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him the 10th pick in the draft and grady sizemore will hav >> coming up on espnews, it's not a rivalry if one team keeps winning. so far this year it's been a one-sided affair between the red sox and yankees. new york city is one of the most expensive places to live. why mark sanchez won't have any trouble buying a new home -- or two. and kobe bryant is the best closer in the nba. how he and the lakers have left the door wide open for dwight howard and the magic. captioning by captionmax ♪ >> we are keeping you ♪ ♪ >> we are keeping you current with the latest news, scores and highlights, this is espnews available in high definition,
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along with j.w. stewart, mike yam with you, and sports fans love streaks but the yankees not a fan of this one. >> yammer, dating back to last year, the red sox have beaten the yankees seven in a row, tied for their second longest win streak against their archrivals. johnny damon says, "hopefully, we'll beat them sometime soon." bottom two, dustin pedroia off chien-ming wang, nick swisher giving chase, but it's into the seats for a ground-rule double. george kotteras scores. red sox up 3-1. seventh, mark teixeira, after johnny damon homered the yanks go back-to-back, tex's a.l. leading 19th of the year. yanks within one. top nine. jonathan papelbon on to close it out. yanks have the tying run on second. jorge posada to left. a >> the w.t.p., kids, "warning track power." red sox lead the a.l. east by one game, chien-ming wang gets the loss.
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his 21.61 e.r.a. is the highest in major league history for any starter through his first five starts of a season. >> threw a lot of pitches in 2 2/3 innings, and i know he's not happy with his performance, and this is not what he wants to do, but i just told him, "you threw a lot of pitches, i'm going to take you out." >> his balls were way out of the zone, his strikes in the middle of the plate, we got a couple of walks, doubles, that's pretty much much how we scored some runs. >> i don't know, to tell you the truth, some pitches up, some pitches down. it was not a good night for the hitters. that's about it. >> the eight-game win streak for the sox over the yanks is their second longest win streak in team history against their storied rivals. this is the second time in which the red sox have won at least the first seven games of the season against the yankees --
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the other was in 1912, when they won the first 14 meetings. from the a.l. east to the n.l. east, mets and phillies squaring off, mike pelfrey winless in his last five starts, top of the fourth, this might be a reason why, giving up the long ball, chase utley his 14th home run of the year. tied at 1-1. move to extra innings now, bottom 10, tied at 4-4, david wright with one man on, jayson werth coming in to make the grab. wright has been red hot. hitting over .600 in his last 10 games. would have loved to get that hit. utley again getting it done -- his second home run of the game, second multi-home-run game of the season. phillies on top 5-4. ryan madson on to close it out replacing brad lidge on the d.l. with the sprained knee. he picks up his third save of the year. cole hamels started the game, 11 hits allowed ties a career high for him, but chan ho park gets it done. his first win since being moved to the bullpen.
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he's thrown out five straight scoreless innings. mets shot themselves in the foot. 16 left on base. >> jerry manuel not a fan of the loss, especially to a division rival. >> any game at this point for us -- like i said, we're trying to take games off the board because we're somewhat depleted, but any game that we have a lead, and i felt we got pretty good pitching for the most part, and we hit the ball well, we just didn't get any timely hits, so i think we're still -- in a good spot. i think we need another good pitching outing tomorrow, to continue to give us a chance, and go from there. we've got to keep pitching well. we do that, we'll be fine. >> major league baseball has reminded manny ramirez and the dodgers he is not allowed in the clubhouse when the media is present for the remainder of his 50-game suspension. manny's suspension runs through july 2nd. joe torre and the pros and cons
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of manny being with the team. >> we want to see him. i would like to have him here on a regular basis, but again, i want to make -- i'm all for whatever makes him comfortable. as long as he's working out. that's the most important thing. i told him, next week we would talk about his rehab, and when he's going to go, and where he's going to go. we still have to look at the schedule on that, but that's -- that's my number one concern and i pretty much think everybody here -- i don't think they need to see him every day, i'm more concerned with manny and what makes him comfortable at this point. at 40-20 the dodgers have the best record in baseball. top of the first. bases loaded. kevin kouzmanoff, grounder to short, rafael furcal's throw to first pulls james loney off the bag. kouzmanoff is save, tony gwynn jr. scores.
