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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 10, 2009 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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>> he is battling for his hitters and he is battling and all those guys are battling, he is quan of the quietest most do sile players. you see his brother play baseball, rick eckstein saying that was terrible, that was terrible, that was brutal. he didn't use any expletives. he jumps the rail, getting out there, you can read him. he says "that's terrible, that's terrible." and it was brutal. >> rick eckstein there fighting for the nats in a 3-2 loss for the reds. look at the draft picks, stephen strasburg the number 1 with a bullet for the nats and we break down the reds game number 1. stay there.
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in the seventh. potomac also getting a rehabilitation chance. over lakewood, matt chico got roughed up a little bit after two innings but after tommy johnny nice to see matt back in june as they were thinking about september for him. this could be a good chance to see him back earlier than that. >> a great sign. went two ins and a great sign to have him back t young man can pitch and, eh, he was a guy that through more innings than anybody on our staff a couple years ago so it's good to have him cranked back up. >> kip wells a scoreless inning, that's a good sign as he tries to climb back up to the top spot. the nationals had a big top spot tonight with stephen strasburg the number 1 overall. finally we can exhale a little bit. now the negotiating begins but look at that draft board for the nats. >> i just wished everybody could feel what i feel and the only reason i say that is i've had a little bit of experience at watching ball clubs being built and i really like what they are doin' here. you know, we're not doing a whole lot on the field right
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now but i can just see it happening, you know, piece by piece, block by block, stephen strasburg, the best prospect in 25 or 30 years, that's just somebody saying that, probably a lot of hyperbole, but one thing for sure there's nobody in this nation got better stuff. drew store en, a true closer, this is unusual. a top 10 pick, true closer, through just 42 innings out there at stanford, really bright guy obviously, had 66 strikeouts, you saw him in a ball game that you said he did pretty good. >> 2 2/3 against oregon state, 8 strikeouts, count that up. that's all the outs in 2 2/3. >> manny has seen a lot of pitching and bob boone knows pitching better than anybody, i mean he caught forever, 24 years i think, we called him fish hat depending, had to come back and play one more game so he could surpass bob's all-time record for most games caught and when bob likes this kid, i
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like him. >> all those strikeouts, that fastball frying flying through, could be a national very, very soon, hopefully before august 15th. we'll see what happens. stephen strasburg working undertake there for san diego state. the number 1 pick for the nats. more from nats extra after this. they let you put whatever you're watching down here, while you check out local traffic, weather, even your news up there. i've got a news flash you're out of mayo. how did you get in here? door was open. you'd have tons of ways for you to search for content: by actor, director, any word at all. what about chicken? chicken's fine. any word. no i mean do you have any chicken? i want to eat some chicken. one of the coolest things you can do with fios... stream your music and your photos from your computer to your tv. slideshows look and sound better than ever. and now is the best time to upgrade to fios all the time. want to tell them why? i do not. because you'll get up to $150 dollars back
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. nats extra postgame show on masn is brought to you in part by verizon if i o's. whoever 100 hd channels, this is if i else, this is big. ray knight wrapping it up with you, the reds beat the nationals, 3-2 tonight the final, we're at nats park as we get ready for the second game. willie harris had a 0-4 no, it and he talks about johnny cueto. >> he made pitches when he needed to. um, he pitched exceptionally well. i mean you got to tip your hat to that guy. he threw me a #-2 slider with the bases loaded in the first inning and i mean it was just a
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tough at-bat. all you could really do is you got to gear up for the fastball, he is throwing 95, what can you do except say pitcher's pitch and. >> i have never seen austin kearns or rick eckstein so fired up. >> we all thought it was a ball. andy thought it was a strike. i mean if he messed it up i'm pretty sure he'll admit it. we all make mistakes but i mean situation like that, game on the line, concern see is up there battling facing a closer who is tough. i mean we felt like he got screwed right there. but at the same time i don't feel like the umpire did it intentionally and we all make mistakes. >> deb: on a bright note stephen strasburg got drafted by this team. did you feel any of that energy and excitement throughout the day being draft day here at national's park? >> kind of sort of, not really
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when you're facing a guy like cueto. i mean for strasburg it's obviously a big day for him. we're all excited to have him in our organization and can't wait to see him. i personally can't wait to meet him. but at the same time we still have to you know prepare ourselves a around here and try the get ourselves ready for the next game. >> stephen strasburg a pitcher from san diego. aaron harang going to be faced by horizon risks. >> he is a horse, a big boy, 6'7". led the league in innings pitched. always right there with the league leader, a pretty straight fastball, big looping curve ball, right around the plate all the time, 4-1 strikeouts based on ball ratio. the fastball, the change-up, the slide era tnd occasional curve ball and he has not pitched effectively of late. 27 batess on balls and 27 strikeouts a great indicator of that. 17 based on balls, 65 strikeouts, but nonetheless you
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can't take away those 5 from that shairon and if he gets those he is tough. >> that's what he is known for is his change-up. the no decision as he looks for his sixth win of the year and the nats will go at it again against the reds. thanks to ray knight, cincinnati wins this one. we'll see you tomorrow night at 6:30 and johnny holiday and rob dibble will have game 2 against the reds and the nats. stay tuned.
