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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 9, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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willie harris run that down, nice strong throw, just a little bit late, you see gonzales get in there. >> johnny: goes to the outside of the tag too. >> rob: very nice slide. yeah. he is a veteran player, sees the whole play in front of him. he knows if he goes to the right side he is out, so he goes to the left side. eighth double of the year. >> johnny: gonzalez leads off with a two-bagger, an r.b.i. single to right center field, driving the cincinnati run into second. he'll take the pitch, caught the outside corner for a strike. ross detwiler's longest outing this year has been six inning against baltimore back on may 23rd, only gave up one hit, one run, one earned run, walked four, struck out four, and threw 96 pitches in the six- inning, a quality start for him
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in that game against baltimore. tonight in the top of the fifth against cincinnati. a swing and a miss.   . >> rob: just got such great stuff. you can throw three pitches for strikes and go through the lineup three times you're gonna win a lot of ball games. ross can do it. he has that inner fire that i love about pitchers. going to start attacking these guys, the more confidence he gains, the sorier i feel for the lineups he is going to be facing. >> johnny: here is the '0-2. >> rob: watch how he elevates fastballs like that. you were sitting here talking to ray knight. he said "i know against ryan nolan, i got to hit him early in the count because he is going to elevate the fastball." so the better he gets and he is more confident. he and zimmerman are changing eye levels, the more success they are gonna have.
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>> johnny: it isn't enough for the catcher to keep him on track and keep him away from -- >> rob: it is. but nieves is a young guy, our main catcher has been hurt for two months. it's difficult. you sometimes need an old kind of veteran catcher that is like "this is the way you of to do these things" but once you get it down then you take over. and you have to be your own pitching coach out on the mound, you have to be able to do -- decide times to go with your breaking ball. you're not hitting him. >> johnny: no, no way. fourth strikeout of the night for detwiler. >> rob: beautiful. tried to nine-iron it. >> johnny: one down here in the top of the fifth inning. going to bring up johnny cueto. . >> rob: right wildlife we had that day off we had a look at a
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consumate pitcher, levon hernandez, does not have any great pitch in his repertoire. >> johnny: lost something off the fastball. but he can mix it up. >> rob: eye level, speeds, whatever it takes to win. not 98. i love strasburg has the great 100 miles per hour fastball and the heater, but the second and third time i face this guy what is he thinking i'm going to throw, that's pitching in the big leagues. leave on, i think he showed a lot of our kids how to do it without great ability. >> johnny: the 2-0 to cueto, don't want to lose him. . >> rob: no. >> rob: that's going to drive maddox nuts to walk the opposing pitcher. rob when you came up and when you -- he walks him. and you made your debut in the major leagues was there a guy on that cincinnati team that kind of took you under his wing
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and showed you the right way? >> rob: they all did. i mean as far as in the bullpen it was wonderful, johnny franko, frank williams, johnny murphy were all seasoned veterans. for someone who started in the minor leagues, johnny franko startd out with the dodgers and got traded to the reds. like i said danny jackson got traded over to us, jose rio came over from the athletics to the reds and so i was quite left blessed with a lot of the older guys that were like you're doing this, working too hard on that, even buddy bell was there, you know, dave econ exception i don't who played back with the big red machine. it's not the worst thing in the world to have veteran players around, but they also have to be giving. they gave a lot. a lot of information, i was a young kid, i peppered them with questions, you know, it doesn't help you if you're a young man and sitting next to, even some
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of the guys i played with, marquis grissom sitting down there, jim wriggleman, danny acta, you got to be pumping those guys for information because the more knowledge you have the more powerful a player you're going to be. a bit of angst, he walked the pitcher, that's what you have to do, you know you're better than walking johnny cueto who can't swing the stick and you come back and get a really good lead off guy with willie tavares. >> johnny: only the second walk that detwiler has given up. hairston steps in with 0-2, strikeout and ground out tonight, two down in the top of the fifth in a 1-1 ball game.
