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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 9, 2009 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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. nats baseball on masn i brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by fire stone, a tradition of innovation. as we head to the top of the third 1-0 cincinnati, get your free red on and buy yourself a grand slam, pick four games get one free, five flex packs to choose from. pick your plan, your games, pick your seats. get a free game. that easy. for information on the all new grand slam flex plans call 202675 nats or visit slam.  ross detwiler goats to 
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of the third for the top of the reds lineup. tavares and hairston in a 1-0 cincinnati lead. ross detwiler started four at home this year.  and the pitch inside ca corner for a strike. take it for a ball. for  a 6'5", 175-pounder only gi up one home run this year.  that ball is inside.  . >> rob: as i said in the scouting report just keep making adjustments because he is being heavily doubted right now. every time we're playing a new series he has been scouted. they have probably seen two starts from detwiler. he has to prepare himself. they know my stuff pretty well. they know my habits i have right now, they know 2-1 i
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might throw a breaking ball. so he has to be making mental adjustments and apply. that's what's going to make him a good big league pitcher. >> johnny: rob, it doesn't take the scouts long to pick up on tendencies. >> johnny: no it doesn't. the key word here is technology, word gets around quicker. in my day the guy would have to see you, send a report maybe by mail, whatever, pony express, but you know, now it's instantaneous. you know, there could be somebody sitting there, you know, got a video phone watching this kid throw right now. i mean that's how quick it is. so, you know, ross and all the new generation of pitchers really have to concentrate hard every start, every pitch, because someone has seen what they did their last start, two starts ago when he first got called up here and five starts in, the last two starts he has
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had a bit of a problem, 20 hits in 9 innings. that's not just his fault. you see the approach of the reds, they are starting to take his good stuff the other way. >> johnny: yes they are. >> rob: nice. >> johnny: called third strike and there's one down in the third. >> rob: ross detwiler one of the best breaking balls on the team. you see it right there round about the outside corner, this is what you would call a back door breaking ball. now you can get shown the back door. grab some pine. >> johnny: and in that sequence to willie tavares the 2001 went up to 94 on one of his fastballs. >> 94-78, what a separation, they have got to start subtracting some pitches. maybe i'll look for the curve ball, change-up, got to watch out for some of this stuff. >> johnny: jerry hairston has been really struggling, raised
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his batting average from 156 up to .288, as he digs in against detwiler, over the past 29 games. hairston flied to center his first time up back in the first. reds lead 1-0 near the top of the third. good high fastball, 93 on the gun for that one. detwiler so far, 41 pitches, 25 have been for strikes. you know, cincinnati is not having a, even though they got a record rob of 29-27, they have lost 7 of their last 10 ball games. they have been having some problems too. . >> rob: well i think th bulkhead stuff, they needed inson bulkhead to come back and come back strong. whenever you have guys like joe evade oh sick on the disabled list, jay bruce struggling against lefties, 1-2 another great breaking ball right
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there, if your umpire is going to give you these pitches, it's a great pitch to throw, keep back during these guys until they take that to sort. >> johnny: brandon phillips. tavares went down looking at strikes. that's the third strikeout for detwiler. a bownlszing ball to guzman, easy play at first, and the reds were gone as they were in the first inning, one-two- three. we'll be back in a moment. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - totally on. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport, with three daily nonstop flights to new york laguardia for just 49 dollars one-way starting june 28th. grab your bag. it's on. - ( ding ) - book now at
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. we're back at national' park, the rids leading this by a score of 1-0 as we mauve to the bottom of the third inning. another draft pick, jeff coburn the second baseman out of cal berkeley, the 50th pick, a left- handed batter. the draft is three days long and still ahead the nats have the 81st pick in the third round, the 112th pick in the fourth and the 142nd in the fifth so still a lot of work being done here at the ball park. >> debbie, thank you very much. bouncing ball to second base. easy play for hernandez.  we're at the top bomb of third here at national's ball park. 
