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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 5, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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>> gary: oakland, the city the other side of the bay. that's where the orioles open a three-game series. the orioles hope that their bats will open up again. 
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. >> gary: jietsz' the ori on masn and we welcome you to oakland, california, as we begin a three-game set. after losing two out of three in seattle, the orioles hope to get the offense going. the pitching has been there but not the steps. you can't make a mistake reimold got picked off in the 5th inning. 6th inning, aubrey huff picked off third. and then in the 9th inning, after getting a man on, a vic 'em out throw 'em out double play. dave trembley said they didn't beat us, we beat ourselves. >> buck: you can't afford to do that if you can't swing the
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bat. when you continue to make mistakes and erase base runners, you're going to lose. they have to eliminate that. >> gary: jeremy guthrie will be making the start. we'll have the line-up for you. when we come back, we'll be talking to guthrie's battery mate, the rookie, matt wieters. . for the next minute, i'm gonna show you what it's like to have verizon fios. these are your widgets, they let you put whatever you're watching down here, while you check out local traffic, weather, even your news up there. i've got a news flash you're out of mayo. how did you get in here? door was open. you'd have tons of ways for you to search content: by actor, director, any word at all. what about chicken? chicken's fine. any word. no i mean do you have any chicken? i want to eat some chicken. and one of the coolest things you can do with fios... stream your music and your photos from your computer to your tv. slideshows look and sound better than ever. and now is the best time to upgrade to fios all the time. want to tell the why?
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. >> gary: orioles b masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at here in oakland, matt wieters will be making the start behind the plate again. it's almost like he has been here all season but it's only his sixth game. we talked to him about the adjustment from the minors to the majors. >> it's definitely a fast learning curb. now, guys who have been here
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have been great to me. >> gary: the publicity that has surrounded your arrival here, good, bad, how has it been? >> i don't think it's bad. it's always nice to have support from the community. >> gary: what about the at- bats? what are you working on offensively for yourself. >> you sort of try to learn pitchers and learn the teams and how they're going to pitch you. you go out there and look for a good pitch to hit. fortunately, i had some good pitches to hit but i have not squared on them again. >> gary: dave said that wing of the things that he asked you to do is go through the american league, take a look at the american league so that, when you would get up here, you would be ready. >> that's a long process that startd in spring training, just being able to watch tapes, watch at-bats with guys, especially with these young guys, we are sort of learning on the run. any extra work that you can get in the film room or talking to some of the other guys that can
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help you during the game. >> gary: it looks likes the poise of young players, including yourself, it's well beyond the years, beyond what we see in the field. any reason for that? >> i think it's contagious. guys coming from the minor league through frederick and bowie, a lot of guys are together. it is a comfortable feeling being around the guys that you have been playing with the last couple of years. >> gary: we have been talking about pacing of pitchers. what do you do? >> certain guys like bergesen, he is a guy who likes to get a fast-paced game going. anything i can do to help them on the mound, we're going to expedite as much as possible. >> gary: how much help are you getting from the dugout? >> they tell you who might run. other than the running game, you go out there and after the game or before the game, we'll talk about what they saw and what you should do differently
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or what they like. >> gary: and matt wieters joining us prior to the ballgame tonight annual he will be in the line-up catching. let's take a look at the starting line-up for the o's brought to you by southwest airlines. roberts, jones, markakis, mora, scott in left field. matt wieters and then robert andino. luke scott, you see the numbers for the season, he has been hot. the inside fastball, which he has mastered effectively will really set up his change-up which is one of the better ones that we will see all year long and he is a real battler. last time out, he got hit on his pitches hand off the hand of vernon wells. he stayed in the game and pitched six strong innings. >> gary: and the manager said he was asked to describe the starting pitcher. he said tough and that's what he was referring to. the guy stays in after that, you figure that's a guy that's
