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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 6, 2009 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) ♪ who's watching... (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. . >> jim: here is your chance to meet adam jones, the orioles centerfielder. from noon until 1:00 p.m., adam will at the wendy's at west
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nursery road in linthicum. welcome back. prior to the game tonight, the orioles learned that he have lost their shortstop its its and if things were not going bad enough, he came down with a case of aici -- appendicisis. this is blow because not only do you get the defense but that bat was coming around. >> rick: it was. izturis i had was starting to swing the bat consistently. 11 for 28 at a .393 clip. not only that but the way he hit left handed pitching, the orioles orioles can't do without him in the order. that's something that they looked for for a long time.
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outstanding base runner. second right behind brian roberts who has 10 steals on the season. izturis had 9. this guy is going to be sorely missed. >> jim: we are not sure how long izturis will miss. if somebody is going to come up from the minor leagues, there are four players currently at aaa norfolk that can come up and it in at shortstop. rojas is probably the truest field another this group. you see he is batting just .160 for the tide. cabrera is the oldest for the group. the veteran guy, utility guy. turner, a second baseman but he may be able to play shortstop a couple of days. and dorya. one of these four might have to join this veteran team. you can't go into a game
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without a backup shortstop and right now robert andino is the only true shortstop. andino is looking at extended play at shortstop. he had a fine play. >> rick: he had an outstanding play. you see how he turned the big double play. that's one the best plays we have seen at shortstop all season long. seeing it again, quick, out of the glove to brian robert, over for the double play and there, throwing to his left, up the middle, pitch to robert. get an easy double play. you see it again. south standing back hand. this guy really knows what he is doing with consistent play. every now and then, he will have a bad shot at throwing the ball away and everything. you know that's going to happen pause he just does not get enough playing time. you see this one, he lets it get away. when you don't play every day, those are the kinds ever things that will happen. he does show the orioles that
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he has outstanding talent. hits tonight and a couple of nice defensive plays. >> jim: we'll learn how long cesar izturis will be out following hit emergency appendectomy. we'll go back to oakland right now. >> gary: back here with dave trem plea joining us. at far as jeremy guthrie tonight, what did you see? what happened? >> he didn't locate. they put some great swings on it. it just one right after the other. he was pitching right in the middle of the plate. >> buck: this offense has been struggling. this is a ball club that's hit all year long. they are facing tough pitchers but, at the same time, got away from their patient approach. >> yeah, it's been a little bit different tonight when they jumped on you like they d you were probably up there trying to get it all back at once which is not the right way to go. we'll regroup and play a much
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better game tomorrow. i'm confident of that. >> buck: that's the beauty about baseball. you get another game tonight. your ball club, you have had pretty good starts. you get a good start out of berken. >. >> i'm impressed with berken. he will get a good guile. andino has been playing well at shortstop with the exception of one play. start with the start can pitching, especially on the road. we have to get a good start out of berken tomorrow and loosen everybody up and come up there and swing the bat. you have to have a short memory, put it behind you and go get them tomorrow. final question on izturis. do you have an update on how long he will be out or do you have to have somebody up here is this. >> i'm sure somebody will have to come and take his place. i have not met with ritchie bancells. i was talking on the phone to andy before the game.
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so we'll have to get somebody to take his place. >> gary: dave trembley after the orioles lose the first of three. as he said, you wipe that out, come back and try to win again and even the series up. >> jim: thank you, gary. gary thorn and buck martinez. jeremy guthrie one of his poorest outings as an oriole. he is knocked out after 2/3 inning. dave trembley mentioned pitch location. what i saw and what you saw, everything he was doing was throwing, not pitching. everything was down the middle. >> rick: yes, jeremy was just throwing down the middle. all of these pitches are belt high. this was in the a bad pitch but right down the hole. very lucky. and then a line drive off the forearm, very lucky that he didn't have some kind of problem on that.
