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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 9, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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the stars of tomorrow with prospects like marcus jones and dean brown launched their careers. see all the stuff on masn hd. come out for the home run derby at 9:30. your donation will be greatly appreciated. going to www.ripkencollegebaseball doarg or call 9900 and you'll get more information. tavares on at first. and we have got two down, that will bring up jerry hairston much  he flew out to ce out looking in the third, got a free pass in the fifth and singled to left center his last time up. mike mcdougall works for the nats here in the ninth inning, a 3-2 game. the nats have one shot coming up in the bottom of the ninth.
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>> rob: i've told you before and bob this, i'm not a big fan of throwing the ball around the infield with two outs. it goes way back to high school even before. got two outs, get the hitter, out of the inning. that ball keeps going to third. rather have him on first than third. past ball. anything can happen. didn't get the high strike, the low strike. >> johnny: to the second and top of the ninth is over. two to the bottom of the ninth innings and see if the nats can tie it up or take the lead and
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win this baby. we'll be back in just a moment. at pnc, taking the long view is how we help you take the right path. even to change it when conditions demand. keeping you on the road to achieving your goals. it's something we've been doing for over 150 years. let our strength and stability be the basis for yours. pnc. leading the way.
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. the cincinnati reds leadi 3-2 as we head to the bottom of the ninth inning, the nats looking for some ninth inning magic, byron kerr and ray knight waiting for nats extra, hopefully after two more runs from the nationals. but you have to be believed to see what you see from detwiler. >> i am. a lot of fun, he had the three walk and he punched people out, he showed he can really be effective against national league hitters. he made a good pitch, really good pitch away to brandon phillips and went back with the same pitch, brandon phillips, went down the first base line, that's the difference in the game. >> we have got it coming up. hopefully for runs for the nats and look back at the first round pick of steven strawsburg. >> johnny: willie harris
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leading off, anderson hernandez in the number 1 hole, and francisco cordero comes out of that reds bullpen. 25 innings pitched, 21 hits allowed, four earned runs, struck out 23 and only walked eight batters.  among national league  in saves. hasn't given up a run in his last 8 appearses. this cincinnati bullpen is tough. >> rob: very tough. as i said before, fourth in earned run average in the major leagues as far as the bullpen goes. they have a lead, tough to get it back from 'em. but only a difference right here, a couple of home runs, string together a few hits, maybe a walk or something, and got to send it to extra innings. >> johnny: willie harris popped out swinging, popped to second grounded out to second.
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he is 0-3, leads off the bottom of the ninth. takes a strike call.  francisco cordero first  save was july 21st of '08 against san diego. his last blown save was that, a year ago.    another one of these guys  have been around a little bit too, rob? >> rob: yup. >> johnny: a lot of experience under his belt. >> rob: rangers, brewers, reds, he has been bounced out of that closer role and then comes back. it happens from time to time. >> johnny: has made all his save opportunities this year. >> rob: brad lidge put on the disabled list, the last few weeks, maybe hen lidge comes back ryan madson keeps his job.
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>> johnny: right. >> rob: it's a tough job to keep sometimes when you're going through rough times. cordero has done it like everybody else, mcdougall was a closer going back to the kansas city royals. >> johnny: a good one with kansas. >> rob: a good one. jay bruce going through a rough spot, a lot of peaks and valleys. it's a very humbling game. >> johnny: the is-2 to take investorries. one down here in the bottom of the ninth, harris grounds out to second.   hernandez will come up tr to get something going. hernandez struck out swinging his last time up, he is 0-3, a strikeout looking last time and grounded out to second, popped out to second.
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wouldn't like to break his 0-3 night. for  . >> rob: he can't know cor that well so one thing he has to do is patience. make him pitch to you. >> johnny: 94. two balls and no strikes. for thehe nationals' second baseman, with austin kearns on deck. and manny acta changing things up. 3-2 reds bottom of the ninth, 16,274 braving the elements to come out for this game delayed almost two hours at its start time of 7:05 to almost close to 9:00. and the count is three balls and no strikes to hernandez.
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>> rob: i would take another pitch right here. >> johnny: make him throw strikes. >> johnny: again hernandez, back to background outs to second base. >> len: this could be the possible defining moment, given up a home run, strikes out with a man on second, david weathers, strikes him out beg strikeouts from the reds' bullpen. could be their defining moment.
