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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 7, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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jeremy guthrie struggled through it. but you have to look at the way rich hill started this game today. i thought he was all -- everything was out of whack. he was using the fastball more, did not establish his curveball early in the game and so goats to this counts. you'll see right here. here you got to go back to the curveball because you got two men on base. and for me, the inning is on the line. he goes back to the fastball, can't find the strike zone, and he ends up walking hall-- holliday. and now he starts pressing to throw the ball over the plate and now laying the fastball in there and was lucky that he didn't give up more than one inning. he hit a batter and walked four guys in the first inning and it wasn't like any game that he's thrown for us so far this season. all out of whack. early if the game, you have to establish the curveball because that's what sets up the fastball. seven strikeouts the last time up because he got the curveball up over the plate. you have to know going in, you
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have to get the curveball over the plate or your day is done. >> now in regards to being able to establish a curveball, is it some days you have it and some days you don't. >> i think it's the way you approach every count. and cabrera should have seen the curveball early in the count, first or second pitch should have gone curveball because you have to get that pitch over. his fastball is not tough to hit. it's a straight fastball. he doesn't have much movement on it. so therefore, you can't have hitters sitting and waiting until he decides to throw the fastball. he has to have the big sweeping curveball. when he does, he cruises through ballgames. backward that's first inning. it come hist the rest of the game. >> now brian bass has been somewhat magnificent. today he goes 4 and a third and allows one base hit. the bullpen count was 7 and a third, one hit and two strikeouts. evaluate what you saw from brian bass. >> he keeps getting better and
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better every time out. 14 at-bats that he faced today. one right after another. great movement on the fastball. used the slider. the slider is his setup pitch for the sinker and he's really done a very good job of keeping it out. look at the movement on that ball right there. andino with another pretty good play. but think about this, at the beginning of the season, the first three appearances which went for 7 and a third innings, he gave up 12 earned runs and in his last 13 appearances, which is 26 innings. he's only given up three earned runs and during that time, only one home run, which the orioles starting pitchers and the orioles pitching staff have given up more home runs than anybody in the american league. >> how about the earned run average over the last 15 appearances. 0.92 victories and 22 hits and 6 walks. >> you have to start thinking about brian bass because he was a starter with the minnesota twins before he came here, that he might be considered for a
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starting role here. if this starting staff doesn't start getting things in line. to do what they're doing right now on this road trip, losing five games its way they've done with no offense, the only game they really won was a 1-0 ballgame up in seattle. you have to tart considering shaking everybody up and start moving some guys in that are doing the job. >> and brian bass certainly did the job today, getting them out of a jam in the first and pitching four and a third innings. we're going to revisit with jim hunter and buck martinez. time for the dave trembley interview and let's return back to jim hunter. >> tom, thank you very much. and joined now by the manager of the orioles, dave trembley. a very tough first inning as rich hill had very little command of the you got out of it, very good by the bullpen but the first inning too much to overcome. >> we said the key for hill was to get out of the first inning. especially when they have the momentum going into the last
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game. series here. we didn't get it done in the first inning and walked people and the hit batsman. bass kept us in the game as the other guys did out of the bullpen. jones hit the ball, right there on the button. didn't get anything for it. nicki did twice. their guy pitched a very good game. >> your ball club was so good in the first inning, throughout a major part of this season early on and in this series you gave up ten runs. it's too tough to come back when you give up ten first inning runs, isn't it. >> i think the story is, when you're playing a three game series and two out of the three you're taking the starting pitcher out, that should tell you it's not going peaches and cream for you. so it's a tough hill to climb, but we did the best we could. >> i thought adam jones tried to make a statement, breaking up that play in the first inning and i thought this was going to be the day things would turn around. you have to be pleased with his effort today. >> it was a very good game. and i thought we played with
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some life. there was some energy out there. jones set the tone with a hit, with a clean and good slide. we just didn't put any runs on the board. >> dave, you mentioned the lack of scoring on this trip. are you at least encouraged, you mentioned some of the bills hit well. markakis nearly hit a ball for a double but davis ran it down. you can't guide the ball but if you have good swings, eventually the -- the hits will ball. >> there was quality at-bats but nothing to show for them. melvin hit a ball good. they just didn't drop in. that's just the way the game goes. >> dave, we appreciate the visit. >> all righty. >> manager dave trembley joining us. the athletics complete the three game sweep. back to the studio. >> and the dave trembley interview brought to you by verizon wireless. and now, rick, when you look at adom jones batting leadoff and reimold batting
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second and the night before it was different. is it acts of desperation to get them going. >> that's a major shake up. when reimold is hitting second and you're number one guy is hitting .340, over that at this point in the season, he's the leadoff guy and got two hits today but had nobody on base in front of him. dave is trying everything. i feel sorry for him. i've been there and managed seven years myself. i know you have to do those kind of things but having to do it two days in a row is uncalled for. it's just too bad that they just can't seem to find something going because they are an excellent hitting ball club. >> when we come back we'll talk about six all-stars from the frederick keys. that comes up next when we continue our coverage after the a's shut out the orioles 3-0. we'll be back here on masn in just a moment. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport,
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congratulations in store for the carolina all-stars coming from the frederick keys.
