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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 9, 2009 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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about seven innings every time out there, the last three starts, also in the top 5 in the national league in earned run average. number 4 right now. very young, like our youngsters, 33rd major league start, 7-eleven says this guy, 11 starts this year, the team has won seven of them. so that's my big stat is the decisions the team has when a guy takes the hill. they like when johnny cueto is out there. >> johnny: this is the 12th time he has started for dusty baker this year. guzman at first, nick johnston stepping in. 65 hits in 200 at-bats, r.b.i. total up to 30 now with five homers and a .325 batting average.  and the 1-0 from cu two great stops. alex gonzalez deep in the hole to bring it up and s to it off
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to phillips, come pleetle the double play. >> these are two of the better glove men in the national league central right here. >> rob: here you see making a stop. gonzalez gets it, he knows phillips is going to be there to turn the double play, this isn't 6-4-3, but i know you're going to be there when i flip this with the leather instead of the hand. and that's playing together. >> johnny: i think we saw that in the mets series too. great play to second. >> rob: yes. once hernandez and gonzalez put in a couple years together and start knowing when the other one is going to be there and the timing and that, we'll see much better defense in the field. >> johnny: ryan zimmerman against johnny cueto. zimmerman career-wise against this guy, 17 against the reds, 17 for 51 and a pretty good
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batting average in all these games he has played against cincinnati, .333. breaking ball out -- catches the corner for strike one.  and the 2-1.   the nats have got two in the first inning. and there's that cincinnati defense, hand eye gan behind the plate catching cueto. gonzalez at short, gary hairston jr. at third, the air field, johnny goals at left, bruce in right. >> rob: well and ramon hernandez is plagues first base, former catcher of the baltimore orioles because johnny ba var oh is on the
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disabled list, you have a catcher at first, but joey ba vat oh missed in the lineup. >> johnny: looking through the record books, his name is displayed prominently. boy did he have some numbers with cincinnati. >> rob: he did, yes he did, and he is working on his sixth straight year with 40 or more home runs.  . >> johnny: let's take a  what he did 1087 games, .247 batting average, 270 homers, 646 runs driven in. and when you look for a single season home run total only ted cla swriew ski and ted foster had more in a season than adam dunn did. >> rob: didn't he hit 42 and
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foster hit 52. >> johnny: back in '54 for ted ecu swriew ski and 77 for george foster. but from '04, '05, '06, '07, 46, 40, 40, and 40.  i mean that's getting t done. >> rob: it is. and you know, when i sit here and think that guy is in the middle of your lineup, i don't want to pitch to him so i'm going to pitch around him. and the healthier elijah duke stays and the more ryan zimmerman hits, the more, he helps the lineup just being in there. but i've talked to hall of famer, jim rice just got elected to the hall of fame. he used to tell his managers, i want to be in the lineup even if i'm hurt, sick, whatever, i want to play, because it makes the lineup better when i'm in it. and that's the same thing with adam dunn. whether he is hitting or not he makes the lineup that much more dangerous in the other
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pitcher's mind. >> johnny: when you look at this lineup with zimmerman in front of him and dukes behind him you can't quite pitch around. >> rob: no, both those guys are going to get better, the more confidence of what they get regardless of what adam dunn is doing, they are going to light up this league. >> so the nats with runners at first and second, two down here in the bottom of the first. >> rob: we have seen a bit of what he can do buddy lie gentleman has quick hands to the ball. he can't get it inside. he crushes that pitch. >> johnny: he has a home run off johnny cueto in three at- bats against him. and check swing and the count is two balls and no strikes. zimmerman down at second, dunn at first, and there is two down and a scoreless ball game. bob carpenter taking a couple
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days off. johnny holiday happy to be with mr. deductible today, tomorrow and thursday. . >> rob: well you and i at, what, the ohio broadcasters hall of fame dinner? >> johnny: um, that's right. you were there introducing an old buddy. >> rob: yeah, dan patrick and he went into ohio, ohio state or just ohio. >> johnny: just ohio. >> rob: and you also went in that night and that's when you and i first met. >> johnny: and you said to me, i believe "please fit out of the way, i'm trying to get to the buffet. >> rob: get out of here. that's funny. that was in my bigger days. i was following a lot of cree acontinue. trying to look as buff as i could. >> johnny: count is 2-1, you were a little larger, 2-1 to dukes. two out in the bottom of the first. catches the outside corner for a strike, the count is even. >> rob: well when i took this
