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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 7, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> what we saw was a great golfers, tiger woods, fourth round of memorial starting today. four stroke behind the lead. second hole for birdie, 37 feet out, goes in. tiger moves to six under. fifth hole in the bunker, third shot on the par five and, yeah, gets that roll and it's to within three feet of the hole. tiger would make the birdie there. goes to eight under. shot of the day, par five. three strokes behind the leader. from the rough and in the cup. that's an eagle. tiger would take the lead, drop back into a four-way tie for the lead but here on 17, his second shot, a thing of beauty. to within nine feet of the hole, here for birdie and the outright lead on 17. tiger takes the lead at 11
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under. second shot on 18 now. still with that one-stroke lead. taps in for birdie, 65 to win the memorial by two strokes. it's his fourth win. it's his 67th pga tour win overall and it's his fifth time overcoming a four-stroke deficit in the final round to win a tournament. it's the second time he's done that this season. here's tiger talking about winning the memorial tournament. >> you couldn't ask for a worse lie on 11. it was not only into the grain, i was trying to make sure i hit it where i didn't leave it there and two, make the mistake of just hitting it over the green or having to chip back or if it stayed in the green, i would have to putt over the hill. but the driving this week was nice. it was coming. it was just a matter of time.
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i finally put it to the this week. >> much more on this great victory big tiger woods coming up at 7:30 eastern. tiger woods, 2009 pga tour event, you see what he's been able to do, overcoming a four-stroke deficit. that is how we roll into another edition of espnews. that is the coach, avery johnson. he's not here to talk about tiger woods, though i'm pretty sure he could. >> man, i'm wondering why none of my chips go in. >> that's why you're up here with us. >> mine are past the hole about 15 feet. >> a lot of golfers on the pga tour not named tiger woods say the same thing. you're here to talk about the nba finals tonight, game two, the lakers coming off a
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convincing 25-point victory on thursday night. stan van gundy, has had two days to think about it, agonize about it as you know he would. >> first of all, you got to talk to your team about, hey, guys, we've been in this situation before. it's one game. we didn't show up at all. but the number one thing they have to do is find the way to get dwight howard the ball, especially in transition before the lakers set their defense and the half court, talk to the shooters, hey, guys, we only made 27% of our two-point shots. it would be nice if you guys can make a few shots. on the defensive end, that's where they're really in trouble because they didn't do a good job of guarding the post-ups, especially gasol, luke walton posted up, lee, kobe bryant, bynum, odom. they got outscored severely in the paint. so they didn't do a good job with their post-ups and they got to do a good job on kobe bryant,
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especially when he's running pick-and-rolls. >> how do you stop bryant? what would your game plan be? >> well, acouple of adjustments here. first of all, they got to do a better job of denying kobe the basketball are instead of allowing him to catch the basketball so easily. on his penetration, get some help, help and recover. they were recovering pretty slow. maybe give kobe a hard foul. this is the finals. i'm from the old school. >> do you want to make kobe mad, though? come on. >> this is the finals. obviously he was happy in the last game. and again, on the pick-and-roll, they may have to make a decision on trying to double team him a little bit and making him a passer. >> got three days between the final games. who does that benefit the most? >> more than anything it's the home team. they're at home. there's nothing like home cooking. it's always normally the older
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team. but also it hurt the psyche of the losing team. all orlando magic has been hearing about is kobe bryant, points in the paint, we missed so many open shots, we didn't do well when they made us put the ball on the floor and they closed out to us. so in this situation, it favors the home team and the team that's ahead with the winning record in the lakers 1-0 they're up in this series. >> one guy that we haven't talked about, jameer nelson, at least there was speculation about whether he was going to play. he looked somewhat effective, stan van gundy said i made a mistake, i played him too long. who would you handle the situation in game two? >> it's a tough situation. first of all, it takes communication. it sounded like rafer alston was caught off guard.
