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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 6, 2009 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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by the time the first inning was over last night, oakland had a 6-0 lead. they would go onto a 9-1 win. gilt ray a very tough start. but there were shining moments. roberts out of a streak that wasn't a good one. and luke scott just keeps whaling. >> what is there not to enjoy about it? the competition. the fun. the comradely with the guys. getting to see a great city. move all around the country. it's just -- i mean words can't describe it. >> luke scott is looking to make it one more better when getting out of the three game losing streak. o's will try to do that next in oakland. 
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it's the orioles on m and they come from all around to see the a's as they take the barge to get here. that's where those fans are coming from. orioles fans have been on hand last night and again today to take advantage of the west coast trip and it's chance to see the baltimore orioles. a number of them on hand for this game. hi everybody. i'm gary thorn. last night was tough. guthrie hammered in the first inning. only got through part of the first. shortest outing ever. orioles will look to rebound tonight. they'll do it with young
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pitching. young pitchers have shown up in the major league level in abundant numbers. teams like the orioles struggling on the mound have decided let's go and see what we have down below. there are the number of rookie starters in major league baseball. 26 rookie debuts. their record overall 34 is-54 and a .498 e.r.a. the record 6-7 and the e.r.a of the orioles rookie pitchers better than the overall numbers in major league baseball. for the orioles to win it's going to have to stay that way for the rest of this season. >> it sure is. they have pitched better than the major league rookies around baseball. we're going to see another one tonight in jason berken who has had two great starts in his career. berken is a guy that has the ability to throw all his pitches over. he was matched up against a tough pitcher in last game's outing on sunday when he met up with jackson. berken himself allowed just
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four hits, one home run. that was the difference in the ball game. and he has pitched very well. this is a guy that wasn't on the radar screen coming into spring training. in fact he was not billion bat club in spring training but has earned his keep so far with the orioles. >> gary: the orioles have done very well at home. hitting .300 in the american league. on the road they are dead last in an average of .232. this road trip is not helping the cause. >> it sure isn't. the only game they won was a 1- 0 game against seattle. scoring under two runs a game and 2-18 with runners in scoring position. that has been a good number for them all yearlong until recently. they have to turn it around. with that in mind tonight, dave is shaking up the lineup. >> gary: move jones to the number three spot, put markakis in the two hole. and the hottest hitter they've had in the last couple weeks in the clean up spot. >> managers lay awake at night to figure out what they're going to do to get the offense
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good morning orioles baseba on masn brought to you by southwest airline. book your next trip at and by corona. official sponsors of the time out. relax responsiblely. >> gary: it is a beautiful day here in the bay area in oakland. get set to go. you mentioned the changes in the lineup. coach says there's no rhyme or reason behind the move except for the fact he wanted something different. obvious why luke scott is batting in the number four
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hole. came in, take a look at the line up, pointed to scott's name and turned to me and said about time they put him there. markakis moving to the number two spot. last year he had 72 at bats there. dave making minor adjustments to try to get the bats going. >> gary: the offense struggling as it is. lineup by southwest airlines. roberts, markakis, jones, scott, huff and mora. markakis batting second. first time this year .330 career average there. >> buck: now time for the tmz scouting report. he's got bran don westbound like movement. great movement on his sinking fastball. and he has like so many young pitchers has trouble early had the ball game settling into a groove. it's been a challenge for him early on. >> gary: and we are ready to go. cahill when he is on will get
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you a lot of ground balls. only 21 years old. one of the many rookies we were talking about in major league baseball. he too will throw a lot of first strikes. roberts takes that one. got out of the funk he was in 0- 17 picking up the two hits in the ball game last night. so he's hoping that little spree is over. 43 runs, still leads the o's and right now tonight third in the american league in runs scored. still very hefty .287 on the season. that one will be hit high in the air. center field. davis has it. roberts retired. one away. >> buck: in the outfield it's matt holliday, jack hannahan a very slick fielding third baseman. adam ken dui and jason jam by on the right side. in my estimation he's the
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reason these young pitchers have been able to perform to well here in oakland because of his leadership behind the plate. >> gary: this team is hot. oakland now won four in a row for this season. markakis will take a slider inside. for the first time this year markakis moves up to the number two spot in the lineup. nick still ninth in the league for rbis. that's a fair ball. holliday coming to get it. he was close. markakis will have to stay at 1st base. and nick gets his first hit of the series after an 0-3 last night. >> buck: that was a great swing on a sinker ball. hits it past the diving jack hannahan at 3rd base. the thing about markakis hitting in the two spot he doesn't have to think about driving the run or ball out of the ballpark. just good at bats. that will get him back into his good approach. >> gary: adam jones hitting in the third spot.