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job and started putting on some suits and things like that, a couple years ago, i had to have them all taken in because i was about 30 pounds heavier when i was lifting every day. >> johnny: what did you play at? what was your top weight? >> 225. but back when you saw me i was about 270. >> johnny: hadn't missed too many of those 5:00 -- >> rob: but when you retire you don't run, you maybe have a few more adult beverages, you know. >> johnny: a few more, yes. the count is full to dukes, three balls two strikes, the nationals have got a chance to get a quick little lead here. >> rob: they have already got cueto, his 20th pitch of the inning, i always like to work a guy that hard in the start of the game. >> johnny: yeah, a walk off of
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johnny cueto. >> rob: let's check the side angle and see if he probing his hands. no, i think he held up enough to get that call. he is a strong man, got inform arms. >> johnny: zimmerman with a base hit and two walks, one to dunn and one to dukes and a the bases loaded and a trip to the mound to settle down johnny cueto. this is very uncharacteristic for him.  go to get 'em, you mi well get them early. >> rob: yeah.  . >> johnny: in his las in st. louis wednesday he went 5, actually more than that. >> rob: and last year. >> johnny: 6 innings. >> rob: he really hit, he hit a wall after june, in july his e.r.a. shot up to 6. got a little bit
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tired. remember, these are young men, 22 years old, threw a lot of innings. in july he deteriorated after the all-star break, was 2-5 after starting 7-9 before the all-star break. >> johnny: and this is the 43rd start for this kid at age 23. >> rob: it is. and when we were talking and i talked to george adjuster against, he talked about that's the most important thing for him to keep himself in shape. i said what are you doing he said "i'm doing my work to keep in shape." and you talked about matt cain, some guys don't have the best cardiovascular, a god running program, they don't know how to put in a lot of miles between starts. it's a new experience for these guys to pitch six months every day. >> johnny: and willie harris will take a pitch down low and it's two balls and a strike with the bases loaded.
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when you combine detwiler's start tonight, his 6th start, and 43rd for this guy and they are about the same age. zimmerman to third, dukes over at first and dunn at second. andnd harris takes high for ball three.  . >> rob: i think with th loaded here you got to take a pitch, make him throw strike 2. but this is above the pitch track, a breaking ball, kind of dropped down a little bit on that. >> johnny: and the 3-1 from johnny cueto. >> rob: a fastball. >> johnny: and the count is full. the runners will be off and running, two outs here in the bottom of the first. >> rob: last pitch on the pitch track. 3-1 in the bottom. >> johnny: the runners go. harris with a foul off to the
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right. >> rob: no go-back. >> johnny: almost got the batter in the warmup circle. >> rob: that's how young this pitching staff is for the nats. 24 years old for johnny lannan, 49 career starts, 487 2/3 innings at major league level. not a lot of experience. >> johnny: 3-2, swing and a miss, strike three. so johnny cueto on the rocks there in the first inning, the nats couldn't get anything out of it. we'll be back with the top of the second in a moment. ht. uh, well maybe how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word...
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. nats baseball on masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by hyundai. you can depend on your honda dealer for great leases and low financial. we go to the top of the second in national's park. great to have you here with us tonight, rob dibble and johnny holiday, the only time the reds come into this ball park this year. we go there later on in the year. >> johnny: rob, i know the same as ray knight when we're talking with ray about a ball game against the franchise you used to be with it brings back many fom fond fond memories for you guys. >> rob: yes it does. but i don't know if i'm more tied to the reds like ray is. i know ray, um, speaks so
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highly of the oirgs but to me, when i was there, it was fun, it was great, we won a world championship. >> johnny: 6 years, huh? >> rob: 7 1/2 seasons with them and, to me, you know, it is great but that was so long ago now, i have been doing this for 12 years, that you've got new ownership, new management, a whole new coaching staff, and there's not one player that i played with still there so. >> johnny: makes a big difference, yeah. >> rob: the name, yes, but a lot of people still think i have this alliance or allegiance to the reds, yes in some ways i always will in terms of being drafted there and playing there but i like to think of being part of the nationals now and i've long since moved on to that and went to the white sox and the brewers and the marlins an, you know, you got to, you know, try not to live out of your scrap
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book. >> johnny: right. hernandez, as you mentioned, it's because joey balance low has been on the dl. fouls one off to the right.  we got one day and hern guns him down. >> you had to pull out the mull let pictures. >> johnny: good here too. >> rob: oh. >> johnny: there you go, 1990alcs championship game. >> rob: and during the season jose chico lynn had my number, 7 for 7 against me. but during the playoffs it was a lot of fun. i was just a little bit pumped up. >> johnny: just a little. >> rob: guys didn't want to high five me. >> johnny: setting down the first four reggie has faced and johnny goals will step in the left fielder. 26, 23, 88 saves, look at the
