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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 6, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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two away. mora looking for a big two out hit here. delivered a single 1-3 in the game. >> buck: bailly has a big fastball. very good late breaking cut fastball. >> gary: 2-0 delivery. mora the leader. three pitchers have saves for oakland. and bailly's one of them. three for six in save opportunities. werts has a couple and five for zig her. closer job a number of occupants. here's the 2-1 delivery to mora. and it will go to 2-2.
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>> buck: you can see that's a big fastball there. that's what you like to see back in your bullpen coming in and having the ability to strike out hitters. we talked about his leading the american league relievers with 40 strikeouts. you can see why. >> gary: 2-2 count. first time he's ever faced the orioles. right handers .130. right handers .244. the pitch just missed away. >> buck: bailly's been a starter almost exclusively. made the decision last year to put hip in the bullpen.
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>> gary: double a ball last year. runners go and the pitch is down low and the orioles are still in the inning. so the bases are loaded. and all of a sudden the ball game that looked like just going to walk away with has gotten a whole lot closer. gregg zaun coming up with the bases loaded and two down. he has an rbi single. 1-3. a one out walk to jones. he's the third -- single rather. single by scott and now the walk to mora. the first walk the orioles have had in three games. zaun with a big cut. >> buck: zaun had the rbi single last inning.
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pulled back up the middle and went off the glove of the pitcher for a base hit. >> gary: and zaun fouls that one back. and bailly goes ahead on a count 0-2. 0-1 with bases loaded this year. orioles 2-7. runners in scoring position. the a's have gone 5-13. gosh and that takes care of that. so the orioles get no runs on a couple of hits. they will leave the bases loaded and remain 9-4. ♪ ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ always feel like mebody's watching me. ♪'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico.
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well, the orioles will george in. as we said, dave saying he would pitch today and will pitch an inning tomorrow whether it's a save situation or not. that's exactly what's going to happen here. short-term is on. >> buck: the last month he's been great. made minor adjustments in set up and delivery and 7-7 allowed just three hits. may 2nd, no earned runs, opponents hitting .083. hasn't walked a batter in his last seven appearances. he's on now after baez had a
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perfect 1, 2, 3 7th inning. do that as well here in theth. >> gary: big, bigth inning the orioles could not convert into runs. davis up. number 9 hitter. he has doubled, walked, scored two runs in the ball game. top of the order cabrera and kennedy to follow. davis hitting over the mark at .204. loop that is one into center and he's got a base hit. so a 2-3 ball game. he's had three hits in the series. 3-7. >> buck: just making contact. threw the head of the bat the
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ball and threw it into center field. >> gary: that will be 12 hits for the a's. >> buck: shut down the last couple of inning. hernandez did a good job coming in two and two-thirds relieving. >> gary: and after a look at that, davis wants to steal a base i think he might. orioles are going to hold now with a 9-4 score. huff goes bang on to the bag. when it was 9-0 aubrey huff was playing behind players. josh takes a while to get the ball up. back at his belly. throwing to the plate runners can get a good jump. >> buck: this is a snap throw
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he'll use. davis hasn't seen much of that. able to spot track that. >> gary: way up high and away. davis with a 6-9 stolen bases coming into the ball game. taken big leads. taken off a couple of times. 2-0 delivery on the way. that is there on the inside corner for a strike to cabrera. cabrera upping his average to .235 with two doubles, two rbis, two runs scored and double. 4-in these two games.
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cabrera down to 3rd. foul ball. that was close. gary right on the line. that one almost skidderred over the bag. >> buck: sure looked like it did. you can see right there it hit once before the bag in foul territory. very casually waved it foul. cabrera didn't make much of a stink about it. he pretty much set the tone for the game tonight. hit a trouble to the opposite field came in to score the first run and the a's were off and running. >> gary: hitters really struggled. davis will stay at 1st base.
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in these two ball games you said everybody has contributed in this line up. last night hitting the ten batters to the plate in the 1 st inning everybody involved in the 1 st inning. it has happened again tonight. hannahan had 0-4 but only one. 3-2 on cabrera. very tough to double up. lob throw to try and keep him leaning in that direction. 3-2 on cabrera. runner goes. inside. he surrenders the walk and the a's here in the 8th inning have two on and nobody out.
