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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 7, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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1-1 to jones. high flyball to centerfield, battling the sun for the out and two men out. time to text in your vote for the player of the game. vin mazzaro, pitching in, adam jones or brian bass, four and a third scoreless innings. have your voice heard. text a, b or c to 51862. reimold now, two outs with andino at first base. and it is ball one. and then ball two. reimold, one out of three. he has five hits on this road
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trip, including last night's three-run home run. andino is taking a lead off first, over by hannahan. ball three. >> buck: have to take another one, obviously. maybe even one more to get nick markakis a chance to get up here with a couple aboard. >> jim: 3-0 on reimold. and now there is a four-pitch walk. not exactly what bob geren had in mind. so markakis will have a chance to come up, representing the tieing run. suzuki out to the mound, possibly to stall. breslow is up in the bullpen, not throwing that long. and it will be breslow coming on to face markakis. as buck mentioned, he comes to plate now, representing a
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>> jim: craig breslow comes often he was picked up by the twins on the 20th and pitched very well since joining the athletics. and one thing you look at, buck, with relievers who come into games with an inning, how many of the first batters does he retire. he has faced 9 and retired eight of those. >> buck: and one of those came
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last night in the 8th inning when he struckout nick markakis looking and gave up base hits to adam jones and luke scott. but that's the line drive off the bat of aubrey huff. >> jim: ahead of nick, 0-1. and a chance to do something here. the bullpen has kept it a ballgame. and giving credit to brian bas and and matt albers were outstanding today. here is the 0-1. davis on the run and he makes the catch as that ball curled back, markakis hit that ball right on the nose. the orioles strand two. bottom of the 8th, the athletics hanging on to a 3-0 lead. with the calendar, i can schedule all my payments. and when funds are low, danger days help me stay out of the red.
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>> jim: 3-0 athletics lead and now time for the recap. >> buck: he hits a bullet, a one hopper, robert andino has played well in the series and pops up to holliday for the first out of the 3rd inning. >> jim: and the coors light freeze cam. a good day with the glove and good day at the plate and here is jim johnson to work in the 8th inning for the orioles.
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>> buck: johnson making his 26th appearance. and he certainly wants to continue what brian bass and matt albers has done today. >> jim: bers stayed at 2nd base, pinch hitting for ty wigginton. adam kennedy, jack cust and matt holliday, 2, 3 and 4 against johnson. the orioles in the 9th inning will have scott, mora and salazar due up. and that one is fouled back. kennedy has one of the two hits by the athletics. orlando cabrera has the other. 6 and a third scoreless innings by bass bers -- bass bers.
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sliced down the leftfield side, out of play. kennedy does a good job looking at the bat and dropping it down leftfield line. that's where his base hit went in the 5th inning. >> buck: he has an upper cut swing and when the ball is away you can take the pitch and loop it down the leftfield line. right of the power is to right and right center. >> jim: outside, 2-2 the count. getting loose in the bullpen. and foul it's -- fouls it off the opposite way. jim johnson, the third reliever
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used by the orioles in this game. here is the 2-2. hit to centerfield. jones is there. has it for the out, and one down. 2 orioles will be out and about in the community coming up this week. on tuesday you can spend your lunch hour with rich hill at espn zone in the inner harbor. he'll sign autographs and answer your questions from noon until 1:00. and then on wednesday adam joans will be signing autographs at the wendys on west nursery road in lincecum, maryland, from noon until 1:00. and from all of the details on the orioles appearances, just get online at and here is jack cust, strike one. and a walk in the first, since
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grounded out and flied out. bounced to second base and andino, the shortstop, is on that. the -- throw to first and two men down as cust grounds out. what a lovely day here in oakland. i understand the weather is great. it's been raining all week. >> buck: yeah. the east coast has taken a beating with the weather here today. tough start for the day with the orioles. a three-spot in the first inning and then nothing since then. only two on in the afternoon. >> jim: strike one to matt holliday. first innings have been a real problem for this team in his sear -- this series. they've given up ten runs in the first three innings. >> jim: the oriole have not had
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a lead in any of the three games. fell behind 6-0 on friday night. 1-0, and then eventually 9-0 last night. and 3-0 here today. and scooped up by salazar. three up and three down. we'll head to the 9th. scott, mora and salazar up and the birds down by 3. 
