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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 10, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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this man to go defend us in iraq? i mean in afghanistan. i am without words to understand -- to try to explain my consternation at the fact that general mcchrystal, one of our most eminent, prominent, outstanding qualified soldiers, a man whose father won five silver stars; a man whose record is one of being the leading person in our military to do counterinsurgency. that's what he's an expert at doing. let's get the man approved tonight so he can go, leave, on an airplane to get over there and take care of the men and women. i note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: corner tomorrow.
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he was a great player. he had a setback last year. he was playing well early. and if he had that surgery, i am anxious to see what he has left in the cannon. he had a pretty good arm as we know. >> the minnesota vikings have 4 quarterbacks on their roster. taveras jackson played well last season. sage rosenfels played 6 games and neither flynn or john day of the booty have-- john david booty have taken 1 snap. brett favre had more passing
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yards than the current vikings quarterbacks did last season. >> the only day to compare to winning the super bowl is the day when the super bowl winner grabs ahold of their super bowl ring. last night the steelers who beat the arizona cardinals were awarded their much deservedbling. >> last night the orlando magic not only won the first finals game in franchise history but made history by shooting a reader 63% from the field. kobe bryant with 31 points but only 10 in the 2nd half. >> i don't think it's too difficult to win on the road to be honest with you. you have a team that executes very well. i don't think the road is a factor. so, home court to me is not that big of a deal. >> we are not at all fearful about anything. but we do think that they would get confidence off their bench
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coming with their also players. alston and pietrus hurt us last night. that home crowd and the ability to make mistakes and play a little freer gives them the confidence. we have to take that back. >> fars me hiting the wall, what if i did? i didn't, but so what if i did? >> what does it mean if you did? >> it means nothing. >> because? >> because i will run straight through it. >> as a team, we weren't just going to give up. we deserve a chance to win the championship. and we worked extremely hard to get to where we are at today. we were not just happy with making it to the finals and handing the lakers an easy championship. we believe that if we play our game and play our tile of basketball this would be our year to win it. >> we are happy to win last
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night. but we are still down 2-1 with them having the home court advantage. i think our players understand all of that. our players understand we have a tough road ahead of us. >> the lakers made the first 8 shot then areisa missed a dunk and after that it was downhill for l.a. lakers missings last five 3-point attempts. let's go to orlando with mark zones and company. kobe bryant of the los angeles lakers, the nba's ultimate closer unable to close the deal in the 4th quarter. off from the free-throw line as well. the los angeles lakers on the short end of a 4 point defeat at the hand of the orlando magic in game 3. i am mark jones. welcome to our continuing coverage of the nba finals.
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joined by tim legler and j.a. adande. let's talk about the los angeles lakers and kobe bryant? >> usually he is making those shots in the 4th quarter averaging 33 points a game coming into that game. what happened down the stretch? >> part could be the fatigue factor. 30 is not the new 20 when you played 173 career playoff games. especially the 7 game series with houston and going every other day with denver. when he had 5 days off before the finals, he had his best performance to date. coming off the cross country flight, he got tired in the second half. phil jackson doesn't play for the immediate game. he is keeping games 5, 6 and 7 in time. he won't use kobe that much. you will see him resting to keep him fresher for the later games of the sears. >> one thing that helps defend kobe bryant is making kobe bryant work at the other end. i thought pietrus had his most
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aggressive game. he made kobe play at every turn. kobe wants to goomble. i will make you pay. pietrus was 7 of 8 on everything else. transition and post ups. michael pietrus made kobe bryant have to be aware of where he is. that means he will be using energy on that end of the floor. when you need that reserve in the 4th quarter, it might know be there. pietrus 18 points. they have to have his point production to balance what turkoglu, lewis and howard are give you. >> and pietrus the best game of the playoffs so far. maybe gaining inspiration from his brother also a basketball player visiting from paris france. the orlando magic shoot 62 and a half percent from the field. an nba finals record. how did it happen? >> you make the basketball change sides of the floor you
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have a great chance. the los angeles lakers are not a great defensive team. if you make them chase the basketball, you will get good lookses. the orlando magic moved the ball from right to left. different people touching it. every time somebody penetrated the kickout pass went to the guy with the open look. it helps when you shoot the ball with confidence. they didn't do that if l.a. the change of venue was great for rafer alston and pietrus. if you make the lakers chase it they have a better chance. >> i like the magic didn't get caught up in shooting 3-pointers. they took advantage of their assets. rafer alston can utilize his dribbling ability. and hedo turkoglu can take guys off the dribble. they were doing that. remember all of the missed layups in games 1 and 2 in this time they made 15 of the 18 shots inside the paint. they are making smots from
