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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 11, 2009 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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news conference. probably in some other place. we did let a runner on third base that really kind of heard us. >> >> what was he thinking there at second. he was caught in no man's land. >> just a base running mistake. >> it's been a long night. we can't forget how good this kid pitch. he did an outstanding job for us. very pitch efficient. it's very satisfying to see the kids pitch the way they have been pitching.
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>> some of the offensive struggles the last week and a half or so, what do you think the main factor of that is. >> it's coming at a bad time. our pitching is stepping up. our bull pen has been very solid for a month now and our young starters are keeping us in the game. we can't wait to get back into our offensive mode.
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>> that play with adam dund at second plaices. we're going to talk about that as we come back to break. the reds win this one. that's two in a row for them as the third game will be laterred to at 4:30. we'll talk more about that play at second base, next. you're at home if you're having great food and you need a great beer, boston lager is the beer that i use. sam adams with great food-- there's nothing better. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here, it's easy...
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>> i he catches the ball a
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that was the play. ends up going in. they have the infield back giving us the run and we can't hit the ball out of the infield. they walk zimmerman and after that dunn pops up right in our line up, not being able to get the ball out of the infield. i don't know how many times we have done that this year but way too many. dunn walks in the 6th inning after zimmerman grounded out. they're down 2-0. you never get that secondary lead. bart hits a bullet down the right field line and tremendous job by jay bruce getting that ball in and not allowing the run from first to third. gonzalez hits.
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how well is he swinging the bat off the bench. line drive to driving that run. we had some opportunities early and we said that so many times and can't get the big day. >> i'll use p for pop up in my score card. that four seem fast ball was really forceing the guys to undercut. it was riding and we kept on it up there and we kept hitting it and popping it up. >> 2-0 lead for cincinnati early on. the nationals defense stepping up as both teams did throughout the game to keep it a tight ball game. >> it started with zimm. he made a tremendous play and guzman made a shot in the
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second inning. i don't know how he made that play. he makes the play. i don't know how he makes that ball. this kid can flat out fly. he stays down and then nineth play going hard to the wall catching up getting the ball back in. i'd like to be able to tell you. what is that, four, three, four, six. nice job and then he comes in. gets the base hit. >> good old play from the oakland a's. you ever think that cincinnati was watching that second baseman, watch that shortstop, let's go for home?
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>> you have plays for all that and you get a good enough lead, you take off if you have speed because you can beat the shortstop there. not too many catchers want to throw in all that traffic. zimmerman vacated if as if he was in a wheel play and then guzman stayed at second. everything went wrong. the ball got away and zimm is up there and pulled the bunt back. >> when made a point in the pregame about willingham played right field. you played 400 games in the right field and made the mistake, do you think he could give him another shot in right field and it's almost like the saturday/sunday game if you had a saturday/sunday afternoon game. >> there's no reason to put him to right field unless you're going to play him out there. if you take an open pass,
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forget about it. people are supposed to catch him. i want to stop that left field/right field center field stuff. that ball should have been caught. he knows it. you leave him out there and you let him play. if you've got him in there, he'll get better and better out there. the reds win it 4-2. coming up more comments from the nationals including from out fielder adam dunn. nats extra post game continues after this. - it's on. - ( music playing throughout ) - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - totally on. jimmy, it's on. - it's on. - oh, yeah, it's on. affirmative, it's on. announcer: southwest airlines announces new service out of bwi airport, with three daily nonstop flights to new york laguardia for just 49 dollars one-way starting june 28th. grab your bag. it's on. - ( ding ) - book now at
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welcome back.  adam myers looking pretty good. derrek no, sir make morris
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making a move. the nationals fall to the reds. the final, 4-2 in 12 innings. had a two and a half hour rain delay in the middle of that. out fielder, adam dunn what do you think about that move by the reds? >> knowing him, i don't know. i know he's a competitor and he wanted to close out that game. >> this kind of a night, how tiresome is it and how frustrating is it? >> it's more frustrating than tiresome. we're here and might add well win the game. it just seems like we can't get that hit or it's kind of the same story every night. >> 6th inning, when you look back on the few opportunities that you guys had for you make that out there. >> i guess me being a bad base runner, is that what you want
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me to say? because i'll say it. >> no. i was going to say what happened there? >> i was trying to get a big aggressive secondary and they picked back. go ahead. i know you're going to have a good one for me. >> playing second base, what happened? >> i was trying to get a good secondary and i guess i got too much. >> you guys come back and tie that. it's very uplifting but does that make it tougher when you end up losing the game? >> they're all the same. we fought back and tied it. just wasn't able to scratch out another one. >> adam dunn after the game. 42 losses. getting very frustrating. always will talk to you after the games. he admits it, he made a mistake there at second base. >> everybody knows he made a mistake. it's just that we continue to
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make mistakes in situations and everybody's trying so hard. i've done the same thing. in situations that your ball club is not producing. that run means everything to adam. it wasn't a run that really mattered down 2-0. he's thinking i'm going to score, trying to do something to make a spark. he get a bigger lead and somebody makes a great throw. i'm not making excuses for him. it's not about trying to stretch anything. the game is going to give you what you get. third base coach is not going to send you if they hit a rocket somewhere. it's up to the guys to drive you in. i wasn't a good runner. the third base coach also says he's got to drive you in. you get a secondary lead that's comfortable. he got a bit too far. it's wet out there. all it takes is one little slip of your foot in the secondary lead. when you start to go back to
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second base, you're one click short and you're out. just tough conditions playing out there. he made a mistake. i guarantee he's going to man up all the time. i'm not seeing anybody in that ball club that hasn't manned up after the game. >> keeping the rhythm going was the bull pen. we seen a couple of good outings. >> you could not have a better inning than this right here. theories that bat up in his hand. another fast ball that you're going not to do anything with. you can't do nothing but just nick that ground ball. tremendous job. another guy just doing great is mcdugall. what a tremendous move. i think we found something right here. 95, 96 miles per hour. you don't find more movement
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than that especially in the strike zone. get a little offense and start playing some good ball games. we're only giving up a little over three. the games are getting to be close ball games. they're not blow outs. they're fun games to watch where one little play, one big hit, one positive thing happening. we haven't been real good at getting bunts down. they're not afraid to make that throw. we've had three or four times that the opposition has made a bunt. you have to be aggressive when you're losing. you don't get crazy aggressive. it's all right to make that play at second base. one other point i'm going the make about that. when you make the play at
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second base, even if the guy is safe at second, you throw the pitcher out at first. here's worried about getting the bunt down. >> later today, we're playing again at 4:30. the final game of the series wrapping up the home game stand. they're first look at the new yankee stadium coming up on tuesday. the reds win this one. more after this.
