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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 9, 2009 6:30pm-6:59pm EDT

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the following is a masn presentation. >> you are looking at a live look into the national's draft room on draft day. moments ato the nationals selected san diego state right- hander steven straysberg with the number 1 overall selection. we're going to have previous us coming up next on nats extra. there is rain coming down as we try to get game number 1 under way between the cincinnati reds and the washington nationals, they are wrapping up a home stand with three against the reds. welcome to nats extra pregame brought to you by byron kerr, ray knight. moment ago the nationals made
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the selection everybody thought they would, bud selig making the selection announcement from the draft. the nationals going with steven strasberg as the number 1 overall selection from san diego state.  steven strasberg there, there  is the right-hander from san diego state, and he has everything, all the tools you would expect, ray. 103 miles per hour fastball, the best prospect to come down in 30 years. >> yeah, i want to share a story. rod data who is the tremendous coach there at usc, he had tom seaver, then later on he watched prior pitch and he told me at the college world series, and in i believe it was '91, that prior was a better pitcher in college than was receiver. now, everybody says that this kid was better than mark prior. i got to see mark prior in that summer of 1991, i believe it was '91, and he was unreal. i did not -- i had not seen a
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minor league pitcher as good as him and he was in his third year in college. so what we have here is, as you said, a one in a million guy, a guy that has a tremendous fastball, guy that had a 10 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio, a guy that has a fastball that nobody has seen since nolan ryan, as good as bert blyleven. he has an uncanny ability to throw strikes, big, strong, intelligent, a lot of people are saying, i've heard more this week, a lot of people are saying, everybody was saying he is not see second, today on the radio there were five of eight people that i heard said that they think he can pitch in the big leagues right now. he is just 20 years old, but i think if he is that good we need to get him signed. >> he had a tremendous couple years, he had a big strikeout
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performance, with 23, even against virginia in the ncaa tournament, 15 strikeouts despite the loss but doing that game. >> you saw that game. what was your thoughts on it. >> i liked the way he was mixing things up. he got the fastball to 98 miles per hour. but the fact he could control his other pitches, making virginia, making them guess for the remainder of that game, the two runs early on, the only two he allowed. >> he has a great breaking ball. sometimes when a guy throws 97- 98, you cheat so much, just the change of speed gets them out. but that's not the deal with strasberg. the breaking ball it would get you out. you add that to a 100-plus miles per hour fastball thinking you have got to get the bat barrel out front not to be 'em bragsed, these guys are hitting with aluminum bats and
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waiting about getting jammed and wait until he gets in the minor leagues and these guys are busting their hand with wooden bats. so you're gonna see a guy who has probably the most fastball in baseball. verlander may be right there. a guy that has tremendous demand of his breaking ball. he has a change-up but man he never has to get to that breaking ball. lots of stuff going downstairs in the president's club t draft room, the president's club, all taken care of by our own debbie taylor. that's right byron. there's quite a buzz down here, mike rizzo the national's acting general manager will stand here and talk about the nats' top pick. it's been an exciting day but a busy couple weeks. they have been here at national's park for the last two weeks, in at 8:30 in the
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morning, my sources tell me the earliest they have left is midnight so putting in a lot of hard work and hours, the leader of scouting leading the way. chris klein, the national crosschecker and assistant scout, if first here and last to leave, and the western crosschecker has been busy. but nobody is more busy than mike rise zo. in addition to juggling his gm duties he has also been overseeing and going out and scouting a lot of these draft picks so he has the busiest blackberry in baseball. mark lerner and ted lerner have been out to see steven strays bourg, that doesn't happen very often in major league baseball. a lot on the line with this pick. manny acta saying what a franchise moment this is, he is also very confident steven has the makeup to live up to all this hype. we'll have lots more from the draft room in the press conference and the president's
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club. back over to you byron. >> thanks a lot debbie. if you look at what the nationals have available at that spot, look at what mike rid el had talked about, it may not be the best draft out there but they still have three of the first 80 picks. they can still get some quality people. >> they can get another pitcher. what they are doing is just stacking up on great young arms and we already have a truck load of good young arms and it's been evidenced by what the young men do up here. you can talk about stay monday, detwiler, zimmerman, you get a guy like strays bourg, this just takes you to another level. you know, we haven't signed him but assuming we're going to sign him. worst-case scenario we get the number 2 pick next we're but we don't want to waste another year with a guy like aaron crow.
