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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 6, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> gary: question for dan what do you think is contributing the offensive struggles adds of late. >> initially they ran into troubles. but more than anything right now there's just a little bit of an urgency at the approach at the plate. we haven't seen the orioles patient approach. we haven't seen them taking a lot of pitches and working the pitcher's counts. so we haven't seen the base on balls. early in the season hitting with strikes, runners in scoring position.
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becomes a collective issue for hitters when you're trying to get out of a slump. everybody's trying to do a little too much. >> gary: some of that comes from the other side. the pitching side too. you can't have these games where you're falling behind by six, seven, eight, nine runs early in the ball game and not have the hitters have that impact their efforts. it's not that it should be, but it's just human nature the shoulders go down, the head goes down with it. here we go again. already down 9-0 in the ball game. it's the 4th inning. that doesn't help. and then starts to squeeze. >> buck: on tuesday they fell
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behind 1s st inning against eric. and then last night six runs in the 1 st given up bjeremy guthrie and tonight a single run in the 1 #s but then four more in the 3rd and find yourself trying to dig out of a deep hole. >> gary: 1-2 on luke scott. he has struck out twice in the ball game moving into the clean up spot. cahill has 5ks in the game. here's the 1-2 delivery on the way. bounced and held onto. the orioles now have had three runs or less in ten of their last 20 games. that is -- that's a long span
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to go having three runs or less. and the break point for the orioles and most major league team asks four runs. you've got to have four runs or more to win. >> buck: especially in the american league. >> gary: 2-2 delivery on the way. that will be taken up and the count goes to 3-2. scored three runs or less, kansas city's 13 out of 20. toronto 12, seattle 11. chicago 11 and the orioles ten of their lost 20. that's a base hit into right field. so luke scott picks up a lead off single. the orioles get the lead off man on. >> buck: when you don't score
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many runs, 1-9 in their last ten games. i don't care how well you're pitching, we know kansas city has pitched but you've got to score some runs. >> gary: all of those clubs you saw there had real tough times when you're getting three or less runs per game. aubrey huff at the plate. he's grounded out twice. 0-6 in the series. five hits on the board for the o's. 9, 11 for oakland. 5-0 for the o's. that one to short. nice stop cabrera. can't get it up in time. and neither can they get it over to 1 st. so runners on at 1 st and 2nd. >> buck: be a base it hit as cabrera had to slide on his knee and couldn't get the ball out of the glove cleanly. see the possible once it hits the ground. everybody is safe. >> gary: gives a whole new meaning to the term the hole at shortstop. >> buck: that's going to be it for trevor cahill. [ indiscernible ] here in the 7th with nobody out. >> gary: cahill leaves with a chance to pick up his third win. he didn't walk anybody. struckout five and gave up six
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hits. he'll be responsible for the two base runners.  >> gary: that is not the ba boy. he's 11 years old doesn't he. gourds another good outing for trevor cahill. in line to snap a personal three game losing streak. look at brad coming on out of the bullpen to pitch here with
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a 9-0 lead. waiting on cabrera may have had medical attention to that knee. he slid on on that aubrey huff base hit. >> gary: back out at short and runners on at 1 st and 2nd. singles by scott and huff. now melvin mora. he's had a single and grounded out. that will be bounced away. strike one. seeg her 29 years old. he's been in the 5-6 in save chances. >> buck: they used him last year. when he first came up he had a phenomenal streak of scoreless innings. 39 straight scoreless innings to start his major league career. >> gary: that one toward 2nd
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base where kennedy can go to get one and just missed getting two. >> buck: credit melvin mora, adam kennedy with the feed coming across the bag and melvin beats the relay throw to bobby crosby stretching out to avoid that double play. >> gary: now 1 st and 3rd with scott on at 1st base. mora on at 1 st. zaun up the middle. slows down. only play's at 1 st and off the bag. cabrera with a good try but drew bobby crosby off first. the orioles get a run in as scott will score. and it is a 9-1 ball game. >> buck: john hits a bullet right back at him and all he can do is deflect it off his glove. cabrera desperation pulls