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x-rays have to be taken. here is another good pitch and it find a hole up the middle. a little bad luck, at the same time, as a lot of bad pitches. >> >> jim: so jeremy guthrie goes 2/3 of and inning. 9 batters came to bat against guthrie and he retired only 2 of those. 7 hits, allowed 6 earned runs. he throws just 29 pitches in the one inning and he is bounced out and suffers the loss. he is now 4-5 on the year. when we kin on o's xtra presented by verizon fios, we'll check out the minor league scoreboard from tonight. brian matusz was on the mound as the keys plays a double header. ( music playing throug) - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - totally on. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport,
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that tell you when it's cold. why? because refreshment isn't everything. it's the only thing. frost-brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer. . >> jim: the frederick keys at home, a double header with salem and brian matusz to the mound in the second game. a no decision for matusz but he
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was outstanding, matusz now has a consecutive scoreless streak inning, 23 1/3 inning. he will pitch to a no-decision in that game that is the second game of a double header. here is the line for ryan matusz, 4-2, e.r.a. 3.16. he has allowed fewer hit than innings pipd, 74 strikeouts and 21 walks. he began the night leading the carolinas in strikeouts and has five more tonight. let's take a look at the scoreboard for tonight. bowie was shut out by erie. one out of four. a double for bowie. bowie is scoreless now in three consecutive games and they hurt their cause by committing four errors. frederick playing a double header, lost the first one 72- 1. they are now in extra innings in the 8th.
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casey kelly for salem, boston's number 1 pick last year. he went against ryan matusz, the orioles' number 1 pitch last year. neither pitcher gave up a run, they are now scoreless in the 8th. of course, coming up on tuesday, it is this year's amateur draft that joe jordan and his staff very busy at trying to scour the country to come up with who will be that number 1 pick. the orioles have the fifth pick in the first round. i spoke to joe at the ballpark and asked him his philosophy about the type of player that the orioles look for when they go into the draft. >> i told the staff the day i came in here that we're going to look for athlete, look for tools but look for those two things with guys that are also baseball players. >> you have the fifth pick which means only four players will be gone. >> uh-huh >> we pretty much know who going to be number 1. so that leaves three other players. will you line it up with your
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staff, one, two, three, four, five and the other guys gone, that's who you pick or do you readjust? >> no, we line up the first five. and they the first four gone, we get whoever is left. you need flexibility lower but that high, no. as far as the fifth pick is concerned, whoever is left in the top five, that's who we'll get. >> this will be your fifth draft. do you look at the success by the later round and guys that made an impact? right now, i'm thinking about a guy like a david hernandez who was a 16th round pick and, right now, he is in the big leagues. >> right. >> that's where you make your draft. obviously, you work hard to get the top and that's where you make your money. that's a credit to the staff.
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i don't see a lot of players -- james keller was there. he said, we're going to see another player. before we go to that one, he sakes i have another guy i would like you to see. saw him for two innings and we were gone. that's a credit to him >> i know what the answer is going to be but between you and i, and how many the many thousands is watching, who is it going to be? it's going to be -- >> you heard it here. >> joe jordan never tips his hat and baseball america, of course, covers the amateur draft in the minor league very extensively. here is their first round in the top five picks, the mock croft, if you will. . baseball america believes that the orioles will draft
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zach wheeler. everybody expects the nats with that number 1 overall pick to take steve strasburg. the one thing about this draft, it is such an inexact science because you have high school players and college players and you have no idea how or if at all they will develop beyond what they are now and it could take years. >> rick sometimes, a player goes unnoticed like a hernandez type player. he does not get picked up high and it motivates him to show everybody how good he is and you end up a guy who is a 16th, 17th round draft pick who excels through a and aa and goes to the major league. everybody wonders, how did he fall through the cracks? sometimes, scouts don't get a chance to see him like they should. sometimes, it takes more than one game to see him. just like nolan reimold.