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opponent's batting average. of course they couldn't dig in either, 198. >> rob: uh-huh. it was fun. i don't even know that guy though, it was a long time ago, a lot of cheeseburgers. >> johnny: johnny goals numbers 7 for 24. >> rob: i like this kid. they picked him up, he has had a number of injuries so now they are finding if you can hit a little bit they'll find room for you somewhere in the lineup. >> johnny: only his fifth start this year for the reds and his third start in left field. we're in a scoreless ball game in the top of the second. the delay was two hours, a pop down the right field line, anderson hernandez wisely, i'm not sure if he slipped or did that on purpose, he saw that fence approaching real quickly.  the count is two balls an
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strikes to johnny goals. >> he has those little johnny unitas high tops on. >> johnny: sliding down. >> rob: and a little bit slippery and slushy. >> johnny: nick johnston avoiding a collision with him. the count is two balls, two strikes. >> rob: that's huge. i never got custom shoes to use. >> johnny: if you were playing today it as down goes goals on strikes. you would be completely outfitted by the folks at under armor. you would probably be a spokesman for him if you were still playing. >> i love under armor. but they didn't have that back in my day. for instance they outfit the troops and when i went over to iraq to visit the troops, it's 127 degrees in iraq, and everybody had under armor to stay cool underneath their uniforms so i thought that was awesome. the entire military, the marines, air force, everybody
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has under armor stuff while they are fighting a war. impressive. >> johnny: reds right fielder jay bruce against ross detwiler.  leads the ball club w home runs this year. lastst 10 games three for 33, though, only a .091 batting average. breaking ball away, two balls and a strike to j. bruce. 30 r.b.i.s. reds have only won 15 ball games on the road while dropping 13. their starting pitching staff pretty good e.r.a. 24-21 the numbers for the starters and 5-6 for the bullpen. . >> rob: i was reading an article they want to name their bullpen as weather and rose have done a great job for them. i did a nasty boy moniker from
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years ago. that was because of the stuff, not because we were angry young men, although we were, but -- oh-oh. >> johnny: let's take a look again and go oh my goodness. a couple. >> rob: i grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, he was from green witch connecticut. >> that's right. i was from the see you core ski aircraft, pratt and whitney. >> johnny: you were moving pretty good when you came out to the mound. >> rob: eh that silver backed go lil a can get across the felled. and the worst thing johnny is my parents were there, my family, coming down from connecticut, i don't know what got into me when i got on the baseball field. >> johnny: alex gonzalez with a shot to right base hit. bruce will make the turn and stay at second base and the first base hit off of detwiler to alex gonzalez. we're not done, dibs, here comes some more. 
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>> rob: yeah, eric geld block of the helmet. you context mo that one. that was pretty good. yeah, that was pretty ugly.  . >> johnny: crew cut going in those days. >> rob: i owe everybody in the truck an awful lot. >> johnny: this is just the second inning. >> rob: yeah, pay back, incredible. that was one of my most regrettable moments. suicide squeeze and i kind of flashed back to when i was a child and you could tag the runner out by hitting him with the ball. doesn't work at the big leagues level. some serious belt time. >> johnny: sure did, that's pretty good stuff there. ryan hand eye gan the catcher. two outs here in the top of the second.  bruce at second and gonzalez with the first base hit down at first.  and the count no ball a
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strike to ryan ha dick. the rookie hitting .322. cincinnati takes a 1-0 lead, because it does. bruce all the way around from second to score, gonzalez winds up at third, and hand eye gan with a base hit to right and it's a 1-0 reds lead. >> rob: some great two-out hitting here for the reds. a nice pitcher's pitch, hand eye gan goes away, hits it to right field, doesn't get a lot on it, enough to score a run.  . >> johnny: so cincinnati with a 1-0 advantage here in the ton of the second. that will bring up johnny cueto.
9:22 pm
he reminds me of some of the guys i played with in high school baseball, 4 for 23. >> rob: not like march visit. he likes to take some cuts. >> rob: he does. >> johnny: detwiler, gets a base hit, gets him and out of there and that takes care of the inning. but not before cincinnati gets an r.b.i. from ryan hanigan and they take a 1-0 lead after 1 1/2. at pnc, taking the long view is how we help you take the right path. even to change it when conditions demand. keeping you on the road to achieving your goals. it's something we've been doing for over 150 years. let our strength and stability be the basis for yours. pnc. leading the way.
