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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 6, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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these kids up to work and learn here. tonight's leader board is presented by firestone. a tradition of invasion. >> buck: e.r.a leader, marijuana they ares pitching very well. tigers great starting staff and oakland a's third in the american league ahead of the boston red sox. but don't look now the red sox starting to pitch. carried late into the game night agthe ngers >> gary: boston beat texas 8-1. tampa bay beat new york 9-7 and toronto beaten by kansas city 6- 2. swung on and!missed. jones struckout first time up. adam has an 0-4 going so far in this series. and the 1-1 delivery. cahill got it i that one ripped to the co. that is a fair ball. it will take a hop. and holliday on his way to 2nd
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base is jones. he has a one out double here in the 4th inning for the orioles second hit. speaking of the man out there time's running out for your chance to win possible head sweep stakes. will receive vip seats and parking. it will be against the mets. watch batting practice from the field. hope you'll get in on the contest. it ends at midnight wednesday. enter today at 16 two baggers on the year. scott struck out his first time up. pitch away for a ball. batting in the clean up spot in the shuffle as the d.h. .250 lifetime average against oakland with one career home run against the a's. and ahead on the count. 2-0. >> buck: pretty good change up right there by cahill. mostly sinkers and change ups
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tonight. he has a knuckle curve ball. he hasn't needed it to this point. we haven't seen it really at all. >> gary: cabrera moving in behind the shortstop. 2-0 delivery on the way. 2-1. >> buck: very compact deliverly. he can pitch with a sinker and change up. good fielding position which is necessary to field a lot of ground balls. >> gary: which he is doing tonight. 2-1 count. scott inside corner. moved around on him that time and got under the arms. 2-2. >> buck: gary, you mentioned what a problem left hand hitters have been for cahill so far this season. what they're trying to do is get him to use the pitch he used right there to luke scott. running fastball. he starts at the hip of the
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left hand hitters. >> gary: 2-2 delivery on the way and swung on and missed. four strikeouts for cahill and two down. >> buck: this pitch is up but still has movement. suzuki wanted it inside. but when you throw 93 miles an hour you can get away with mistakes from time to time. the catcher clearly wanted to go back inside with that two seam fastball. cahill missed. but with that velocity able to get the strikeout. >> gary: cahill season high 5ks. he's done it twice. that one down to 1st base. off the bat of huff. giambi is there and take it to the bag. no runs, no hits, no errors and a base runner left on at 2nd. remains a's 5, orioles 0. - it's on. - totally on. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport,
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time to bring you up to speed with the at&t rapid rewind. >> buck: hitting two outs bases loaded inside fastball on a 1-0 pitch and drilled it down into the right field corner. chased all three home as the orioles fall behind 5-0. >> gary: at&t the nation's fastest network. at&t your world delivered. good to have you on board. orioles down 5-0. and that one right to the gap in left center field. cunningham is going to get an extra base hit.
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aaron dunningham on his way. first pitch berken throws has worked so far for the a's. >> buck: that pitch was meant to be outside and moves all the way back to the inside part of the plate and cunningham turns on him. second double of the season as the a's have been very aggressive tonight against jason berken hitting early in the count. >> gary: two out of four innings the lead off man has been on. hannahan the third baseman flied out first time up. tried to move him over to third or better here in this at bat. hannahan loved coming home. he's hitting .282 here and .063 on the road. and that pitch is a strike taken. >> buck: he is the better of the two third basemen. certainly scuffled on the road.
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67th game error at 3rd base. that's remarkable because you have so many tough chances down there at 3rd. he's got great hands and exceptional range. >> gary: set a new mark for the franchise in that regard. 67 games without an error. 2-1 delivery to him. count will go to 2-1. he's had tough at bats to deal with here in this ball game on the mound. trying to hold runners after the hits come early in the innings. jason berken with a 2-2 count. hannahan will he get the runner moved up. roberts productive out with a runner at 3rd and one away. the cal rip ken all stars hosting the all stars. mid-atlantic classic july 15. regency furniture stadium. hope you can get out and see it. if you can't the game time is
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7:05 july 15. there is a home run derby at 5:30. admission is free. donation will be appreciated. rip ken is senior college for more information. take it inside. the orioles move the infield in with one away. >> buck: bottom of the order you don't don't want to give them a run on a ground ball out. >> gary: davis right off the end of the bat foul. he had a double, scored a run in the 3rd inning. davis gone 3-13 with runners in scoring positions. said he's not had a lot of starts up there. sweeney hurt, four in a row now that he's been starting center fielder. 1-1, one down. inside. 2-1. brors we just haven't seen the
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same quality pitches from berken tonight as we've seen in his first two starts. been a little bit higher in the strike zone consistently tonight than he has been earlier. >> gary: davis close but not quite again. and the count will go to 3-1. cunningham at 3rd. melvin mora right off the bag with him. and that is a strike on the outside corner. >> buck: one thing you should remember trying to evaluate jason berken, don't come to conclusions after three starts. we've seen him very good and seen him around a little bit. most of the time he's been pretty good. >> gary: 3-2 delivery on the way and walked him. berken has surrendered three walks in the ball game. putting runners on at 1 st and 3rd and davis with tremendous
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speed. zaun's going to go out and talk to berken not only how they're going to pitch to the lead off man cabrera but what to do if this runner goes. >> buck: he's looking in the dugout to get the defense with a first and third situation. they'll give him the defense and the throw through cut off back to the pitcher bunt fake. davis as gary mentioned 6-9 so far and can really run. big lead at first. >> gary: big lead. going to have to throw over or step off here and they do. >> buck: berken with the fake for 3rd just to see if he could get davis to break for 2nd. >> gary: cabrera doubled and grounded out. only one down. 5-0 lead for the a's. still a big lead over there. berken runner goes.