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tavares tomorrow and lannan thursday afternoon against cincinnati and harang will go for the reds and then micah oh wings on thursday.  they have won six str cincinnati in this ball park. their run coming on elijah dukes' sixth homer of the season last inning of the fourth inning.   and the 1-0.   outside to harrison.   this ball club too, rob you look at the bullpen with guys like joe vy mel, ron valone who has been around. >> rob: a good guy. >> johnny: goodman to feed off of. >> rob: yup. i think the toughest thing is there is a lot of i want to say new bees. they keep coming up and getting signed a and you know it's -- they are still trying to find themselves and keep themselves in the big leagues you know.
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but look at ron valone who has been throwing the ball well and that, for lannan and tavares, 17 years in the big leagues, those are the menu need to learn from. randy st. claire when he was here, you got to pound some stuff off the guys who are still active because they know these guys you are going to be facing. there is no one better to learn about from ron ba loan, cincinnati, he was there, st. louis, he was there, what's pujols there, with a do i need to do to get him out. >> johnny: hairston walks. loaded bases. ma caddy makes his first trip out to talk to detwiler. that's the fourth walk of this ball game issued by ross detwiler. 
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and two two have come in th inning. one walk in four innings against -- >> johnny: make that three walks in this ball game, not four. >> rob: another one against the giants in 10 hits so you know, johnny lannan does a pretty good job of walking guys and getting out of the double play. you don't want to make a career out of that but already the one run -- there is ron ba loan -- one run came off the walk second inning after two outs. single by hanigan brought in jay bruce on the walk. >> as we look at ron ba loan, he struck out 16 batters in a nine-inning game for cincinnati back in 1990 or 1991? he can bring it at his prime. >> rob: oh absolutely. absolutely. >> johnny: one of the most interesting guys to talk to as
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you look at ron ba loan, we did a piece with him i guess it was a week ago sunday and one of the things i asked him was how much can he be of a father figure, teacher to a lot of the young guys on the pitching staff. he said he is still learning. you can learn from these kids. >> rob: you can always learn. i'm learning from these guys, it's a process being, it's a journey, you are never done learning. i learned from steve mccatty. i learned from jim palmer when he was in here. jim palmer, obviously i idolized him and had a fraction of the career he had but he, you know, he will give you information if you just ask him. >> johnny: sure. >> rob: and there is so many of those wonderful guys. i learned from keith hernandez up in new york and when he comes here i'm pumping him for information. you can never get enough information off of these veteran and older guys who were
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exceptional athletes. >> johnny: got the bases loaded, two down, the reds are, with a ball and two strikes to brandon phillips. both times up he has grounded to guzman at short. a base hit. past the first base bag. one run will score. and the reds have got two more in, they lead it 3-0.  gonzalez and cueto score.   just inside the fir  and it's 3-0 cincinnati >> rob: i told you about these outside pitches right here, walk a couple guys, then you get a nice pitch, a jam shot, happens to trickle down the right field line, two runs come in, all this with two outs though. 
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. >> johnny: walks are come back and bite you every time. >> rob: walks in the big leagues, but you're going to learn, third time through the lineup. >> johnny: phillips adds to his r.b.i. total. he only had 18, or actually 41 coming in.  and hernandez with a co balls and two strikes to him, he is 0-2.  and it's the reds, only fourth hit of this ball game. detwiler goes outside and high. one ball, two strikes, two outs here in the fifth inning. >> rob: 26 pitches in this inning. 
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. >> johnny: and th off down to the right side. >> rob: one thing i was always taught also each with two outs you are only one pitch away from getting out of the inning. do i need a ground ball double play, johnny lannan is getting better at that, when he makes a walk or a bad at-bat you have to let it go, forget it. now, okay, i have got a ground ball waiting to happen right here with this guy. >> johnny: #-1 cincinnati, here is the 1-2 to hernandez. phillips underhand to johnson and the inning is over. but not before brandon phillips drives in two and puts cincinnati up by two, 3-1.
