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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 7, 2009 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> amber will be reporting door
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the day and on our post game show. rick dempsey nothing good happened after a walk. jason berken walked three, all three walks scored. berken believes that the walks started his downfall. >> the two walks prior killed me. you can't walk hitters like jason giambi. so that was a big hit to them. but [ inaudible ]. i just have to keep working hard and staying after it. >> the ball had good movement and that's what i see. but if you can spot that and keep it moving, he had all of our hitters baffled. all of the strikes he threw, it was never nothing really good to hit. so you show respect to the guy and tip your hat and come tomorrow and next time we face him and we'll be prepared and
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it won't be that easy next time. >> and adam jones leads off. reimold second, markakis removes. scott batting cleanup. salazar will start at first base, ty wigginton at second base and that means that huff has the day off. and reimold is the surprise rooking on this team and the american league. >> i think he is. and i think he's done the one thing that everybody expected him to do and that's that he hit and hit for power. not the batting average we like to see but i think in time they'll figure out how to throw him. and he has a lot of work to do before that and what i like is that it's not all limited to the fastball. ooze hit the breaking ball, the cuts fastball out of the ballpark, he's hit a fall bast, a changeup out of the ballpark. ' justs well to the different speeds thrown at him. when you get behind in the count, he cuts his swing down and can go the other way and go
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up the middle. those are the little things i look for. the batting average will come in time but right now i'm impressed with how he handles himself at the base and in the field. >> and cusp has a three-run home runner and giambi a three run double to count for half of the first two games. when we come back, dennis tells us how he gets its inside scoop on the orioles hair styles. o's xtra brought to you by at&t on masn 2.
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>> in oakland today, 65 degrees. the winds west southwest at 17 miles per hour. the humidity is 63%. and as you can see by the pictures out there, it's a beautiful day. no chance of rain as the orioles conclude their three- game series out in oakland. and welcome back to the studios. tom davis with rick dempsey. joining our masn staff is dennis sur funny. he's become an inside the clubhouse correspondent. >> reporter: today we're going to be the fashion police on hair issues. and we're standing here with t- bone. we brought some pictures back when you played and we were wondering if there is a possibility of you bringing that hair style back. >> t bone shelby with hair. >> i could bring it back.
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>> maybe a throw-back day. >> it's got -- he's got a nice afro with a stash to match up with it. >> and we have a nice picture with sammy. do you think you can rock that hairdo. >> no. >> can you describe to us the difference between a jerry curl and a normal afro. >> with afro you put afro in it and pick it out. jerry curl you have to put jerry curl in it. >> which gets more lady. >> i would say the afro. >> now you had a jerry curl going. which do you think would hold more women. >> dam, i look good here. >> you do look good. >> i have to go for a curl with the girls. >> jerry curl or afro? >> i don't know. i think that afro is a little bit easier to get out of bed and come to the park with. jerry curl takes a little bit of time. >> how long did it take you to
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do your hair? >> actually about five hours. >> five hours. >> jerry curl, it looks like he used a quarter gallon of hairspray. >> do you ever use soul glow. >> for sure. >> now jerry curl or afro? >> curl. >> why the curl? >> because you look like billy d. williams. >> jonesy just said he looks like billy d. williams. >> that's a good call. and star wars. >> i used to get that back in the day. >> back in the day. [ laughter ] >> adam, if you had to say there is one person on this team, who would you describe as. >> this is billy ray cyrus who used to feature the -- what's that called there --ic -- the achy breaky heart. and it looks like business in the front and playing in the
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back. >> he's using big, sexy hairspray. >> i see some similarities to that. >> luke scott, everyone. billy ray cyrus. >> he did have a nice hairdo coming into spring training. overall, i think these are good hair dos. >> which one do you rock? >> i think the jerry curl back in the day. the perm piece looks nice. >> thanks, brad. >> your welcome. >> enough about hair. and that wraps up the first edition of dennis the men as. stay tuned next week when we cover. >> he needs something to do while on the disabled list. >> and remember oscar gamul, it almost didn't fit in the helmet. >> every now and then the ball would get lost in there if it came close. he would dig it out of the afro to tag him out. it was horrible. >> isn't it amazing that the
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styles didn't change. we had the wide lapels on our suits and sport coats and now everything is short, back to normal. >> how about the high heel shoes. rich used to wear them. >> and the players obviously spend a lot of money on clothing and dress, don't they rick? >> yeah, they do. they're in the city and they know where to get things and that's fun for them. sometimes they have contests to see who can look the worst. >> aubrey huff has taken over for millar for the 2009 orioles clubhouse cut-ups. another edition of rick dempseys clubhouse. >> i'm aubrey huff. >> and i'm rick dempsey. >> dempsey's cutups coming up. >> inside the game with another
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markic is batting average. 2008 career highs 17 out field assists and a .346 average and that is our player profile of the orioles brought to you by the u.s. army. and rick dempsey on sunday as the orioles get ready to face the a's. and i always mention on sundays, if it's sunday it's meet the press and here on masn if it's sunday it's another edition of dempsey's clubhouse. >> he was voted the most valuable player in 2008 and received a silver slugger award for d.h. he's had an enormous amount of jobs to do and he's excelled add every one of them and it was so much catching up with
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aubrey huff. >> i think for me, i love hitting fourth. there's no pressure there for me. especially with the top three guys i have ash me. roberts, jones is having, markakis are having -- a then -- a then om nall year. >> you thought you were going to get a day off for the nationals and you got the second pinch hit that organization has had all season long. but what i liked was it was off a left-hander. with a kind of an adjustment do you have to make hitting a left- hander versus right-hander. >> well i was in an 18 slump at the time and had a nice day off and dave trembley told me i would have the day off and i came to the field showing up relaxed and -- and he said take some time off and came early and saw some things on video