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you have your all-star but now rafer also needs to help get you to this point along with anthony johnson, his backup. maybe a little bit better communication. like coach van givenedy said, maybe play him shorter spurts instead of 12 straight minutes. >> only one field goal made in game number one. they only took six shots. ism know he had a lot of shots because he got fouled a lot by the lakers. how do you keep them on the offensive end? >> i know everybody's been talking about dwight howard's offense. he needs to play better defense. he's the defensive player of the year. he didn't defend the paint well, didn't play the post-up well or the peacekeeper-and-roll. getting the ball early in transition. the players have to make what we call california as coaches on time, on target passes. when he's open, get him the ball on time. don't throw it at his ankles, don't throw it above his head. get it to him on time and on target. in the half court he has to do a
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better job, dwight howard, at attacking the double teams quicker. they're bringing double team sometimes from the talk, sometimes from the baseline. he's waiting too long. sometimes you have to attack them before they get their double team set. >> coach, nba fanls, you don't want to call this game a must win. some people say the magic need to win game number to. who are you picking in los angeles and why? >> i'm picking the lakers. because, again, just as much as orlando magic was a bad matchup for the cleveland cavaliers, the lakers are a bad matchup for them. they can go big, they can go small, phil jackson has a lot of options and versatility with this lineup. and the one thing that the lakers have that the magic don't have, their hunger. they're hungry for a championship. they lost in the finals last year. look at kobe's face in the last game. you know, again, i'm going with the lakers. >> we'll see if they can do it if the finals. at times during the postseason
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the lakers haven't handled prosperity very well. >> just when you start believing in the lakers, they'll lay an egg and lose by 20 point pps? >> but you see them motivated tonight? >> i see them motivated. >> we shall see. avery johnson, you can see more on him on fastbreak tonight. here on espnews, a busy day in the world of sports. tony stewart had to start from the back at pocono but you won't believe where he ended up or maybe you will because he's the points leader. also coming up, we hadn't talked about brett favre in about a week? we're talking about him right now. he had a procedure done last month. we'll tell you all about i
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>> back here on espnews, mike yam and mike hill with you. we'll bring you the postgame news conferences. we'll do that after game two tonight. both of the coaches when the game is over, no other place you'd rather be than espnews. >> just when all was quiet on the brett favre front, we've got this news, still currently retired quarterback had surgery on his shoulder last month. this could be huge news because it might mark the first step towards another favre come bab. once again, might mark a comeback. we ask chris about it. mort, we don't want to speculate. he might just be getting something cleaned up, might want to feel better. what does the surgery mean? >> reporter: he had the
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arthroscopic procedure exploring the nonsurgical procedures with the acclaimed orthopedic surgeon in birminghaming. from the home he started consulting dr. and dues, you knew he was considering playing football again and you know that means with the minnesota vikings. if there's no team interested in brett favre, you know, then this isn't a story. my understanding is brett's not just having the surgery so he can have quality of life. however, let me add one last note, so far three or four weeks removed from the surgery, he's not feeling all that great according to our sources. so there's still question as to whether this will happen and at some point the vikings have to make a decision how long they want to wait. >> what do you mean he's not feeling all that great. has he been throwing a football around? >> on a very limited basis. which is expected.
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originally when we reported about the possibility of arthroscopic surgery, we were told it would be a three to six week rehab. well, he's in that time frame right now. so one advantage, the vikings are getting ready to wrap up their summer section of ota activities on the field this week. one advantage that brett has with the vikings and it's been noted many times is that the vikings' play book is basically identical to the green bay packers play book. so this is all about the physical sh not the mental because he's not going to have to learn a new offense like he did with the jets. how long are the vikings willing to wait? maybe we'll hear something this week. maybe they'll say, you know what, it's just not going to work, we're moving on. but it takes two to tango. >> that's the viking side of things. how long will brett wait before he makes a decision? >> that's a good question. you know, i would think he's willing to wait two to four weeks. you know, at some point, you
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know, let's say by july 10th or whatever you would think that he would want to know, my arm is feeling okay. in fact it's feeling close to a hundred percent because he doesn't want to embarrass himself. he really doesn't. was he embarrassed the last five weeks of last season? sure he was. no question about it. the guy has a lot of pride. heem who begrudge him his right to try and pursue his passion, that's just the way people are going to feel. he's not going to react to that. he's going to react to his body. >> always a fascinating story whenever brett favre is involved. mort, thanks as always, my man. >> mike, thanks. >> how about right here. tony stewart started pocono at the back of the pack. he was on the pole. then on friday he wrecked his car so he had to start from the back. with a backup car.
