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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 10, 2009 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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recently when they let play continue last week. there could be thunder in the air. >> rob: there's lightning coming down. you can't be on the baseball field. >> johnny: lightning off to the right. we're going to step out in the 9 9th inning, 2- 0 cincinnati lead. we're going off to espn news. we'll be back at you in hopefully a few moments. @yanke seven tonight. @yanke the phillies have been struggling as of late. cole hamels takes on the mets going for his fifth win in a row. an emotional phil mickelson prepares to rejoin the pga tour as he and their family prepare to face their toughest test yet. brad childress speaks at last about the brett favre situation. he now says there was never a deadline.
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>> welcome to "espnews," your home for staying current with the very latest breaking news, scores, and highlights all in hd. along with mark morgan, i'm michelle lafontaine, and several key matchups, divisional rivalries, mets-phillies. but first? >> we started in fenway park, a wild one, game two of a three-game set between the yankees and the red sox. the two teams began tied for first in the american league east. look at him. boston led virtually throughout this game, but now the yankees have pulled within one run. johnny damon a solo shot, his 13th, and mark teixeira went yard as well, for teixeira his 19th of the season, he's 4 for 4, 19th homer of the season, two doubles as well, posada with a home run, damon, and also lowell
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with a shot and kevin youkilis as well for the red sox. the rays lead this one 9-1, aybar has two home runs in his last three games. remember as soon as the baseball games go final, highlights right here on "espnews." >> after a one-run loss in the series opener at citi field, the phillies turn to cole hamels to take on the mets. hamels, 4-0 with a 2.84 e.r.a. over his last seven outings after going 0-2 in his first three starts. let's check in as to how this game is going at citi field. hamels gave up 11 hits, four runs, and the mets had a 4-1 lead, but in the top of the seventh, mike pelfrey gave up three consecutive singles to load the bases and then sean green proceeded to give up three runs, and so here we stand, tied at four, ibanez and rollins with rbis for the phillies. they're in the bottom of the
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seventh tied at four, and here's a note about raul ibanez in his 15th major league season, he leads four offensive categories in the national league. a post on a midwest sports fan site said enhancing drugs could not be ignored. an angry ibanez said the following. another game going on ranother game going on rig now. cards, marlins in st. louis. top of the 8th. they hold a 6-4 lead over
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florida. they've led this throughout after a homer in the 1st to make it 3-0. st. louis is trying to get out of the season slump, five losses losses in a row. he scored a run and also a stolen base. >> the vikings have backed off their pursuit of brett farve after he failed to report to organized meeting this is week. we have his version of what was expected this week. >> was there a deadline or not this week placed on farve to report to practice? >> absolutely not. certainly not from me, not even close. don't know where that would have dropped out of the sky. s this could resume in a more s serious manner?
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>> i don't know. i'm not into predicting the future. we'll have to see what is around the corner tomorrow. he was a great player. he a setback last year, he was playing very well early, and if in fact he's had that surgery i'm as anxious to see what's he's got left in that cannon because he had a pretty good arm, as we know. >> here's what the vikings have to choose from currently. tarvaris jackson, 2-3 as a starter, rosenfels just got there, never started more than five games, and booty's rookie season he didn't throw a pass. ed spoke with michelle about the saga. >> i don't know if he was expecting him to show up, and i don't know if he considers it a deadline or not. he's playing a semantics game, but he has very little interest in being honest about this.