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everywhere in this game. being patient. >> orlando with 5 different player that is scored 18 points or more in game 3. what does game 4 hold? we will find out on thursday. 8:30 p.m. eastern on abc with the countdown. >> ♪ >> now on, j.a. adande writes: kobe bryant had a shot at the 3-0 advantage in the nba finals but bobbled. >> the sacramento kings found their man. they first offered the job to the lakers assistant. the kings hired 58-year-old paul westphal. he had coaching time in phoenix and seattle. will only earn 1.5-million dollars. >> usc head coach tim floyd resigned wednesday a month after being accused of giving $1,000
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to a man who steered o.j. mayo to usca. what does dick vitale think of the quick decision made by tim floyd in the league? >> when you suddenly resign in a situation like that claiming it's enthusiasm and energy, there is a big question mark. i think there might have been a mutual agreement between tim floyd and the administration that it's best he step aside. these things are getting ugly. think about it. what did it involve? rose, mayo. players suspect academically but really great players surrounded by a bunch of people. >> the statement made on wednesday floyd said: i no think fear i can offer the level of enthusiasm deserved by the university and the supporters of
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southern cal. >> tuesday manny ramirez spoke. against the rules for manny. major league baseball reminded the dodgers that he can not speak with the reporters in the team's clubhouse. according to "espn the magazine" buster olney there will be no fine or suspension for this. >> phil mickelson was emotional speaking to reporters in memphis repairing for his return to the pga tour in the saint jude's classic attt at bethpage black. with his wife amy's breast cancer treatment set to begin soon. >> i have never been this emotional where if i am driving alone, i will just start crying. it's a weird thing. i am looking forward to have a 4 or 5 hour mental break where i can force myself to focus on something else. i am looking forward to that.
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i am not playing just to play. i think that bethpage is a golf course that suits my game. i love playing on that course. i love playing in the new york area. i am playing here because i believe i can win next week. i don't know when i will be able to play again. i don't know what our treatment schedule will be like after surgery. i don't know when that will happen. i don't think it's going to be for a while. but i don't know exactly what we are facing yet. >> because of his wife's illness, phil mickelson has been away from the tour for about a month. get this: since 2004 after layoffs of 28 days, mickelson averages 3 and a half shots more in the 1st round of tournaments than he did when he has shorter time off. he finishes 2 shots worse with a month off than with less time away. >> still to come: a lot to talk
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>> right now we welcome in our viewers watching on espnews getting ready to take you around the country to focus in on the more interesting stories in the world of sports. we call it zoning in. >> traveling from time zone to time zone-- >> [traffic noise]. [whirring]. >> it's time to zone in with doug gottlieb. pacific time.
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>> let's head to the west coast. what is shaking in los angeles and get reaction in l.a. after last night's loss to the orlando magic. 2 games to 1. lakers still up in the series. beto duran works in los angeles and joins us now. beto, how about losing game 3? was that expected or do the lakers fans say we will get the next 2? what is the reaction today? >> well, i am in orlando. i can give you the reaction players. they are like we lost last night. no big deal. nobody is thinking the sky is falling. areisa said at this morning's practice, they looked at a lot of film and saw improvements to make in their defense. now the theme is for the lakers players, they saw the film and know they can make adjustments on their defense. they lost to a magic team that was hot last night. they set shooting records. this morning in practice you would not think the lakers are down on themselves right now.
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>> kobe bryant did not have his finest game. is he confident he will be kobe bryant again in game 4? >> as a couple of his teammateses, luke walton, the next game kobe will be awesome. because kobe bryant doesn't have bad back-to-back games. for any other player in the nba, last night's game was great. only kobe and lebron where they would say that's not the game i wanted. kobe is still in the attitude. he hasn't smiled. he said well is nothing to smile about. only 2 wins in the series when you need 4. >> the big story in the los angeles. tim floyd stepping down as head coach of usc amid allegations of recruiting violations with o.j. mayo. you have been covering that team for a while. what is the story behind his resignation? did he feel the heat coming or
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do you take him at his word he was ready to move on and do something else. there is heat coming without a doubt. he does on the day the lakers are playing in the nba finals so it was buried there. the town is talking about kobe and manny ramirez working out with the dodgers. and tim floyd resigned. you done have that much media attention on him. the writing was on the wall. he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. he resigned because tim floyd is a stand up guy. i think he saw things were getting sticky. why not leave before things get messier? >> beto, thanks. >> eastern time. >> yankees and red sox. the yankees still looking for win number 1 against the sox in 2009. that game coming your way tonight. 7:10 p.m. on espn-hd.