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3-1 over the washington nationals as ross detwiler just had a rough inning and johnny cueto tries to shut down the national's offense.  cueto goes to wor bottom of the fifth inning and the nats need two runs to tie this ball game. will nieves catching detwiler tonight will lead off, he is 0- 1, lined out to first back in the second inning. swingsgs at a high pitch on the outside and it's 0-2. and we welcome all you folks who have been watching the orioles game. nice to have you. i knowy holiday in for bob
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carpenter alongside rob dibble in national's park. will nieves tries to get a base hit. nice driving catch. willie tavares with a heck of a play in center field robbing nieves of a base hit. >> rob: the orioles won their game and the reds have taken a 3-1 lead over the nationals in the top half here, two in the top half, willie tavares always known for his speed, agility right here, a nice wet field so a soft, can layout. and you see his right hand come up. you don't want to jam your arms in your ribs. joint jam the glove hand. he also kept that hand up so he wouldn't injury himself. >> johnny: good defensive center fielder. >> rob: uh-huh. >> johnny: come-backer. >> andy: detwiler is retired. it's two outs. >> rob: you want to take hits and runs away from the other
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team. that's where you make up for a bad night at the plate when you're a goodie fender. . >> johnny: so two wic here in the bottom of the fifth inning. >> rob: plus i can always tell you as a former pitcher when i see my outfielders laying out for balls i want to do my job because i know that guy is risking an injury to try to save by put out there objection the hill. >> johnny: yes, pitchers really appreciate that. top of the order, cristian guzman, got a single to center in the first and grounded out to second. brandon phillips in the third got two wick national outs here in this fifth inning. cincinnatiti with two in the top of the frame, lead it now 3- 1.  . >> rob: and it's impo for cueto when you get a lead to try to put a big zero up there on the scoreboard, keep the momentum on your side of the field, and that's another
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thing our young pitchers need to learn is when you get a run or two, get a lead, it's the most important time of the game for you to go out there and shut the other team down because, if you don't and hewlett them back up off the mat, then they can come back, steal the game from you. . >> johnny: there is a shot to first base, hernandez has it, and the nats retired three up and three down here in the bottom of the fifth. we go to the top of the sixth 3- 1 the reds over the nationals. ♪
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. time to get you up to s now with the at&t rapid re- wind. 3-1 the cincinnati reds leads the nationals. the game got started a little bit late because of rain. ross detwiler throwing some smoke early rob in this ball game. >> rob: really got into trouble with that two-run fifth, a walk in the two-out. elijah dukes tied it up early in the game, a big home run. great catch from tavares to keep a big inning from happening in the bottom half of the fifth inning. we go to the sixth inning johnny and that great defense sometimes it will keep your opposition off the board. we only have three hits against this guy, they only have four against detwiler. >> at&t the fastest 3g network. at&t the world is delivered. cueto 23, to ross detwiler 23,
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we go to the sixth inning in this three-run ball game. >> rob: 43 for cueto, you know, career starts right now and he had his growing pains as i told you the other day or earlier in the day. >> seemed like the other day. >> rob: feels like the other y. ere at the end of the season last year he really struggled. and i think a lot of it is as your arm strength is waning and you're a 22-year-old and you've never pitched half-way through september. that'when how to pitch, when you have nothing. you come out of the bullpen after a bad warm up, you feel like, you know, you don't want to pitch today but you have to. i have nothing in my repertoire, that's when you go out like a leave on hernandez and go seven or eight strong innings because mentally you overcome your physical ailments. >> johnny: detwer, as you mentioned rob, learning every single time he takes to e
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@mod. it's a arning expeence. r se hit for jonny gomes. don't forget june 11th is the dollar kids day, 2-12 for a nats game, a dollar a ticket. the purchase of one full-priced adult ticket. $1 kids' tickets are available at the box office only childrent be en ds day call 202-675-nats. jonny gomes a lead-off single to center. he is at first for cincinnati. and that is their fifth base hit of th ball game. jay bruce with a walkand fly- out to adam dunn in left field up for the third time tonight.  . >> rob: jason bergman loose again.
