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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 10, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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the crew taking the tar off the infeel. the since reds loosening up. the nationals are coming out of their dugout. the game was called two hours ago with a rain delay. in the bottom of the 9th, we'll be back nay couple -- back in a couple of minutes. we take you back to espn news. dwight howard and the magic. ♪ >> we are keeping you current with the latest news, scores and highlights. this is "espnews" available in high definition. along with j.w. stewart, mike yam with you.
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and j.w., sport fans love streaks. the yankees not a favorite of this one. >> the red sox beat the yankees sneven a row, tied for the second longest streak against them. and dustin pedroia off wang, and nick swisher is giving chase. but it is into the seats for a ground rule double and they score. and the yanks within one and the top nine, jonathan papelbon on to close it out and the yanks with the tying run on second. and jorge posada to left. and the warning track power and the red sox win 6-5 and lead the a.l. heat by one game. and wang with the loss, and his 21.61 e.r.a. is the highest in
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major league history for any starter through his first five starts of the season. >> tonight was not a good night for him. i thought the other starter threw more strikes and was ahead in other counts, but tobt was not good. >> the balls were way out of the zone and the strikes were middle of the plate. you know we got some walks, we got a couple of doubles, and you know that's pretty much how we scored some runs. >> i don't know to tell you the truth. some pitches up, some pitches down. it was not a good -- i had hitters, that's about it. >> the eight-game win streak of the sox over the yanks the second longest in team history against the storied rivals. the second time where the red sox won at least the first seven games of the season against the yankees and the other was in 1912 winning the first four meetings. from the a.l. east to the n.l.
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east. and the mets. and chase utley the 14th home run of the year tied at 1-1. and extra innings and bottom of 10 and tide at 4-4. and david wright, one man on and werth is coming in to make the grab and he is red hot hitting .600 in the last seven games. and utley again, getting it done and the second home run of the game and the second multihome run of the game and the phillies on top 5-4. and closing it out and replacing brad lidge who is on the d.l. with the strained knee and picking up the first of the year. and hamels giving up hits and it is a team high and it doesn't matter because park got it done. five straight scoreless innings and the mets shot themselves in the foot with 16 runners left on base, a season high. and jerry manuel not a fan of a
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loss, especially to a division rival. >> any game at this point for us, i mean like i said, we are trying to take game off the board because we're somewhat depleted any game that we have a lead, and i thought we got pretty good pitching, you know, for the most part, and we hit the ball well. so i think we still, you know, are in a good spot. we need another good pitching outing tomorrow to give us a chance and go from there. we have to keep pitching well. we do that, we'll be fine. >> major league baseball has reminded manny ramirez and the dodgers he is not allowed it the clubhouse when media is present for the remainder of the suspension that runs through july 2nd. and joe torre on the pros and cons with manny being with the team. >> we want to see him. you know, i'd like to have him
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here on a regular basis. again, i don't want to make -- i'm all for whatever makes him comfortable. as long as he's working out, that's the most important thing. i told him next week we would talk about his rehab and, you know, and when he's going to go. and where he's going to go. we still have to look at the schedule on that. but that's my number one concern. and i pretty much think everybody in here, i don't think they need to see him every day. i'm just more concerned with manny and what makes him comfortable at this point. >> at 40-20 the dodgers have the best record in baseball, really have not missed manny at all. right now trailing at home to the padres 3-1. and an rbi single for the padres and 0-5 at dodgers stadium, a 3-1 lead in the top of the forth and we will keep you posted. >> he may have said it best, when i was dead broke i couldn't
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picture this. to be in college. mark sanchez, the college quarterback playing quarterback at u.s.c. he was an nfl player drafted fifth overall by the jets. wednesday he game a very wealthy man. sanchez agreed to a five-year deal worth $50 million. $28 of it guaranteed. the quarterback with a record-setting performance in a rose bowl win over penn state completing with clemmen to be the starting quarterback. and he doesn't have a ton of experience. and sanchez hasn't thrown a pass in an nfl game yet and kellen has a passer rating below 60. and ed reported that the vikings gave brett farve a deadline to report this week if he wanted to play for minnesota. and wednesday brad childress said unless his wife wants him