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beautiful day in the oakland bay area. as the athletics try to complete a sweep with a 3-0 lead going to the 9th. aaron cunningham will take over for jack cust and andrew bailey has come out, trying to earn the save. >> buck: bailey worked an inning and a third in last night's game and had a couple of strikeouts and a walk: >> jim: and a fastball by scott, leading off. luke scott didn't face bailey, but he saw, he's got a big fastball. a fastball and a very hard breaking pitch.
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a little bit low, 1-1 the count. and buck was talking earlier about the rapid rise of these young pitchers in the oakland system. bailey last year spent the year in double-a baseball and here he is now closing out games. a breaking ball. 1-2. >> buck: his fastball, we've seen it up to 98 miles per hour. and that big breaking ball, to a hard, cut fastball. he's from medford, new jersey. so one fatetive of -- one native of new jersey closing it out after mazzaro, from new jersey, started the game. he's 24 years old. and luke scott down to begin the 9th inning. to give you an update on the voting for the at&t player of
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the game. and brian bass leading with 63%. mazzaro 26%, and jones, 11%. still time to next in your vote, a, b or c to 51682 and we'll have the results, tom and rick, on the o's post game. and strike one to melvin mora. still seeing izturis there after having the breaking ball hit him off the adam's apple. >> buck: and throwing that small breaking ball can get you out in front. >> jim: and checked the swing in time. bailey pitched in college at
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wagner, which is on stat on island. he was drafted and developed by the athletics. 6th round pick in 2006 and already in the big leagues. good eye by melvin. 2-2 the count. >> buck: one thing when you have a power arm like bailey, if he throws strike he can have success and he's shown the ability to throw strikes. 2-2, outside with ball 3. and melvin was down 0-2 after two pitches. now bailey has the count full. melvin 0 for 3 on the day, trying to get on. orioles need to get 2 on to get the tieing run up there. 3-2 on mora, with one out and
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none on. foul -- fouls it off to stay alive. melvin has grounded out twice and flied out to centerfield. and low, ball four. melvin works a 1-out walk. and the orioles need one more and here is salazar to bat. tieing run is on deck. salazar playing his first game. he was called up from triple-a to take over for cesar izturis who is on the disabled list. he was hitless in the game.
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and that's a strike. grounded out twice and flied out. no balls, and two strikes on the oriole first baseman. >> buck: bailey comes back and throws two good fastballs to salazar after walking mora. >> jim: and salazar down on strike. mora takes second base. two men down. the orioles down to the final out. that will probably not be a stolen base for melvin. they just let him take it. dave trembley and the o's down to the final out. here is matt weiters who is 0 for 3 today. runner at 2nd with two down. and weiters takes it low. and bailey has struck out 2 and walked 1, three batters, the
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orioles haven't put the ball in play yet. and that's a strike. weiters still looking for his first rbi in the big leagues. and he has four hits so far. two singles, a double and a triple. other close pitch. 2-1. melvin mora at second base. to shortstop and fielded by orlando cabrera and he gets it across in time and athletics have won to complete a three- game sweep. and the orioles are shut out in the final game.
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rich hill pitches his way out of the first inning. orioles collectively only two hits of the day and still lose 3-0. >> nothing good happens after a walk. we'll be back to talk about that. we'll rejoin you in just a moment. let's go back down to jim. >> jim: all right, tom, thank you very much. so the athletics win it by a final of 3-0. we invite you to join us again on tuesday, more orioles action. it will be game one of a three- game series against the mariners. burgess on will be on the mound against hernandez. coverage begins at 6:30.