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he's being disingenuous when he says he's not even sure if he had the shoulder surgery. the fact is according to my sources and chris mortonson's sources the vikings informed favre that he had to be at the o.t.a.s on tuesday. when he didn't show, and he didn't show apparently because he's still not completely convinced that the shoulder surgery has been 100% successful, when he didn't show, the vikings called his agent, and they told him they were moving on, that he should continue his rehab, and they might reevaluate the situation later, but favre is incurring some risk that the vikings won't come back to him. >> how is this playing out in the locker room? >> my understanding is that vikings' players overwhelmingly support the addition of far much to their team because they believe like he does as he's evaluated their roster that they're really just a veteran quarterback with his ability away from being a super bowl
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contender in the nfc, and i think he feels like they've got the best running back in football in adrian peterson, and favre is convinced that his arm before he suffered that torn biceps tendon that his arm had the same strength that it had ten years ago, and he thinks that with the vikings running the very same system that he ran in green bay and his familiarity with childress and offensive coordinator daryl bevel that the vikings can be a serious threat in the nfc and that he is capable still of having a spectacular individual season. >> meanwhile the jets have reached a contract agreement with their top pick, mark sanchez out of usc. the deal worth $50 million over five years, $28 million in guarantees. john clayton with what's ahead for sanchez. >> now, that mark sanchez has his new five-year deal for $50 million, it could go up as much as $60 million depending on how
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he plays, he can concentrate on trying to win the starting job, which he should. certainly since there's not going to be a holdout should help his case. along with the fact he continues to make progress during the off season. sanchez is in line with a good running game to be the starting quarterback. sure, kellens is there, he's got the lead right now, but now that this deal is behind sanchez, he can concentrate on winning the starting job and being the quarterback the jets expect him to be. >> mariners and orioles, this one just final, highlights first right here, jose lopez at the disch, top six, one on, one out, lopez, two-run shot to left off guthrie, and that is gone. for lopez, his second home run of the season. excuse me, of the game, his eighth of the year, the mariners win it 4-1. you see ichiro 1 for 3, ichiro has a personal 14-game hitting streak against the baltimore orioles. more on this game a little later
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in the show. >> the sacramento kings hired paul westfall as the new coach for two years plus a team option for a third season. the kings offered the job to kurt rambus hours before game three of the nba finals, but rambus passed. westphal has compiled a record. he led the suns to the 1993 nba finals in his first season as a coach in the association, westphal coached five seasons at pepperdine. as a player he played with boston, seat, and the. >> nick:s. >> the orlando magic may just be back. coming up shelly smith a report on the lakers and rachel nichols who is with the magic. phil mickelson makes an emotional return to the pga tour. >> and let's cluster score
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as we like to say. national league, pirates with a two-run lead over the braves, the pirates three losses in a row, top of the ninth, four outs away from the win. reds-nats in a rain delay, the reds with a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the ninth. the mets have tied up the phillies at four after cole hamels gave up four runs, 11 hits, the cards with a commanding lead over the marlins 10-4. >> phil mickelson is returning
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to the pga tour for the first time since he and his wife, amy, discovered that she had breast cancer. mickelson is making his emotional return to the tour in memphis. >> we're going through a tough time right now. we won't get started on our treatment until july 1, and in the meantime, we're fortunate that we believe we caught it early enough to where we don't have to rush into decisions and we can make some good long-term decisions, decisions that will hopefully prevent this from recurring as well as decisions that will hopefully beat this quickly, and we're getting ready to get started. in the meantime, i'm going to play these two weeks -- these last three weeks have been -- kind of an interesting thing is
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that i've never felt this emotional. i've never been that -- this emotional where if i'm driving alone or what have you, i'll just start crying. it's kind of a weird thing. but i'm looking forward to having a four or five-hour mental break, if you will, where i kind of force myself to focus on something else, and i'm looking forward to that. >> on the golf course, you have no fear. if there's a tree in front of you, you're in the thickest of rough, you really play fearless. you can see it in your eyes. can you talk about the fear of going through this and how you're dealing with that? >> well, we're scared, yeah. i think a lot of it is the unknown. we've learned a lot in the last couple of weeks. and although we believe we have incredible doctors, we believe that we've caught this early, we won't know this until a week or two after surgery and until some
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more pathology tests have been done, but we're certainly scared. i don't think it's going to affect how i play. i mean i'm going to still play aggressively, but that's not really -- there's not really a carryover effect there. it's just that off the course, i've never felt something like this. i think it's as hard or harder for somebody on the side. i would much rather be going through it and doing it myself than seeing somebody i care about so much go through it, and i think that's difficult, yeah. >> phil mickelson has won as many tournaments as lasts year even though he's played in 11 fewer events. >> game four is just 24 hours away. the magic earned their first nba finals win in franchise history by shooting 62.5% to keep the
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lakers in check and avoid the dreaded 0-3 hole. we have reports on both teams. here's shelly smith with the lakers. >> they've come to expect the spectacular, so when kobe bryant isn't, his teammates say he's human. >> a couple mistakes that i made. that i wouldn't mind getting back. that being said, you've got to pick your head up, put one foot in front of the other, and keep on moving. >> his teammates also say they've got to do a better job bailing him out when, as he said, orlando throws the kitchen sink at him. >> if they're going to throw extra people at him, we have enough players that can put the ball in the basket and make plays, to where they'll have to do something else. >> as he watched film last night or today, he'll start seeing spaces where they're coming from, who's coming, and he'll
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start kicking that ball out to myself, trevor, lamar, jordan, whoever's open, and we'll make the plays from there. >> as opposed to just watching him do what he does and then turning to the shooters on the weak side, we've got to cut to the lane, fill gaps, we've got a lot of really good passers on this team. >> i've got to get my guys involve. sometimes that means sacrificing your rhythm and trying to rebuild it, and last night i couldn't regenerate it. as far as me hitting the wall, so what if i did? i didn't, but so what if i did. >> what does it mean if you did? >> it means nothing. >> because? >> because i'll run straight through it. >> a day later the shots were definitely still dropping for the magic. >> there it is.