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right now adam jones from 890 espn radio in boston joins us. focus in boston have to be feeling pretty good. the red sox 6 and 0 against the yankees. a big win last night. what was the red sox reaction in the locker room afterwards? >> i think they are treating it like they don't want to get to overhyped about what they are doing right now. the red sox have not done this since 1912. it doesn't happen every year in this rivalry. it's been balanced over the last 6 years since it started getting real competitive again. they had to split the games. the fact it's in favor of the red sox, i don't think they are coming out and celebrating right now. i think there is something to be said about what the red sox have done against the yankees team. it seems to be pitching. josh beckett has been on a roll for the last 7 starts. he did it again last night against a good yankees line-up. they had won 2 out of 3 against tampa and beckett shut them
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down. >> what about david ortiz if he hit a home run last night? he has had timely hits. does he feel like it's coming back? >> i think he is starting to feel that way. i am not sure i am ready to put him back to where he was a couple of years ago. ortiz is hiting much better than he has been. he has a 7 game hitting streak going right now. the ball he hit last night, the home run was not just another garden variety home run. this was a shot right off the bat. the press box new and the stadium knew it would be out, well over 400 feet. when ortiz is swinging with prisons, those already convict convicted, currently serving, like ramzi yousef? mr. mcconnell: i would say to my friend from i will, maybe we've -- from illinois, maybe we've found an area of agreement. is he critical of the bush administration for not
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conducting the military tribunals more rapidly. i agree with him. i think they should have been tried more rapidly. but that's the place to try them, right down there in guantanamo. and if my friend is suggesting that it's a good idea to bring these terrorists to the united states and, if convicted, put them in u.s. facilities, the supermax facility has basically no room. there may be one bed, but as far as i know, there's no room at supermax. so not only do we have -- if we bring them into the united states -- i don't know why i'm smiling, this is not a laughing matter. you can say what you will about the previous administration but we were not attacked again after 9/11. there are a couple of reasons -- i don't have the floor, i would say to my friend from arizona. maybe committee get the senator from illinois to ask -- to yield for a question as well. i don't think we want to complain about the fact that we haven't been attacked again since 9/11, i would say to my friend from illinois. containing terrorists at guantanamo, going after
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terrorists in iraq and afghanistan, clearly something worked. and to argue that we would be somehow made more safe in this country by closing down guantanamo i find almost absurd. mr. durbin: with all due respect, the senator failed to answer my question. i asked him this question: if it is a danger to america that if we put a convicted terrorist in prison in our country, if that creates a danger, as you've said repeatedly, in our communities and neighborhoods near this prison or in other places, then i ask the senator from kentucky, what would you do with the 355 convicted terrorists currently in prison and the senator didn't answer. he said we haven't been attacked since 9/11 that. is unresponsive. we know that there are facilities where these convicted terrorists can be held safely and securely. marion federal penitentiary in my own home state has 33 convicted terrorists. i just spent a week down there not far from your home state. there was not fear among the people living in that area
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because 33 terrorists are being held at marion. do you know why? because our corrections officers there are the best. and i went in to see them and i sat down with them. they are concerned, angry, even insulted at the suggestion that they cannot safely hold dangerous people. one of the guards said to me, we held john gotti. he was convicted of being involved in gangland tivment we are holding terrorists -- gangland activity. we are holding terrorists from colombia in drug gangs, we're holding them safely. we're holding serial murderers safely. we know how to do this, senator. and if your colleagues in the senate don't believe it, have them come and visit marion federal penitentiary. they are doing their job and doing it well. and to come to the floor of the senate repeatedly and suggest that we are in danger as a nation because convicted terrorists are being held in our prisons really i don't think adequately reflects the reality of what we have today. let me also say, i don't know if
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senator -- i respect the senator from kentucky for saying that he's always been in favor of keeping guantanamo open. i respect him for being consist nent his viewpoint. i disagree that viewpoint. and among those who also disagree with his viewpoint would be general colin powell, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, former secretary of state under president bush. he believes that it should be closed. general petraeus, someone i know the senator from kentucky has praised on the floor of the united states senate. he believes guantanamo should be closed. they aren't alone. robert gates, secretary of defense under president bush and now under president obama, believes it should be closed. senator mccain on your side of the aisle has stated publicly that guantanamo should be closed. senator lindsey graham, on your side of the aisle, has stated publicly it should be closed. former secretaries of state have made the same statements. now, he is entitled to his point of view. i respect him for holding that point of view even if he doesn't have the support from the
