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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 5, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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oakland, 0 runs, 2 hits, no other yours errors for the o's. this oakland team has a three- game win streak coming in. they also won the last five games against the o's, all five games from last year. ry groundd to second base. roberts, two down. he is pretty confident with this young pitching staff right now to be able to put some zeros up on the board and hitters can come around and give them any sort of assist
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here is cunning ham, playing in right field. two rbi single first time up. the three consecutive games that have been won by rookie starting pitchers in the a's organization, going back to 1968, the last time that happened. matt kio, alan worth, john henry johnson, rookies came on to win three consecutive games for the a's. now, trying to get the fence to match the young pitchers. 1-1 count. cunningham the chopper. hendrickson throws to get out out. he has retired all seven batters he has come out to face. lled quesadillas, starting at $6.99. flame-grilled tortillas layered with chicken, bacon, cheese, and ranch. crispy on the outside, melted perfection on the inside. new fire-grilled quesadillas. only at chili's.
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. >> gary: and let's look forward to tomorrow's pitching match-up. and jason berken will face trevor cahill. he pitched well, unforth in thely he was facing edwin jackson. orioles will try to get it going against the 258-year-old left hander. dallas braden comes in at 4-5 on the season, 3.47 e.r.a.
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aubrey huff struck out in the first inning. interesting that the a's do not the shift against aubrey huff at all. third baseman and shortstop moving a couple of stems. shallow left centerfield. shortstop, cabrera, and he's got t one away here in the 4th inning. nick markakis, adam jones, both in the running for starting positions in the american league and all-star game. vote for your favorite orioles at vote for your favorite bird, the maximum 25 times. you gate free upper reserved seat to any prime non-o's -- to any o's non-prime games. orioles bats have just gone quiet after they just were explosive.
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that one will be fouled off. through the first couple of months. entering june, it quieted down. the books are being written, the baseball books that go to the pitchers, stories on what the orioles hitters are doing at the plate. >> buck: baseball is all about adjustments and the hitters will have count act those adjustments. you can blame it on the quality of the pitching they face but just about every night, you face pretty good pitch in the big leagues. that goes back to that tigers series. first two games, they had five runs on 11 hits in the opener on thursday against armando galarraga. melvin mora to second base, kennedy up, two down. >> buck: you can't blame on, he is a tough pitcher. they are all tough pitchers.
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and they were hitting tough pitchers. including a.j. burnett and knocking around justin verlander in the last series. >> gary unfortunately for the orioles, the funk has been up and down the line-up except for this guy, luke scott. the breaking ball is in there for a strike. since coming off the d l, he has gone 11-for-29, hitting in the .390 clip. of course, he is pounding out the homeruns. fouled back. he needs a little help in that line-up. the other concern is that the orioles on the road have a tremendous differential between here and what they do. >> buck: you can see kansas city and oakland, they are first and second. >> gary: right down the middle. and that's seven strikeouts
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that braden already picked up in the ballgame ant orioles trail it 6-0. you don't do laundry at the beach. you salt-wash everything and let it breeze dry. knit, delicate, permanent press... the ocean doesn't care. so grab your bag. times may be tough today, but the things we all look forward to haven't changed. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there.
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m&t bank. understanding what's important. . >> gary: 6-7-1 for the a's- 3-0 for the o's. mark hendrickson is dog his
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share out there. hannahan stands in, third businessman. he will take a pitch down low for a ball. 7 in a row retired by the orioles former starter, now reliever, 34-year-old left hander. hannahan will take it for a strike. >> buck: hendrickson has made some quality pitches since coming out of the bullpen. his curve ball has been sharp, effective. he is throwing good fastballs to both sides of the plate and the cut fastball and that's the curve ball that he missed with there. >> gary: hannahan ahead on the count. outstanding club man at third base, really solid defensive player. and this team plays solid defense. strike on the i side corner, 2- 2. hannahan has never hit a lot at the plate but he earns his money with the glove.
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>> buck: he sure has. when you have young pitchers, you want to have the best defense possible so they never get discouraged. >> gary: another rebound and hannahan is retired. one away here in the 5th inning -- 4th, sorry. >> buck: third comebacker for mark hendrickson. you like those quick outs. >> gary: rajai davis, he delivered a hit and an rbi in the 1st inning, picked up the single. davis making the start in centerfield. he has started the last three now with sweeney out of there with that banged up knee. 14th overall start this year in center. davis will take the pitch. he has a three-game hit streak. he added two with that base hit in the 1st ening, picking up his first rbi of the year. 1-0 delivery. and that will be taken down low
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for a ball. davis can fly out there around the base paths. 2-0 count. rims to short andino is there and catches it on the fly. 2 down. >> buck: boy, nine straight retired by mark hendrickson coming out of the bullpen. he is just a different pitcher pitching out of this role. for whatever reason, he is very relaxed, confident in all his pitches. dave trembley talked about, when they made the move, this is the role they had signed him up for initially. they brought him over and the competition didn't pan out so he won that spot in the rotation. >> gary: he will get another strike in. cabrera singled, grounded out. this is his third time to the plate. maybe just doesn't like those first innings like most starters. ground ball, up the middle. roberts is playing that way,
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nice scoop, strong throw and gets the out. another 1-2-3 inning. all three full innings, he set them down 1-2-3. 