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eighth in average in the american league coming in with a .340 number. tremendous early part of the season still underway for him. now markakis gets to look in and see jones rather than the other way around it's been most of the year and a lot of times. talking to adam before the game he was working on his swing. he said my mechanics were getting screwed up a bit. that one will be blocked. so the last couple of days he's been working on shortening up stride and he said my front shoulder was coming up and i was swinging under the ball. i was putting the ball in the air so he's trying to square up and stay balanced and keep the swing a little shorter. >> buck: all of those things will contribute to a long swing. >> gary: runner at 1st base. jones around on that one. home plate umpire will make the call. orioles what they need right now is the contagiousness of somebody early in the ball game
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getting a couple hits so that the others in the lineup can feed on it and begin to get some of the confidence back that they have lost at the plate. jones -- that's where they've been going. those inside hard pitches down low. he's been tested on those. >> buck: and he's swinging at balls. these are off the plate inside. you can see the movement. it's a two seam fastball. >> gary: adam gets another one right there. cahill gets the strikeout and two down. luke scott clean up batter. >> buck: he's hit the last six home runs for the orioles and another one last night. number 13 on the season came in the 7th inning with two outs. he came into this game red hot hitter last 17 games 23-57. ten home runs. and as you can imagine he's hit the last six oriole home runs. >> gary: luke scott with a
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runner at 1st base against the 21-year-old right hander. keeps the ball down and away and gets the strike. you can see cahill's got some stuff and moving the ball around pretty well location- wise here early in the ball game. markakis on first. he had the one out single. 0-1. and that will be way outside for a ball. luke scott with a home run now moved up to tenth in the american league in homers. this is the first time since very early in the season that he has broken the top ten. pen ya leads the league with 17. it's really bunched up in home runs in the american league. >> buck: cahill just 21 years old. he's been the organizational pitcher in the minor leagues for the last two seasons. this is his first go round in
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the big leagues. he'll throw a change up. great sinking fastball and a knuckle curve ball. he's moving the ball around getting the pitch set in his glove. >> gary: 1-2 delivery. two down. he chased one way outside. two strikeouts for cahill. no runs, one hit, no errors. one left on base. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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>> gary: orioles do not sco go to the bottom half of the
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first inning and another young pitcher. >> buck: jason berken threw five pitches. great movement on his fastball and very poised and controlled on the mound. we get a look at his pitches and he's a guy that throws unusual two seam fastball because it's across the seams. but that gives him a lot of dramatic movement. he also throws a four seam fastball. little harder and better direction on it. then he'll throw a great change up. again across the two seams to really replicate the fastball spin coming out of his hand. a good curve ball. he'll throw it when he's behind. throws a very tight slider and has the ability to throw all these pitches open. >> gary: see how they work tonight. cabrera down the light in right field. he's on his way to 2nd base. cabrera delivers a lead off double. take a look at the rest of the lineup for the a's brought to
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you by southwest airlines. following cabrera, kennedy, cust, jam by, suzuki, two home runs and five rbis cust in the last three. so this team that had not been hitting a lick prior to last night they got on track in the first inning last night scoring six runs on seven hits. ended up with nine runs and ten hits in the ball game. and on the first pitch here orlando cabrera delivers a double. adam kennedy threw for four last night. >> buck: both of these clubs are facing starters for the first time. cabrera's not your traditional lead off hitter. he liked the first pitch he saw. >> gary: cabrera gets his eighth double. pitch up high and count go to 2- 0 on kennedy. kennedy got a rip roaring start to the season. that's why the batting average
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is up at .340. he has cooled off since then but not enough to pull that number down. delivery to him. towering fly ball to right field. markakis with a runner tagging. cabrera takes off. here's the throw. and the fly to 3rd base. not in time. on the fly to third when markakis left. cabrera's got the speed and he'll get the base. >> buck: markakis has a strong arm but too far out in right field to throw out cabrera who moves over to 3rd base on the long fly ball off the bat of adam kennedy. >> gary: that puts a runner at 3rd base with one away and increases the chances of scoring in ways of which they can do it. jack cust will try to get the first run in. the big shift is on. melvin mora will move over towards short just close enough to hold the runner.
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roberts will go out into shallow right field. cust a home run last night. three rbis. and the pitch is inside for a ball. big chance for oakland get themselves early in the ball game again. cust hitting just .214 so far in june. three hits, two of them have been home runs. good offspeed delivery. 101. >> buck: that's the great change up. it was tough a little bit. so far in this game he's a little bit higher in the zone than he would like to be. try to make that adjustment quickly here especially in this situation with a runner at third and less than two outs. >> gary: taking a look at cabrera. cust will take the fastball inside. and the count will go to 2-1. never faced the a's before.