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there it is. oh! but in the locker room remained a nagging concern. the game was extremely close. >> it's on our minds. we talked about it. but it's hard sometimes especially when you're making shot after shot after shot, it feels so great, your mind drifts a little bit. >> i think the thing that kept the lakers in the game last night was our turnovers, and as a team we really have to do a better job of taking care of the ball. >> the magic say they need to be particularly prepared for kobe bryant who was unhappy with the way he finished game three. >> i know from watching him in the playoffs when i wasn't in the finals, so i know that he's going to come out hard, and we have to be really ready. >> as competitive as he is, he's going to be more focused and
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look to try to close the game out when his name is called, and we've got to be ready for that. >> orlando say the best things to come out didn't show oup the stat sheet. as dwayne howard put it, we got our swag back, or as kobe put it when he saw alston "you went all rucker park on us." for one game what they did was enough. with the magic, i'm rachel nichols, espn. >> shelly, rachael, thanks a lot. gil meche, 4-9 against the indians. mark derosa looking. gil meche, 11 ks. deep to right center off pavano. it does clear the wall. that's a four bagger or as we like to say it's a grand slam.
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9-0, royals over the indians. callaspo's first career grand slam. guillen's third home run in the month of june after two in all of may. >> the patriots will look to pick up where they left off as a healthy tom brady returns. wendi nix has the scoop. ♪ 100 calorie light beer with lime. miller chill.
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>> welcome back to the show. alongside michelle lafontaine, i'm mark morgan. callaspo, a grand slam, mariners all over the orioles, 4-1, that's also a final. jose lopez's third home run in his last three games, rays all over the angels, aybar has had a big game, teixeira, 4 for 4, 19th home run of the season, but red sox still clinging to a 6-5 lead over the yankees, tigers on top of the white sox, that score 2-1, and, again, updates. >> tom brady and his reconstructed left knee impressed stephania bell who was present at the team's practice today. she said of his passing, "there's no halting, it's all very smooth." we check in with wendi nix who tells us who else brady has impressed. >> the return of a healthy tom brady is the most important
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addition to the patriots offense, it is the arrival of another pair of veterans who has the quarterback intrigued by the possibility. fred taylor and joey galloway say it was the opportunity to play with brady that brought them to new england. >> he's a leader. when you're on the other side, getting beat by them, you go man, they shouldn't have beat us. why did they beat us? and when you get here and meet him, see his work ethic, see how passionate he is, see how he strives for perfection, if the route isn't right, he wants to do it again. >> as was the case with wes welker and randy moss, there was a learning curve. a process expected to continue until well after training camp. >> it's been fun. i have a lot to learn. it's always a challenge when you have a new quarterback. especially a guy that's done as much as he has, been around as much as he has, i have to get on
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the same page. >> i just want to learn my plays so i can get in the mix and not feel like a rookie out there and just do my part and make the guys accept me even more. what i've done is in the past and i want to come here and show them this is the reason you brought me here. >> joining them on the field was vince nofork. he's unhappy with his contract situation, but said after practice on wednesday he wants to remain a patriot and showing up was the smart thing to do. when asked to respond to rex ryan's comments on tuesday that he wasn't intimidated by bill belichick or the patriots, belichick laughed and then paused and declared his unending respect for ryan. in foxborough, wendi nix, espn. >> and here we have some more information. many people have seen their careers get established or get revived once they come to new england.
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look at wes welker who led the nfl with 112 receptions. randy moss set a record with 23 receiving tds in his first year. corey dillon rushed for more than 1,000 more yards in his debut season with new england than he did in cincinnati. >> world cup qualifier action, david beckham starting in his first competitive match with the team. 1-0, england. rooney had more, his second of the game, making it 3-0. in the second half now, 4-0, beckham's kick on goal, da foe to clean up the rebound, da foe's second of the match. they're one win away for notching and clinching their spot in next year's south africa world cup.
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>> pirates-rays, look at this. anderson had just hit a two-out hitter for atlanta, but matt capps gets greg norton to fly out to end this one and end the danger, and the win snaps the three-game losing streak for pittsburgh. meanwhile atlanta sees their three-game winning streak ended as well. a full highlight ahead on "espnews." >> straight ahead, phillies and mets among our top stories, moments ago the mets had a 4-1 moments ago the mets had a 4-1 lead. i had a customer come in and she was looking for a gift for her husband for father's day. he was big on music, he loves to host parties and he loves to be outside on the grill. right now what he uses is this old boombox. and that's when i said, "insignia rock speakers." they look like rocks. you can put them anywhere. they sound great. all weather. they blend in. "don't tell him about it. just hide the boombox from him." father's day. he was outside and he starts barbecuing. and all of a sudden, they turn on the music, and he's like,
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