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crosby off the bag. luke scott comes in. >> gary: that will be a single infield hit for zaun and an rbi. his fifth of the year. nolan, felix pie started, one at bat fouled a ball off and bounced up and hit him in the throat. he's getting medical attention on that. he finished the at bat. two on and one out with a run in. seven hits now for the orioles. the 0-2 delivery in the dirt. scooped up. suzuki with a good play on it. >> buck: that slider that he will throw from the side he
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throws fastball runs down and in on right handers and slider effectively go to the other side of the plate and in the dirt. >> gary: hitting .271. 1-2 delivery to him. he gets that one high in the air to left field. back at the wall. matt holliday looking and good- bye. home run. he delivers a 3 rbi homer here in the 7th inning. the orioles make it a 9-4 ball game. there it is. >> buck: that's the first home run allowed by brad and comes on a sinking fastball that stayed on the inside part of
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the plate. he goes down and golfs it high into left field high above the 362 mark. >> gary: his sixth home run of the season. that one settles in. 14 rbis now and a 9-4 game. and dino is 0-2. swings and misses. both they continue to be the only two who are hitting the long ball for the orioles. luke scott's streak of having the last six or i joel home runs will end with this one. they have been the two driving the ball out. that hasn't changed the last 12 home runs. have been hit by either them. >> buck: that's hard to fatment they would be the only ones
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connecting. he continues to show his power. >> gary: 2-2. still one away. an dui in the bullpen. and a big cut and he is gone. 0-3. two down. he gets his first strikeout. >> buck: chases his sinnenning fastball down. and try to protect and that's where he will pitch. sinking fastball down started at
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. >> buck: choice he has driven in two runs. jason berken knocked down the
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game. turns over to hernandez who had a pretty effective relief. first relief of the season as he racks up the sky could wants and raymond came on as a defensive replacement for felix pie. hits his sixth home run of the season. giambi three home run double. berken knocks out. allows seven doubles tonight as the a's have tied a franchise record with doubles. >> gary: he will come out of the bullpen. hernandez gave up four hits, no runs, didn't walk anybody. now baez and his first pitch up high. the orioles back to within striking distance bottom of the
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7th inning. suzuki 1-3 in the ball game. baez making his 19th appearance. gets the strike. >> buck: this is his first appearance on the road trip. last pitched on sunday against the tigers. >> gary: hitting only .178 off baez who has the 4-1 record. only 18 hits in 28 innings worked. three home runs, 20 strikeouts, 13 walks. suzuki the 1-2 delivery to him and fouls that one up under his arms. >> buck: coming back from elbow surgery has certainly gotten off to a great start here this season. his arm strength is back. he's throwing a great split
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finger pitch. curve ball has been consistent. and certainly one of the most consistent pitchers out of the bullpen all yearlong. >> gary: not working in back to back situations yet any way. 1-2 delivery yet outside. dave says george will pitch in this ball game for one inning tonight no matter what. and pitch one inning tomorrow no matter what. 2-2 count. swung on and fouled off. 2-2. >> buck: george's only pitched one inning on this trip and that was in the game on monday. and that 1-0 game he picked up the save. his 11th of the season. but he like baez hasn't had
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much work. >> >> gary: 2-2. that will be in the dirt. 3-2 count. talking with dave before the ball game chatting about baseball stuff. one of the things that something lou piniella said to me last week the season. 3-2 delivery on the way. shattered. gets the out. suzuki is retired and there's one away. two orioles out and about on tuesday you can see rich hill espn zone inner harbor. meeting from noon to 1:00. on wednesday adam jones signing autographs on wednesdays on
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west nursery road. that will be from noon to 1:00 as well. for details on appearances, visit orioles >> buck: good opportunity to go out and meet a couple upbeat guys on this team. rich hill with his first season with the orioles off to a great start looking to improve upon his 2-0 start. certainly adam jones one of the bright spots. >> gary: cunningham against baez. he says he'd use the season in terms of ten game segments. talked to dave about it today and said i do too and never told anybody that because i thought it was crazy doing it. i said it was lao to you may have been right on both counts. he says i've always done that.
