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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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rain continues to fall nationals park. rain came about 90 minutes ago. elijah dukes is on base. we hope there will be baseball later tonight. we'll take you right back to espn news. the door wide own for dwight howard and the magic. ♪ >> keeping you current with the latest news, scores and highlights. available in high definition.
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along with j.w. stewart, mike yam with you. we love streaks. the yankees not the biggest fans of this one. >> dating back to last year the red sox beat the yankees seven in a row. tied for a win streak against the biggest arch rivals. and johnny damon says he hopes to beat them soon. and off wang and swisher is giving chase. into the stands a ground ruled double and could the and he course. and teixeira homers and the a.l. leading 19th and the yankees are down one. and jonathan papelbon on to close it out and the yanks with a tying run in scoring position. and jorge posada. into the left field, but the warning track power and jason bay there for the catch and the red sox win 6-5 leading the al
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east by one game. and wang with the loss and his e.r.a. is the highest in major league history for any starter in the first five starts of any season. and the mets and phillies final moments ago. in the top of the 11th inning, that's chase utley and the second home run of the game and the 15th of the year. the mets at one point led 4-1 in this game. the bottom of the 11th, and grounds out to chase utley. and in the line-up at this point, bad lidge on the d.l. and david wright continues to tear it up. he had a costly error at third base, and once again the mets 16 hits scored four runs. and reminding manny ramirez that he is not allowed in the
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clubhouse for the remainder of the suspension through july 2nd. and joe torre with the pros and cons. >> i would like to have him here on a regular basis. again, i'm all for whatever makes him comfortable. as long as he's working out that's the most important thing much i told him next week we would talk about his rehab and, you know, when he's going to go and where he's going to go. and we have to look at the schedule on that. but that's my number one concern. and i pretty much think everybody in here, i don't think they need to see him every day. i'm just more concerned with manny and what makes him comfortable at this point. >> at 40-20 the dodgers with the best record in baseball continue to chug along without manny. trailing at home right now to the padres 2-1. and ethier who is outstanding in manny's absence with an rbi single in the first for l.a. and the seventh rbi in the last
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games. and they have catching up to do and we will keep you posted here on "espnews." >> might have said it best when i was dead broke i couldn't picture this, works to be in college. and the college student playing quarterback at usc. and an nfl player drafted by the jets and wednesday he game a very wealthy man. sanchez has agreed to a five-year deal worth $50 million. $28 guaranteed. and a rose bowl win over penn state and competing to be the team's starting quarterback. and look now at the jets' quarterback situation, doesn't have a ton of experience. sanchez, and he hasn't thrown a pass in an nfl game yet and clemens with a passer rating below 60. >> and tuesday, ed reported that
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the vikings gave brett farve a head line to report this week if he wanted to play this season. and yesterday, they said unless his wife wants it out of the house, he says the team did not set a deadline. >> was there a deadline or not on brett farve to report to practice? >> absolutely not. maybe by deanna or something like that, but certainly not for me. not even close. don't know where they would have dropped out of the sky from. >> would it be safe to say there will be a later date where this will resume in a more serious manner? >> i don't know. i am not into predicting the future. we'll just have to see what is around the corner tomorrow. he was a great player. he had a setback last year, playing very well early, and if in fact he had that surgery, i'm anxious to see just exactly what he has left in that cannon. he had a pretty good arm as we know. >> the vikings depth chart,
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jackson led them to the playoffs, but 2-3 as a starter last season. and they traded for sage rosenfels but never started more than five games. and john david booty coming from u.s.c. but not throwing a pass last year. we're just getting warmed up. on "espnews," more baseball including a first in the second city for justin verlander. >> j.w. and the hottest team in baseball the rockies going for the 7th straight win. and kobe did have 31 points. our experts tell us why he faded down the stretch in game up in three. and phil mickelson with the return to the links after stepping away to be his wife who is battling breast cancer and hearing his emotional words. and tom brady's comeback from knee surgery easier every day. getting used to new playing partners. ce the perfect hotwire getaway-- shop till you drop, relax by the pool
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that he has had the last month or so. >> the a.l. central leading tigers in chicago and verlander on the mound looking to win the the first inning, ramirez's and another curve to get tome. wednesday and verlander league low 1.10 e.r.a. since april 27th. he goes the distance and a six-hitter and struck out nine and this is the first win at u.s. cellular field. and what to watch for thursday, game four of the nba finals. coverage kicking off at 8:30 eastern. and the magic with the shooting touch in game three knocking