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you get diamonds notice rough. if you don't pick in that first round, it motivates some young guys to show what they are worth. >> the players development is the rife blood of many systems. elsewhere in the american league tonight, let's start with the red sox and the rangers at fenway park. ian kins letter, top of the 5th, already 1-0 rangers. and kinsler makes it 4-0. boston strands 2 and texas holds on to win. kevin millwood was solid. toronto, lyle overbay, a homerun off zach greinke, the first homerun that greinke has
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allowed. and overpay again pulls this one over the head. that made it a 6-0 game and the blue jays go on to win it by a final of 9-3. greinke suffers the loss. he goes just five innings, clearly his poorest outing of the year. rangers over 0 the red sox by a final of 5-1. elsewhere in the american league, the angels in detroit and a 2-1 final as ervin santana goes 8 2/3 to get the swing. justin verlander, 8 innings, no runs on 4 hits. the angels win it. carl pavano goes the distance on the shutout, three hitters as the indians beat the white sox 3-0. yankees rained out in new york.
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. >> gary: that one hit in the air to right field. luke scott, way back, 367, good- bye, homerun. and there goes the shutout. and the bat of luke scott continues hot. >> jim: the orioles' bats have cooled off on this road trip, all except luke scott. look at the numbers. amazing. .387 batting average, 8 homeruns. 18 rbis. luke scott continues to hit the baseball. that was the orioles' only run ton as the athletics won the opener of this three-game series 9-1. jeremy gutry knocked out after just 2/3 innings. we go to oakland and the post- game comment of jeremy guthrie. >> i always work on being more consistent with your philadelphia phillies. i will obviously do that.
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i really hope to come down after this disapointing start and, you know, terrible results. i really hope to come back and pitch well. >> was everything you were throwing going over the middle of the plate? >> for the most part, everything was in the middle. the exception was the pitch to davis but that was slider that was still up and he was able to reach out and pock into right field. none of the pitches were executed tremendously and i paid the price. >> did you have a hot team in. >> i don't know one way or another. i think i made them hot if they weren't already. they swung the bats very well tonight. they hit the ball very hard. every single guy, even the outs were hit very hard. they swung the ball hard. >> coming out of the bullpen, how did you feel out there sh. >> i felt good, felt regular. i came out and never got into a rhythm. >> tough night for jeremy gutry as he suffers the loss, knocked out after 2/3 inning.
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middle game of a three-game series tomorrow night. >> jason berken for his third starred. he put two games together. 7- inning outing, only one run allowed and suffered the loss. he will be going against trevor can cahill together. he is getting that e.r.a. down. your health is your true wealth.
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♪ >> giants and marlins. bottom nine. marlins down 2-1. they've got the bases loaded for jorge cantu. brian wilson gets him to ground out to end it. wilson's 14th save of the year. tied for second in the national league. he saved it for barry zito. giants win 2-1. >> let's update things in washington. the mets beat the washington nationals. david wright, two had of run double. -- david wright, two-run double. >> virginia and ole miss in the ncaa super regionals. game one of a best-of-three series. bottom nine. logan tower into left field. evan button being waved home from second.
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scores on the play to tie it at 3-3. we go to extras. bottom 12. still a 3-3 game. first-pitch swinging. there it goes. matt smith. the walk-off home run. ole miss takes game one 4-3. they are one win away from going to the college world series in omaha. here's "what 2 watch 4" on saturday, belmont stakes. riding mine that bird, calvin borel will try to win the jockey triple crown, the belmont 1 1/2 miles long, longest of any of the triple-crown races. mine that bird trainer chip woolley says his horse can go the distance. >> it comes down to each one of these animals is an athlete and they all bring something special when they come, and fortunately for me, my horse seems like the distance is probably in his favor. it makes me feel real good about him. >> saturday night stanley cup
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finals return to detroit. rock city. for game five. each team has held serve at home. the momentum now with the pensment the focus, once again, on stopping malkin and crosby. saturday night. >> sometimes we're fortunate when it's not there, whether it's in the neutral zone or in their end when we are on the power play, and it's something we have to keep our poise a little bit more hanging onto the puck more to find players open and we have to get motion as well. >> guys like crosby and malkin on the ice and you turn the puck over and give them opportunity to make plays or give them point-blank chances, they're going to win sooner or later, last night was a perfect example and i think that's a wake-up for us. >> saturday all kinds of big events. espnews will be there to cover it all.


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