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out of the house the vikings did not stet a deadline. >> was there a deadline set on this week for brett farve to report to practice? >> absolutely not. maybe by deanna, but not by mean or anything else. i don't know twhar would have dropped out of the sky from. >> would it be safe to say there is a later date where this will represume in a more serious matter? >> i am not into predicting the future. we will see what is around the corner tomorrow. he was a great player. he obviously had a setback last year, he was playing very well early. and if in fact he had that surgery, i'm anxious to see what he has left in the cannon because he had a pretty good arm, as we know. >> looking at the vikings' depth chart. jackson led the vikings no the playoff but 2-3 as a starter last season. and they traded for sage rosenfels but he never started more than five games in a season. and john david booty comes from the quarterback machine that is u.s. chase utley
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>> from usc, but he did not throw a pass last year. and coming up, more baseball and including a first in the second city for justin verlander. >> we have to mention the hottest team in baseball the rockies going for a seven straight wins in milwaukee. and kobe bryant, not exactly the shooter's touch. and our experts tell why he faded down the stretch. and phil mickelson with his return to the links after stepping away to be with his wife who is battling breast cancer. hear his emotional word. and tom brady comes back from knee surgery, easier every day. part of rehab, playing with new teammates. the details ahead. @@úúxx
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welcome back to nationa park. johnny holliday with rob dibble. the game delayed for two hours and 10 minutes because of rain. umpires are gathered around home plate. elijah dukes goes back to his base. >> rob: he is very impressive. i was taught rule of thumb, if it's an hour rain delay, the guy out there last, he's done for the night. you warm up somebody else. you have david weathers. chord row, two hours and 10 minute, he must really want there at bat. he's back out there. >> johnny: 117 and 109 saves in
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the national league. talk about a throw back guy. this guy wants to get out and play ball. >> rob: most of the time you do it to protect the guy. you go from humidity and rain and go sit in air conditioning climate inside the locker room. >> johnny: elijah dukes on 1st base. he had walked before the rain delay. >> rob: this is like my softball league. you start way 1-1 count and come back out with a 3-2 count. cordero delivers. 2-2. the score board had 2 hours and 10 minutes to get it right and couldn't handle it. >> johnny: now its 3-2 to willingham. >> rob: willingham goes to 1st
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1st. dukes goes down to 2nd. >> johnny: it's a great time when these guys are here. >> rob: i think ronny belliard needs a sign to know what he has to do here. >> johnny: he's got one of the nationals five hits tonight. cordero delivers looking for the bunt. he's got dunn at 2nd who got too far off the bag. dukes gets back safely. it's 0-1 to ronny belliard. 2-0 cincinnati, bottom of the 9 9th. the nationals have two on and nobody out.
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belliard showing bunt again. >> johnny: hernandez can't get it. a new lease on life. >> rob: most of the time the catcher could come up with it. >> johnny: he's only playing there because he can't play. a friendly gathering around the ball park tonight. 11:42. the 0-2 from cordero to ronny belliard. high fly off the 3rd baseline. hairston up in the third row of seats. 0-2. belliard 0-9 career wise
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against cordero. cordero struck him out twice. dukes off 2nd, willingham off 1st. pitch outside. [cheering and applause] >> rob: he did a great job. hanrahan 7 innings, no hits. beimel no hits no runs. >> johnny: 1-2. one down. >> rob: couldn't get the job done. trying to hit behind the runner. he did a great job trying to get this to the right side. cordero after a 2 hour 10 minute rain delay, 96 miles per
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hour. josh bard here. a single gets you one run closer. >> johnny: gonzalez will bench hit. that will take care of the shut out. willingham winds up at 3rd base. it's a 2-1 ballgame. >> rob: if you stayed around or you're up watching right now, you'll see exciting baseball here by the nationals. josh bard jacked it down the baseline. dukes basically walked home. willingham at 3rd. all we need is a fly ball to the out field to send this into extra innings. >> johnny: hernandez will come
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up to pick -- >> rob: this is gonzalez. hernandez is waiting on deck. >> johnny: nats with runners on the corners now. gonzalez will take a pitch outside. 1-0. >> rob: he's got to hit this somewhere on the ground. >> johnny: cordero a little tight after the two hour rain delay goes behind in the count 2-0. david weathers who we saw last night in the cincinnati bullpen. 2-1 reds in the bottom of the 9 9th. >> johnny: gonzalez five hit
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appearances this year 4-4, 5 rbis and a walk. here's the 2-1. shot to right field. a base hit the game is tied. how about that? gonzalez with a base hit. willingham will score. we're tied at 2. the nats have a winning run at 2 2nd base. let's take a look once again. >> rob: now you know why. after an hour rain delay, you usually take a man out. hits it to right center field. great job alberto. that was worth the wait. >> johnny: gonzalez drives drives in the tying run. we'll go back to the top of the order with cristian guzman. >> rob: he's got to get a base
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hit. >> rob: the pitch inside. one out, 2-2 ballgame. >> rob: if you waited up to watch the end of the game, it was worth the wait. glad to have you with us. >> johnny: dukes walked and scored. willingham walked and scored. guzman falls behind in the count 1-2. >> rob: that was a wicked breaking ball there. >> johnny: bard has tied the ballgame with an rbi single.