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denny hamlin was having some problems, lost his gauges, loses all power, caution comes out. lap 104, jimmie johnson has got some issues, pit road officially closed, caution came out. take another look at what happened. check out the red light. johnson comes down pit road. he would be personalized, he would finish seventh. carl edwards, stone tony stewart, stewart beats edwards the mandates of palestine. with fdr sudden death april 1945 and the war coming to an end, truman would have to make the tough decisions that his predecessor had avoided. has four human misery, chairman would not have pointed only to the holocaust but also the terrible conditions of the jewish survivors still living in the prison camps after the war. soon after truman became
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president a former u.s. commissioner of immigration and now the dean of the university of pennsylvania law school concluded the jewish people living in conditions similar to those they experienced in the nazi concentration camps "only now we do not kill them" end quote. parker reading about the situation made him sick. he supported the conclusion 100 survivors in the camps be allowed to go to palestine and he pressed the british to have the mandatory 100,000 troops stationed to let them and. their british refusal to do this set off a chain of events which eventually landed the problem of palestine at the doorstep of the new united nations. the second theory about truman's motivation was they were purely political he did it for jewish votes and
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contributions as was the explanation put forth almost immediately by the u.s. state department and foreign office and by later by a political scientist and revisionist historian. truman himself contributed by complaining to the british and others of the political pressure on him. was gaining tuition electoral support the most important factor motivating truman to recognize israel and account for his prior actions which had a significant impact on the outcome? harry truman was a politician and a -- in a democratic country where it was bound to impact policy decisions as president he was a leader of the democratic party and could not ignore how his actions would affect not only his own political fortune but those of the party and after world war ii as much as politicians or
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the state department tried to separate in the case of the jewish refugees in the jewish state domestic and foreign policy issues were tied together by very strong sentiments. even so truman felt it was his challenge and responsibility to create, as he said neither the arabs or jewish policy but an american policy surrounded off the struggle to do what he thought was right despite all of the problems he had had times deciding just what that might be. although politics certainly played an important role, there were instances where truman turned down requests by politicians to take actions they thought would help them with their jewish constituents. if truman did not think he was being asked to do was correct, he often declined. to review the charges truman
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was acting out of political expediency comment clark, i considered to be the architect of the 48 presidential campaign strategy, appointed at a 43 page memorandum he gave to truman in november 1947. clifford advised truman to concentrate on winning the south and states west of the mississippi which would allow him to discount the electoral votes of new york as well as new jersey, illinois and ohio, states with a substantial jewish population. he argues a jewish vote, if it existed was only an issue in a new york city. truman would be much more likely to win if he made policy based on the issue instead of merit. clifford turned out to be prophetic, if the jewish vote was a key to victory in the 1940 presidential election, then making policy
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to gain the votes prove to be a dismal failure per kabbalah states with a significant jewish population, truman only one illinois. a third explanation that has been given for w why t acted as he did, is he did it because he was a religious baptist day and christian science is the belief in biblical process of -- prophecies to the return of the jews to the ancient homeland. president truman never officially use religion as a reason to support the creation of a jewish state but it manifest itself both before he became president and after he recognized israel. truman claimed to have read the bible at least a dozen times before he was 15 and he looked to it for inspiration and guidance as an adult progress is senator, truman along with his congressional
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colleagues joined the mayor can it/palestine committee that later changed its name to the american christian palestine committee, the christian zionist organization supporting the creation of a jewish national home and palestine by think we can conclude that the very least truman's religious training and familiarity with the old testament gave him a sense of the appropriateness of the jewish return to palestine. lastly, there is the eddie jacobson theory. i can tell you how many people when we were working on this topic have said didn't truman have an old friend and business partner named eddie jacobson who had something to do with it? yes he did. perhaps the most important thing jacobson did for the zionist cause when things are not looking to promising was to convince truman to give a