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tom seaver was called the franchise. why? because every time he went out there he won and he also had the mental attitude to make everybody around him beryl. that's what they are saying about steven strasbourg, this is a great day, a glows day in washington nationals history if we get this young man signed. >> johnny holiday had a chance to look in on what strasbourg can do. >> it was for many baseball fans their first look at the 6'4"" power pitching phenom that is steven strasbourg. 23 strikeouts as a sophomore against rival youths. then later there was the 17 strikeouts on the way to a no- hitter versus air force. strasbourg's profile has steadily risen and his coach at san diego state university, tony gwynn, recently visited
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nats extra and gave a scouting report of the man many believe will be the first overall selection in the m.l.b. draft. >> for a 20-year-old i can't remember seeing anybody this poll lished, this knowledgeable, he is just a guy, he is unassuming, soft- spoken, but he is as competitive as anybody you want to meet and he gets out on the mound and everybody gets caught up with the velocity because he has reached 101-102 occasionally, but he knows how to pitch. and at this level he has made it look pretty easy. he can locate. three pitches above average, he is just, it's unbelievable watching him work every day. >> that is streefn strasbourg there, johnny holiday highlighting the great prospect. he is the number 1 overall selection. as we get ready for the nats
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and the reds, hoping the rain will dissipate. we'll continue with nats extra in a moment.
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. there's a shot of happe street as the fans file into national's park, getting ready for the washington nationals and the cincinnati reds, counting you down on the special special day with steven strasbourg, we're going to break down the draft as we continue with nats extra hooking back. and looking at the match up, a pair of guys who are the few you the of this matchup. >> let's go to play tow first, he has had nine outings when he has gone seven innings or more, his earned run average is .245, he hasn't struck out a lot of people but throws a lot of strikes and throws the ball up and town. you're going to see a lot of high fastballs. he throws them up there on purpose. he also has very good command for a young man 21 years old. ross detwiler is a man that's rights there in my mind with
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zimmerman, he is a power pitching left-hander, he has a lot of zip on his fastball, people have a tough time getting it up. you see that curve ball. that thing has no loop in it. it goes straight down if he is on top of it. it's 11 to 7, 11 to 5 from the other side, but he has gotten off to a decent stark, 6 bases on balls, 17 strikeouts. that's what i look at for young pitchers. he has thrown a lot of strikes. his earned run avenue is high but he came out of some ball games in the fifth inning when he had a lot of gas left. >> johnny quay company, the national's would like to get him going, and as for ross detwiler he is the guy we were talking about, sixth over all selection for the nats and you kind of dream about the future of zimmerman with two ns and strasbourg in the same lineup. >> you dream about it and then you see the possibility of reality. you know what makes it so exciting for me to the come to
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the ball park, even though we have lost our majority of ball games of late, is to see the young pitching and see how they are developing. and for me as a fan and an evaluate or and as a man that loves the game of baseball i know that everything starts with pitching. and i have seen and been so excited more than any year that i have been here with what this young staff has done we may not have put up a lot of wins but we're throwing a lot of strikes and showing movement and a lot more poise than i even expected them to have. >> you look at the probable pitchers coming in to this lineup with the reds, you thought it would be jordan zimmerman, they say fatigue and a sore elbow, they are going to shut him down and get him ready for the next matchup. >> that sometimes happens when you go all out after maximum effort and i think that is exactly what has happened with jordan. he throws with everything he has, he is not a guy that holds
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back, there is going to be tenderness. there is going to be time when you release a couple balls off center and you have some tenderness. push them back, give them some extra turn, four or five days rest. >> this reds club comes in above .500, but 0-6 in their last 6 matchups right here in dc against the nationals. >> we have played and capital punishment, there is no better way to put it. we have killed the baseball here with a .346 batting average and held them to three runs a game and they are hitting .221. we have been able to shut them down. this is a big ball park compared to where they play. here you have to bust it and they have some home run hitters in the ball club. joey is out, but phillips, jay bruce has 10 home runs, so they are a pretty good offensive
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ball club. but their club is built on pitching as we started the show talking about it, a bullpen they are working on. >> the reds east, but that's kind of disating a little bit, austin kearns is still the remnants of that trade. some remnants. >> yeah we can get off that. i was a cincinnati red but i think it was like 30 years ago. >> all right. programming note. the tampa bay rays saturday, a game we'll start at 6:00, but we're going to join it in progress at 7:00 per m.l.b. rules. the nationals and is cincinnati reds, game 1 of the three-game set with detwiler opposing kuwait oh. more after this. ♪ ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music)
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this year at first base, joey bad a going down with the injury, normally a catch you are but the big bopper, they expect hopefully more from him today. here is the lineup for the reds. at center field, will lead off, jerry hairston, brandon phillips, ramon hernandez keep happen up at first, johnny domes is the left fielder, price in left field, hand eye gan the catcher and johnny quay tow the starting pitcher. eliza dukes the nationals, he has been stumping the ball, three for four and a big employee out against the mets. looking for more from him to power up the national's offense. here is the lineup for washington. cristian guzman leading off as usual, nick johnston, ryan zimmerman, adam dunn in left field, eli zsa dukes, willie