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chase headley, broken-bat single, kouzmanoff scores. clayton kershaw lasted 2 2/3 innings, three earned, walked four, threw 83 pitches. greg burke strikes out matt kemp, casey blake picked off trying to steal third. kevin correia gets the win on three days' rest. he retired the final 15 batters he faced. keith fell gets his 18th save, top in the majors and the padres get their first win at dodger stadium this year. >> biggie as small as might have said it best. "when i was dead broke, i couldn't picture this." ah, to be in college. a few months back mark sanchez was a college student playing quarterback at u.s.c. on april 25th he became an nfl player, drafted fifth overall by the new york jets. on wednesday, he became a very wealthy man. sanchez according to chris mortensen has agreed to a five-year deal worth $50 million, 28 of it guaranteed,
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the quarterback with a record-setting performance. in the rose bowl. >> tuesday espn's ed werder reported the vikings gave brett favre a deadline to report to off-season workouts this week if he wanted to play for minnesota this season. wednesday, coach brad childress said unless favre's wife wants him out of the house, the team did not set a deadline. >> was there a deadline or not placed on brett favre to report this week to practice? >> absolutely not. maybe by deanna or somebody like that, but certainly not from me, not even close. don't where that would have dropped out of the sky from. >> would it be safe to say there will be a later date where this will resume in a more serious manner? >> i don't know. i'm not into predicting the future. we'll have to see what's around the corner tomorrow. he was a great player. he obviously had a setback last year. he was playing very well early.
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if, in fact, he's had that surgery, i'm anxious to see just exactly what he's got left in that cannon, because he had a pretty good arm, as we know. >> ed werder, who reported the favre deadline story, files his latest report. >> vikings coach brad childress disputes that he ever imposed a deadline on brett favre. he's being somewhat disingenuous, he has nothing to gain by being truthful about favre and destabilizing the quarterbacks already on his roster until favre commits to the vikings, so the fact of the matter is that childress has had direct communication with favre. he wants him at the beginning of o.t.a.'s. when favre declined to make that appearance, childress, through the vikings management, informed bus cook, brett favre's agent, that the team was prepared to move on. they encouraged favre to continue his rehab from arthroscopic shoulder surgery and indicated that they might reconsider their position at some point in the future. as for favre, i fully expect that he will continue his rehab, and as long as he doesn't have second thoughts about whether
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this is the right thing for him to do, he will be ready to make the decision the vikings want in late june. >> taking a look at the vikings depth chart, tarvaris jackson led the vikings to the playoffs but he was 2-3 as a starter last season. minnesota traded for sage rosenfels, but he's never started more than five games in a season. john david booty comes from the quarterback machine that is u.s.c., but he did not throw a pass last year. yammer and i just getting warmed up. coming up here on espnews, more baseball for you, including a first in the second city for justin verlander. >> j.w., we have to mention the hottest team in baseball. rockies going for a season-high seven straight wins in milwaukee. in the nba, kobe did have 31 points in game three, didn't have the shooter's touch, dropping just 44% from the floor. our experts tell why he faded down the stretch. phil mickelson makes his return to the links after stepping away to be with his wife who is battling breast cancer. battli cancer. in eight minutes, hear his emotional words.
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tigers in chicago. detroit had justin verlander on the mound looking to win his 7th straight decision. in the first the curveball and the fourth going back with the hook, and another curb. and the curveball and fastball working wednesday and verlander 7-0 and a league low 1.10 e.r.a. from april 27th. he goes the distance a six-hitter and struck out nine and game up one run and the first win at u.s. cellular field. and what to watch for thursday, game four of the nba finals, coverage kicking off at 8:30 eastern on abc.