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pretty tough. 25-year-old left hander ready to go. brian roberts staying in. does brian want to get a hit quickly. he is 0-for-his last 17, continues to be tied at first in run. he has been above .300 but has now dropped to below 300. the count is now even 1-1. roberts with the outfield in a couple of stems on him. that one in the air to centerfield. davis coming, coming, coming, diving and there is the base hit you need to get out of the funk. how on does a hitless streak end with a blooper, a dying quail or an infield off the end of the bat. you see him smiling. that's the nature of baseball. >> buck: you can't defend against that, the old blooper. holliday, davis and cunningham in the outfield, hanrahan
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cabrera, kennedy and giambi from third to first. and kurt suzuki, the young catcher has taken the position now and he is a mentor for these young pitchers. adam jones is 7th in the league in average. the only one of the orioles still in the top 10 in that department. at third is juan samuels. brian roberts has not been doing a lot of running because the top of the order has been hitting so well he has not had to. he is 10 out of 14 in stolen bases. pitch taken inside. we'll see if the orioles -- if dave trembley wants to change that up at all because of the fact that the orioles have not been scoring. 8 runs in the last five games for the orioles. braden's delivery, jones will take it outside. refuses to chase. >> buck: and the oak land a's
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have been doing a great job shutting down runners. >> gary: jones will take that for a strike. braden has had hardly anybody run against him. he is 0-for-2 base stealers when he is on the mound. nobody has stolen a base against him with only two attempts. brian roberts getting out of the 0-for-17 with a single, short lead at first base. jones swinging. the count goes full. >> buck: a lot of good fastballs to the arm side of home plate so far for braden and in the scouting report, the orioles have the same one is that he would throw the fastball inside. >> gary: 3-2 delivery, fouled it away. trying to make the earlier orioles hitters reach. braden's record may be 4-5 but if he had any run support at all, he could have three or
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four more wins. he has the lowest run support in the maim jurors coming into this game. 24 runs, 67 innings. >> gary: that one is fouled off. he has been the start can pitcher in three the four games in which the a's have been shut out. you talk about someone who is just looking for three runs in a ballgame, he'll take it. >> buck: here are the numbers you are talking about, the worst run support in the american league, 3.22. there is jarrod washburn and he lost that game against the orioles. >> gary: inside and jones the strikeout victim. >> buck: there is that bred and butter pitch for him. you see kurt suzuki inside, 92 miles per hour. a little bit of extra. that's the four-seam fastball that he can locate very effectively on the inner part of the plate. >> gary: so braden gets his 44th strikeout in 67 innings. roberts still on at first base
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and here is nick markakis. markakis will take that to first, going to try for two in the dirt, there is one, nice play cabrera. the shortstop got pulled off the bag but was able to get his foot back in time to get the out and the throw from giambi at first base. >> buck: this is a play that's got to be turned into a 3-6-3 double play. it's right at giambi. he makes a terrible throw and cabrera is able to catch it and get his foot back to the bag but you have to turn that into two. look at the effort by cabrera. they are lucky they got one there. >> gary: that's a big play. one of those plays that changes the whole look of the inning. so, now, markakis on on a fielder's choice and here is aubrey huff, the designated hitter in the game. aubrey will take the pitch and that is in there for a strike. huff's numbers on the season, .268, 8 homeruns, 39 rbis. against the left handers, he has gotten over the .200 mark,
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patting .203 against left handers now. fouled trying back now. >> buck: aubrey huff has been swinging the bat better. he had a couple of good games in seattle and would have had three homeruns had it not been for the spacious ballpark. but even against the left handers, he has been hanging tough. he has hit in 9 of the last 12. >> gary: a great job in the 4 hole. kurt suzuki will hang on to that one. these a's have struggled, eight games out, very much like the orioles who are 22-30 and 8 1-1 games out. the pitching has held in to keep them in games. the offense has been a disaster. their pitchers have had to work very, very tight. so they can't give up any runs. huff, shatterred bat and a foul ball. that one right right in on the
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top hand. the count will go to a 1 ball, 2 strikes as he will get some new lumber. >> buck: right inside with that four-seam fastball. all aubrey can do is fight it off, trying to stay alive in the at-bat. now, braden has him set up for that outside breaking ball that he utilizes very effectively. >> gary: jamie walker released today, the veteran pitcher. we'll talk about that in our broadcast. roberto castillo was called up. late before the game, we learned that cesar izturis, at this moment, is having his appendix removed. there are jamie's numbers. 10 seasons for the 19-21, 4.13 e.r.a., 545 games. just could not get the hitters out, left or right. the delivery underway and on the change-up, he got him. so braden, after giving up a leadoff single gets the next