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johnny cueto on the mou after a walk and a base hit in that inning the reds lead 1-0.  and nick johnson in for second time tonight, hit into a double play back in the first inning. >> rob: that hurt, that 6-4-3 in the first inning. zimmerman got a single. a walk walk and eric strategic out.  . >> johnny: ryan zimmerm deck and then adam dunn. >> rob: like i said i was talking to jar adjuster again son, he says he takes it off in atlanta, at most. so you're talking about, you know, a real young kid, 28 years old for adjuster again, learned a lot from smoltz and glavine and those guys and he works well with his catcher. those are all things that help you at this level. >> johnny: and we talked during the inning break about the catching situation with nieves,
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mark was originally pencilled into be the starting catcher tonight, but nieves is catching ross detwiler and sometimes guys get on the same page too, don't they rob? >> yeah. i mean i was lucky enough to start rookie ball with joe and play 11 straight years with him. joe new me better than i did. in warmups he would do my delivery and stuff like that, so yeah, the more communication there is, and i don't just mean looking in for the signs and all that stuff. the more you're on the same wave lengths if that guy knows what you are going to throw before you throw it the easier it's going to be for this ball club in general. >> johnny: a shot to center field and taveras has a bead on that one. nick johnson's fly ball to center. get your family fun packs for sunday games. you can purchase the $14 upper right field terrace ticket or
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$25 lower left right field reserve ticket and you'll get a hot dog, non-alcoholic drink and chips, minimum of two tickets per purchase, bring the whole family out and kids run the bases. for tickets call 188862 nats, or stop by the nationals park box office and get your red on. we're in the bottom of the third in national's park as ryan zim every man steps in against johnny cueto in this 1- 0 cincinnati ball game. both ball clubs with two hits, the reds have a run on theirs. zimmerman takes a pitch hand- tight for one ball an one strike. >> rob: now how many years were you a d.j.? >> johnny: almost 20 i guess. ároll? rock >> johnny: yup. yup. >> rob: meta lot of the old-
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timers, eh. >> johnny: give me a name. >> rob: i don't want to date you. >> johnny: that's all right. i think you already have. i was -- i started -- >> rob: ever meet elvis. >> johnny: beatles, rolling stones. >> rob: and if somebody don't remember radio like you and i do, the groups had to sell their albums and when they were touring they would come by the radio station and you would play their album. >> johnny: you would play it and they would sit there and visit with you. >> rob: did you ever meet deep purple? >> johnny: yes. yes. janis joplin. jimi hendrix. there was the era of the 60s and the 70s, the '70s about interesting when the music kind of changed a bit. >> rob: did you have long hair? >> johnny: longer than it is
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now. not very long now. tight pants and everything. well san francisco would make you get like that. >> rob: okay. were you dr. johnniy holiday. >> johnny: no, master johnny holiday. three balls two strikes to ryan zimmerman, you can see he caught it for strike three. you can see the frustration for ryan as the nationals retire the top of the fourth cincinnati up 1-0. ♪ (tucci) more bars in more places. at&t. the best coverage worldwide. buy the lg xenon messaging phone for 99.99 after mail-in rebate and get one free after mail-in-rebate.
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. >> johnny: it's a 1-0 bal
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game, cincinnati with a run there in the top of the second as you can see. boat clubs with two hits, a 1-0 lead. we go to the top of the fourth, look who is coming along. >> rob: that's med wick. >> johnny: aflac. >> rob: the last draft pick to go directly to the majors? chip has been waiting all year for this, huh? >> rob: that's a great question. >> johnny: i know dibs will come up with an answer for this one. ramon hernandez having the first-base duties tonight. >> rob: was he their first overall pick? randy johnson. no, he didn't go directly.  . >> johnny: didn't p minor leagues. and the 1-0 to hernandez and it's two balls and no strikes.
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rob vlad guerrero. marquis grissom. >> rob: nice catch. >> johnny: nice catch is right. he kind of carbled that one into his glove in foul territory. >> rob: can't be easy, banging between center and right field back and forth and a tough corner to play, got its little ins and outs and goes up against the wall and makes a great grab right there. oh. i can't believe it.  i can't b they'll make room for you on the benefit ramon. >> johnny: struck out back in the second, right fielder, 7 hits in 25 at-bats.
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one for one with a strikeout, back swinging in the second.  cincinnati in town  a 14-inning loss to the cubs on sunday. a game in which they had 0-13 with runners in scoring position. swing and a miss from goals. >> rob: gary carter, did he play in the big leagues? >> johnny: gary carter? >> rob: how do you know. >> johnny: i'm guessing yes.  . >> rob: oh. >> johnny: and the 1-2. down to hernandez. it's two down. . >> rob: ah. just answer the question. >> aflac.