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reds again. maybe lanning can get us one in the series. >> right now 3-7 with four points. he's given up 64 hits in 60 innings. we ought to be able to get to him. his last six outings he's got a 3.09. he's not given up but over three runs one time in his last eight starts. he's pitching the ball extremely well. >> that first complete game of the year hopefully to complete that against the reds. thanks for hanging out so late. we'll see you at 4 as the nationals and reds wrap up the home stand from nationals park. good night, everybody.
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guys, but got to be patient. got to be -- i have to be patient right now. >> taking a look at why vince young thinks he should be starting, since 2006, young's first year in the nfl he's thrown for a higher completion percentage and more yards per game than kerry collins. the one big thing collins has going for him, he led the team to a 13-3 record last season. >> back to baseball and a dramatic finish between the cubs and astros. we start at the beginning. top two, geovany soto going solo. his third home run of the year. second in his last four games. bottom nine, 1-1 game, bases loaded for geoff blum. here comes miguel tejada. and the astros win in walk-off fashion 2-1 on geoff blum's second career walk-off hit. >> rockies going for a season high seventh straight win as they take on the brewers. top of the fifth, tied at 2-2,
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brad hawpe, gap shot, right center field it goes. hawpe 2-4forget, we heard about him for so long, we forget, he's ad then gets hot a produces. >> al: first and second for >> top of the first inning, 22-year-old rookie colby rasmus, tend extending his hitting streak to 12 games and a colorado win. >> soccer, now, england taking on andora. -- andorra. david beckham in his first competitive match with the english national team in two years. wayne rooney -- header puts england up 1-0. 39th minute. 2-0 game, rooney has three goals in the last two world cup qualifying matches. england up 3-0. second half, leading 4-0, beckham, off the free kick, not able to land it. jermaine dafoe able to sneak in the rebound. beckham after the game said "it
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could have been a difficult game but we made it easy with the way we played." >> kids out of college are struggling to find jobs. not mark sanchez. he's a multimillionaire without even taking a snap. plus close games in two of the best rivalries in baseball -- red sox-yanks and mets-phillies decided by one run.
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>> i'm eric karabell with fantasy news, taking a look at a few scheduled starting pitchers for thursday's games. let's talk lefties. one of the better young southpaws in baseball is tampa bay's david price. he's won only once in his three starts this season, mainly because he's throwing way too many pitches and not going deep into games. he faces the angels, though, a team near the bottom of the majors in walks. that's a harbinger of good things. i think price will throw strikes, pitch into the seventh inning, and he's going to win the game. washington's john lannan's not a sexy fantasy pick, and the fact he's used in only 2% of espn leagues proves it. but. his season e.r.a. a usable 3.68, and at home he's unbeaten with a 1.76 e.r.a. guess where he is on thursday -- at home against the reds. doesn't matter. i'm using john lannan. jamie moyer, who pitched well against the mets in 2007 and 2008, and this isn't exactly a mets offense with all its pieces. moyer has turned the season around with a pair of quality starts last week. time to trust him. especially against the struggling tim redding. like lannan, moyer is available in many leagues. he's also an example why season
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numbers don't tell the entire story. i'm eric karabell. check us out. the best fantasy analysis around, articles, videos, podcasts, chats, do better in your league. >> penguins forward petr sykora may not play in game seven of the stanley cup finals friday because of a right-foot injury. sykora was hurt while blocking a shot in game six. pens trying to become the first team to win game seven of the stanley cup finals on the road since the 1971 montreal canadiens. dallas stars have fired head coach dave tippett. the washington nationals signed righthander drew storen to a deal worth more than $1.5 million a day after selecting him with the 10th pick in the amateur draft. >> giants beat the d'backs 6-4. barry zito gets the win.


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