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harris, anderson hernandez in second base, will he nieves will catch, because ross detwiler will pitch for the nats. we're ready to go. byron curran and ray knight with you as we count down nats extra and a big day for the nats as they try to get the top picks on the board. and what they want to get here with these next picks, they get steven strasbourg, pitching always something they are looking for but is there a possibility they could look at anything else. >> i think pitching. when you're in the process of building an organization, there's more demand for pitching among the 30 clubs than anything. it doesn't mean they have to play here. the fact is if you stock pile good arms you have a lot of weapons, a lot of weapons. now granted you need center and middle fielders and it's a long time since we have gone out and do done that but they have set
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a precedent of drafting pitchers in the past and you can always do it. you can always trade or get an everyday player through freeing. so, yeah, i would go with pitching. >> a few surprises early on, a few guys have moved up a little bit. aaron crow is still on the board. probably not a case for him to be available. >> that is interesting. what happens if we get to that 10th pick and aaron crow is available and he was picked sixth last year by them. i think we'll skip on over him. there's some things in divorces that are never worked out but you have got plight with unc that is a great player, sheppard, st. paul, vanderbilt minor is gone, drew, what is drew's last name? any way he -- >> so recollection. >> yeah, i went blk.a great arm
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there are four or five pitchers rated highly and we know the nats have it so we're in the situation the next 8 or 10 minutes that we're going to be able to find out if they go the route of two pitches. there's never been a ball club that had two picks out of the top 10. >> that's what makes it exciting is all those openingses available and even if everything else doesn't play out you still have steven strasbourg at number 1. >> i've set in those rooms as a manager and we have boards that you have end up having 100 people listed in that board and you always to for the best player and if the best player they feel would be a shortstop they'll pick that guy. but they have rated and ranked them and you saw how many people in that war room. it's not one person making the decision, it's a collective decision and right now they know who they are going to pick if he is left on the board and who they are not going to pick if he is scratched off the board. >> well ross detwiler who they
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recent leeply picked. ryan zimmerman in 2005. the starting third baseman. there is a shot of ryan zimmerman, even guys like colton will leams, and they get a chance to fight through and play for potomac, and of course jimmy. and even guys like efforts who are still in the system as well. >> but morrell and will ems are still bakes, they are 20 years old, they could still be playing in college. we have got them developing and they have plenty of time. you see so often a guy who is a hotshot, takes him time to get ready for the big leagues. four years, you got to have around 500 innings or so minimally. you don't see too many jordan zimmer man's that come up with 100 plus innings and you are in the big leagues. >> the hold of the day brought to you by just a for men hair
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. nats extra continues national's park. the next five games, the reds series, the final two of those wednesday 7:00 p.m., followed by the nationals and reds, a special start time. then to tropicana field for the nats. three games on the road before they go to new york against the tampa bay rays. remember on saturday we'll join in progress at 7:05 as the nationals and rays be gyp at 6:00. byron kerr and ray with night with you, they are on the clock right now and guess who is on the board. none other than aaron crow from
6:56 pm
missouri, ray, is it going to happen? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. >> maybe somebody else. >> is boris his agent, crow's agent? >> no. oh he is? i thought it was a couple others. >> may work a package deal. >> steven strasbourg came in in high school 250 pounds, worked all the way through high school to get down to 225 into his freshman year at san diego state. he has been motivated by what a coach told him that he was not coachable and didn't have the mental toughness. look at him now. this guy has made some big leaps over the last four years. >> you know, people don't realize how important it is between those ears you know. you can have the greatest arm in the game, the gray test curve ball, the greatest command, but if you're not able to accept advice, if you're not copyable, do what the manager says, if you don't have the philosophy and buy into what they are teaching you're not going to be long for that organization. somebody else may try. that's why you see a lot of guys traded from team to team because they believe they know more than anybody else.
6:57 pm
that's not the case with this kid. >> let's head-on back to the war room and debbie taylor is with us. debbie go ahead. >> there's definitely a lot more chairs filled, a lot of media filled. the fans get a chance to look through the window where the draft is taking place the draft room and a lot of hard work going on in that room. stan kasten, team president, playing devil's ad some cat with the guys to make sure they re-evaluate and re-examine their choices. i think this is an exciting day and this is the first time as you mentioned in baseball history two first round picks are chosen by one team. byron? >> we get ready for that number 1 selection for the reds and the nats coming up. ross detwiler coming off that complete game, 5 2/3. still looking for that first win. johnny cueto waiting. there is a look at the war room. johnny holiday and rob dibble have the play-by-play of the reds and the nats. we'll see you after the game.
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