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that helped me out. at the time i was going through my struggles and before the pitch was coming, my foot was up and i was coming out here and i was -- before the ball even got to the plate, i was already -- the weight is gone off my back side and all i got here is this. not going to be very successful that day. what king saw, terry crowley, when i was going good last year, everything was here, we were getting a nice load back here and stay here and as the ball is coming, i would stay here and then as i swing, transfer a little bit of weight to the front and that's what got me going. and it's just amazing how as a hitter, you don't see that stuff or feel that stuff as you're at the plate. but when you have somebody else tell you and show you, it makes all of the difference in the world. >> one of the theories that i think is really so good about this era of hitters is all of the good hitters talk about staying inside the ball. explain what that means to me, because in my era was get the head out. >> right. well i think you still get the head out for me. a lot of guys stay inside the
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ball and a lot of guys -- alex rodriguez is probably one of the best to stay inside. you see the way he hits the ball the other way. he gets to his front foot. i think a lot of front foot hitters have to stay inside the ball. >> ichiro. >> ichiro. they transfer the weight to the front foot so they have to keep their hands install where the bat head comes through right here, as a back leg hitter, luke scott for instance, if you notice him, and when i'm going good, i'm the same way. when i'm going good, i get back. luke scott stays there and his head doesn't move the whole time. maybe a little bit of that and just get it's right here. he still stays inside the ball but the head is out. so there is a different way to hit. a lot of guys are back leg hitters and you see more front foot hitters than you did back in the day. >> this is one of your most productive rbi years. congratulations you have the
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energy going. and i love to see it and keep it going for the rest of the year. thanks for joining me on dempsey's dugout. >> he had a batting cage when he was a kid his mother bought him but didn't take a look to liking profession and didn't take into baseball until he got to the university of miami. >> there are a lot of guys that don't put as much into it as some do and can still be productive. aubrey huff is one of those guys where he was born with a talent and the power and he just got that nice, easy going attitude that makes it all work for him at this level. >> how about that ex mo camera shows you where the batters hit the ball. >> you're so right. i asked him about being inside the ball, and i understand him and the concept. here is your hands ab they stay inside the ball before the head of the bat comes after it. in the old days they said get the head out, the hands led and
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it would force you to toss balls to shortstop and second base. i could get the head out but i should have been that kind of batter who could stay inside the ball until i identified where i wanted to go. it was pull, pull, pull with earl and try to hit it out of the ballpark. >> but you have to love that camera the way if shows batters do that. >> when we come back, rick dempsey will tell us about the starties. that comes up next with the rick dempsey keys to the game and we continue the o's xtra pregame as we continue here on masn 2. ♪ ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ always feel like mebody's watching me. ♪'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy...
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meet adam jones on wednesday june 10th from noon to 1:00 at the wendys at 1689 west road.
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the orioles have recalled oscar salazar and wear number 26. he was hitting .372 in 50 games with 10 home runs and 10 rbis and dave tremly gives them a star so salazar at first base today. and we'll begin with pitcher rick hill. >> that's his best performance. he is sitting on top of the hill, mr. hill. he's best effort by any pitcher so far with the orioles. he's threw an outstanding game against seattle, seven inning shutout and had seven strikeouts and gave up two hits. curve is the key to his game, there is no doubt about it. one of the best curveballs i've seen here, even though he's left handed since monicker won 16 games in 1983 with the orioles. he's already got 22 strikeouts in 21 and two third innings. that's an outstanding ratio. one per inning is what you look
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for. rich hill has been outstanding at that so far this season. >> the oakland a's send a rookie pitcher mazzaro. >> last year he was 15 and 6, and so you can see why the a's want to see what he can do. the first game against the white sox, very tough lineup, 6 and a third inning only gave up three hits and no runs. he's a bit of a finesser. he's a picker. i don't mean he's a guitar player, he tries to hit corners. one of his biggest problems is he walks a lot of guys. that will get you in trouble. so far he's managed to pitch his way out of trouble because what is the saying, tom, nothing good ever happens after a walk. and so i'm hoping today that the orioles can prove that theory right because if he walks somebody, we ought to be right there with a big base hit right behind them. >> the show wouldn't be complete with rick dempsey's key to today's game. >> the keys to the game. the a's must have two big of a
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hill to climb. what we need to do is we need to give rich hill a big lead in this game. not a big lead, but just give him a lead. the a's have come out and scored six runnings in the first inning in the first game and again in the second game, if he they can give rich hill in this game, we have to win this game. >> and when you see rich hill's throw, it looks like he's throwing stress on that arm. >> he has a flippy wrist and a tight spin. and when you get that tight spin and a good flip, it just kind of hovers out there in front of home plate. when it loses velocity it breaks sharp and big. that's the thing with boddicker and stone, they had trouble commanding the conservator ball because it was such a big break, they didn't know where to start and it didn't have the tight spin that tippy martinez has. it's much tougher to control and much tougher to hit when they're throwing it over and
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that's what rick has done. >> rick will be back with me for post game show after the conclusion of the series in oakland. orioles baseball is next. ♪ ♪ (tucci) more bars in more places. at&t. the best coverage worldwide. buy the lg xenon messaging phone for 99.99 after mail-in rebate and get one free after mail-in-rebate.
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