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on the other hand what will make is safe and this is an example where we have to shift the frame of as american we will not be safe if we keep arming and arming and occupying and occupying and invading. that does not lead to safety. what leads to safety is the development of all peoples in the world as human beings, as adherents to the universal deck rakes of rights, investment in jobs, education, and not just here and every and rejection of the military solution every. >> guest: self-defense is appropriate for every country and every individual, but flowing guns across the border to mexico is insane. and now having a -- and that's what the united states is doing. 85% of the gongses seized in mexico around drug trafficking and traffic of human beings are made in texas. so we're experting this kind of weaponry and terrorism that
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makes its fob -- possible to kill thousands of people and i think we have to demilitarize our society as a whole and have a modicum of 12%. we're 4.6 of the worlds people. we spend more on the military budget than any other country in the world combined. so we have to reinvest differently and yet of course there's dangers, of course dangers and of course countries have to defend themselves and cities and families. >> host: bernadine dohrn, bill ayers have been our guests. thank you both very much. [applause] ...
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founding editor of on-line news
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website frontpage magazine presents an appraisal of higher education based on a multi-year investigation of college curriculum. this event held at the four seasons hotel in los angeles is a little over an hour. >> six years ago i launched a campaign for an academic bill of rights. a campaign for academic freedom. on monday aye shibley headed for chicago with the trustees of the college of dupage, which is jim belushi is all modern are going to adopt or voted to adopt a version of the academic bill of rights. the academic bill of rights was a very modest proposal that basically said if there's a controversial issue, if the subject is a matter of opinion, then students should get to hear
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both sides of the controversy. that they should be able to read books with more than one perspective. that would seem like a very simple thing. i can tell you that the number of liberals who have supported this modest proposal i can number on half the fingers of one hand. the campaign against it has been quite ferocious. it has been called mccarthy reincarnate, fought police and worse. i knew that this was a problem. it's not obvious. it shouldn't be obvious that this is a problem. that at american university's
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students would be assigned books that take one point of view on any issue of controversy, and of course in liberal arts subjects all the issues are controversy all because they are all subjective and manners of opinion. when you get past the fact charles dickens wrote a tale of two cities you write during the realm of controversy or it has so many pages. i knew this was a problem because i had spoken by 2003 on 100 college campuses. and one very poignant moment came when i spoke in minnesota, and a young female student whose sister had been murdered in a state where there was no death penalty and had taken up criminology to heal her wounds asked me if there were any articles or any books that
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supported the death penalty. i asked her doesn't your criminology professor tell you that there are such books and she said no. that still shocks me but it is an index how widespread this problem is on american campuses. another part of the modest proposal is if the professor has an opinion or perspective, he should not or she should not lead the students to think that is a scientific perspective. it is an opinion and there should be other perspectives available to the students. again, it should be obvious. i think most americans, sure the teacher should not mislead students into thinking that there is only one way of looking at the world. i, by the way, have never
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complained about faculty by as even though i am accused of this and many other sins all the time because everybody has a bias, but it's one thing to say this is my opinion and these are other opinions on the matter. and quite another to teach the opinion as though it were a scientific fact. that is in fact indoctrination. yet professors do this all the time. i was at carleton college, which is one of the top 25 liberal arts colleges in the country, and students are almost -- they can't be totally unaware that they are being indoctrinated. so i had dinner with college republicans and they all assured me carlton was an excellent school and there was no problem like there was i'm talking about. so i said how many of you have
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been taught as a matter of scientific fact there are race, gender and class hierarchies in america. every hand goes up. well, this is not only an opinion that there are race, gender, hierarchies. because it derives from a thinker who was so colossally wrong that 100 million people were slaughtered in his name, which is karl marx. but this is standard doctrine on university campuses, and it is not taught as an opinion. it is taught as a fact. another aspect of my bill of rights was to try to encourage universities to have intellectual diversity on their faculties. it seemed to me a problem if 90% of a faculty is of one political persuasion, as it happens they are leftist. that is than 90% of american
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faculty is more in liberal arts colleges or on the political left. at first when i brought this up i was ridiculed. the methodologies -- anybody that goes on a college campus knows 90% of the faculty, certainly the ones who are willing to tell you what their opinions are are going to be on the left. but it took us years and what happened is we inspired social scientists, conservative social scientists usually and some had been doing this before we entered the fray to do studies. and as a matter of fact, this year a study out of harvard by too liberal professors conceded that 95% of all liberal arts professors are on the political
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left. but then what is the next line of defense? that doesn't matter. because what's going on here is the defense of an indefensible state of affairs where conservatives are excluded from faculties where courses are not academic courses in the way anybody over the age of 51 understand and academic force, which is a disinterested in query into a subject. but what i call indoctrination is teaching facts as though they were scientific, teaching opinions as though they were scientific. the brookings institution then put out a study which concedes professors are on the left but then concludes no indoctrination is taking place.