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. >> gary: orioles baseball masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip on beautiful evening. a very warm, comfortable day here in the bay area.
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not a comfortable 1st inning for the o's and those six runs, 7 hits against guthrie are the ones on the board. ty wig equip ton, wieters and an andino will be up against dallas braden. orioles have only three hits in the inning, two of those from roberts and the other by mora. >> buck: he threw a 1-0 change- up. he threw another and he does a good job of mixing up the velocity on the change-up. that's not the same speed all the time. that was 2-0 dead fish fastball, at 81 miles per hour, not a full blown change-up. diving for it and caught it in the air. second base umpire had the
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call. we were just talking about the glove that hannahan has and he uses it right there. >> buck: sure does. a line drive. can you see he picked it right off the dirt. second base umpire had a better view than the third base umpire who was blocked by the back of hanrahan. >> gary: wigginton is out of there. matt wieters, strikeout victim his first time up will take a breaking ball. and the offspeed delivery is a strike. wieters has 1 hit in 12 at-bats against lefties, a couple of hit in 12 at-bats against right handers. matt told us before the game, he is trying to get things straightened out, figuring out big league pitching, his first go around. >> the one thing is that they can throw the philadelphia phillies for strikes. you can throw a change-up when
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you are behind. and the velocity more consistent. you might see a guy once a week that has command of more than one pitch but once you get to the big leagues, you will have somebody who has a specialty pitch, throws extremely hard but all starters can masser three pitches. >> gary: 1/3 delivery on the way, reached for it and that's going to be a base hit. so wieters gets a single the other way. he was worked away and that's where he took it, into right field. orioles with four singles notice ballgame. >> buck: a breaking ball that stays up out over the plate. he hits it with one hand and strokes it past giambi into right field. he has good balance and with two strikes, just trying to protect the zone, probably had that change-up in the back of hits mind. he made the adjustment and hit the curve ball. >> gary: he is on with one down and andino playing at shortstop will step n andino
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has popped out. only the 21st game that he only had 22 at-bats. compare that to regular position players, one extra base hit. that is a double, three rbis. 30-1 count. fastball. 1 ball, 1 strike on andino. right hander against braden have hit .308. left handers, .186. taken outside. whatever that so-called book is of baseball, the numbers line up as they are supposed to, regarding braden. >> buck: and he just has the ability to change up his patterns as well. he should be, if he continues to stay notice same pattern here, use the fastball, especially down in the order,
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to the number 9 hitter in andino. 22-1 delivery. ground ball, shortstop, there is one on the relay, there is two. no run, no error, nobody left on base as braden continues to roll along and the a's are taking that 6-0 lead early. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's having more certified green buildings than anyone on earth, creating online banking tools for the next generation,
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or making a 10-year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way. . >> buck: mark hendricks come out of the bullpen, has not allow add base runner, retired all batters he has faced. 3 1/3, no hits, no walks and a strikeout. he has been masterful in shutting down the oakland a's offensively. now, the oriole hitters need to do something against dallas braden. >> gary: talk about the difference between starting and relieving. in his 7 starts, he went 1-4 and had a 6.35 earned run average. since moving to the bullpen a
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different story. let's take a look at the legendary performance. it was on this day, 1985 that dennis martinez pitched a one- hitter. the orioles beat the angels in a classic game, 4-0 on this date in '85. >> buck: he will presidente and he could -- el presidente. he could deal. had good command. >> gary: hendrickson's delivery will miss outside for a ball. kennedy, cust and holliday are due up here. adam kennedy has singled. he is 1-for-3. hendrickson trying to work on the inside corner. the count will go to 2-0. kennedy came in with an 0-for- 14 but he seanled his first time up. fights that one back.