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that. >> stan, pietrus steal of kobe down the stretch, how was he able to do that? >> i thought he did a good job and dwight did a good job on that and they got him trapped. got him trapped one other time, and i guess we fouled him. but i thought we got a couple of good traps on him. you have to make sure you keep your hands back on all of his traps. you don't want to touch him at all. we got a really good trap in and he just lost the ball.
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he made every a play down the stretch, and the lost the ball. >> chris, last question in the back. >> stan, pietrus -- right here in the middle. pietrus has surprised some people with his play in the playoffs, big series against cleveland, great tonight. has he surprised you guys at all? >> what happen with mchale, he started the year playing well, a lot like this, and then he just went injury, play a few gapes, injury, play a few games, injury, play a few games, and not only was he not able to get into a rhythm but was never integrated with us and that's why we put him on the bench because it was getting disruptive to have him in and out of the lineup. now hoe has played i don't know how many straight games but he has played a long period of
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time, and when you come to a knew team, it's obviously very helpful, not only for him but for his teammates getting him involved, and he is just in a real good rhythm. obviously the pressure doesn't bother him at all, and you sort of laugh sometimes because all of us, coaches, players, you guys in the media, attribute so much to, like, experience and playoff experience and everything else. and he played in golden state, they won one series. when he barely played out there. so, this is it, his first time through in the playoffs. courtney's first time. not many of our guys waive lot of experience. so as i say, they all have basketball experience and international guys have played in huge games that mean a lot to their country. so, he is obviously not fazed by this and that's a great thing. >> thank you, coach. >> stan van gundy, motivational
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genius. andre, magic win game three. both teams go back to the drawing board. give us a mindset of what each team is thinking. >> what is the best thing for your team to think after a loss or win, what type of momentum do you have and that's huge. if you're the lakers you save day they played the best basketball and that's the peak and we only lost by two points. if you're he magic you say we were down game one, we lost big. game two we had in our hands, should be up 2-1, so we have the capability of beating this people and now we have our confidence. so it's going to be exciting and looks like it's going to distance. >> the magic shoot 63%, an nba finals record. 40-64 is the -- that they did to set the report. oting team for sure. what do you think about the way they passed the basketball. alston was the scorer if not the
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facilitators. you look at his high. tour, lie and lewis combined for 12 assists. >> you take a look at who was the guy everyone wants to shoot the ball, and obvious the lakers want skip to shoot the ball, and you look at alston and they say they want me to shoot. i know where my shots are going to come from and that's what rafer did tonight, and he was the key factor and also the player of the game for the magic, and he continues to play this well he is going to make the difference from the lakers stay honest and it's going to open up other looks for other guys. >> waiting to hear from phil jackson. before we got to him, though, last thing i want to ask you. you beat them in game one, they won the series. they have been resilient all season long. >> i wasn't -- i didn't think they had that type of resilience
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si. you talk about toughness and they came back against us, they were down against boston. no one thought they would close out the cavs and now they're in another situation and they're playing tough basketball, they played with a lot of heart andre iguodala. skip bayliss better be ready. now out to orlando, phil jackson addressing the media. >> example of the game that we wanted to play. they were able to come up with plays at the end of the half to take the lead. we told the guys at halftime, we're playing the way we want to play. >> them making all their shots? >> it tends to even out in a game. >> right here in the front.