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ten game singments gives you the best view of how a player's performing at that moment except start. look at starters in bigger terms. for hitters enough bats and games know what they're doing and bullpen people tells you who's hot and who isn't. who's getting people out and who's not. offensive categories who's got a bat going and who doesn't. said that's how you make line up decisions for changes and i always do that when i'm looking at the bullpen in particular and i thought of that because he mentioned baez. said you look at his numbers over the last ten games,
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nobody's hitting him. he's getting everybody out. he's controlling hitters. controlling innings. the ten game segments, that's how i get my statistics from the. [ indiscernible ]. that will miss. 3-2 count on cunningham. >> buck: pretty interesting because ten games will give you about 40 or 45 bats for a hitter and a good barometer on what hitters are doing. and relievers case if i give you four or five games during the week -- >> gary: hit hard. center field. jones with room. he's got it. cunningham retired on the long
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fly ball out. two down here in the 7th inning. baez gets the first two. hannahan's gone 0-3. struck out, flied out, grounded out. batting just .176 on the season. oakland trying to win their fifth consecutive longest streak of this year. orioles have lost three in a row coming in. this road trip they so hoped to make some hay are now 1-3 and only a game left tomorrow. 1-0 delivery. hannahan take the fastball up high. 2-0. >> buck: no mystery as to how
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you put streaks together. put them together on the pitching. oakland pitched great during this and the orioles on the other hand great starting pitching and they haven't the last couple of >> gary: road trip hasn't been pretty for either the starting pitching or the hitting. 2-1 delivery on the way. even the count at 2-2. 2-2 delivery with two down. and hannahan's gone. so good job as baez comes onto retire the side in order in the
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7th inning. remains a 9-4 lead to the a's.  >> gary: a 9-4 lead for the a looking to take the second game of this series as well as the first. felix pie out of the line up. this is in the 3rd inning. one at bat in this game as the ball bounced up and hit him in the throat. he stayed on. finished the at bat. struck out. did not come out to play defense. and he is being treated. we do not have a further update on his condition. >> buck: having that happen to me as a catcher, you're so
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vulnerable there to injury. hope it's nothing serious as pie gets checked out. >> gary: he got the worst of it as he surrendered the three rbi homer. charged with the three runs and the homer. nick markakis leading off here against the left hander. claimed off waivers from minnesota. he's worked eight times now nine giving up couple runs, three hits in seven and a third innings since joining the ball club. working out of the bullpen. markakis 2-3. double, single and grounded out and struck out. starts with a k one away here in theth. and time now to text in your
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vote for the at&t player of the game. candidates tonight giambi came out of the ball game but before he left he had a bases loaded double. cabrera in the game. he's delivered two doubles and a single, two rbis, two runs scored and cahill starter. chance to be the winner. text in your vote. a, b, or c. text in your vote. that one to right center field. that's going to be a base hit played by davis. he'll get it in. jones is held to a single but his second hit of the game. double singled and two strikeout for adam. >> buck: so far the switch has
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worked. he's going to come in and pitch the 8th inning. markakis had two hits in his first appearance in the two spot and jones as well in the three spot. >> gary: and nine hits now for the orioles. luke scott a single and a run scored in the 7th inning. that is in there for a strike. rbis have gone to zaun and an rbi single and reimold three rbis on a six home run all coming in the 7th inning. by that time it was a 9-0 ball game. the a's on thboard first with a run. they added four in the third. four more in the 4th as they sent eight to the plate in both
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the 3rd and 4th innings. those are the nine runs. 1-1 delivery taken inside for a ball. >> buck: graduated from jail. an ivy leaguer and signed orinally with san diego and went to boston. pitched 2006 in 13 games with the red sox and three in minnesota last year. in minnesota this year when oakland picked him up. shows you the value of the the left-handed reliever. >> gary: they're always being searched for. throw it up there and get it across the plate, you're left hand the you have a good chance
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of getting a job. scott 2-2 f him including a home run. scott 3-3. jones will stop at 2- 7bd. davis gets it in. luke scott gets his second hit. 2-4. don't look now but a couple runs on the board and the orioles could be right back in this ball game. >> buck: absolutely. certainly somebody goes long ball here and it's a two run game. obviously not happy to be battling back from such an early deficit but that's the situation they've been left with h now he comes out and gives up óyuwm ts after the first strikeout first batter he
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pitched. >> gary: aubrey huff with two on and one away. huff is 0-3 off him. time-out taken as the oakland bench suddenly realizing this thing getting a little too tight. get up in the pen and working in a hurry to get ready. >> buck: both big hard throwers and bailly has been given most of the closing opportunities of late. young out buying his bullpen some pitching coach talking with suzuki and pitcher about this point forward with aubrey huff. >> gary: aubrey against the left handers hitting .195. couple home runs. two of his eight. two on and one out. pitch in for a strike. right now the orioles would like to break that scheme in which it's been either scott or reimold hitting the homers the last 12 of them. aubrey huff would like to join in that procession. good fastball on the inside corner for a strike quickly 0- 2. >> buck: tough combination. good breaking ball to get ahead
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strike one. and then this one right in on the fists of aubrey huff. he felt it was off the plate. upper limits of the strike zone. >> gary: four for his last 21. aubrey huff loops that one up to left field. it's not deep and it's caught. great catch made by matt holliday. and at this point in the ball game a not insignificant one. >> buck: matt holliday is a complete player for sure. this ball had a chance to get down and he made a determined effort and catch before it hits the curve in left field. that would have made things awfully interesting as the bases would have been loaded at a minimum. >> gary: things are happening like that. catches get made as aubrey got robbed of one right there. bailly is going to come o on as he comes out of there working two-thirds of an inning giving up a couple hits and striking out one. orioles trying to make a run at it. two down now in the 8th inning.  bailly 29-year-old right hander comes out of the bullpen. runners on at 1 st and 2nd base two down to


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