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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 10, 2009 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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the only difference in the ballgame is the bruce two-run homer. let's continue the conversation about where strasburg's mind might be about money and playing baseball quickly. >> rob: i think a lot of times these players start believing everything they hear. i heard over 1500 stories were written about strasburg. it's going to be hard for yo to get your work in and get yours to the major league. aspitched innings in the major league last year. he spent the entire season getting ready. it's a ocesalways involving and always changing. you saw storen trying to get out there. that's his like this kid.
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they like what he's done at stanford, his makeup, his approach to the ballgame, it will fact he's all american the last two years. he's got the whole package. guzman retiring hernandez. great prep career out at stanford. dominating performance. nice play by guzman and a play spinning his way. you can see the way he reacted. >> rob: win field, hallof famer said a 240 major league hitter now would be better than
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any competition an entire year. everybody thinks it's so easy to play vel yet the 43 or 44 before strasburg, first overall pick, never beenan of there, there's 44 44 picks. whatever the agents are selling, the proof isn't in the pudding. now you've got a rod and griffey jr. there's been other pitchers years ago. they were decent. these other hitters and everyday player, a lot of them coming out of college. some of them are headed for the hall of fame. to try to say this kid, he's a different breed, be serious. he's a baseball player. >> johnny: shairon martis gets a one, two, three inning here.
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but the things we all look forward to haven't changed. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important. it looked like he was g to win this. you can't see anybody behind him him. drew storen is here at that ball park. he welcomes drew to the park and loses the race. >> rob: did you ever see the
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movie groundhog day? i swear it's groundhog day here. man, somebody needs to jump out of the tent and push him. >> johnny: that's probably the only way he's going to win the race. dukes is gone. josh willingham steps in. reds have two hits with their two runs. nats have three base hits. both pitchers pitching well tonight. aaron harang for the reds and shairon martis for the nationals. >> rob: he had to be his own pitching coach. you can't be waiting for mccatty to run out of the dugout when you have problems. you've got to be out there
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going, okay, you know what, i'm not finish off my breaking ball, they're getting too much of it. my fastball, i'm leaving too much over the plate. i've got to hit my spot. aaron harang made some adjustments. >> johnny: shot to center field. drifting back is willy taveras. get your family fun pack tickets and bring your whole gang. you can purchase the $14 upper right field ticket or a $25 lower left field reserved ticket. you get a nonalcoholic drink, hot dog and chips. kids run the bases. call or visit stop by the nationals ball park
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office. get away day for cincinnati 4:35 start time tomorrow. >> rob: i think we should raise money for charity. what do you think? >> johnny: i've got just the charity. an easy inning for harang and the cincinnati reds. the reds are cruising causing a 2-0 shutout. or do you risk drinking a warm one? if you have the new coors light cold-activated can, you're covered. because now every can turns blue when your beer... is as cold as the rockies. it's cold insurance, only from coors light. cold beer: that's our policy. ( smack, crowd awes ) you might want to put something cold on that. frost-brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer.
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well jay bruce's two-ru homer the only difference in the ballgame. reds lead the nationals. time for the aflac trivia. we've got to question to see what we can do with this. >> rob: gift -- give it up. which switch hitter hit the most home runs in a season? one down in the top of the 5th 5th. >> rob: eddy murray never played? >> johnny: no. >> rob: pete rose was a switch
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hitter. probably had 280 hits one year. i think -- >> johnny: let's get him on the cell phone. >> rob: i think carp started when frank howard was still playing. >> johnny: i was in fifth grade when i heard bob do a game. i loved him. it was great. in miami florida. >> rob: was that the toughest three years of your life? >> johnny: toughest three of my life. ryan hanigan, reds' catcher. 30 hits, 95 at bats. in last night's ballgame, 1-4
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strike out. once again, the nationals can't get them to light up tonight, second straight night. >> rob: in the minor leagues one year, he threw out more than 40% -- >> rob: was young a switch hitter? >> johnny: could have been. >> rob: that's a good guess. >> johnny: i do believe he might have been. right off the top of my head of course. >> rob: i say that to bob all the time. you know our guys in the truck have the media guys. dangerous thing. >> johnny: the out is 1-4. two down now.
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when it comes to ticket, you deserve major league service. go to the official fan to fan marketplace. after the ballgame tomorrow, off to tampa for a weekend series against the rays. that will be friday night. saturday's game join progress at 7:05. then the nationals in new york at the new yankees stadium beginning next week. hanigan -- your saying that because i brought this guy up the other day about 30 times. he's in that reds press guide. hairston, jr. had to go back to the top of the reds batting order. two down. hanigan at 2nd. hairston 1-3
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last night. reached an error in the 3rd. the count is 1-1 martis battling battling. jerry hairston. line drive to center. dukes should have this one. martis bears down. got himself in a little trouble. had a runner in scoring position, got him out. we go to the bottom of the 5th 5th. 2-0 reds lead the nationals. ♪ ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) ♪ who's watching...
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(announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. it's time to bring you up to speed. an ominous looking night early. a great night for this young man, the overall selection in
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the 2009 draft drew storen. amazing to get a runner out. jay bruce goes deep for the reds to give them a 2-0 lead. guzman running out his third triple of the season got as far as 3rd base. the nationals couldn't get him in. at&t your world delivered. hello. jay bruce with that home run. he was 12th overall by the reds in 2005 in the first round. a lot of first year first round picks. >> johnny: i'm looking to see the answer to the question. here's josh bard. it wouldn't surprise me at all -- >> rob: she's got a new baby.