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>> phil, can you talk about what your last minute instructions were for the final minutes and seconds that kobe took that shot and what was the designed play for the final seconds? >> we consistently ran something similar down the stretch. fish got a three, kobe got through. got the ball to pau. a number of plays that worked but they were able to strip the ball late and get the deciding stop, basically, and pau came up to the ball and gave it to kobe, and he lost it again and fouled and created the gap that made the game impossible to reach. >> kobe had a big -- >> in the back. >> phil, looked like you cut back the rotation, sash sash didn't play in the second half, shannon brown didn't play at all. >> i thought jordan was playing well. just stuck with him in the second half. he came out and i thought played very well, consistently.
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made shots. kept the offense flowing. trevor i thought was doing a good job looking at shorter minutes. i thought that their bench is what was the difference really in pietrus getting 18-points off the bench. >> on the other side. go ahead. >> phil, after kobe had the 17-point stretch the last five minutes of the first quarter, why want he able to get back in his rhythm. >> their defense. they started coming hard to him. howard was consistently coming at him on shots, making it difficult. he never really got in rhythm gain. the same way he was that time. >> mike in first row. >> were you disappointed in your players rebounding, lamar hat two, bynum four film what kind of rebounds are they going to get? >> howard had 14. >> they had five offensive rebounds in the game.
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that's a pretty good job from our team, rebounding. making the amount of shots, there's not a whole lot of rebounds to be had. lewis at the free-throw -- three-point line. big rebound was pietrus getting the offensive rebound. >> kobe has closed so many games for you and won them. he had opportunity to tonight. why wasn't he able to? >> we are all frail as how many. sometimes not as mum as others. >> they're shooting 62%, it that more to do with them just being hot or did you break down defensively? >> i guess if you look at the paint, points in the paint, we were 40, they were 36. we gave up numbers i didn't like to alston, and howard had a much better ballgame in the paint,
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obviously. but i thought they hit shots. i thought we did a pretty good job closing out guys and playing defense. they were shooting very well. >> phil? >> kobe seemed tired at the end. is that one of the reasons you sat him for the first part of the fourth quarter. >> seven-minute mark is what i tried to move it to but looked like we were going to have to get it back on it. >> you thought he was tired a little bit. >> yep. he'll say no. >> go ahead. >> phil, ken burger from cbs sports dom development. there seemed to be a couple of occasions when you were concern about something going on on the floor with regard to howard. cue elaborate on that or something he was doing that you wanted to bring to the officials' attention? >> well, just using his strength out there. we're obviously concerned about his physical contact out there, and the amount of picks he is
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laying on our defenders, trevor and fish, and those things -- they give an offensive foul to them at one point tonight about we thought there were three or four other occasions where there was obviously offensive fouls. >> third row. >> vince, thomas phil, when kobe is frustrated at certain times, he doesn't shy away from sometimes directing that at his teammates and sometimes it looks like disgust. do you if think that has a negative effect on how his teammates play after that? >> if they can't stand up to that they can't play on this team. you have to stand up to that and play through it. that's part of the expectations we have for players, they have to fulfill their roles, and kobe is demand that way, and we are as a coaching staff, too. >> last question, fifth row, fill, jeff at usa today.
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there is a way to explain missed free-throws or just one of those things? >> that guy throwing that red flag up in the air like this? i don't know. who knows what the difference is out there these guys are professionals. a number of them went in and came out. those are the things that changed the game a little bit, and this is unusual, kobe shooting 5-10 and missed 10 free-throws after hitting 14 in a row at the end of the game the other night. so it's a different figure. >> thanks, coach. >> that was the zenmaster, kobe bryant got off to a sizzling start, 17-points in the first quarter, including an incredible four-point play but then could off. '4-15 the rest of the way and 14 points after the first quarter. >> and that's for anish, you have to credit the magic defense.