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also a tothing for him to learn how to go from rotation tobulln. rob: get up four or times, got to save a bit before the game and leave it all down in the bullpen. >> johnny: and jason was making a comment that every single guy that has been sent down and came back up has made "i don't want to go back to the minors." >> rob: no, this is the only level you want to play at. >> johnny: i don't want to go back down. >> rob: and goals had a full heart attack, he was sitting there in a chair at home having a heart attack. at 24 years of age, finally ended up going to the hospital. >> johnny: that is tough. >> rob: yeah, that's a tough kid right there, jonny gomes. >> johnny: jay fouls down the
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first base line. >> rob: remember, we told you bruce hitting .170 off left- handers coming in. walked the first time up for the reds. those are good old focal points that i'm sure that steve mccat tee will bring up with ross when they go over today's oiling. >> johnny: and this would tie his longest outing of the year if detwiler gets through the sixth inning. mighty close to bruce, almost got him. two balls, two strikes.  bruce at .216. 14 home runs, 13 though off right-handed pitchers.
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and the 2-2. goals taking second, goals will go back to first, they have a bead on it and it's one down.  i tell you will a lot of ground out in center field. >> rob: yeah, when he did lie gentleman and willie is out there we have our fastest outfield, they can cover some ground offensively.  always have to find  adam though. >> johnny: yup. got to keep that battle in the lineup don't you. >> rob: yeah. and a lot of teams do that. guys are not gold gloves at that position and as a pitcher you know that and it's your job to do your job. and say "if this guy hits a ball down the left field line adam might not get to it" so you have to be supersensitive to not making a pitch that the guy can beat you down the left field line. >> johnny: speaking about the outfield. a little note about tomorrow
10:26 pm
night's outfield situation from debbie taylor. debbie? done done josh well ham is going to start in right field tomorrow and i asked josh when is the last time you played out there and started out there and he said "never" have, but i'm looking forward to it.." >> johnny: thank you debbie. josh has been under the weather, bouncing back nicely, thank you. >> rob: he had some kind of viral infection. >> johnny: upset stomach, i know that. >> rob: a lot of that goin' around ball clubs. >> johnny: count is 1 ball, one strike, batter in the sixth. detwiler ahead one ball and two
10:27 pm
strikes. next is the reds pitcher johnny cueto, he was able to get a walk out of detwiler his last trip up.  1-2, gonzalez fouls it off right side.  cincinnati comes to t these three ball games having lost three of their last four ball games. last time they won here in washington way back in '06. april 26th. and they are hanging tough in that center behind the nationals dugout. 3 1/2 games behind milwaukee coming in to tonight's ball game. a a ball and two strikes to
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alex gonzalez. >> rob: there is the central to break down i knowy, dusty baker doing a fine job with this reds team, they have won three of their last 10. .500 at home in american ball park. you want to be .500 on the road and .650, .700 at home, to have an opportunity to win your division. a lot of teams struggling especial lei in our division. phillies 12-13. new york mets are the only one with a winning record at home, 17-9, but then the braves 14- 15, marlins 14-17, and -- >> johnny: he has got it, two down, gonzalez flies to left.  and as we go to t coming up here in masn, all of masn2, the reds and nats again tomorrow night beginning at 6. 30 with nats extra, and a 4:30 afternoon game on thursday.
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start our coverage at 4:00, then on the road at tampa on friday and saturday and sunday. that saturday game joined in progress at 7:05. >> rob: looking forward to that tampa trip. more cow bells. >> johnny: yes. >> rob: went down for the world series last year. >> johnny: great city isn't it. >> rob: 50,000 cow bells in a one-roof stadium. kind of loud, johnny, kind of loud. >> johnny: here is an example. i i've heard you and rob talk about this, what a success story tampa is. when you take a look at the payroll these guys have had, look at what they have done with developing players from their own system. >> rob: look at the marlins. they had the lowest payroll, won 84 games. it's not just about talent. you have got to develop talent and build that family atmosphere and go out there and attack the rest of the division. the tampa bay rays have done the same thing, added a


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