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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 11, 2009 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the count. it is midnight in washington d.c . hanigan on 1st. 0-2. fouled down the right side. johnny holliday along with rob dibble here. glad to have you with us tonight. we started this ballgame at 7:00. two hours and 10 minute rain delay. bob carpenter took a few days
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off. josh bard and gonzalez, 2-2 game in their hands. macdougal just misses outside. >> rob: when debbi taylor left, i said make sure you get the player of the game for the nationals. she assured me she would. >> johnny: 1-2 pitch to jerry hairston. swing and a miss. macdougal strikes out two here in the top of the 10th 10th. ryan zimmermann leads off for the nationals. we go to the last of the 10th at nats park. @@ this is humiliating. stand still so we can get an accurate reading. pounds and a smidge. a smidge? y'know, there's really no need to weigh packages under 70 pounds. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate.
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cool. you know this scale is off by a good 7, 8 pounds. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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well the nationals tied ballgame up in the 9th inning. things not looking too good. josh bard and gonzalez came through with base hits. >> rob: josh willingham drew a walk. single down the right field line. alberto gonzalez had the tying run. bottom of the 10th inning. >> rob: this might be our night
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or our morning now after the nationals introduce their 10th pick in the amateur pick yesterday. later on earlier today at nationals park, what a day for that young man. hagerstown? he wants to get after it. get busy. >> johnny: nick masset on the mound for the reds, their fourth of the night. he is making his first appearance for the series. masset kind of stingy with runs too. last time he gave up a run was
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april 24th. he was on the dl 15 days for a strained muscle. this is his 17th 17th appearance this year. zimmermann brings him upswinging. >> rob: he meer from the sox. trade deadline last year, july 31, 2008. >> johnny: ownight the job done in this ballgame. average .257. one swing of the bat would finish this baby off. inside. 1-0 to adam dunn.
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holds so many of their records in the twin city. >> rob: masset has done some traveling. he was acquired by the whe sox a few years ago. he traveled over the cincinnati. he was minor league pitcher of the year for the ngers actually minor league pitcher of the month in july 05. he was very high on their prospect list and made the team out of spring training in 2007. >> johnny: he signed with the ball club this year. 3-0 to adam dunn. they're trying to get a runner
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on base now in this bottom of the 10th inning. 6', 235 ou st. florida. nobody on, one out here inthe bottom of the 10th. >> rob: adam dunn probably has the green lighto try to win this. >> johnny: it would be nice to talk about adam's th home run of the year. [cheering and applause] nice recovery by brandon phillips ththe nationals first run, will come upswinging again. 0-3 tonight. .264 average. nick masset
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retiring the first two here's in the 10th. >> b: used to say to our guys late in the ballgame, right man, right time. go up there thinking, two outs -- >> johnny: right back. easy toss to 1st base. it's a one, two, three 10th inning for masset. we go to the top of the 11th. we are tied 2-2 in washington. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important. now that college is a few years behind me,
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welcome back to nationa park. there you see our score 2-2 as we go to the 11th. there they are. byron on the right and fox on the left. thank you fox. ray is ready to go out and play 3rd base now. we haven't told ray and fox they're going to do an hour postgame in a few minutes. >> johnny: i've been out there while you and bob sit here and talk about things like that. believe me. phillips, nix. 2-2 game. tavarez working on an
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0-4 night. i forgot macdougal went to wake forest signed by baltimore 21st round, 2nd team all american, 1st team all american by baseball america. he had a heck of a year in the atlantic coast conference in wins and era. he had a personal record against duke in 99. takes a couple of steps. one down in the 11th. i think that's about all willy taveras has. macdougal in his
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9thyear in the major leagues. phillips grounded to right, grounded to second. >> rob: he's still -- >> johnny: leaves the ball club in that category. phillips 0-1. nix is next. hernandez after him. >> rob: 17 homers in 06; 30
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homers 07. >> johnny: macdougal delivers, a swing and a foul. mike had terrific years with kansas city. 68 games he pitched in 2003. came back a couple of years later, did the same thing. 54 with the white sox two years ago. he racked up 144 innings with kansas city in omaha before he got to the big leagues. 1-2. fouled off the plate at his foot. left hander getting ready in the nationals bullpen. this ballgame began four hours
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five minutes ago. >> rob: the first 8 1/2 innings took 2 1/2 hours. >> johnny: this is the 10th time in all the home games there's been rain which has forced delays in nationals games games. i don't think any team in baseball has had this much problems with weather. >> rob: still holding on to the conspiracy, bad karma. >> johnny: 2-2 to brandon phillips. nobody on and one out in the 11 11th. macdougal delivers. phillips on with the potential
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go ahead run. 5th base hit tonight for cincinnati. >> rob: kind of a four iron shot to right center field. pretty good pitch went with it. >> johnny: phillips on base for the first time tonight. phillips hit by a pitch in the 1 1st inning, grounded out in the 4th. lined out to 2nd the 6th and 9th. >> rob: 80 stolen bases, great speed. >> johnny: six this year.