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and "the new york times" did a big article. "new york times" will not have a big article, they will not even review the book jacob and i have written, "one-party classroom," which is about this problem. "new york times" wrote a big article no indoctrination of the professors they don't add fans their political agendas in the classroom. how was the study conducted? they asked professors do you indoctrinate. [laughter] i wish i were making this up. and they said no, we don't. so this is the "one-party classroom," how radical professors indoctrinate students in america's top colleges and undermine democracy in the process is the fourth book i've written about universities and this book was designed to end the controversy because what we have -- win jacob was my co-author and i have done in
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this book is to examine 150 courses at 12 major universities in penn state, university of texas, university of california, usc, colombia, arizona, arizona state, missouri, university of miami ohio, and we found 150 courses that's blanton the obvious things are being indoctrinated if they read about poverty they read leftists about poverty, they read about i hate to tell the older folks like myself if you haven't been on a campus they don't even read books now teachers show movies, films and glass, show if the subject is global warming you have seen al gore's film and may have seen it in french class. i had a student at penn state that complained about being
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shown michael moore's "sicko" in french class. here's a sample indoctrination course. at the university of california, santa cruz is a course which is described in the official university catalog in these exact words. the goal of this seminar is to learn how to organize a revolution. and then it tells you it is an anticapitalist revolution. now the subject of revolution is totally appropriate for an academic setting if it is taught the approach is academic. that is what is a revolution and as it happens there are people that have different definitions what a revolution is. in fact there was a book written the anatomy of revolution which
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explores these perspectives. so then you would say, you know, what kind of revolutions have there been because the french revolution was different from the american revolution and the american force was the bolshevik revolution. then he would ask what kind of advances or what benefits have there been from revolutions. obviously the american revolution had a lot of benefits. and then you would ask what are the costs of revolution and obviously marxist revolutions that have killed over 100 million people in peace time, huge costs in addition to which they bankrupted whole continents. but this course doesn't ask any of those questions. this course is a course how to organize a revolution to overthrow the american government and american government economic system.
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as indoctrination. that's all that is. the installing of a doctrine. it happens the regions of the university of santa cruz, the regions of the university of california had a standing order that says the class rooms, and rose and seven-time nba champion robert horry. game one was certainly no day at the beach for orlando magic, but as one orlando player told me, hey, mark, this team is goofy enough not to be affected by a 25-point blowout in game one, end quote. here's an all access look behind the scenes, game one. >> it's game one of the nba finals, and orlando is looking to take down the lakers here at the staples center tonight. >> yeah! championship ring, boy!
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disneyland! >> disneyworld. >> first game is the toughest game because both teams are feeling each other out, but it sets the tone for the series. >> the lakers to the finals 30 times. complete opposite of orlando, just a second finals appearance. >> doing ok. >> just being here, he's doing all right. >> i told him, he need to get me one of these. >> it's good to just be here, though. >> how important is game one of the series? >> it's important. it's as important as any game is important. got to come out with poise, play your game, go from there. >> they don't have to give you any respect. the media, the fans, nothing, but the thing they can't take away from you is winning games. >> let's go for a championship!
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>> this is that olympic thing, right? >> turkoglu around ariza, around gasol, hits the vers reverse li. nice touch, two hands. jameer nelson in the game for the first time for the magic. >> the all-star is back. hasn't played since february 2nd. first play for jammeer is a bounce pass. nice assist. >> around. screen. the 10-footer and hits. so an assist and basket for jameer nelson. >> they're going to use misdirection, get you looking over here. >> bryant trying to control the screen. to the top, deflected by nelson. right back to kobe.