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iguodala -- >> turnovers. >> missed free-throws, and in a close game. so shelly smith asked phil jackson the question, how do you explain it? the guy is human. it happens. even michael jordan didn't hit every shot. >> back out to orlando, man of the hour, kobe bryant. >> usually you take what the defense gives you. it seemed in that first quarter you were very aggressive and just kind of went after and it got into a rhythm. can you talk about that? >> i had some good doesn'ts, you know, and some of the spots i could be aggressive, and i got a pretty good rhythm going, knocked down a couple shots. >> next question for kobe in the back left. >> kobe, you miss more free-throws than you generally do. something going on our one of those nights? >> my rhythm was off. i just shot poorly from the charity stripe.
12:25 am
just a bad night. >> have you been called the best closer in the game. is it weird when you can't close it out, especially at the line or big shots at the end? >> it was disappointing. i'm used to coming through in those situations. the team trusts me to come through in those situations, and it didn't happen tonight. so have to bounce back and get ready to go in game four. >> mark on your front left. >> kobe, they shot 63% tonight. seems like they're figuring out where you guys are going to be in there throwing the ball back the other way. do you feel like they're figuring out how to run an offense againstup guys? >> they're dog -- doing a great job making adjustments, and making us make adjustments as well. so many shots, they knocked them down. we ran them off the three-point line. they converted inside the arc. so we have to do a better job on the closeouts.
12:26 am
>> reminiscent of what you did against denver. >> a series of adjustments. that's all it is. we had a great opportunity in spite of that to win the game. i missed a lot of free-throws. still put ourselves in a position to one. didn't work out for us. hopefully the next game will be better. >> bill? >> phil said you will never admit it but he thought you were tired at the end and that's why he kept you on the bench for the first half of the fourth quarter. how were you feeling? >> i felt okay. >> you were tired. [laughter] >> so you were wiped out, right? >> i was fine. >> okay. >> mike. >> kobe, what did you think of lamar tonight? he had a one of successful games and tonight a -- was he off tonight? >> he played well. want to talk about the offensive
12:27 am
end. you can always improve on the offensive end. free-throws are given. we lost this game on the defensive end. a team that shoots 62%, and we have to do a much better job defensively. lamar was hot. >> dave, outside. >> kobe, did they make an adjustment on how they're defending you on the pick-and-roll and can you describe that play where pietrus got the steal? >> howard just made a great play with his hands. made a great play with his hands, and they came up with the ball. simple as that. >> right here in the front. >> kobe, didn't you talk about the execution of their last play, the final seconds? >> which one? >> well, where you took the three-pointer. was that what coach felt is designed in a time-out? >> that's what we were looking
12:28 am
for. >> the three-point center. >> didn't go down. >> talk about the next game. >> just have to bounce back and be ready to go. it was tough loss for us, and we feel like we can play much, much better. so tomorrow just make the adjustments and get ready to go. >> so forget about and it move on. >> that's all you can do. just prepare and see things you can direct and come back ready to go to game four. >> kobe, injury o'neill, espn radio here in orlando. some of the national press corps after the first came, 100-75 game, thought this would be a one-sided final. you cautioned to say otherwise. now we're three games in and it's 2-1. can you talk about the magic versus the lakers in the series to this point? >> this is a team that they have been through adverse situations, gone into boston, won game seven, went into cleveland, almost took the first two there.
12:29 am
this is a tough team, not a cupcake team. extremely well coached. executed extremely well and we have our work cut out. >> last question in the back. >> kobe, mark, espn radio in tampa bay. the adjustments that pietrus and court any lee made on you. they didn't have answers in game one and two but tonight had a little success against you. >> called four more guys. i mean, they do the whole kitchen sink, man, and they did a great job staying on my body, and they brought help from the weak side, and simple as that. >> thanks, kobe. >> kobe, howie evans. did the crowd play a factor in that guy jumping up and down with the regular flag? is that something that the nba says is okay? >> what guy and. >> the guy -- you didn't see him? >> maybe if i saw


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