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down 63% of shots giving the franchise the first final's win. and game four, specifically kobe bryant, mark jones and the crew. >> kobe bryant of the los angeles lakers, the nba's ultimate closer, unable to close the deal in the fourth quarter. usually cold and off from the free-throw line as well and the los angeles lakers on the short end of the four-point defeat. and welcome to our continuing coverage of the nba finals from amway arena. joined by tim and a.j., we talk about the los angeles lakers and kobe bryant. usually he is making the shots in the fourth quarter especially, averaging about 33 points a game coming into that game. what happened down the stretch? >> part of it could be the fatigue factor. 30 is not the new 20. not when you played 173 career playoff games as kobe bryant has. especially a grueling playoff this year. seven-game series with houston,
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one day's rest and every owe day with did he ever. -- denver. you saw him with a five day rest, he had the best game. in game two overtime and a cross-country flight you saw him get tired. and phil jackson doesn't play for the immediate games he is keeping games five, six and potential seven in mind. and i think he will have him resting to keep him for the final games of the series. >> and one thing is making kobe bryant work at the other end and pietrus with an aggressive game. and kobe wants to gamble and you turn your head i will make you play. you take away the open flee and pietrus 7-8 on everything else, that is transition, post-up, and michael pietrus made kobe bryant have to be aware he is and he
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uses up energy on that end of the floor. when you go into the reserve in the fourth that may not be there. and pietrus, they have to have his point production to offset or balance what turkoglu and others are doing. >> and pietrus arguably with the best game of the playoffs, and maybe a little inspiration from his brother who is also a professional basketball player visiting him from paris, france. and the magic 62.5% from the field and a record in the game, how do they i am prove on this? why it dit happen? >> it is simple really. you make the basketball change sides. floor and you have a great chance. and the l.a. lakers are not an agreat defensive team, they are an adequate defensive time. if you chase it you will get good looks. and they moved it right to left, differently people touching it. when they penetrated the kick out went to the guy with the open look. it helps when you shoot with confidence. they didn't shoot that ball in l.a. and the change of venue did
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wonders for rafer alston and pietrus, both having big games. if you make the lakers chase it you have a better chance. beyond one or two passes you will get a good shot. >> and they didn't get caught up in the three-point shots after 50 in the first two games. and rafer alston can use his dribbling ability and get past fisher. and the missed lay-ups, this time they converted inside the paint. they were making shots from everywhere in this game, but not taking the long shots, passing, being patient, and looking for the better shots inside. >> and orlando five difficult players with 18 points or more in game three in the victory. what does game four hold? we find out on thursday at 8:30 eastern on abc beginning with gmc nba countdown.
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>> and don't forget when game number four is over, you want to hear the stars this is where you want to be, "espnews." kobe bryant, dwight howard and as well as the coaches. as soon as the game is done. the live news conferences here on "espnews." >> st. jude the patron saint of desperate cases. he believed the faithful should persevere in the face of difficult circumstances. three weeks after announcing his wife, amy, has breast cancer, phil mickelson makes his return to the tour this week, the saipt jude classic in memphis. and amy will not be there with her husband, she will not be at next week's u.s. open but never far from her husband's mind. >> i never felt this emotional. i never have been this emotional where i am driving alone or something i will start crying, it is kind of a weird thing.
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i am looking forward to having a four or five hour mental break, if you will, where i force myself to focus on something else and i am looking forward to that. i am not playing just to play. i think that the golf course that suits my game and i love playing on that course and in the new york area, and i am playing here because i believe i can win next week. i don't know when i'll be able to -- when i will play again. i mean i just don't know what our treatment schedule will be like after surgery. i don't know really when that will happen. i don't think it's going to be for awhile, but i don't know exactly what we're facing yet. >> john daly also makes his return to the pga tour this week. the six month suspension is over. playing in a place he call home, daly says i can still salvage a great career.
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coming up "espnews," vince young not for a loss of word and he is not done talking what he has to say about his future. and david beckham making a return to england and a world cup qualifiers and a game with plenty of scoring. do you remember when making dinner meant finding just the right stick for your hot dog. when new every fork on the trail led to a new adventure? then keep the tradition going with great father's day gifts from bass pro shops. like a 22-piece bbq tool set for only $9.94 and a prowler t-40 trolling motor for only $129.99. and don't miss the family summer camp going on now with lots of free activities.