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25-year-old starter for the orioles. getting a start on the road. pitched at home against detroit and toronto. and a strike taken on the inside corner. came in after that time and a 22-2 count. >> buck: he certainly gives you an impression he's thinking two or three pitches ahead all the time. >> gary: fourth professional season out of clemson college baseball. 2-2 delivery. that will miss inside and the count goes to 3-2. oak land has been near the bottom of the pile if offensive numbers for most of the season and they still are. they're offense in this four game win streak has found a way to pick itself up. 3-2 count. one down. and cust will ground it. runners coming. only play at 1 st. take it there and rbi for cust and a 1-
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0 lead for the a's. >> buck: take a look at the defense. pie gets a start in left. on the left side melvin mora who will fill in for cesar. robert up on the right side. zaun catches for the second consecutive start. outfield assists. strong throwing arms in texas, chicago and toronto all tied with the orioles. >> gary: two down. bases empty. fly ball to right field. near the warning track. and a hauled in. holliday trying to give it a ride out of there but a run in on a hit with nobody left on base and a's lead after one. - it's on. - totally on. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport,
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>> gary: and tonight's contestant is michael edwards of washington d.c. with a chance to win $99 worth of american classic scratch off tickets from the maryland lottery for every oriole home run hit tonight. you get a chance to win too. enter by logging in masn beautiful view from the san francisco side looking back over to oakland. one of the great shipping ports still in the nation. aubrey huff will stand in. mora and zaun to follow. cahill on the mound. 2-5 record. retire 65% of lead off batters. pitch is on the inside corner
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for a strike. lefties have good numbers off cahill. .311. right handers .226. and eight of the nine home runs he's given up hit by lefty. that one cut off and hannahan make the throw and one out. orioles have just announced an exciting new ticket offer. for a limited time the rookie flex pack. tickets to four games of your choice including a prime game. first 500 fans who purchase two seats will receive an autographed photo. celebrating the walk off home run he hit. you get the autographed picture of weiters getting his home run hit. melvin mora 1-3 in the game last night. down low for a ball. >> buck: when you shake up the line up and everybody gets pushed down a little bit should make the line up better overall once everybody gets back to
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their approach. >> gary: 2-0. >> buck: one thing we haven't seen they haven't had a walk. something dave would like to see more patient. but it's kind of contradictory. at the same time it's tough to hit balls that are borderline strikes. >> gary: last time the orioles went two consecutive games without a walk was june of '07. ground ball to short. cabrera. cahill's getting the ground balls we were talking about in this inning. two away. and gregg zaun will face him. zaun back in today the catching in tonight's ball game. have the back up role and get a game plus a week maybe. hitting .306 in his last 14
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starts including five multihit games in those starts. obvious an adjustment as he now rather than playg every day and having all those at bats try and hit one out of six days or so. cahill's delivmisses down low. 2-0. >> buck: you really have to work extra hard when you're not playing especially when you're seeing a pitcher like cahill for the first time. make sure you get in a lot you have conditioning work because you're not getting a game in. in for a strike. ill get that 2-1. cahill has had a no decision in his last start against the white sox and three losses prior to that against seattle, arizona and detroit. ground ball. sinker's working. and a 1, 2, 3 inning for the 21- year-old. we go to the bottom half of the second inning. berken getting ready to go back to work. a's up 1-0.
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>> gary: orioles baseball  brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by pnc. pnc leading the way. here in oakland 65 degrees. the flags are blowing out but the wind isn't. stand down there in the batting cage. the ball's not going to travel quite as well as it did last night and also much cooler than
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it was last night. berken goes back to work and the pitch is taken for a strike. jam by up. 0-2 in the ball game last night. comes in with a .217 average but eight home runs and 27 rbis. and the pitch will be taken away. he also has continued to be patient. sixth in walks in the american league. >> buck: that's one thing he's always done in the strike zone recognition. a lot of patience. >> gary: 1-1 delivery to him. maybe a little low. 2-1. >> buck: always play the dramatic shift on jason jam bi. he at a hot shot right to him. went in the books at 4-3. he says i'm tired of hitting and getting thrown out. i might run to third the next time. challenge with that long throw. >> gary: and there goes the
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bat. foul ball. he shook the thumb on that right hand after that swing. and the bat went flying on it. still takes a very big cut at the plate. 3-2 count on him. even if he gets hold of one he can still send it a long way. 44th player to get 400 home runs. foul that one off. been a struggle at the plate for him. sitting .195 in 44 games. lowest mark in the american league for a regular position player. but i note again 27 rbis. there's another one. right to ryan roberts. takes the play. and he's retired. that's suzuki doing the


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