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jason berken walked three. david hernandez and baez did not walk any. bullpen has not given up a run in the ball game. hernandez, baez and now short- term. all nine runs, seven hits, three and a third berken started. and cahill. couple run six hits over six couple records for oakland. two on, nobody out. kennedy two rbis in the ball game. two doubles. two runs scored. he's gone 2-4. kennedy now batting in .346. >> buck: got his eye on davis as the speeder and leaving 2nd base. i wouldn't expect him to do
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anything other than swing away here. >> gary: kennedy now has 13 multiple hit games in his 27 games with the a's. 13 of 27. tremendous may, hit .390 in may. second best batting average in the american league. second only to joe who hit .414 in may. runners go. double steal. fouled away. strike two. >> buck: great break at 2nd base and right behind him cabrera broke toward second from 1st base. you can see the great acceleration of davis but the ball was fouled out of play.
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>> gary: kennedy with a two strike count. short-term steps up. kennedy to left field. reimold has it. runners are half way. they will go back. one down and runners at 1 st and 2nd. jack cust is 0-3. only times he has faced short-term in his career. hasn't contributed with a hit but has with an rbi and a run. he walked in the 3rd and scored. and had an rbi ground ball in the 1 st inning for the initial run of the game. giambi bases loaded double,
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good for three rbis and holliday rbis. inside with a fastball. cust now at .244 on the season. davis on 2nd, cabrera on 1 st. ground ball to first. roberts and they've turned a double play. no runs, one hit, no errors and one left on base. they'll go to the 9th inning. it's oakland 9 and the orioles 4. 
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>> gary: back in oakland on a beautiful evening. a's leading the o's. orioles three runs to work with. reimold and roberts due up. bailly stays on in relief and a chopper to 1st base. crosby bailly. he tried to reach behind him a bit. little too hard and bad angle. couldn't get it. >> buck: looked like a routine play. crosby throws a little bit not that much behind him. no reason he couldn't make this
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play. holds up and alongs down before he had the ball in his glove. >> gary: and the error is on the pitcher. bailly tries with the error for dropping it. robert 0-3. outside for a ball. orioles in effect playing this ball game two men shy of the bench. pie having to come out in the 3rd inning. and orioles shortstop appendectomy yesterday. 1-1 delivery on the way. >> buck: hard cutter. 92 miles an hour with movement down and away to right handers. also throws a breaking ball, a
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curve ball, we saw that last inning when he came on. >> gary: just off the end of the bat. >> buck: he had been a starter throughout his minor league career made the conversion to the bullpen last year. boy like he's got all the weapons to pitch effectively back in the bullpen. >> gary: 1-2 delivery and that will be fouled away. bailly as we showed you second among relievers in strikeouts in the majors. batting average that he's held them down to is pretty darn good too. .095 against first batters faced. big for a reliever.
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he'll get another k. and he's out of there swinging. bailly with two strikeouts. >> buck: and this is the big breaking ball. 1-2 breaking ball. it's a dramatic curve ball down and away and probably out of the strike zone but with two strikes you have to try to protect. and that's the starter background. >> gary: he gets the out. one away. runner at 1st base. roberts has had an 0-4. two hits and four at bats last night looking to get out of the funk he'd been in tonight not able to get on base.
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here's the 0-1 delivery. that is taken for a strike. now here in june has had only two hits and 20 at bats. 0-2 deliverly. fouled off outside a third. stay at two strikes. >> buck: so much of the offense revolved around roberts and his ability to get on base. that's what was so good about the first two months of the season. >> gary: that one to left center field. great feet. boy does he coffer some ground. two down. updating you with the at&t player of the game voting so far cahill the starter on top. cabrera had a big night at the play with three hits, two rbis
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and giambi bases loaded double. text in your vote. the results on o's extra on the post game with jim and rick coming up. two down. nick markakis will stand in. double single, 2-4. starter. jason berken will take the loss here and be 1-2. cahill will get his third win against five losses and get out of the streak of four games without a win. three losses and a no decision. jumping up to get that one. >> buck: this will be the fifth win in a row for the oakland a's. the starters have won every one of those decisions. that's how you get back to it.
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good starting pitching and i don't care how. >> gary: tom davis i know what you got there. that one just right on by. a 1-2 count. markakis fouls back into the screen. oakland's going to win their fifth in a row. and their seventh in a row against the orioles going back to last year. orioles will have a four game losing streak and full-time game of the road trip tomorrow. 1-2 delivery. markakis battles it away. it will stay at 1-2. orioles on this road trip now have been outscored 29-10. five games. that one for a shortcut off to 3rd. play to 1s. just in time. and this one's in the books. so oakland got the runs early and made them stand up as they had a 9-0 lead at the end of the 4th inning and come away with a 9-4 victory. we will be back to wrap it up from oakland. there's your final.