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the man -- magic with the shooting touch. and a look at game four, specifically kobe bryant, here is mark jones and the crew. >> kobe bryant of the los angeles lakers, the nba's ultimate closer, unable to close the deal in the fourth quarter. usually cold and off from the free-throw line as well and the los angeles lakers on the short end of the four-point defeat. at the hands of the orlando magic in game three. hello, welcome to our continuing coverage of the nba finals. joined by tim and a.j., we talk about the los angeles lakers and kobe bryant. usually he is making the shots in the fourth quarter especially, averaging about 33 points a game coming into that game. what happened down the stretch? >> part of it could be the fatigue factor. i'm sorry, 30 sw not the new 20. not when you played 173 career playoff games as kobe bryant has. especially a grueling playoff this year.
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seven-game series with houston, having to come back on one day's rest and go every other day with everybody in. and he had five days off before the final the best performance ever. and then coming off 48.5 minutes in game two overtime and a cross-country flight you saw him get tired in the second half. and phil jackson doesn't play for the immediate games he is keeping games five, six and potential seven in mind. you won't see him use kobe that much. and i think you will see him resting to keep him fresh for the later games of the series. >> and one thing is making kobe bryant work at the other end and pietrus had the most aggressive game so far. and he made kobe pay at every turn. and kobe wants to gamble and you turn your head i will make you play. you take away the open flee and pietrus 7-8 on everything else,
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that is transition, post-up, and michael pietrus made kobe bryant have to be aware he is and he uses up energy on that end of the floor. when you go into the reserve in the fourth that may not be there. pietrus, 18 points. they have to have his point production to offset or balance what turkoglu and others are doing. >> and pietrus arguably with the best game of the playoffs, and maybe a little inspiration from his brother who is also a professional basketball player visiting him from paris, france. what about the orlando magic. and the magic 62.5% from the field and a record in the game, how do they improve on this? how did it happen? >> it is simple really. you make the basketball change sides. floor and you have a great chance. and the l.a. lakers are not an a great defensive team. an adequate defensive time. if you chase it you will get good looks. and they moved it right to left, differently people touching it. it seemed that every time everybody penetrated, the kickoff pass went to the guy with the open look. it helps when you shoot with
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confidence. they didn't shoot that ball in l.a. and the change of venue did wonders for rafer alston and michael pietrus. both of them had big games. if you make the lakers chase it you have a better chance. they don't mind one or two passes. and beyond that, one or two paces you get will a good shot. >> and they didn't get caught up in the three-point shots after 50 in the first two games. and rafer alston can use his dribbling ability and get past fisher. and hedo turkoglu can take guys off the tribble. and the missed lay-ups, this time they converted inside the paint. they were making shots from everywhere in this game, but not taking the long shots, passing, being patient, and looking for the better shots inside. >> orlando with five different players with 18 points or more in game three in the victory. what does game four hold? we find out on thursday at 8:30 eastern on abc beginning with gmc nba countdown.
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>> and don't forget when game number four is over, you want to hear the stars this is where you want to be, "espnews." kobe bryant, dwight howard and as well as the coaches. as soon as the game is done. the live news conferences here on "espnews."she will also not week's u.s. open, but is never far from her husband's mind. >> i never felt this emotional. i never have been this emotional where if i'm driving alone or
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something, i will start crying. it is kind of a weird thing. i am looking forward to having a four or five hour mental break, if you will, where i force myself to focus on something else and i am looking forward to that. i am not playing just to play. i think that the golf course that suits my game and i love playing on that course and in the new york area, and i am playing here because i believe i can win next week. i don't know when i'll be able to -- when i will play again. i mean i just don't know what our treatment schedule will be like after surgery. i don't know really when that will happen. i don't think it's going to be for awhile, but i don't know exactly what we're facing yet. >> john daly also makes his return to the pga tour this week. daly's six-month suspension is over. playing in a place he call home, daly says i can still salvage a great career.
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coming up "espnews," vince young hasn't been at a loss for words about his role as a back-up and isn't done talking just yet. in three minutes, what the quarterback has to say about his future with the titans. and david beckham making a return to england and a world cup qualifiers and a game with plenty of scoring.