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jim hunter saying so long for the oakland coliseum, this has been a masn presentation. tom davis and rick dempsey and o's xtra. >> the e's complete a three game sweep, and rick, before we get into the orioles we have to talk about vin mazzaro. he hasn't given up a run in two professional games in the major leagues. >> he was 15 and 6 comes into the game and he doesn't strike out a lot of people but he doesn't give up very many runs either and that tells you something about the movement on his fastball and today he shows it. if you were watching the ballgame, you saw a lot of ground ball outs but that movement on the fastball and mixing in the slider and the curveball, he showed me a little something.
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in fact all of the oakland a aspishers showed me something, all young guys and very up and coming guys that are scary rights now. >> as we look at the recap. this is a one-inning recap when you get down to it for the oars and it fun turns out to be -- it turns out to be too many walks. giambi walks with the bases loaded and that brings in the first run. >> and hill just can't seem to find the plate. he hits another batter with the bases loaded. that puts to runs on the bar for oakland. >> and cust scored and it was 2- 0 oakland. and luke scott strikes out to end the top of the 6th. and then in the top half of the 8th, with two on and two out, markakis flies out and the a's maintain their 3-0 advantage. >> it was the only two opportunities the orioles had ault day long to put runs on
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the board, although markakis hit well, nothing was scored. >> just two hits for the a's and that will be a stand out for quite sometime. and now for more on the game we'll return to oakland and revisit with jim hunter and buck martinez. jim. >> tom, thank you very much and a tough way to end the road trip after it got off to a promising start on monday after a win coming to oakland and having trouble, and capped off with a 3-0 win. >> the big thing about the series was they fell behind in a hurry. they give up six runs on the first inning on friday and today they fell behind early. not holiday has come out of an early season slumber as he had a great series, 4 for 9 and had four rbis and luke scott 3 for 11, the only bright spot offensively for the ball club and the athletics out scored the orioles 12-5 in the series
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and the start hes were charged with 18 earned runs in four and two-thirds innings. so obviously any time your starters get knocked around, it will be a tough series, very difficult when you get in the early holes. and 18 earned runs and look at not even five innings combined by the three starters. >> and it's a rocket ball how well they kept the ball club within striking distance but the offense just couldn't muster any offense against this great young pitching staff here in oakland. >> the one positive today was the job done by the bullpen as brian bass came on and was fabulous. he got out of the bases loaded jam in the first and kept it close and that's what kept the orioles close. but what a job by the bullpen. >> that was brian bass' longest outing of the season and he threw strike after strike all afternoon and because of that, got some good plays behind him. andino made some good defensive plays and matt albers and johnson finishing up in the
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8th. >> and only two hits but taking advantage of four walks in the first inning and the athletics win it by a final of 3-0, completing the three game sweep. let's head back to the studio, tom and rick. >> and the orioles will be headed back tomorrow. they have an off day tomorrow and then will open up at camden yards against the mariners, its first of three beginning tuesday evening. time to look at the at&t player of the game. and it turns out to be brian bass for the orioles with 43% of the total vote. adam jones had 35% and vin mazzaro with 22%. and he is just really tough on the orioles all day today. but let's give credit to brian bass who has been magnific sent after the first couple of times out. so that's a look at at&t player of the game. and we'll be back with more as we continue on after the oakland a's shut out the orioles in oakland today. it's the bold espresso beans.
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>> and just a reminder, to meet adam jones, the star centerfielder on wednesday june 10th, from noon to 1:00 at the wendys at 1589 west nursery road in lincecum, just in front of the hoist cinema. visit for more information. and the orioles have started with a struggle in the series. 0-3. they pitched four and two thirds and look at this line. 18 earned runs and the walks, 7, cost them dearly. but they allowed eight doubles. and the start hes didn't get past the fourth. two and two third innings. >> rich hill had the best game of any orioles pitcher so far this year when shutout seattle seven complete innings and did an outstanding job and comes there and can't get through th


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