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austin kearns going to try change all that. >> johnny: the reds one out away from winning their 16th game on the road, their 13th over all. the first time here in this city since july 26th, two batters of six have lost their last three games at rfk. their last three here last year at national's park. they have got a 3-2 lead with two outs here in the bottom of the ninth. austin kearn is down to the nationals last hope. it's a strike. tomorrow it is going to be harang andlen lannan against micah oh wings. bars bars  ocean. but tonight the bats  come alive. one ball two strikes now to kerr. >> rob: coming off an off day, a little bit flat.
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maybe one of their best pitchers, harang tomorrow, is coming off a bad year, had his ups and downs. he has a great record but an enormous e.r.a., got one of the top e.r.a. guys in the league, you know he going to be tough. >> johnny: and the pitch just misses outside, three balls two strikes two out nobody on bottom of the ninth. >> rob: great effort though, detwiler, bergmann, malone, mcdougall, everybody pitching side tonight has done their job. >> johnny: 6 innings, three walks, five hits, the walks came back to haunt him. threw 103 pitches. >> rob: 103 pitches, 18 first-
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pitch strikes. >> johnny: nats extra coming up in a couple moments with byron kerr and ray knight. above that cincinnati bullpen. this is in there for a called third strike and the ball game is over.  kearns takes the call strike, manny acta quickly out. van deer veen and here is rick, he can't believe that pitch. rick eckstein to the left. >> rob: the last pitch right here, that pitch is way low and that's the reaction from the bench.   . >> johnny: he couldn't be it when he was called out on strikes, neither could austin kearn, that is the ball game. the nationals can't get a run in the bottom of the ninth inning and cincinnati holds on to win this ball game. and they are still barking at andy fletcher from that national's budget.
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well for rob dibble and debbie taylor i'm johnny holiday, the nationals and reds continue this series tomorrow. nats extra, visit nats for all the news from the nationals. this has been a presentation of masn. hangs on to beat washington 3- 2. stay tuned for nats extra postgame coming up right now.   
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it didn't s low, you can't, there is no way you can call that pitch a strike. that may be the, i'm not one to say much about the strike zone but that pitch right there was solo there is no way you can swing at that ball.
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that ball looks like it is on the dirt. i don't know if he got blocked out but i'm going on record that is brutal. >> we start in the fifth inning where the game broke open for the reds, they got something going against detwiler, you had a tight 1-1 game goin' on. >> turning point of the ball game, couple of walks in that inning, as gonzalez doubles to left. playing the opposite way. have we not been over playing him that way, that would not have been a double. get the ball and get it in there quickly but he slides in there. walks on a pitch on a ball, hairston walks, then phillips comes back after being blown away with a fastball, he comes back with the same pitch, that's what a young pitcher is going to have to learn, the young hitters are going to adjust to that he looked good on a running fastball, came back with the same pitch. >> one of the prize possessions has been the play of johnny quelt oh.
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he gave up, yes, that home run early onto the 234589s but he pitched an outstanding ball game on the reds cy. >> oh my gosh this kid knows how to pitch. look at his record with all those search-inning outings. in six of those he has given up less than 5 hits. moves the ball well in and out, a real good slider almost like a cutter he throws on the left- handed hitters. fastball is 93, 94, the change- up he throws on the outside of the plate gives left-handers a fit. but they have got some good young pitching over there, this kid is one of the best. people talk about adjuster against being the best pitcher in the national league. >> well johnny and rob have a chance to check in about the game. you hook at what ross detwiler did, coming in when he only had five hours notice he was going to start, did a nice job tonight. >> he certainly did byron. no question about that. the fact that he gave up some walks, rob, as you talked about during the telecast cost him in this ball game.