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he goes to 2-1. a's have been one of the teams talked about when it comes to the trading department. are they going to feel as though at 22-38 and 8 1-2 outs, they will try to move some people as the strayed deadline approaches. holliday not going to be in it. >> buck: he needs to jettison more veteran players. >> gary: kennedy has another base hit. he is 2-for-3 in the ballgame a single, leading off the 5th inning. >> buck: the first base runner against mark hendrickson as we talked about and the left hander comes through. kennedy faced him a lot. he is now 3-for-12 in head-to- head match-ups. >> the big blow in that 1st inning, his
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9th homerun, good for three r b is. there are are the season numbers for him. jeremy gutry, the starter, 6 runs, 7 hits, 2/3 inning, the shortest of his career and those are the on runs on the board. that one is popped back, foul ball. >> buck: back in the 1st inning with two aboard, jack cust hit what i thought was a change-up, hits it high and deep into centerfield. adam jones trying to keep it into the ballpark for jeremy guthrie but cust ends up with list 9th homerun, 3 rbied on the night giving him 31 for the season. >> gary: on the season, only .172 over the last13 ball games. you can see right there he is trying to loosen his lower back. he starts to reach for it and started to kick a little and trying to swivel a little bit. the lower back is a constant problem for him. he really comes to the ballpark
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every day and they have to ask, can you play? here is the 1-1 delivery, just misses inside i i he said that his back has been better than the last couple of days. and that has paid off big dividends. >> gary: first base kennedy and the 2-1 delivery and that will miss and the count will go to 3-1. cust, .238 off the lefties, has one homerun off a south paw this year. runner not going, breaking ball, walks him. so after retiring 10 in a row coming into the in, the first two here in the fifth are on with a sing and a walk. and tonight's leaderboard presented by firestone, a tradition of innovation.
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>> buck: the highest career average among active players, albert pujols, at .235, matt holliday, .317 career batting average. everybody says, you know, he get away interest colorado and he won't be the good hitter. i tell you what, he is starting to heat up and show you how good he is now. with the rockies, he was a three-time national league all- star. he also hit 36 house of representatives leading the rockies into the world series. >> gary: now as we said, his name is being bandid about as someone who may be traded by this ball club if they find themselves out of hope. that one is fouled off. kennedy the lead runner at
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second. jack cust on at first base. there is mat albers warming up. matt holliday said, this week on radio that he -- he said i would assume the smaller market teams, oakland, that is developing into younger players will either trade me at some ., take the draft picks or take the draft picks at the end of the year. he expects that he is going to be going somewhere. he hit, last year, .321 with the rockies at this point, hitting .274 coming into the ballgame. his homerun rate has dropped from 1 every 21 to 1 every 7. but there is no question a number of teams would love to get their hand on matt holliday. 1-2 delivery to him. 2-2. >> buck: you are looking at potential candidates and it would certainly be a rent a player situation for the end of
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this year as a free agent. how about a st. louis team? right handed hit tore go along and compliment albert pujols. >> gary: 2-2 delivery on the way. >> buck: you can also look at the san francisco giants just across the bay who have a great pitching staff but don't have the offense that holliday would provide. they are eight games back of the dodgers. san francisco won tonight, in a 2-1 ballgame. again, that reflects their anemic offense. >> gary: runners on first and second base. holliday in the dirt. wieters picking that one up on the one hop. the count will go to 3-2. all of a sudden, mark hendrickson, looks like he is running out of gas here. >> buck: he does not have the same command that we saw when he first came on. this is the 4th inning that he has worked. he got the last out in this
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inning, three one, three one. 3-2, runners are going and ouch. >> buck: ball right in on his hands. he is getting on top of that. he gets that foot down and that ball hits right on the top of his left foo foot. >> gary: holliday will walk that off. for hendricks son, the innings pitch high came in hip pril, 5 1/3 against tampa bay. that's the longest outing for the left hander. runners are going, kennedy at second, cust at first. nobody out. 23bz count, runners going. foul ball again. >> buck: it's kind of interesting. you are always risking the possibility of a trip will play if the ball is on the line to an infield. that would be an automatic triple play but at the same time, against mark hendrickson,
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geren is very confident that he will not hit the ball to an infielder. >> gary: see if they go again. long look. runners going, 3-2. third time. fouled off. so matt holliday battling here. 9-pitch at-bat already for matt holliday, including one he fouled off his foot. he has seen all that the left hander has. now, it's a matter of execution.
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hendrickson ready again. 10th 10th pitch of the at back. jose molina pack, jones back, warning track ball and good- bye, homerun. matt holliday with a three-rbi homer and a 9-0 a's lead. >> buck: holliday was right on hendrickson throughout this extended at bat. early on, mark hendrickson missed. he is in the hole now, but he sees the high fastball, fouls off another pitch, 90 mile-per- hour fastball, breaking ball thrown right in the dirt and then he fouls that ball off his toe, fouls another pitch off and then the curve ball stays alive and finally squares up on that 3-2 pitch. >> gary: so big night for an


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