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spins, left elbow. spins again. >> that is unstoppable, an impossible shot by bryant. >> moves to the rights, between the legs to the left. kobe spins it and shoots and hits, and he was fouled! it is a clinic from a very focused kobe bryant. >> we're playing total frustration. that's now how we play. we're a lot better than this. it's a long series. >> they own the magic since the end of the first quarter. >> the lakers throwing the first punch in this '09 championship series. what an upper cut it was. >> they grab a 1-0 lead in the
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nba finals with a big victory in l.a. tonight. >> we've been in this altogether all year, and we've come back from adversity all year. they did not feel us at all today. not at all. ok? and that has got to change. >> your expressiveness has gone up another level. we know you've been a hard-driving leader for a long time. seems like, you know, you've cut it loose now. >> just want it so bad, that's all. just want it really bad. you know, you just put everything you have into the game. your emotions flow out of you. >> all right, guys, let's get predictions now. jalen, you took the lakers for the series, but who you like in gamgame two? >> i'm taking the los angeles lakers. kobe bryant becomes a
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facilitator. >> robert, you took the orlando magic. i got it down here on paper. do you still like them for the series? who do you like in game two? >> i like orlando magic. they've shaken out the jitters from game one. they'll go out and make shots. they missed a lot of easy shots. that's not like orlando. this game they'll knock down easy shots and win game two. >> los angeles lakers looking for their 15th franchise championship, just three wins away from that. a look at the staples center and downtown los angeles. opening tip just a few hours away. it all starts at 7:30 p.m. eastern time on abc with "nba countdown." >> an ethereal weekend for the dodgers. we break down this rematch. and roger federer is french open champion at last. the historic highlights ahead. since 1873,
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>> welcome back to the show. with michelle lafountain i'm mark morgan. a lot of scores on the page. braves lead the yankees by a score of 3-1. angels and tigers tied at 4-4.
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roy halladay, by the way, for his tenth win. actually that's a final. halladay the majors only 10-game winner. he's 10-1. 7-0 in his last nine starts. overbay and hill with home runs in that one. the indians have gone back-to-back jacks twice. second inning, jimenez and valbuena. indians all over the white sox. >> swing and high fly ball center field. back goes victorino, way, way back, it's gone, a home run! second game-winning hit in less than 24 hours! >> in philadelphia a different story this year with brad lidge compared to what he did last year, and the phillies are looking at losing the last three games to the dodgers, a sunday nighter on espn.
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rather than look at the beginning olook at the end ofthe beginning of the week? >> the padres weren't that impressed by a couple scouts behind home plate. he lost velocity as the game went on, with yo but with myersy need others to step up. >> what's your thoughts? >> phillies 7-3 over the last 10 games. best record in baseball. and so you've got the best in the east against the best in the west. the dodgers by far are the class of the national league west, and the phillies the best in the east. it's a great matchup. >> l.a.'s pitching has gotten better. their offense has come back to earth a little bit. how do you remain positive in light of what's gone on with the closer? >> it's tough. they lost two devastating games on friday and saturday. interesting tonight, how charlie emanuel will utilize his
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bullpen. will he use madsen to close? a lot of people in philadelphia are calling for madsen to close. i don't think the team is, but fans are. >> we look ahead to that game. >> world cup soccer qualifying. the u.s. looking to bounce back from a terrible 3-1 loss to costa rica this week in the final round. hosting team honduras at soldiers field. the horrible turnover. honduras on the break. the man who scored two goals against mexico in an upset 3-1 april 1st, puts the u.s. down 1-0 quick. with the u.s. tied it up at 1-1, penalty kicks. second half now, dempsey blows that chance. a costly mistake by him, another one. tied at 1-1. 68th minute, the corner kick. the captain with the header. the stars and stripes win 2-1. first come-from-behind win for the americans in a world cup
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qualifier in 24 years! the u.s. a key win, is in second place in the standings trailing costa rica. the top three teams at the end of qualifying win bids to the 2010 world cup in south africa. the u.s.' next qualifying match is august 12th against mexico. >> red may just be roger federer's favorite color right now as in the red clay in paris. the french open title is finally his.
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