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mattis had a good half the first season. a terrific e.r.a. so far this year. and zack brittan has gone 3-2 with an earned run average of 2.11. and luis lebron out of the bullpen for the keys, cal even joseph, the catcher batting .338. and brandon wear was acquired in the deal that sent ramon hernandez to the reds. he was part of the deal. he's hitting .280 and playing first base. and flor mon hitting well. and now let's look at the minor league score board. chris tillman was giving up three runs and he's 5-2 for the season. buoy shutting out. and brandon side more, 1 for 3.
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buoy won the second game 4-2. but brandon slider drove in two. and the frederick keys, 6-1 as jack whitten allows two hits and struck out three. britain is 3 and 2 for the season. time to take a look at top five play this is -- plays this week in baseball. >> and he hits to rightfield. ichiro was just looking. >> hit one in the air to rightfield. luke scott way back. goodbye, home run. >> and the bat of luke scott continues to be hot. >> and a towering pop-up, first base side. and he got it. nice play. >> to short and andino, a great
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glove. there is one, relay. and a double play. ground ball towards short andino again, and there is one and there's two. andino playing a spectacular shortstop in this game. hill, 2-2 delivery and he got him. here is the 3-2 with the runners going and he's gone. a check swing and a breaking ball. and that is in there for a strike. >> the top five plays of the week. and here are the top for the orioles. luke scott with a couple of home runs, batting .353, adam jones .333 and burgess son, striking out three and that's the past week in baseball. looking at the american league score board. yankees have won. the 20th comeback victory. swisher with a home run.
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joe girardi with the win. texas win over boster, beating the red sox 6-3. nell on cruz with the 10th in the last 10 games. and toronto shut out kansas city, holliday with the 10th win. complete game, the first of the majors to win 10. overbay had a solo and the tigers defeated anaheim. and clete thomas for the tigers, grand slam. two against the orioles last weekend and detroit's 30th win for the season. now when we come back, we'll look at brad burgess on, he'll be the starter on tuesday when they return back to camden yards. that story is next. ♪ what's great about the iphone on the nation's fastest 3g network... is if dinner turns into dinner and a movie, you can quickly download an app from the app store...
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mariners. brad bergesen pitches the 2-2 and rick, what do you look forward to for bergesen. >> i hope he continued to pitch the way he did in seattle. 7 inning and giving up two earned runs. and other than that, he would have won that ballgame. he'll be up against vargas who pitched a good ballgame at the same time. only went 5 and a third but only gave up two earned runs. so a good matchup to see which one of these guys deserves to win this game. a pitch-off. >> the orioles will be back at camden yards. masn has a brand new reporter and this one absolutely is kind of a unique reporter. he in fact wears an orioles uniform. let's check in with dennis sar funny. >> this is dennis sar font and today we'll be the fashion police on hair-dos. >> i'm standing here by t bone's locker and we have a
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question, we brought some pictures back from when you played and we were just wondering if there is a possibility of you bringing this hair style back. >> i could bring it back. >> maybe a throwback day. >> he has a nice afro with a stash to match up with it. >> and a nice picture of sammy here. do you think you can rock that hair-do? >> no. >> you can just describe to us the difference between a jerry curl and the normal afro? >> well normal afro, you put afro shave in it and pick it out. the jerry curl, sometimes chemicals. >> which one god more ladies? >> i would have to say the afro worked for me. >> and we're looking back at some pictures here ofa and t bone, juan. he rocked the afro, you had a jerry curl going. which do you think pulled more women. >> dang, i look good here.
