needs to conduct itself with great candor. there are problems. i think the witnesses have made that clear, mr. donovan and others today. there are going to be some cases where people are going to lose signals through perhaps no fault of their own and maybe they are infringe areas are in the areas outside of the market itself, outside of the dma but they are
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still going to be inconvenienced and less than pleased about that. there might be some who lose that signal who are right in the middle of the market. we are going to find that up. that is why i am saying, if we have the kind of effort on this-- he would have to go back a couple of years to start testing these and make sure the broadcasters and everybody is coordinated into it in a transitional phase. so,, so we are hoping it is not going to be a major problem that people are going to need to understand, as the witnesses said, this is a sensitive transition dealing with sensitive technology. all of the kings are not going to be worked out. we probably could delay this for two more years and you are still going to have some of these things that are not going to be worked out because they are just going to take some time. the commission sat for so long in distributed transmission systems and all the rest, so it is catch up and we are all going
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to have to be a little patient. i am hoping by and large it is going to be a win for most consumers. i think it will be a win for most consumers. they will get more free, over the air broadcast, a better picture and all of that. more people will be happy probably then will be inconvenienced but we will be hearing from the inconvenienced i am sure. >> not to minimize the problem but certainly many people are going to the signals but more going to gain signals that they did not have. one of the things we can't emphasize enough is, as the chairman said we are not going to hear from the people that get signals or much sharper pictures where they previously had a weak one but under our analysis there will be more people that will benefit from getting stations that are going to lose that. of course we will hear from the people that lose them but overall the public interest is served not only because of the improved quality of picture and everything else but the return of the spectrum we were able to use for public safety in meeting the demand for wireless
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broadband. >> how big a problem with the-- how big a of a problem with you have if you don't receive the $10 million from the commerce department to help with the cullen centers? >> it is impossible to precisely predict that because we don't know all of the problems that are going to occur but as they said in my remarks during the course of the meeting today i would rather be over preparer than under prepared. it is very, very easy for me to envision a scenario where we would be unprepared. if we don't have the money in the calls really start coming in, not just freddie but people get back from the long weekend and monday and tuesday or wednesday and we don't have a sufficient number of operators, to take the calls and answer the questions, then there is going to be great consumer dissatisfaction and the potential for considerable backlash, so we don't need to take that risk. the money has been provided by the congress. this is a high priority for the utilization and of that money.
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as rob said, it is the lifeline, the last lifeline for people is that call center and we have got to make sure it is up and running and running well. rob, i don't know if you want to add anything to the. >> i think it is absolutely vital we get the money from the call center and it is a concern, if there is a concern from the department of commerce regarding how to fund that they can cut back the coupon program to make only over the air households eligible for coupons. and that would result in a big net cost savings. but that's a million dollars i think is squarely within the intent of the statute within congress's intent four communities out creach and community and consumer education. >> moot i might point out, under the terms of the way things are, that if we don't need that money come in and don't need that level, we can ramp down and won't have to spend that money so it is not that we are saying
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give us $10 million we are definitely going to spend it all or we are going to keep 4,000 operators on line from here to eternity or anything like that. we are going to try to respond to the needs of the moment and the needs of the hour and don't need those resources than we will cut back those resources. that to strikes me as sound, good management won a one. >> cheryl, you had a question. >> june 12th is a friday, and so a lot of this fallout is going to be over the weekend. was that on purpose, that a friday date was picked and will that cause any problems? what are you guys doing over the weekend? [laughter] >> it is my birthday on the 14th. >> we will be here on the 12 a we will be here i am sure on the 13th and available and we will this have to see the measure of the problem, the magnitude of the problem. what was the first part? >> what is the frauded victim purpose? bead we did not set that date.
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congress established that they but i think looking at it, it is not a bad day. someone will have a problem with annie dave the week. >> the call center will be open? >> absolutely. >> mr. chairman can we ask you to keep the air-conditioning on of the weekend? >> we are already doing that. >> see would agree to administrator he is. >> i do have a question for the commissioners and a follow-up for eloise. for all the commissioners, how concerned are you that essentially 18 stations, i don't know if they are handing in their licenses will not be broadcasting. there will no longer be a primary signal. aidid bannack concern for some time both in canada and the u.s. that some tv stations would stop broadcasting altogether. it seems like essentially what we are seeing so how concerned are each of you about that? >> i am concerned whenever any
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broadcast station goes dark, or shuts its operations down in terms of diversity and competition that you heard me talk about until i am blue in the face. the disappearance of another newsroom or whatever, that is a net loss for the american people, no question about it. >> i am very concerned as well. i think it is almost a perfect storm for the broadcasting. it is an unprecedented downturn in revenue due to a number of different trends in the economy. all, together at the same time as the cost of the digital conversion, and this is one of the tragic consequences for the viewers of those stations, that they are going to lose those signals. i think it is very unfortunate and i'm not sure it is the last we are going to here on broadcasters shutting down, given the difficulty of the industry unless the economy turns around pretty quickly.
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>> i am very concerned. i think it's actually just the beginning of what we might be hearing, more bad news coming over the horizon. if you think many broadcasters rely on auto dealers for about 30% of their ad revenue, and now we have thousands of auto dealers being shattered all across the country, i think it is going to cause a new wave of pain for broadcasters all across the country, so vocally, going forward to the commission will take the extreme economic arrests being experienced by broadcasters into consideration as it makes new policy. >> jonathan, you had one more? >> just a couple of housekeeping questions. you mentioned the master list. what is that? >> that is an internal term but there is a list on the web site that provides, a spreadsheet, and excel spreadsheet that provides information about the
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stations, when they are transitioning for example, what time of day they are transitioning. i know we could follow up and give you the exact link to it but you can get it from the first page of or by going into the listings for the station, so i apologize. what i was saying was that to make it convenient for everyone, i think we are planning on posting a separate sheet that lists the 35 stations. >> can you tell us, you don't need to go through the markets but what is the broadcast? it is 17 of these 18 stations. i think there's a couple of broadcast chains and bankruptcy so which chain is that? the tribune-- >> equity. it is a company called equity. >> equity media? >> that owns 17 of the 18 stations but i will say if i may, that several of the stations that i was speaking about earlier that are going to be using another stations
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multicasting are of these stations, so whether or not they are all going to be permanently dark is something we don't know at the moment and it is something that everybody is working on and looking at very closely because of the concerns the commissioners have expressed. >> so, what these 18 stations, 17 of which are owned by equity media told the commission as they will no longer broadcasts. that is they will no longer transmit from their antenna after the 12? they are not actually turning in their broadcast license? >> my understanding is they don't have a digital facility built. i am sorry, i could not answer the question about their license that is at this point. >> let's take one more from the group here and one more from the internet, then we will have to go. >> there are no questions on line so are there any last questions? >> going once, going twice.
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>> class question. >> we don't necessarily know who will be on the dais but to know what the topic of the next meeting will be? >> we have not announce that. >> will it not be like a post-mortem on dtv? >> we have not announced with the docket will be. >> thank you. >> what happens if say the senate gets its act together and manages to confirm a couple of people, including mr. macdill before the july recess? does that mean that even with a couple of days preparation that the new commissioner will be chairing the next meeting? >> i rather imagine that would be up for consultation in the oncoming commissions. >> thank you very much. this concludes the press conference. thank you very much commissioners. >> thank you david. [inaudible conversations]


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