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welcome back. when you look at this game seems like the orioles hitting came a little too late. >> it did. ten hits again tonight. four hits through the first four innings and then four in the 7th. didn't turn out to be enough. orioles couldn't come up with more than nine on the board. >> pitching an excellent game last sunday. we'll talk about all that when o's extra post game begins in a moment. now back to oakland for more with gary and buc. >> 4, 10-0 for the orioles. lost the first two games of
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this three game set. and rich hill takes the mound tomorrow. coverage on maasen 2:00. the at&t game at 4:00. for all of our crew, i'm gary thorn, we thank you for joining us here tonight. this has been a maasen presentation. the a's jumping out early. going to show you how that happened right now. tom, rick, o's extra right now. jason berken had a tough go of this game. >> everybody back in my days when we were a powerful ball club in the american league east, the pitchers had a very tough time pitching off that mound in oakland. i'm not trying to give them excuse you are for pitching poorly tonight but it seemed
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like the last two nights the orioles go in there all up in the strike zone all the time and they can't all be that way even out of the bullpen. got to be a little something over there had to do with the mound. >> so you think they're padding the mound? >> no. ic it's just a bit different from what you normally see. they're all supposed to be symmetrical. 19 and a half inches above the ground. some are flatter than others and some are steeper. i think you'll see tonight that even oakland pitchers have had a tough time adjusting to that mound. but tonight it was the orioles
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who had the biggest problem. >> last night down 6-0 after one inning of play. down early in this game after three innings of play. we'll pick up highlights in this game. orioles with the a's at bat in the 3rd. leading 2-0 and jason giambi doubles to right. kennedy, cust and holliday. >> see the problem nothing good ever happens after a walk. and certainly nothing good after two walks to jason giambi gets one laid right in there and he hits down in the right corner. three runs score and the a's go up 5-0. >> oakland 4th inning, orlando
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cabrera doubles to left. one of the seven doubles on the evening. >> cabrera picking up his fling. three hits on the night. >> 7-0 oakland. reimold gets three runs back. luke scott, all the orioles home runs over the last 12 hit by an oriole hitter. >> one thing you've got to say ability reimold is the consistency has been there since he's come to the big leagues. he's swinging the bat with a lot of power. >> here's the frustration, 8th inning, aubrey huff with a drive to left and a great catch by matt holliday. >> orioles had an opportunity to get a rally going right
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there but you saw holliday make an outstanding catch and see the frustration on huff's face. the ball did not fall in the orioles the orioles are out of the inning. >> one win tworks losses. he didn't even start the game. felix pie had to leave because of an injury to his throat. he drove in three. luke scott batting clean up. orioles still lose by a count 9- 4. birds have dropped six of their last seven. for more on the orioles on latest losses go back to oakland and visit with buck and gary guilty or not guilty
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thanks very much. very disappointing getting behind in these two games so early taking the stuffing out for the o's. they got runnings late the offense is doing what they weren't doing. they are getting strikeouts. they weren't doing that before. >> you hate to put so much on the starting pitching, but when you fall behind early difficult as hitters to focus. and they were up against a guy they'd not seen before in transfer cahill. a tremendous sinker early in the ball game and led to a lot of early strikeouts. the thing about cahill when you don't see a guy before, you want to be patient and look at him and unfortunately they were so far behind they couldn't use
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that approach. one of four on the road trip so far. i don't care who you are or how well you pitch you can't win games where you only score two runs for a ball game. 4-26 with runners in scoring position. overall team slump. roberts 2-21. they're just going to have to dig in their heels and salvage one more game on this road trip tomorrow. >> they did get a little out of the second spot. markakis got moved into that for the first time this season. jones a couple hits in the third spot. zaun got a chance to catch today. dave not a lot more shuffling he can do with this line up
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really. it was just frying to shake it up a little bit. it worked a lit. now it's up to the players. they're going to have to find a way to make it work. >> when you fall behind 9-0 after four innings it's difficult. dig down deep. baseball you play so many games you can't allow one or two games to affect your overall approach. they're going to have to dig down deep and reverse trend on sundays. they have not played well in season finales or particularly on sundays. >> regroup and try to get one out of this and head back home with a w. back to you. >> just take a moment. stay there. we want to congratulate both of you for your emmy for the play by play coverage. congratulations. >> well done. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate your work throughout the entire masn television network. when you look back at this game for a moment it's one of those games where again the orioles are down so early that it just is so tough to get back into. >> it is. berken had one of those nights. that's been his worst outing so far this season and pretty much the same last night when gutly was up there. every pitch they hit was belt high. that's something that none of the pitchers have been doing as of late. the starting pitching has been pretty good and all of a sudden in this funk now where all of them are in the strike zone but


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