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. welcome back everybody. johnny holiday along with rob dibble here at national's park. >> johnny: we're delighted to have on the telephone the national's second selection today, premier college closer out there in california. drew can you hear us. >> yes i can. >> johnny: congratulations to you. thanks for having me on. >> rob: even more impressive, a lot of people talked about stephen strasburg, this is the biggest day in your life so far. >> and it's great to be linked with such a great pitcher like him too. >> rob: as far as you got the news who made the first phone call to him. >> mike rizzo did. he called me about five minutes after and just kind of said "congratulations." >> andy: how excited they were and i don't think he was nearly as excited as i was, that's for
9:25 pm
sure. >> rob: now back when you sided to go to stanford did you ever think you would go so high in the draft. it is a good academic school as well as a good baseball school. >> i didn't expect it but i didn't think it was out of the question because of the quality program and the great pitchers that have come out of there before and i didn't expect to go 10th over all but i thought i had a good possibility of getting up there so it ended up working out all right. >> johnny: you are good friends with jack ma geary, weren't you roommates? >> we're roommates and we have been talking the last couple weeks and we were both really hoping this was gonna workout because it would be pretty awesome. >> rob: do you want to catch up with him in the minor leagues or get up to the big leagues quicker. >> i also wouldn't mind catching up to him but i wouldn't mind passing him. i don't think a little friendly competition will hurt anybody. >> johnny: tell us about your ball club this year. >> they are good.
9:26 pm
we lost so many good guys, jason castro who went 10th last year, took us a while to find our identity and we struggled the beginning of the year. once the season wore on we had some guys step up. we made a late season, didn't make it for austin. it was great. today would be making it one step better for omaha. >> johnny: when you were drafted today by the nationals you were at home with your folks in indiana. how many other people were with there with you? >> i would say probably about 30 other people in the end and they were all going crazy. it was quite the experience. >> rob: well i worked with your dad for a number of years at xm satellite radio, how is your dad doing, how excited is your mom and dad. >> they are both ecstatic. my dad was definitely more excited than i was. i think i was too much in shock. i just sat therend and i was like "wow," this is pretty unbelievable. so it's been pretty much all
9:27 pm
night. just a great night all around and couldn't write anything better than this. >> johnny: now you have been to d.c., haven't you, been to rfs and national's park. >> yeah, i came there a couple years back with my sister and was able to catch a national's game and last week i had to come out and see the new stadium so that was cool to come out and see the great new ball park. >> johnny: drew, anybody who plays high school baseball and i think anybody who has visions of some day maybe beginning to be a major league baseball player, at what age did you discover you had some god given talent that might some day propel you to be in a major league ball park. >> i think my junior year, i hoped that maybe this professional thing would workout and the goal i set for myself was to make it to the big leagues as soon as possible. in fact, back in the day i was the bat boy for the excels a
9:28 pm
couple days and was able to meet chad company vero after he got called up and he was extremely nice to me and treated me well i looked up to him. this guy was in college a couple months ago and now he is in the big leagues so that's who i looked up to. >> johnny: well, thank you very much. rob and i really appreciate you taking time to visit us. we know it's a very, very happy day for you and your family and friends, and we hope to see you up here soon and hope things workout the best forth you. >> thanks and thanks for having me on. >> rob: say eh to your dad. >> johnny: josh store storen. >> rob: he was drafted by the yankees so he went lower in the 2007 draft. fourth round, that's why he was low, he fell a bit because they thought he would be hard to sign. he has a lively upper 80s to
9:29 pm
upper 90s, fastball and if you have got him pencilled into the bullpen this team in a few years, you're talking about strasburg coming up here, mcgear recoming up here, a lot of guys in the lower levels throwing the ball really well, balance sister is down there. not all of them will probably pitch up here but, like ray and i talked about, this is some of the stuff that makes organizations great. because then you can use a couple pitchers in a trade and get you some players that put you over the top. >> right. >> so you can never have enough young pitching and never have enough talented pitchers. >> he takes a call on the third strike and that's it for the nats in the second. we go to the top of the third in nats park. they let you put whatever you're watching down here, while you check out local traffic, weather, even your news up there. i've got a news flash you're out of mayo. how did you get in here? door was open.


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