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>> which one, jerry curl or afro? >> i have to go for the jerry curl for the girls. >> i think afro is easier to get out of bed and come to the ballpark. >> and how long did it take you to do your hair. >> five hours. >> it looks like he used a quarter gallon of hairspray to get that to stick. >> do you think he used soul glow there? >> oh, yeah. >> jerry curl or afro? >> curl. >> why? >> because he looks like billy d. williams. >> jonessy said you look like billy d. williams. do you know who that is? >> yeah. that's a good call. and billy d. williams in star wars. >> i used to get that back in the day. >> back in the day. >> adam, if you had to say this is one person on the team, who would you describe this as? >> i would think this is billy ray cyrus, who used to feature the -- what's that called there
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-- >> achy breaky heart. >> was it zahn? >> no. it looks like a business in the front and party in the back. >> former outfielder slash d.h. >> buck martinez hair. >> and it's going to be a big show tonight because of the hairspray. >> i see similarities to that. >> luke scott, like billy ray cyrus. >> luke scott had a nice hair- do coming into spring training. >> i think these are some good hair dos. >> which would you rock? >> i think the jerry curl. a perm piece looks nice. >> enough about hair. and that wraps up our first edition of dennis the men as. stay tuned when we cover the reporters that cover our team, from our perspective. >> that's a great job by dennis. lit's -- let's listen to rich hill after the performance. >> it's horrible to go out
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there and pitch that inning after a terrible outing. >> reporter: at what point did you know you weren't getting into the groove? >> i think its way aust little bit of the tempo and just missing. missing pitches. it wasn't anything to do with aggressiveness or not going out there and attacking the hitters, it just was missing pitches again and i need to work on it these next four or five days with the off day and get going for the next start. >> when you look back at rich hill, it was like day and night between the two starts. >> it was. and like he said, he was right, his tempo was messed up from the very first hitter. he gave up the fastball and started pitching from the stretch and he shouldn't have had to go to it that soon in the ballgame. you want to see the curveball over early and establish as quick as you can because it sets up the fastball. and then allows the changeup once in a while. it was a bad day, let's put it behind us and go from here.
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>> and the birds come back home. melvin mora t-shirt night. the birds take on the mariners sh the first of a three game series. for rick dempsey, this is tom davis. thank you for watching masn.
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m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important. part of that coaching staff and i said no, i really didn't. >> we now join or regularly scheduled programming, already in progress. do. so i opted out at that time. i was asked by the canadians if i'd like to coach their olympic team. and you know, steve nash wasn't a mature enough player yet so i turned that one down. >> reporter: kobe's never been anything but hungry but have you ever seen him hungrier than he is at this moment? >> i think it's a culmination of having, you know, that total effort that he had to give for the olympic team and dedication over two years and two summers
6:53 pm
and then coming back last year and having the opportunity to get to the finals and then denied. i think it just made this more of a challenge, interesting challenge for him because he's been continually playing basketball for two years almost. >> reporter: and seven years since his last title and three, four years of post-shaquille struggles. >> reporter: it's unusual to have a coach and manager with such historic is heing cans with you and joe torri working up the street from one another. do you study successful people in other sports by any chance? would he be one guy you have any feel for? >> i definitely follow, you know, the major sports
6:54 pm
championships. you know, i think joe's low-key manner, something similar to what i have, seems to be able to take everything in hand, also handle players with penalti personalities is a big part of that. that part i know he's got to be real god at because of the type of characters he's had in various spots. but it's not a similar sports in regards to baseball, i used to talk a lot of baseball with the former owner or the owner of the chicago bulls, the former boss of myself and the owner of the white sox and we used to talk about baseball a lot because i coached baseball as a young man in college. anyway, it was my first coaching job and i know kind of the rout that goes onned and he used to say it's probably more difficult than coaching basketball because you always got to make a move,
6:55 pm
everysongle pitch is another chess situation for you. and, yes, while we go to sleep watching baseball scores, i know it's a very intense game and a lot of different challenges out there, but basketball is such a continuous, active sport, there's so many emotions that rise and fall in basketball, it really is a sport where managing really the temperament of the players is almost the critical element of coaching. >> phil jackson talking baseball. we're talking golf. and tiger woods, final round play at the memorial, four shots off the lead to start the day. you got the feeling that on the second hole it was going to be special. tiger nailing the birdie putt from almost 38 feet. fifth hole from the sand.
6:56 pm
to within three feet. he would make that birdie. go to eight under. if they weren't biting their nails, they sure were now. on 11, third shot. the eagle puing tiger to within one. tiger saying pins were going to be tough on sunday, he's got to be more disciplined. discipline this. to within nine feet of the hole. he would 17. take the lead at minus 11. a hole he went bogey, bogeyy pa in the first three rounds, all that would take is a tap-in for birdie. winning the memorial by two strokes it is his 67th pga tour win, fourth win at the memorial. fifth time he's overcome a four-plus shoft deficit to win. >> and here is what's coming up
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here on espnews. that will do it for kevin and myself. we're getting set for the nba finals and tony stewart as well a nobody has to tell you these are tough times. that's why it's a good time to get back under the hood... to keep that car running longer... and do everything you can to make sure... a small job doesn't turn into a costly one. and autozone is here to help every step of the way. we're the one place you'll find the expertise, tools, and advice you can trust... to help you do the job right the first time. because do-it-yourself doesn't mean you have to do it alone. get in the zone. autozone.
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