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>> last season vince young lost his starting job. and the recent interview he said, the fact is i'm ready to
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play ball. if they are not ready for me to play ball, somebody is. he isn't done talking. >> you recently said if you can't play for the titans you needed to go somewhere where you can play. what did you mean by that? why did you say it and what did you mean? >> i am ready to play football, i am competitive. i don't know what nfl player around the league don't want to play or be a starter. what i'm saying is, i'm ready to play ball. and if it's not here in my next two years that i'm not going to be able to play here. i am telling guys around the league i am ready to play football. compared to what everybody else is saying, taking it out of text. ready to be traded, wants to least tennessee titans, that's not what i am saying. i am ready to play football. if i don't get a shot to play here again, obviously i will not
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be here. >> in your heart, do you want to remain a member of the titans? >> oh, yeah, i definitely want to be a tennessee titan. when i signed my name and signed on the dotted line that i am a tennessee titan and committed to the team, that's where i am until otherwise. it is no fun being a back-up and i will not sit here and lie to you about that. i want to play and i want to be starting and want to be running and take blowing from my teammates, standing in the pocket and deliver the pass and taking the hit or coming out bleeding. and the pain, and i did he have -- definitely want to be out there doing that. and i have to be patient. i have to be patient right now. >> a look at why vince young thinks he should be starting. since 2006 his first year in the nfl he has thrown a higher completion percentage in more yards for a game than collins. and collins led them to a 13-3
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record. and tom brady back after knee surgery and one game last season and new seasonings with veteran players with 25 years of experience combined and they are both feeling things out. >> it has been fun. i have a lot to learn and it is a challenge with a new quarterback. especially a guy with the moments he has. i have to get on the same pace he is. >> i want to learn my place so i can get in the mix and not feel like a rookie. and make the guys accept me and more. what i have done in the past is in the past and i want to come and show them this is the reason you brought me here. >> and going to new england has meant good things for offensive players. welker with 112 receptions in the first year, and randy moss with a single season record with
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23 receiving touchdowns in the first year and corey dillon rushing more than in his first season with cincinnati. >> and the top of the second, it's soto. and soto going solo. the third homer of the year, second in the last four games. the bottom nine, 1-1 game, bases loaded. and here comes tajada and the astros win in walk-off fashion 2-1 on the second career walk-off hit. the card and marlins, st. louis trying to snap a five-game losing streak. a 22 year old rookie in the first inning, the three-run home run his seventh and they snap the five-game losing streak. and england taking on andorra.
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and rooney getting it done, he has the header and a goal, 1-0 england. and a 2-0 game and rooney again. he got three goals in the last two world cup qualifying match-ups, 3-0 england. and the second half and a 4-0 game and beckham off the free kick and the rebound and his second goal of the match. and beckham after it was over said it could have been a difficult game but we made it easy with the way we played. sure did, the 6-0 shutout. argentina, the high elevation of ecuador. after being taken out of the box and the penalty kick, the shot is stopped and they failed to put home the rebound. and stopping this one as well, it keeps the game tied in the 59th minute. and then ripping the shot,
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ecuador with a 1-0 lead. and the 83rd minute and the ball played in the box and palacios, and they gain three crucial points. when we come back on "espnews," kids out of college struggling to find jobs, but not mark sanchez. he is a multimillion air without taking the snap. and the red sox and yanks, decided by a run. ♪ ah, man, love that drinkability. drink-a what? drinkability. it's what makes bud light so incredibly refreshing. it's like a wave of refreshment, gently washing over your whole body.
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>> the world he is biggest sporting event returns one year from today. the 2010 world cup on espn. >> the fantasy news, looking at a new scheduled starting pitchers for thises's game. lefties, one of the better southpaws in baseball is david rice. winning ones in the three starts mainly because he is throwing too many pitches and not going deep in games. facing the angels, near the bottom in walks. and i think price will throw a strike into the seventh inning and will win the game. and owned in fewer than 2% the
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league, at home unbeaten. thursday he is at home against the reds and it doesn't matter i am using john lannan. and jamie moyer. and he has turned his season around with quality starts last week. it is time to trust him, especially against a struggling reading. and moyer is available in many lesion and an example why the season anymore don't tell the whole story. check us out, the best fantasy analysis away. >> and winning four straight the first time taking on the pirates. dog night at turner field and i guess that means you bring your four-legged friend. and a single to center. and the former pirate comes up throwing and the throw is cut off by greg norton. and laroche comes in to score
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and it looks like it would have been on the money. and. >> the m's and o's and jose lopez and company struggled in the charmed city recently. jose lopez and the two-run home run and the mariners snapping the five-game losing streak in baltimore. giants and d-backs. and allowing two hit so far in 4 1/3 innings and a two-run home run in the third is the ninth for the year in san francisco. and the a's are leading the twins 3-2. and cabrera with an rbi, along with suzuki. and liriano on the hill for minnesota. @@úúxx


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