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throw down to 1 st. i don't know what that was. he had a great jump and took about three steps and came back. >> buck: if he was just decoying a steal he did a heck of a job because he had a full blown great jump at 1 st. see where he stops? he was a quarter of the way down there and off to a great jump. that was unusual. did a 360 and got back to the bag. i don't know why he shut her down. he had a great jump. >> gary: not going. fouled off down the line. cabrera's delivered a double, scored a run, grounded out. nice catch. didn't drop the water bottle or anything. clean catch. >> buck: no problem at all. just kind of stands up. i got it. forward extension. in the palm of his hand.
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those are some big hands right there. >> gary: guy behind him going what was that. 1-1 count. boy, davis can make you jumpy over there. he's a challenging you to throw the ball over. big, big lead. then 25 to 31 last year in stolen bases. berken trying to get him to shorten up the lead but he's refusing. >> buck: if he gives him that fake to 3rd and throw to 1 st, he might get him this time. i think he's running right here again. >> gary: and it is outside. and the count goes to 2-1. >> buck: that's the beauty of speed. there's such a distraction even when you're not running. certainly got the attention of the pitcher jason berken here. >> gary: and everybody else. he keeps walking it off. the cut in the grass and
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beyond. 2-1. one away. runners off 1 st and 3rd. that one in the air to left field. warning track. looking. that's going to hit off the wall. and bounces behind him. two runs will score. it will be a double. two rbis. and a 7-0 lead. >> buck: cabrera drives home two here. as he hit the ball right on the button. he can't get back in time. hits right at the base of the wall and bounces right back toward the infield. 1st base runners davis scores easily. ahead of him cunningham scored from third. >> gary: seven runs on six hits and cabrera 19 rbis. he's atnd base. kennedy double and rbi in the
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game. boy this offense is just chewing up the oriole pitching in these first two games. kennedy still only one away. batting at .343. and he will take the fastball for a strike. >> buck: doesn't make any difference who you're playing. if you're not making quality pitches to a big league club, you're going to get hit. when the orioles came to town the a's were at .239 as a club and don't look like that type of ball club now. >> gary: they are last in average in the american league. and 11th in runs scored. orioles pitching staff continues to struggle with the second highest e.r.a. talking hitting, the manager. 1-2 on kennedy. runner at 2nd. and the slider's going to miss inside. and count goes 2-2. two walks in the ball game have scored.
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nope, sorry. all three. berken has walked all three and they've all crossed the plate. 2-2 delivery to kennedy. breaking ball in the air. left center. oh, my. that wasn't a bad pitch but a great piece of hitting. kennedy's going to go to 2nd base. that will score cabrera and 8- 0a's lead. talk about waiting on a pitch. >> buck: watch how kennedy stays back on this ball. breaking ball out of the play. keeps his hands back. drives it to the power alley. all the way to the wall. back to back doubles now. 8-0 and that's going to be the end of the night for jason berken. >> gary: to the orioles starters continue to struggle. the orioles just cannot get adequate innings out of their starters to give their bullpen
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a decent chance. berken will come out of there as the a's have jumped out to the 8-0 lead. for the next generation, or making a 10-year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way.
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has the fastest serve in the history of professional tennis. so i've come to this court to challenge his speed. ...on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't so i can book travel plans faster, check my account balances faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than andy roddick. (announcer) "switch to the nations fastest 3g network" "and get the at&t laptopconnect card for free". >> gary: so only three and a third innings tonight. jeremy gutly only two-thirds of an inning last night. david who has been in a starters role is now the odd man out. he's work out of the bullpen. and that one will get away from zaun. runner at 2nd will stay there.
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kennedy and the rbi double had two rbi doubles he's at 2nd. her man doze now out of the pen. the starter innings the fewest innings to start the orioles at 5, 3, 2. cleveland, oakland, white sox and tampa bay. that's what's made it so hard on the bullpen. that that pitch is going to be taken up high. still only one down. 2-0 count. eight runs on seven hits. drawing a walk scored. grounded out. hit an rbi. david shift is on for cust. and he starts 3-0. >> buck: david making his first appearance since his first year in probowl when he was in aberdeen in 2005. exclusively used as a starter. >> gary: and cust will take that one for a strike. >> buck: he's had enough time. he had plenty of time loosening
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up. he was up once earlier in the ball game. that should not be an issue tonight. >> gary: new role for david. here's the 3-1 delivery. and a ground ball to 1st base. aubrey huff will take it to the bag. runner will move up to 3rd base. and they're two away. right now look forward to tomorrow's pitching match up brought to you by mt bank understanding what's important. >> buck: coming off a great start in seattle. last 14 batters he's faced making a second big league start. just 22 years old. another one of the four starters here in oakland. will be anxious to back up that great start to improve his 2-0 report. >> gary: runner at 2nd base with two away.