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♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) ♪ who's watching... (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. it's take a look at th line-up brought to you by southwest airlines. >> buck: scouting report for jeremy guthrie. curve ball i proved the last
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time out. he has to keep the ball in the yard. homeruns have been a problem for him. last time out, he tied his career high with 10 strikeouts. he gave up two homeruns in that ballgame and ended up with a no decision in that game. >> gary: cabrera at the plate. he has been part of the offensive problem for this team as he just struggled mightily trying to get the bat going. pitch will be taken outside for a ball. they didn't have anybody to use in the leadoff spot even when he went using. he is 4 for his last 30. that's a .133 batting average on the road trip and he gets a base hit here. jones will pick it up. cabrera makes a big turn. he will come back to first on jones' throw. so cabrera who is 0-for-9 against guthrie gets his first hit ever against the orioles starter. >> buck: these are the four pitches that guthrie will use tonight. that's the four-seam fastball. he will use that to get it down
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and away. jeremy guthrie's curve ball, a lot of emphasis on that the slider, you can see how he slides it back on the handle. that's the change-up because he throws so many four-seam fastballs, he uses the four- seam change-up here as well. >> gary: here is adam kennedy. kennedy currently in his own funk, 0 for his last 14 as part of the seer brings chicago. but oakland came away with three wins. they are on a three-game win streak taking three out of four against the white sox. kennedy will lift that down the line and that will be a foul ball. >> buck: the strength of this team right now is certainly the starting pitching. they have pitched well and they continue to have offensive problems. but the average for the year for adam kennedy is not that bad. >> gary: he has been hitting down in the order but now back up to where they want him n that number 2 spot. guthrie, kennedy lifts one. he has a base hit. over to get it is markakis.
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heading to third is cabrera. here is the throw all the way through, not in time. so kennedy gets out of an 0-for- 14 and the two of the top of the order, both had not been hitting, get the hit. >> buck: jeremy guthrie tries to get the fastball away, leaves it out over the plate. kennedy hooks it. markakis has a shot at cabrera going from first to third but it's to the home plate side of third base. >> gary: this is a very big park here. balls get hit out there, outfielders really have to hustle because oakland will always try to get the extra base. if it falls anywhere near the gap or down the line, you get a chance to pick up an extra base. here is jack cust and he will take the pitch up high for a ball. a big chance early as oakland has got runners at first and
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third. and only one out. and cust hitting in that number 3 spot, 0-for-5, lifetime, off guthrie will take the pitch. that's going to be inside and the count will go to 2-0. >> buck: cust had a tough road trip as wellings going 3-for- 17. a homerun on the trip. he has been dealing with back spasm, something that knocked him out of the game a couple of nights ago. towering flyball, centerfield, way back, adam jones on the warning track. up and good-bye, homerun. a three-run homer for jack cust. about 400 feet away. and the a's have a 3-0 lead on his 9th of the year. >> buck: that came off the bat and it looked like it was going to be a routine flyball to centerfield. jack cust gets under need the high fastball and snaps a long drought. take a look at this pitch
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again, fastball out over the plate. might have been a change-up, in fact. he didn't have that good velocity but you see how he gets under neat it. adam jones has the beat on it but runs out of room as it's beyond his reach over the centerfield wall. >> gary: wow! three up and three in. and here is matt holliday. jack cust delivers the long ball for his 9th of the season. he has 31 rbis now. that one hit hard up the middle and that's a base hit. and oakland just teing off on jeremy guthrie. three singles and a homer here in the 1st inning and still nobody out. >> buck: this is realy a tough spot for the orioles giving the fact that they have scored so few runs on this trip. and dave trembley obviously concerned. kojikoji uehara might be
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returning to the rotation. >> gary: the early goings are tough for jeremy. once he gets past the early part of the game, he settles down but you can't give that many runs and hope that your team will come up and pick up the slack. runner at first base, nobody out. giambi is hitting the baseball. he has had homers in back-to- back games, american league f vp for the a he is, five-time all-star, three-time on base leader, bark with the ball club. down to first. that will be a foul ball. >> buck: went to new york as a free agent, signed a 7-year deal with the yankees with designs on playing in the world series. that never happened. he never really got it together there. they brought in sheffield, giambi, a lot of free agents but it never came together for them. >> gary: giambi will take that for a strike.