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macdougal a toss over. 2-2 ballgame. 2, 7, 1 for the nationals. there's an eerie silence in this ball park. it's like we don't want to speak too loud. >> rob: they can probably hear us. >> johnny: they're looking up right now. like the all night disk jockey. villone continues to loosen up in the bullpen. >> rob: how much fun was it
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ding in san francisco? that's where it was. >> johnny: that's right. nothing like it. every team's dream. >> rob: did you get to see jim morrisson? >> johnny: i did not. i used to play light my fire in el paso back to back with a bridge over troubled waters. i could be in my car and across the golden gate bridge by the time that play finished. >> rob: you also need to take a bathroom break and play a long song. >> johnny: two minute records went to five minute and six minutes. here we have a 2-2 ballgame.
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phillips at 1st base. >> rob: did you ever meet grateful dead? >> johnny: sure. garcia. >> rob: deadhead. me and my wife. that's when i knew i loved her. >> johnny: nix goes down swinging. >> rob: here's macdougal challenging him. nice pitch there. >> johnny: talking about getting the job done. the bullpen is really, the last 16 ballgames, 2.7 era for this bullpen. down from 6.65 the first 40
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games of the year. macdougal delivers to hernandez having to play 1st these days. >> rob: you want to time his home plate. >> johnny: phillips at 1st. 1-2 ballgame. hernandez, 1-0. macdougal for the stretch. >> rob: beautiful. 95 miles per hour heat. that helps. >> johnny: started outside and came right back across the corner of the plate. >> rob: when the ball reached
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the catcher's mitt, it stopped it. >> johnny: 1-1 hernandez. fouled to the right. >> rob: you've got to give less than 2 seconds getting that ball to the catcher. give that catcher enough time to get and you throw it to 2nd. >> johnny: 2-2. mike is 32 now. born in las vegas in 77. the way he throws -- >> rob: i wouldn't have bet on
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that. the government seized 27,000 bank accounts on line poker play activity, $4 million. you would think the government would temperature -- would step in and crack down on that. [cheering and applause] >> johnny: willingham will lead off in the bottom of the 11th. nats are trying to get a run to win this one. 2-2. we'll be back after this. 
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we head to the bottom o the 11th with a tied game. >> rob: follow the game on your iphone featuring play by play, highlights and live video broadcast. get on your iphone or ipod touch to purchase. can you get a shot of that? i'm holding up an iphone now in
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the booth. it's mine. >> johnny: josh willingham takes cuts against nick masset. he's walked the last couple of times he's been to the plate. >> rob: it's got all your information. so are you going to get a shot of that? >> johnny: willingham batting .250. his average dropped tonight with the 0-2. 3-0 to josh willingham. nicely done. >> rob: you see the nice little
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extra battery pack it comes with it for these long nights. stay in touch. got pitching right now. macdougal, hernandez. >> johnny: 3-1. pops it up out of play down behind the nationals dug out. for those 85 fans still with us, it's 12:25 a.m. these are the die hards. a lot of folks bailed early, rob. >> rob: it rained for two hours. >> johnny: across the diamond, hernandez, one down. >> rob: belliard here, one out.
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bottom of the 11th inning. one away, 2-2 ballgame. .177 batting average. you have to make adjustments when you get older. i'll go back to the conversation i had today. he said as he got older, you know you're not swinging like you did when you were 25. he said your skill deteriorates with age. you always have to stand let in
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the count. >> johnny: not to say he doesn't have good days left because he does. great years with cleveland. .291 in 06. .284 in 05. >> rob: 17 homers and 78 driven in for 05. >> johnny: the count is full 3- 2. 12:30 at night, 3-1 pitch was a little up obviously. he's got to be swinging. you've got to recognize here. bottom of the 11th here, one
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out. >> johnny: he's down on strikes. >> rob: not happy about that. nice breaking ball. >> johnny: second time belliard goes down swinging. he did it in the 9th. >> rob: got to have confidence and throw the fastball, sell it with a hitter. >> johnny: austin kearns will be weight. there's two down here in the 11 11th. >> johnny: wil has done a fantastic job.
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>> johnny: two solid veteran catchers. >> rob: both are very enthusiastic, get the most out of the pitching staff. that's really turned around in the last couple of weeks. they're trying to pump up their pitchers. that's your number one job as a catcher. >> johnny: 1-2. nick masset following aaron harang and arthur rhodes and francisco cordero to the mound. the bullpen for the reds 4-18. that's the 11th inning in the books. we're still tied at 2. we'll come back with more. johnny holiday and rob dibble on masn.


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