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>> >> rob: yeah, all three of those walks came back to score, did an excellent job, facing one of the best young guys on the other side in johnny cueto and detwiler, he matched him for at the, a 1-1 game, his best stuff, a great fastball, lot of life, great breaking ball. there you see him with that strikeout and another strikeout on the outside half, the hairston, you see another one to hanigan, down and in. when you've got it working in and out on the breaking ball and you can set it up with a 93 miles per hour heat, johnny, you're going to do some good things. but cueto now in 12 starts, the reds have won eight of them, so he was a very difficult foe tonight and i thought detwiler did a great job and in the bullpen three scoreless innings to give us a shot down the end. >> each game that detwiler pitches he is going to take a learning experience from some factor of that game and get better. >> rob: yeah you got to take a positive out of everything. you gave up three runs in six innings, you walked the guys, got to get past that, take the good things away and not the
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bad things and that's how he is going to learn and also going to be able to put in those mental notes. this is what i did against a couple of the reds. they may move on to another ball club especially in your division, put that away for later, worked well with will nieves, so a lot of good things happened tonight for the nats, they just didn't, they didn't get enough runs to win but it's a very well-pitched game and that's a good sign for the nats. >> outside of the home run by elijah dukes and the homer by cristian guzman ran into a heck of a starting pitcher in johnny cueto and a strong bullpen that they have got. >> >> rob: ray can tell you that's gonna happen. guys are going to stick it to you; have their best stuff, going to go out and make a rough night. we did get to arthur rhodes, he didn't give up much, weathers and then cordero. that's a good pitching ball club. hopefully tomorrow we can scratch a few more hits out and get a pugh more runs. >> thank you johnny and rob
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upstairs as we break down this game and look at the offensive side of it. key moment was the bottom of the fifth inning, down 3-1, one out already on the board and they decide to go with detwiler so they hiked what they saw there instead of going with the pinch hitter there ray. >> that's because we have to push these starting pitchers deeper in the ball game and give them an opportunity to win a ball game. you're never going to win games in the fifth inning. the old timers were able to win 23, 24 games with guys able to go deep in the ball game. there were several times, many times in my career, where the starting pitcher would be in there in the fifth inning, the manager would allow him to hit, even with a runner on second base, just because he believed in his offense. our offense not perqing now but it has perked on the majority of the season earlier so i like the fact he let him go up there and hit. >> you look at what detwiler did tonight. he had sciewm where he was getting those called third strikes, getting guys to check stuff. >> he did what young pitchers
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do, lost rhythm a little while in the second inning, came in with his breaking ball and strikes out one-two-threend, then he gets hernandez and gomez, walks, that's actually bruce. then he gets a base hit up the middle to right field, then he comes back with a nice pitch and that's just a blue chip pitch. nothing you can do. you can't make a pitch any better than that, sinking down and away and a blooper to right field. then he starts running off the strikeouts. pitch strike, big curve ball, we talked about his fastball at '93, his change-up, his big curve ball, there it is again, nice look to it, down break, a lot of times you give up on that pitch thinking it is away. and the fifth inning comes away, after bugging gonzales which you talked about, throws a sinke away, walks, strikes out taveras and gives the hit to right field after the two walks and, again, that was just a veteran hitter going the other way, and then he comes
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back, the last batter hits the ball right back at him, hernandez, he knockouts it down, makes a play. but big deal. three runs is nothing. that's a quality start. 6 innings, three earned runs, 5 hits, three walks, six strikeouts, a quality outing for a young left-handed pitcher who is developing gicly in the big leagues. >> ross detwiler, what did manny acta think? we have the latest from the manager. >> the tying run and our big guns up but we just couldn't get it done today. >> how much did that fir inning set the tone for the night when you had four guys on base and couldn't score. >> the game was still tie so, you know, that would have been nice if we would have gotten something going there obviously taking the lead would have been huge but i mean we're still after that, the game was zero zero, so all we have to do is get something offensively and cueto was very tough and didn't allow us to do anything else. >> when olson returns there's going to be a decision to make between stammen and detwiler. do you think ross, how much do
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you think ross did for himself tonight in that sort of battle i guess? >> we'll make the decision when olson is ready. he still needs to finish his rehab. these kids still have a couple of starts to make and we'll make a decision that is going to be best for either one of these kids and what's best for the nats. but it's too early to start pointing now who is going down and who is not. [ inaudible question ] >> manny 7 of the 9 strikeouts were looking. was that good pitches, trying to figure out what 2 strike zone was. >> he add a good breaking ball and some of that he struck out with the back door breaking ball. and live fastball too. but i mean the kid has good stuff and he pitched very well for us, we just couldn't get anything going offensively. >> how about -- can i be a little ott mystic here on just good feeling overall with the executive staff what happened today in the draft. your thoughts?