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an 8-month-old. >> johnny: josh bard, second switch hitter in this ball club. three hits with a home run tuesday of last week. swings to a high fastball. 1-1. in the bottom of the 5th here at nationals park. 2-0 cincinnati jay bruce's home run in the 2nd. martis working himself out of trouble tonight. line drive down the 1st baseline, foul. thinking back to you racing, that wouldn't be bad. ray i'm saying is probably 48, 49 maybe? >> rob: he's about three years
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older than me. >> johnny: maybe 50? >> rob: i've had a lot of problems with my legs over the years. this is not pretty. >> johnny: i'm not going to go there. >> rob: i had one knee surgery in the 80s. >> johnny: i was here last night when you took off your coat and tie and put on the casual shirt you had. i looked the other way. 2-2 to josh bard. >> rob: what are you trying to say? i'm kind of pasty. even though i live in la. >> johnny: your wife looks pretty darn sharp. >> rob: he's italian. she's olive colored. i'm swedish. i always did my best work at
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night. right around 10:00. i had it down to the minute. >> johnny: we need hits in this game. >> rob: we need some hits. we have three hits last night. >> johnny: going back to guzman t, -- the triple. >> rob: that's his mo strike early and often. whether they're great strike, fast or breaking balls, he's coming with them. that's a good breaking ball. >> johnny: 3-2 count is full. >> rob: you don't give up a home run in eight consecutive games with overpower stuff. down the strike zone, very consistent with the breaking
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balls. he's got no fear. >> johnny: bard with a base hit to right. that will get things going hopefully. let's see, switch hitter with the most home runs in reds history -- for the reds in one season. okay. i said young. >> rob: you're right. 21. i'm positive todd had more than 21, well maybe in a couple of years. >> johnny: yeah not just one. a nice play. they almost got him at 1st base. you saw phillips coming around as soon as the ball was delivered. bard lucky to get back. >> rob: watch the 1st baseman.
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the 2nd baseman comes in. that's a nice play by brandon phillips in the red. >> johnny: hernandez charging as martis squared the bunt. >> rob: he likes to hack it. i like that. >> rob: got a couple of rbis this year. >> rob: a swinging bunt will keep the on fielders on it. it will make the 3rd baseman swallow his heart a little bit. >> johnny: that's a gap in center. if he could get the ball to that direction. harang delivers high and tight. >> rob: i was just informed he had 17 in one year.
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>> johnny: i miss him. >> rob: he's a wonderful guy to have in the clubhouse. >> johnny: martis lays it down. back to 1st. martis with that speed down the line stays out of the double play. >> rob: little too hard on the bunt by martis back to harang. harang checks out bard running run 2nd 2nd. checks him out, almost gets a double play. >> johnny: the retired runner, josh bard. we go back to the nationals top of the order. willy taveras tried to make a diving grab.
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guzman pops it up. there's two down. nick johnson will come up for the third time. he's 0-2. june 11th is kids day. they get in for a dollar a ticket with a purchase of one full priced adult ticket. they're available at the box office only. children must be present for purchase. for information call 202675nats. two down in the bottom of the 5 5th. 2-0 cincinnati lead. they try to take the series with this win tonight. one game coming up tomorrow and a rare thursday afternoon encounter. >> rob: 59 pitches. 38 strikes. only one bad pitch to bruce, the home run. that's the difference in the
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ballgame. >> johnny: washington out hitting cincinnati 4-2. two hitters so far. johnson 0-2. .320. >> rob: we could use a double here from nick. >> johnny: out field play, johnson straight away. 1-1. aaron harang has racked up over 1000 strikeouts against the nationals career wise, against the franchise. he's only faced them one time here in montreal back in 03. he lost the ballgame. 5 inning, 9 hits six years ago.
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1-1 to johnson. >> rob: i think he threw enough off speed where he had nick thinking off speed and speeds it up a little with 91. just a little tardy for that one. >> johnny: when you came in as a closer when you were pitching, i'm sure the batter is expecting nothing but fastball after fastball after fastball. nick almost took one to the right side. did you have to make adjustments? >> rob: i wasn't a big league pitcher until i learned going to puerto rico and learning to throw my off speed slider when i got behind. that's when you're pitching.
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>> johnny: johnson where a shot to right. bruce is going back. he takes it for out three. the nats threaten but don't get a run across. still 2-0 cincinnati. we go to the 6th 6th. how far can you see? at pnc, taking the long view is how we help you take the right path. even to change it when conditions demand. keeping you on the road to achieving your goals.
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8:27 pm 2-0 as they go to the top of the 6th at nationals park. coming up this weekend, nats will be playing the rays. masn will join the game live coverage at 7:05 as the home team tampa bay got to choose the start time. we want you to join us to follow the game at masn at 7:05 and after the game, we'll carry the as usual nats xtra as well as player interviews and game highlights. that will be saturday from tampa tampa. >> rob: do you still do your
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breathing stuff before reading? my dad taught know do that. >> johnny: no, i don't. i should have taken a breath there. >> rob: i used to always listen to my dad take a breath before starting a sentence. >> johnny: they told me you were observant in studying people. >> rob: you listen to other people's voices voices and things. they're not real nice to teddy roosevelt. >> johnny: that was a nice gesture to welcome bruce -- >> if things don't work out here, you could be his adviser. you could be down there. >> rob: he needs to win just
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one. i don't comment on a president again. >> johnny: brandon phillips -- >> rob: i spent a few months in milwaukee watching -- the games got so long watching sausages. >> johnny: they were knocking people over -- >> rob: he was just playing. >> johnny: sausage was well done after that analive. 1-2 the count to brandon grounded to a double play. phillips with a fly ball to right. that's the second qui


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