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gonzalez tied it. guzman evened the count 2-2. bottom of the 9th. reds have three base hits, nats have seven. johnson on deck. pitch inside. guzman takes the call, 3rd strike. >> rob: this is a moving fastball here. you have the whip action by cordero on the inside corner there. not inside our pitch track box. got to be swinging after a two hour 10 minute rain delay. the umpires don't want to hang out here all night. >> johnny: swings at the first offer, fouls it back. >> rob: that was a very good
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breaking ball by cordero. >> johnny: nick popped out earlier and struck out in the 8 8th inning. pitch inside. backs johnson away. >> rob: he is throwing hard. >> johnny: that surprises me too. >> rob: it surprises me. you're sitting in that air conditioning and even with a jacket on, you're trying to stay warm: >> rob: runner at 2nd. pitch to johnson taken for a ball. 2-1. two out and two on bottom of the 9th in a 2-2 ballgame. rains came and cincinnati had a
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2-0 lead at 9:30. the 2-1. johnson takes a strike. 89. >> rob: 89 breaking ball inside here. the catcher is following that. he better be swinging if he sees the same spot. >> johnny: 2-2. johnson to center field. he's got it. out number three. we go to extra innings here at nationals park. washington comes up with 2 in the bottom of the 9th. we go to 10th at 2-2. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport, with three daily nonstop flights to new york laguardia for just 49 dollars one-way starting june 28th. grab your bag. it's on. - ( ding ) - book now at
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at&t after a rain delay of two hours and 10 minute, nationals come back and tie this ballgame with two runs in the bottom of the 9th. he'll be catching mike macdougal coming out of the bullpen. he's be the nationals fourth pitcher of the night. >> rob: macdougal has done a great job. he did a great job last night to give us the opportunity to come back and win that game. he threw somebody out caught
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stealing yesterday. trying to keep this score where it is and give the nationals a chance to win in the bottom of the 10th. >> johnny: he's stranded all three runners he's inherited. reds 2-4. the nationals 0-7 in extra inning games. macdougal will face alex gonzalez to begin the 10th inning. the reds short stop -- belliard quick scoop and made the play. >> rob: that's not an easy play. it's all muddy out there. ronny belliard here. this is going towards the bag, coming in. look at the mud all over the
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ball. nicely done. >> johnny: the reds' catcher ryan hanigan will step in against macdougal. if you're wondering why it's so quiet, there aren't many fans here. i'm counting them now. 28, 33 -- these are die hard fans, rob, right now. >> rob: yes, they are. >> johnny: fans sticking around for two hours and 10 minutes of rain and coming back. [cheering and applause] standing down there on a cellphone -- those are new glasses aren't they? i read on your blog you were
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getting a new pair. >> rob: they're not new. i didn't get any. >> johnny: flanagan flew to center field his second time up. 2-2 in the top of the 10th. >> rob: big play of the game was hanigan throwing out dunn at 2 2nd. hanigan has a rocket for a right arm. >> johnny: nine guys have attempted to steal against him. he's thrown out seven of them. >> rob: adams is happy. 2-2, chance to win the ballgame here. keep it there, 2-2. >> johnny: zimmermann and dukes coming up in the bottom of the inning. to right field, base hit.
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>> rob: i almost think he had a beat on that ball. nick did a great job of trying to knock it down. watch where he is right there. nick hits it. i don't know. ronny may have had a beat on this. look at this. it's back there. then it hits the left -- >> johnny: with one down, hanigan gets a base hit, his first of the night. that's the fourth for cincinnati cincinnati. chris dickerson will be the bench hitter. takes a pitch outside for a ball ball. >> rob: we're not getting that
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pitch. 1 inning, 2 runs for cordero. >> rob: first save of the year. what would you say 29 straight going back to last year? that's a positive for the nationals just a little deeper sometimes. that's probably david weathers if they get the lead. >> johnny: dickerson just misses outside again. last 23 games and 12 starts hitting .308. 0-1 last night. 3-1 to
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dickerson. 2, 7, 1 for the nationals. >> rob: nice. >> johnny: 3-2 to dickerson. >> rob: it always annoyed me when i was pitching and a guy stood there with a bat in his hand. 3-2 count, same spot. >> johnny: jerry hairston on deck now for the reds. strike on the inside corner. nice pitch for macdougal. all the way back from 3-0. >> rob: very nice by macdougal. they love it.
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>> johnny: macdougal ringing up dickerson in the top of the line up. jerry hairston, jr. stepping stepping in now. 10 th inning, 2-2 ballgame. [cheering and applause] i was going to say, i didn't like when a guy would stand will and not try to earn his way on. that motivates you more to want to come back all the way and finish a guy off, 3-2 and get the 3rd strike. >> johnny: 0-1 to jerry hairston. >> rob: he's had a pretty tough night. [cheering and applause] >> johnny: 0-2


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