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holliday is flied out, drawn a walk, he has scored. own land came into this ball game next to last in doubles hit this season. they have six doubles already in this ball game. that one's going to be a base hit into right field and another two out rbi. we told you. they get 44% of their runs on two out hits. and they are doing that in this game. >> buck: this is a great run producer hitting a good pitch. down around the knees and he rips it into right field after waving a breaking ball on the first pitch. he gets the fastball out over the plate and he just delivers. he is really starting to turn it up a notch. he is exactly what they thought about when they brought him here. >> gary: and that will move him
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up to 2nd base. wild pitch will be called. >> buck: you can see zaun set up on the outside. ball down and in. skips past zaun. a short hopper down and in. >> gary: nine runs on eight hits and all nine are going to be charged to the starter jason berken. three and a third innings. nine runs, seven hits, three walks, no strikeouts. all the walks three of them scored in this ball game. giambi hitting a .220. giambi had a bases loaded double in the third inning. picked up three rbis. and that will be taken for a strike. the oriole pitchers both berken and david have not thrown first ball strikes and have worked behind the hitter. oakland's taking advantage of
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that. long run for him. he's going the other way and will get there and make the catch. giambi retired. but another big inning four across in the third and four across in the 4th. now 9-0. úúpp÷÷
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>> gary: give some of these players a chance. cahill as was through in last night's ball game for dallas take to a big lead.
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nine runs on ten hits last night. already nine runs on eight hits tonight. and cahill will work mora, zaun and rime ill. grounded out his first time up. cahill had the sinker working in this ball game. mora will take the pitch up high for a ball. >> buck: cahill has been victimized by a lack of run support. seven of his previous eleven starts, but that's not the case tonight. hitters are giving him a little pay back. >> gary: this oakland offense has really turned itself around. 1-1 delivery. mora takes that to right field into the sun. cunningham trying to shade his eyes. wasn't going to have a chance
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to get that any way. this will be a lead off single for melvin mora. talking about the a's offense. look what they haven't done in the last four games compared to the whole restúthe season. runs, home runs, runner in scoring position. how about the e.r.a? that's crazy. >> buck: yeah. it sure is. that's how you get win streaks started. pitch the ball first and hitters"arnd and start swinging bats well. it's a ery ung promising pitching staff they feature now in the starting rotation. >> gary: zaun will take that down low. 2-0. zaun catching for this one. matt weiters expected to be back in the line up for the day game tomorrow. and zaun will take that down
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low and cahill falls behind 3- 0. it's only human nature that when you have this 9-0 lead focus ybcome just a little bit less. last thing he wants to do is block anybody at this point. 3-1. >> buck: yeah. that's comparative that the catcher doesn't allow him to lose his focus. he continues to use a very aggressive approach. >> gary: grounded fall. he comes back from 3-0 to take it 3-2. >> buck: cahill very simple approach. got a sinking fastball. and secondary pitch tonight has been a change up. we haven't seen too many breaking balls. he does throw a curve ball and hasn't had to use so much. >> gary: get a lead like this.
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it becomes more simplified for a pitcher. it's go ahead and hit this. try and get the outs as quickly as possibl throw strikes, don't walk. cahill with a 3-2 count. from ocean side, california, that's where he was born and raised. 3-2 to zaun. fouled back d no play on th t ins at zaun grounded out his first time up. orioles trying to get back into this thing. they did not get on the board in the ball game last night until the 7th inning. luke scott delivering his 13th home run at that time. and it would end up being the only only run the orioles have hit. again, foul territory.
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and again no play despite. >> buck: this is a very difficult situation with the oriole hitters. what you have to do is just think about starting to break out of this thing. even though you're down 9-0 and the chances of scoring ten runs pretty minimal right now. but at the same time you can build for the next couple of games just by having good at bats. >> gary: zaun to left field. holliday. zaun is retired. one down here in the 5th. mora back to 1st base. >> buck: you isn't say we've gotten beat tonight. you have to use some opportunities here to get something going. nolan will hit for the first time as felix pie batted in the
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first inning, batted a ball off his throat and had to be taken out of the game. >> gary: finished up his at bat but did not come back out on to the field. and he moves onto take his place in left field. take the pitch down low. and a 1-1 count. cahill is not walked anybody. he has struck out four. one shy of his high. he has hit twice this season. runner at 1st base, he's down to 3rd. hannahan, reload. kennedy. double play. [ cheering and applause ] no runs. one hit. no errors and nobody left on base. bottom after the 59 co u


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