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>> it's, it was a good day for our organization, i mean when you see detwiler and when you see march texas, when you see zimmerman and stammen and those kids we have here and the balesters of the world and you're going to put them together with the first two guys we picked and strasburg was here, i had store en here in a tryout we had over here and he was very impressive. so when you put those guys together we all know,s specially this year, that pitching and defence wins ball games and those are very important steps for us i think. i was very happy myself when i saw store en was still there on the 10th pick. >> and what strasburg has done, and all the big talk manny, to have this guy identify with the team that must make you feel good? >> it does. and now the job starts, you know, on the back and forth and i think we're gonna be able to get it done because mike has a good relationship with scott and you know hopefully
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everybody does what is going to be good for the kid and our organization and we'll have this guy in uniform as soon as possible.  . >> is there a reason he  late scratch? >> a late scratch for what? >> oh, my mistakes, i thought he was in the lineup at the start. >> no, he wasn't in the lineup.  [ inaudible question ] >> all right guys. >> that's manny acta, the manager of the washington nationals after the matchup against the reds tonight. a 3-2 loss but of course steven strasburg is the first round pick. certainly a bright spot. sterming defense by both teams. we'll show you some great catches, nats extra postgame continues after this. - it's on. - it's on. - ( music playing throughout ) - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - totally on. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on.
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fastest internet. this is if i o's, this is big.  . the nationals fall to the  reds in game 1 of the three- game home stand wrapping up after nine games, the nationals fall 3-2 to cincinnati. you look early on, boy, some missed opportunities for the nats offense, ray. you get two hits, you get two walks, you should be scoring some runs in that first inning. >> yeah, you should. johnston hit that ball really hard. we're going to go back to it in the first inning. guzman goes back. when this ball is hit hard up the middle, a great play by gonzalez turned into a double play, zim comes right back with a single and then dunn's walk, zim's walk, two bases loaded, he gets lenny harris striking out on a good pitch, a flyer that bit down instead of sideways like it normally does. watch elijah, one handed stronger than a bull, out there into the bullpen, not too many people hit the ball one handed out of the ball park but that man is stronger than anything.
11:57 pm
guzman jumps on a fastball down and in. they brought in the left-hander rose to try to get guzman, he hits a bomb. then zimmerman hits a double. we got a runner on second base as he hustles and makes this a double or the ball hit into the gap and then right there that ball, i don't know, i'm not gonna say anything. that one was a strike. but i know one thing, that one to austin kearns wasn't. it left his hand low. it left that pitcher's hands low. >> you wouldn't want to think he had dinner reservations but there was a rain delay, this late at night for the home plate umpire. you get that fir inning, johnny cueto, you want to get him early, get some doubt going, but at 23 he is still showing some veteran leadership. >> he is a young pitcher and if you get him early you usually get him often and that play they made behind him is something that we have not necessarily done in situations. certainly he wasn't throwing the ball good in the first inning but he threw the ball
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well the next six. >> well you look at the defense for the nats, both teams getting some things goin', you heard some oohs and ahs from the announcers and the fans, especially on a wet field, a well-played game. >> it was offensively. this is the play we saw earlier, they would never have been a part of the game because managers and coaches won't let you do it but hernandez the catcher playing first base and another great play by elijah going for the wall over there and jumping and showing his athleticism and a display by their center fielder there, and then a good play by guzzy, if he goes hard into the hole, ranging a long way to make a play ott second base to get that force out. >> we'll look at that ninth inning as well. a couple of soft grounders to the second baseman, you realize you look at the scoreboard you're down by one run, a base hit here, a home run to get something going, austin struggling, he battled hard and didn't get a nice call at the
11:59 pm
end. >> it's tough with two outs to score, i mean it is. it's tough to score with two outs. we had the opportunity with our big guns hitting, with the runner on second base, nobody out. here is the pitch to austin and you just tell me. i'm, you know, you tell me. where is that ball. i'm just looking at that thing, it's low, no doubt about it. austin checks his swing. i thought he might have called it on the check swing but he never asked and if you see that thing in fast motion you can tell we put the box up there, the rec' task yoular box, a good two balls low, that makes it 6" low but one of those things. and all night long, and that's the key, but all night long that pitch wasn't called a strike. no pitches down in the lower part of the strike zone that was really runge up and that one does and it always seems to be emphatic that the umpire wants to ring somebody up at the most critical part of a ball game. >> and rick eckstein, we haven't seen that much, you know. >> i love him. >> he is an honest coach and when he sees a coac


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