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hearing to the zionist light -- leader. at the time truman was adamant not to seize zionist leaders who he felt were unduly pressuring him. jacobson might be their only hope and they called on him to persuade his zero days his old friend. he called a protege and agency member for a price and said he was searching for ways to convince truman to see wise men may be to make some kind of connection between wise men and the president truman most revered, andrew jackson, whose statue was sitting in his office. did he have any suggestions? he said, edie, i don't think any to human beings ever walked the face of the earth with your common attributes but go ahead and give it a
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try. [laughter] truman finally relented and looking up at his old friend, a truman said, you win you bald headed sob, i will see him. he then served as a liaison between the white house and u.s. agency before the official government could be set up. then the truth is all the factors i discussed played several but how important ozzy? and what part of the store where they the most significant? we thought understanding truman and the founding of israel was to place the story in the context of the very dramatic events german encountered from the time he became president april 1945 to the recognition of israel may 1948. and we believe the best way to approach it was three narrative history showing how truman responded to these events. but since the story embraced
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so much more than truman himself, we thought it important to include the narrative and voices of the groups and people involved including the jews, british, arabs, american state department, and many more. we know a tremendous did not receive his decisions easily. his daughter margaret said it was actually the most difficult dilemma of his entire administration. this is saying something about a man who had to end world war ii, put his country back on the peacetime setting comedy with a new cold war with soviet union and helped to reconstruct europe. today we want to talk about some of the opposing forces that made the issues of jews and palestine a difficult dilemma for chairman. the american jewish community and changing relationship and
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the opposition of the british comedy arabs and u.s. state and defense establishments to the creation of the jewish state in palestine before world war i, zionism was a european movement with a very small following in america. the jewish establishment in america by and large body large state was unnecessary and could possibly be dangerous britain may threaten their status as americans and leave them open to the charge of dual loyalties. but the holocaust meant that they've word now the largest, wealthiest, and most influential jewish community and the world. it was a grave responsibility. the inability of the western democracy to save their fellow jews coming to give them a safe haven and the refusal even now at the end of the war to a mid significant numbers of the survivors strengthen
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the zionist argument that the jews would only be safe once they have their own country and could defend themselves for the most american jews who became zionist supporters of not want the other country for themselves but for jews suffering in other countries especially the survivors still lingering in the camps after the war wanting to go to palestine. this change was reflected in the attitudes of several important jewish advisers to truman including david niles, tremendous special counsel who in turn influence his replacement, clark clifford. he had begun working for fdr in the 1928 run for the governor of new york. when roosevelt was elected president, and rose in men and joined him where he served as fdr confidante, a council, a speechwriter, as well as
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unofficial adviser on jewish affairs. he has been criticized for not doing more to influence the fdr during world war ii but he was to play a much different role we found during truman's administration. after fdr's death feasted on to work for trimming in a similar capacity, but now his attitude had radically changed toward a zionism. something we found very interesting, a quote from him we had not seen before rosenmen said before hitler came to power i was the anti-zionist but after i became a non zionist but at the end of the war i became a full believer in the idea of political zionism. the others followed a similar path. 1945 the number of american jews who belong to zionist organization have grown at
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400,000 less than 251,943. at the forefront of the surge was the american zionist emergency council the umbrella group of zionist organizations headed by a a militant rabbi he was a brilliant political strategist who believe both major political parties should be made to buy for the jewish votes and it was a big mistake to be in the pocket of the democratic party and to be taken for granted. he belonged to day's claim to be a member of either party but claim to be a republican. azec and efforts to become a state was bipartisan and put pressure on the democrats who relied on the jewish votes especially in new york and who in turn pressure truman. >> azec and other


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