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>> last season, vince young lost his starting job to kerry collins. in a recent interview, the
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back-up quarterback said, "the fact is, i'm ready to play ball. if they're not ready for me to play ball, somebody is." young isn't done talking just yet. he sat down with "e:60's" michael smith. >> you recently said that, if you can't play for the titans, that you needed to go somewhere where you could play. what did you mean by that? why did you say it, and what did you mean? >> i'm saying is, i'm ready to play football. i'm prepared. i don't know what nfl player around the league don't want to play or be a starter. so what i'm saying is that i'm ready to play ball, and if it's not here in my next two years that i'm not going to be able to play here, then i'm telling guys around the league, i'm ready to play football. that's basically what i'm saying compared to whatever else was you saying -- taking it out of text -- he's ready to be traded, he want to lead the tennessee titans, that's not what i'm saying, i'm just saying i'm ready to play football and if i don't get a shot to play again
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here, then obviously i'm not going to be here -- >> in your heart, do you want to remain a member of the titans? >> oh, yeah, definitely want to be a tennessee titans. once i signed my name and dotted on that dotted line that i'm a tennessee titans and committed to the team, that's what i am. until otherwise. it's not fun being a back-up. i'm not going to sit up here and lie to you about that because like i said, i want to play. i want to be starting. i want to be running. i want to be taking the blows for my teammates in the pocket and delivering that pass down the field, taking that hit, or coming out bleeding, or that pain -- i definitely want to be out there doing that with them guys, but got to be patient. got to be -- i have to be patient right now. >> taking a look at why vince young thinks he should be starting, since 2006, young's first year in the nfl he's thrown for a higher completion percentage and more yards per game than kerry collins. the one big thing collins has going for him, he led the team to a 13-3 record last season.
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>> back to baseball and a dramatic finish between the cubs and astros. we start at the beginning. top two, geovany soto going solo. his third home run of the year. second in his last four games. bottom nine, 1-1 game, bases loaded for geoff blum. here comes miguel tejada. and the astros win in walk-off fashion 2-1 on geoff blum's second career walk-off hit. >> rockies going for a season high seventh straight win as they take on the brewers. top of the fifth, tied at 2-2, brad hawpe, gap shot, right center field it goes. hawpe 2-4forget, we heard about him for so long, we forget, he's ad then gets hot a produces. >> al: first and second for >> top of the first inning, 22-year-old rookie colby rasmus, tend extending his hitting streak to 12 games and a
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colorado win. >> soccer, now, england taking on andora. -- andorra. david beckham in his first competitive match with the english national team in two years. wayne rooney -- header puts england up 1-0. 39th minute. 2-0 game, rooney has three goals in the last two world cup qualifying matches. england up 3-0. second half, leading 4-0, beckham, off the free kick, not able to land it. jermaine dafoe able to sneak in the rebound. beckham after the game said "it could have been a difficult game but we made it easy with the way we played." >> kids out of college are struggling to find jobs. not mark sanchez. he's a multimillionaire without even taking a snap. plus close games in two of the best rivalries in baseball -- red sox-yanks and mets-phillies decided by one run.
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♪ ♪ >> i'm eric karabell with fantasy news, taking a look at a few scheduled starting pitchers for thursday's games. let's talk lefties. one of the better young southpaws in baseball is tampa bay's david price. he's won only once in his three starts this season, mainly because he's throwing way too many pitches and not going deep into games. he faces the angels, though, a team near the bottom of the majors in walks. that's a harbinger of good things. i think price will throw
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strikes, pitch into the seventh inning, and he's going to win that game. washington's john lannan's not a sexy fantasy pick, and the fact he's used in only 2% of espn leagues proves it. but his season e.r.a. a usable 3.68, and at home he's unbeaten with a 1.76 e.r.a. guess where he is on thursday -- at home against the reds. doesn't matter. i'm using john lannan. finally there is jamie moyer, who pitched well against the mets in 2007 and 2008, and this isn't exactly a mets offense with all its pieces. moyer has turned the season around with a pair of quality starts last week. time to trust him. especially against the struggling tim redding. like lannan, moyer is available in many leagues. he's also an example why season numbers don't tell the entire story. i'm eric karabell. check us out. the best fantasy analysis around, articles, videos, podcasts, chats, do better in your league. >> the dallas stars have fired head coach dave tippett. the washington nationals signed righthander drew storen to a deal worth more than $1.5


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