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security and military leaders that i just mentioned. but to come to this floor and repeatedly say to the american people that we are in danger because we are trying terrorists in the coforts america -- in the courts of america i think goes too far. i think the president has done the right thing. i think they man, ahmed ghailani, should stand trial. if 12 innocent americans died -- and they did -- among 224 people, this man should be on trial. and i think the president was right to bring him to the court for trial. to suggest that he shouldn't be put in a military tribunal, which has had a record, incidentally, over the last seven years, military commissions at guantanamo, seven years, tried three individuals and two have been released, doesn't tell me that it's a good batting record when it comes to dealing with war criminals. i trust the courts of our land, the same courts that convicted ramzi yousef. i trust those courts to give ghailani a fair trial under american law. and i trust at the end of the day that the jury, if it is a
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jirks will reach its -- my if it is a jury, will reach its decision. but i can tell you this for certain. the suggestion by the minority leader that at some point after this trial mr. ghailani is going to be turned loose in the communities and neighborhoods of america, i don't understand where that's coming from. that is -- that is the kind of statement that i think goes to the extreme. i wish my colleagues would reflect on that. we are not going to turn loose this man who's not a resident of the united states, not a citizen of the united states if he's found not guilty. the president would never allow it. our judicial system would never allow it. do you think the department of homeland security is going to clear this man to move to louisville, kentucky, if he's found not guilty? or springfield, illinois? i don't think so. in fact, i think it's beyond the realm of possibility. i also want to make it clear that we have before us an important decision to make. are we going to deal with guantanamo because it is a threat to the safety of our servicemen, or are we going to keep it open so that some people
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who believe in it can have their political bragging rights. i would rather side with those who believe closing guantanamo brings steeft our men and women -- safety to our men and women in uniform. guantanamo is a recruiting tool for terrorists. that is not my conclusion alone. it is the conclusion that has been reached by many. when i look back and see those who've said, for example, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mike mullen, "the concern i've had about guantanamo is it has been a recruiting symbol for those extremists and jihadists who would fight us. that is the heart and concern for guantanamo's continued existence." same statement from general petraeus. same statement from defense secretary gates. same statement from rear admiral mark busby and others. we have a situation here with guantanamo where it is not making us safer. the president has made the right decision, a hard decision, to deal with the 240 detainees that he inherited, and i think we should do this in a calm and
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rational and not a fearful way. mr. president, i yield the floor. mr. mcconnell: mr. president? the presiding officer: the republican leader. mr. mcconnell: let me just say that senator mccain and senator graham can speak for themselves, but neither of them have ever been in favor of closing guantanamo without a plan to do something. they want to see what the plan is to deal with these terroris terrorists. and beyond that, they can speak for themselves. but they're not in favor of closing guantanamo without a plan. with regard to the suggestion that we should bring these prisoners to the united states and try them, my good friend from illinois has suggested that there's no downside to that. that, you know, why not do it? well, we could. but the question is slo: should? we should not because we passed the military commissions for the purpose of trying these very detainees. there are courtrooms and a $200 million state-of-the-art
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facility at guantanamo to both incarcerate this and to try them -- incarcerate them and to try them. we know that no one has ever escaped from there and we know we have never been attacked again since 9/11. but let's assume that we did bring them up here for trial. my good friend has suggested, no harm down. well, during the ramzi yousef trial, he tipped off terrorists to a communications link. during the zacarias moussaoui trial, there was inadvertently leaked sensitive material. the east africa embassy bombing trials painted osama bin laden. the beeline sheikthe blind shein trial, fainted osama bin ladenment when you have these rare trials in i criminal setting, there are downsides to it. and in terms of community disruption, i would cite the ma


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