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the homer off guthrie is the 14th he has surrendered. started the game second high in homers given up and cust jumped on it, really launched one. oh, that hit guthrie. it goes to second base. and i have no idea what that hit, except it hit him. >> buck: it sure did. it sounded like it got flesh and he is walking around. not really sure what happened here but there is another line drive right back at the box. it looks like he got his hand up. it was off his wrist. and that can't be too good. he gets his hand up protecting his face maybe on the forearm and certainly hit his right hand, right arm. and he has assured ritchie bancells he is okay. boy, he took a shot. he has his hands up just in time, not unlike what happened to dallas braid en in his last
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start with vernon wells. >> reporter: well, wells. >> gary: . >> gary: well, now you hope that he is all right. they get the out on a fielder's choice. here is kurt suzuki. here is an inning for guthrie to forget. he would like to. three runs in, a homer and then he takes a shot off his arm. suzuki, he launches one to centerfield, jones going back again, 400 feet away. that will hit off the wall. giambi is at third. they will hold him up. it will be a double for suzuki and oakland just making this look like batting practice. they are just tagging guthrie on the side of the mound, coming back up to get the ball. >> buck: this ball is hit to center again, hits right at the
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bottom of the fence at centerfield. giambi stops at third base. jones got the ball back very quickly to keep giambi from scoring. rick kranitz is out now, i'm sure, checking on the well- being of guthrie and this is where jeff mi has to be honest with him. he says he is fine but that's a situation where you get hit that hard, and obviously, there has to be some after effects. you could hear when it hit him. you certainly knew it hit him on the flesh. he never got his glove on it. he threw his hand up in self- defense. he has to know that that hit him very square in his forearm somewhere. >> gary: the orioles starters have been the bright spot over the last six games. starters have a 2.9 e.r.a. in 6 starts.
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jeremy guthrie, however, struggling in this one. second and third, only one out. cunningham stands in. darren cunningham will take the pitch. a call-up from aaa last saturday. second time he has been with the ball club, has started each of the last six games since the recall, 4-for-22 in his major league debut last year. that ball up the middle. that's going to be a base him one run in. going to try and score. jones' throw to the plate. not in time, down to second, not in time. the two-rbi single for cunningham. and a 5-0 a's lead. >> buck: for a team that not been hitting, they have jumped on jeremy guthrie early. a bouncing ball, three hops through the infield. andino can't keep in the infield. the throw from jones is late.
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cunningham gets a single and advances to second on the throw. >> gary: what a downer start here for the o's. jack hannahan will take the bat. the a's team has the lowest batting average and the fourth fewest runs scored. that is inside for a ball. hannahan and the warm-up action begins with mark hendrickson, the batter. runner at second base. that is in there for a strike. 2-1. guthrie game in with opponents hitting .274 off him. left handers at 3-7b9 .269 and right handers, .278. that one hit in the air to centerfield. going back is jones again.
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this time, he has some room. he will make the catch. the runner halfway, cunningham will go back to second base. this is not a ballpark that is noted as a hitter's yard. today maybe an exception because it has been a very warm day and there is no marine layer expected to move in here tonight which brings that damp cloud off the pacific which generally keeps the ball in the park and it's tough to get it out. the ball will carry as well as you can see it. >> buck: and it has. just about this time, it starts to become a real pitcher's ballpark. has not been the case tonight. >> gary: it may not for the night. davis, rajai davis, the centerfielder. they have batted around. this is the 9th batter to hit here in the 1st inning. and that will be taken outside for a ball.
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1-1. davis, the last couple of games, has picked it up, going 3-for-7, coming off the road trip, 3-for-11. and he will foul that one back. he has been sharing time with sweeney in centerfield, gets some starts in tonight's ballgame. sweeney is unable to be in there because he has had some physical problems that will keep him out at least this game. >> he banged up his knee against the fence in chicago. so he is a little bit sore. third game he missed. davis gets a base hit into right field, markakis with the runner coming, here is the throw to the plate, way off the mark. and the 2-out rbi single by davis and a 6-0 lead. >> buck: rajai davis stays on this pitch. it's outside. it's a slider and he is able to punch it into right field. cunningham running for second


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