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 . >> johnny: the last x draft pick to go right to the major leagues and the answer isy dan caville i can't. >> rob: right from oklahoma state right to the bigs. >> johnny: 1985. hmm. jay bruce hitting from the left side. he walked and scored cincinnati's only run back in the second. for  he had some troubles re went 0-17. >> rob: it happens, he is a young kid. >> johnny: the longest drought of his career. >> rob: great power numbers but he is on bases and whatever. >> rob: you know what, if he
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has proved he can play at the minor league levels what are you gonna do, send him back down? >> johnny: 9 strikeouts in last 10 games, .091 batting average. >> rob: a very humbling sport. >> johnny: it certainly is. here is the 1-2 to detwiler. high fly to left field and adam dunn has a bead on this and dunn will be leading off for the nats when we come back. another one-two-three inning for ross detwiler. it is 1-0 cincinnati.  when a major hospital wanted to add on to their benefits package at no direct cost to the company, their very first word was... aflac! aflac! find out more at
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. >> johnny: now let's take a look at the geico president's race. will teddy ever win a race? will he ever? not top. >> rob: he will when i don that head.  . >> johnny: it's a run again tonight for mr. lincoln. >> rob: obviously you know i don't like being the underdog. so poor teddy. >> johnny: i understand that, yes. >> rob: , what are we teaching the youth of america? >> johnny: right. >> rob: poor teddy. >> johnny: adam dunn with a shot to right and right in the has jay brucone down, one pitch >> rob: speaking of mr. bruce, hitting .17 # off lefthanders,
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..283 on base percentage, 1 home run in four ribs, 13 and 26 against righties and he is hitting about 60 points high near his right. still .231. a learning icl. >> johnny:  ru, 13 againsthanders? >> rob: 13 against right- handers. so whatever they know, whatever the scouting report is against jay bruce, they are just -- he sn't made thadjustment, you know. so they are just exploiting that weakness right now. so if you make the adjustment there is no reason to go back and try to pitch whatever the scouting report is on him. he has a hole inside, a hole outside, he is young kid 22 years old. >> johnny: lookat these young guys and you have to have some guys around with experience, guys that have been there and done that and maybe
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they can feed off of it. you and i were talking about stbeinsigned,yo wantto makesurewhen hecome up he has some older guys who can maybe showhim how they did it and how they got to where ey a ton. is great in the bullpen, steve is going to out a lot. >> johnny: dukes has tied the ball game a >> rob: that'súgoneri d there.  . >> johnny: home run n for elijah dukes and r.b.i. number tied thi >> rob: ballhnny: homer in this ball park and t 62nd of the year r the ball club.
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 . >> is just some k rob: yes he would. >> johnny: got so much talent still not even tapped into. >> rob: quite raw. >> johnny: willie harris with a foul off the plate. harris struck out in the first and his on-base percentage is .382. >> rob: johnny lab none, 41 starts, detwiler, his fifth start, jordan zimmer hand hamas nine starts in the big leagues, cy he has 15, the other four. so the others don't have as many as johnny lannan. so you know when i came up i had, you know, phil gull lick son was at the major league level, you had ron robinson,
9:55 pm
tom browning had been there for many years, tom franklin had been there for many years, our pitching coach years late would be don argue lick. even the griffey seniors and dave collins and joel youngblood and guys like this, they can help you with your psyche and that's the most difficult thing i think for these young kids is when they have an issue don't always want to go to the pitching coach and go "you know what, i'm not that confident in this pitch," you don't want to be telling steve mccaty all that stuff, sometimes a teammate, it's easier to bounce it off him. i did that with joel youngblood, my first full year. i was struggling, i didn't want to go to pete rose and go "pete, i can't get them out, what do i do exactly?" >> johnny: phillips has a bead on this one and willie harris is down in the fourth inning with a little pop to second
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base . >> rob: here are all the young men on our ball club. >> johnny: 11 for march visit, got 9, stammen has got four, and of the wins ross and craig are still looking for their first. all five drafted or signed by this organization.  well we have got two  in the fourth. elijah dukes has tied the ball game, a bouncing ball to phillips again on to first, hernandez, the inning is over for the nats but not until they get that home run from elijah dukes. what a shot to left, home of that 377-foot sign and for dukes home run number 6 of the year and he ties the ball game at one. look forward to haven't changed.
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like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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. >> johnny: our coors light freeze cam brought to you by frost tee coors light, the world's most refreshing beer. >> rob: while ross detwiler has made some adjustments. see this back door ball. freeze it right there. in about 2 seconds it's going to be strike three. here is another one. right there, tavares, phillips, frozen by the back door breaking ball. actually harrison, excuse me. but that's a great adjustment to the right-handers.
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earlier in the ball game, in the first lineup through the top of the order they started hitting at that, but he hasn't gotten away from it and gotten afraid. that's something steve ma catty and i have talked about, even if you give up a hit you can't go away from your best pitch. sometimes it's painful to watch but sometimes you got to stay with it. but if they hit it. >> i love his line. somebody asked him on his first day here with the ball club what's your advice to all these guys in the bullpen, he said "throw strikes" just throw strikes. okay? a line drive between the gap and left and center. willie harris will run it down, slides into second and he is safe. safefe at second. alex gonzalez with the leadoff double to start the fifth inning for cincinnati.  . >> rob: we


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